Shopping Guide For June 2019: What To Buy (And Not Buy)

June is the month in which weddings, graduations, father`s day, national Donuts day and National Sunglasses day occur and department stores are all stocked up with freebies and discounts in this month. But make sure you put the right thing in your cart that won`t cost you much. Here is the guide for your June shopping. Be a smart shopper and pick up only the right items. 

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Shopping Guide For June 2019: What To Buy (And Not Buy)
Celebrate the month of June by scooping up to sweet savings on lingerie, movie tickets, & cruises. Here is the best buy for June— and a few things you should put on hold.

June brings lots of amazing deals and discounts on everything. From father`s day gifts, Donut day, and national sunglasses day to wedding, graduation, and outdoor essentials, you can keep managing your summer budgets. 

If you have been holding over something for a lower price, these are the things that get on sale in June. 

Look at this shopping guide for June bargains. 

Best Things to Buy in June 2019

The supply opportunities to snag deals is exploding in this month. But what to buy in June that won`t cost you much is a big question. 

Here is what is on sale in June, mark these smart purchases. 



June is the best month to stock up on lingerie, thanks to the profoundly foreseen Victoria`s Secret semi-annual sale. The bra prices drop to just $10, while panties and beauty items drop down to $4 during the sale which generally lasts for two to four weeks. It may be wise to shop early and stock up with bundles to save big. 

However, it`s not all about Victoria`s Secret. You can also purchase lingerie and swimsuit on a discounted price from other brands Trusst, Felina, and Cupshe(where you can likely save as much as 40% on  swimwear).

Gym memberships

gym membership

June is the best month for buying a gym membership because the summer weather inspires most people to exercise outside. And with the vacation season, when the kids being off school, it is a slow month for gyms. At this time, your local spot will be more open to negotiating the best deal on membership fees. Gyms may be longing for registration at this time. Try to leverage this info and get a discounted rate.

Fitness gears

fitness gear

Just like the reduction in the prices of gym membership in June, the costs of fitness gears also decreases. With many people wanting to slip into "swimsuit shape," merchants offer rock-bottom prices on fitness apparel, shoes, clothes, and accessories for the gym or outdoor workouts. 

Brands like Wolaco, and Genkifitness will be the ideal options to purchase your next fitness apparel on a budget for your summer workouts. Look elegant and classy even in your toughest sweaty sessions.

Movie tickets

movie tickets

Movie tickets are one of the good things to buy in June. It is the time when many movie theaters offer discounts on ticket prices on children`s movies each summer so that kids can beat the heat with their favorite flicks.  

Several theaters also screen some old classics during summers, on great discounts on the passes. You can check with your local theater to see if there is any such offer. 

I have spotted Atom Tickets, from where you can snag great deals. Enjoy the summer in a luxuriously cool, dark theater and forget that it`s hot outside.

Gardening supplies 

garden supplies

If you want to invest in gardening supplies, June is an excellent time, because the spring planting season will almost over in the month and stores will look to off-load excess gardening tools and supplies.  You will see lots of price lows on mulch, sprinklers, hose nozzles, and many more tools. These items are affordable, to start with, but saving a few bucks on each will add up.

Brands like SeedSheets and Gardening Express can give you the best bang on your bucks. So it`s time to grow some beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables in your garden, and enjoy savings. 

In-season fruits and vegetables

in season fruits

In-season fresh fruits and vegetables are the must-haves in June shopping guide. Because the month brings a pleasant bloom of fresh fruit and vegetable with 50% economical rates than their midwinter highs.

The fruits to buy in June include apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, rhubarb and fruits like apricots, peaches, and nectarines. Stock up on some of the season`s first crop of sweet corn, green beans, summer squash, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, radishes, kale, and cucumbers.

Enjoy the fresh produce while saving more money with Harry & David

Go easy on Wedding Gifts 

wedding gifts

How could I not add the wedding gifts in the June Shopping guide when the month is synonymous with weddings? It is the month when your fridge is covered in wedding invitations, and you are looking for bridal shower and wedding gifts this month. You will see some great June deals on home essentials and kitchen supplies that will let you buy the perfect gifts from the registries of your family and friends without going broke. 

Pro tip: Save your receipts so when an item goes on sale, the store may be able to do a price adjustment and compensate you for the added money you spent. 

MissToMrsBox is the right name to consider for buying a wedding gift on a bargain.



When the wedding season hits its peak, the dishware companies respond by cutting costs for all those lovebirds that have it on their archives. Even if you aren`t going to tie the knot, though, you can still take advantage. Real Simple estimates the savings of 25 to 50% off on the dishware in June. 

Macy`s should be top of your June shopping list for highly discounted sets, or you can consider the dinnerware and flatware specialist Oneida which host its best sale of the year this month, bashing a colossal 35% off across the store. Shineuri Kitchen and Potluck should also be on your list for highly discounted sets.

Cruises and Tropical vacation packages

cruises and vacation deals

June gestures the arrival of hurricane season and scorching temperatures in the Caribbean. It might deter travelers from going to a tropical vacation or booking a cruise. But if you are an adventurer and looking to take a chance, there are some astonishing deals to grab from both hands. 

MSC Cruises and Tours4Fun are the two good names to consider for bargains. But make sure to check on what`s involved with the price to avoid any unwanted surprises. 

See the Stunning scenery of Alaska, or explore romantic vistas in Europe on a budget but don`t forget to purchase cancellation insurance just in case a large tornado creeps up to spoil your fun.

Save up on Outdoor Gears

outdoor gear

June is the perfect time to save up for your summer outdoor adventures for a fair price. You`ll see sales on things like fishing rods and tackle, camping gear, hunting apparel and gear, and many more. When the cold weather moves in, the best deals on outdoor gear usually come. 

If you`re into rock climbing, camping, hiking, kayaking or any other pleasurable outdoor activity head to your local outdoor store or watch out Piscifun and gearx to grab some discounts.

Get your hands on Donuts Day Freebies

donuts day freebies

National Donuts Day is said to be the most delicious food holidays that falls on June 1st. Expect to catch a free Donut from pastry proprietors like Dunkin` Donuts on the first of this month. It requires at least a beverage purchase to qualify for the free Donuts. So make it your first stop of the day and enjoy this tempting bargain.

Fishing permits


The National Fishing & Boating week will take place on June 2-10 this year to relish all fishermen out there. Different states offer free fishing without a fishing license on at least one day in June to celebrate the holiday. You can check your state`s free fishing day to grab the deal. 

So pick out the fishing pole, lures, and a new tackle box and get out on the water. Go fishing and boat by getting a fishing license or registering your boat. to grab the deal. 

Scoop up deals on Father`s day 

fathers day discount

After Mother`s day celebrations, it`s time to show some love to your Dad. Father`s Day falls on June 17, and you will see father`s day shopping guides popping around everywhere on the internet. Many of his favorite gifts are on the list of sale already. 

Places like Sears, Harbor Freight Tools, and Dick`s Sporting Goods usually offers some great Father`s day deals. While different restaurants provide discounts and freebies for the holiday. 

Delight the sporty dads with gifts like athletic gear and equipment. Some big home improvement and hardware chains offer great deals on to find the best deals on tools and hardware for Dad on father`s day. 

VanonBatteries and AcmeTools are recommended to shop tools on a budget. So, make him proud by spending wisely.


National sunglasses day

The Vision Council had put on the National Sunglasses Day on June 27th to spread awareness about protecting  eyes from the scorching summer sun. To celebrate the day, many department stores like Macy`s, Nordstrom, Voogueme and Zeelool lay elegant sunglasses on sales around this holiday, so keep an “eye” out for a great deal and put on a new pair of sunnies and face the sun with a clear vision. 

What not to buy in June 2019

After knowing what`s worth your investment in June, beware of overspending. Because specific items will be offered at better prices later in the year, so it`s smart to keep your hand off of those purchases.

Avoid buying these things in June.

Summer attire

summer clothing

Summer apparel is going to be costly in June, so it is a “not to buy” option in this June shopping guide. Sales will warm up before the weather starts to Chill off, so it`s better to buy closer to August and September and wear last summer`s short, and tanks for a little while longer and store up later for a smaller amount.

New summer stock likely won`t see discounts or reach the clearance aisle until August. As an alternative, buy spring clearance, where you can typically score T-shirts, and sandals anyway.

Air conditioners

air conditioners

Like the summer apparel, the prices of the Air conditioners also shoots up with the increase in temperature. At this time, the incentive retailers will be less likely to give discounts. If you need to replace your AC, you may have to pay full price or make an investment in purchasing a reliable fan.



June is the official month of the beginning of summer, which means almost everyone has grilling on their mind. This rising demand means greater prices. If you want to save your money, try to make it without hosting a barbecue in June. Wait for prices to drop off later in the summer like many other timely purchases. The more you go into the season of sales, the more you`ll save. 

Patio furniture

patio furniture

Like grills, patio furniture is also in high demand during June. So it is advisable to hang tight until the Fourth of July sales when you can save up to 40% on patio furniture. And if you wait for more till August and September, the prices will drop even further. So Patio Furniture is a Big No in the June shopping guide.

Apple products

Apple products

 If you`re an Apple aficionado, restrain yourself from buying that Alexa device you have been eyeing on for a long time. 

Business Insider outlines that Apple holds its annual developer`s conference on June 3-7 in San Jose, California. And with the meeting of the computer giant`s minds, a competing smart Echo-like Bluetooth home speaker, enabled with Siri may be unveiled with the finalized designs of other new products. 

The new Apple device would be more compatible with your current, and if you purchase the one this month, you will be just behind the trend when new Apple gadgets are released in the fall.



I would not recommend HDTVs in my shopping guide for June 2019 because the summer months are conventionally bad for TV deals. You won`t get any discount offer, and the prices are higher than usual this month.

Considering that there`s no shortage of outdoor activities in summer and the weather will be fair, waiting shouldn`t be so bad.

Video Games

video games

June is the month when the kids get out of school, and all they want to do is Play the video games that have been restricted all year for studies. A lot of parents head to the stores to pick up new video games for their kids to keep them engaged on rainy days. But it will be going to get heavy on their wallet as they won`t be finding many deals out there because of the rising demand. 

Video game deals are at their best prices, usually in November and December. The only gleam of hope for them would be to shop Amazon`s video game deal of the day or Walmart`s regular video game bundle deals. 



A convertible is just the right vehicle when the hot, sunny weather will stick around, and that`s where the theory of projection bias affects purchases.  The theory explains that we tend to adopt that the future will be similar to the present. A convertible is ideal for summer, but what happens when winter comes around?

When the weather is 20 degrees warmer than the seasonal average, sales of convertibles sprout up 8.5 percent. Be vigilant not to make an impulse buying of a summer-ready product that won`t be as useful when the seasons change.  You can also get better deals on convertibles in the colder months when dealers can`t shove them off their snowed-in lots.

Save even more in June with these Promo Codes

promo codes

Apart from the shopping advice above, use these Coupon Codes to catch up a sweet discount on your June shopping.

UberEats: Get 20% off on your order + free delivery, use UberEats Promo Code , EATS-ELIZABETHR1647UE

Elizabeth Arden: Get $50 off on orders over $84, use Elizabeth Arden Coupon Code, SPRING

Sephora: Get 20% off on all items, use Sephora Promo Code, HEYROUGE

Unigear: Get 10% off on all orders, use Unigear Coupon Code, NEWUNIGEAR

VJ Books: Get 25% off on orders over $75, use VJ Books Coupon CodeVJBWelcome 

X Gear 101: Dad hats starting from $29.99, get deal

Cupshe: Get 15% off site wide, use Cupshe Promo Code, HELLO15

iVenture Card: Get the best holiday experience by saving 10% off sitewide, use iVenture Card Promo Code, RITE10

Kohl`s: Get 10% off on orders over $50, use Kohl`s Promo Code, HOME10

Zeelool: Get $4 off on entire order, use Zeelool Coupon Code, bargain4

Macy`s: Get extra 20% off on all items, use Macy`s Promo Code, VETS

Summing Up

June is the gateway to the new season which brings warmer weather, graduations, and significant savings on wedding gifts, cruises and more. After knowing what`s on the sales rack and what`s not in the shopping guide for June 2019, you can catch up June`s best bargains. 

Eat delicious seasonal fruits and enjoy savings!

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