15 Epic Ways to avail best offers on Hotwire

Discovering the most exotic destinations around the world is a dream for all those who have a limited budget. But you can cut the cost of your trip if you plan your travel with Hotwire. Here are the best-kept secrets that can help you avail best offers on Hotwire. 

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15 Epic Ways to avail best offers on Hotwire

Hotwire helps you travel around the world on a budget by offering plenty of money-saving options. Here are some ways to smartly navigate the site for the best travel deals.

Hotwire gives you a chance to book flights and hire car rentals at the best discounts. You can also book 5star hotels in 2star hotel prices— that can mean massive savings for you. 

But if you don't know the ways to navigate the site smartly, you can't avail the best offers. 

These 15 tips are the hidden gem that will help you pick up the very best rates on Hotwire.

1. Download the mobile app

Hotwire can save you money on travel. You'll find some of the best deals, low prices, and more comfortable and faster booking on the Hotwire mobile app. Download the free Hotwire mobile app from Google Play and the App Store.

2. Look for the Hotwire Hot Rates for Hotels, flights, and Cars

Hotwire Hot Rates are the way to some serious savings if your schedule is flexible. But keep in mind that Hot Rates option won't show the details of your itinerary until after you book your trip. The Hotwire Hot Rate rentals can't be canceled, refunded or transferred. 

What are the Hotwire Hot Rate Hotels and Hot rate cars?

Hotwire negotiates special prices with the chain of hotels and offer cheap rates on Hot Rate Hotels. Similarly, with Hot Rate car rentals you can choose your car size, pick-up, and drop-off point and make your car rental reservation. 

You can save some good bucks on Hotwire Hot Rate Hotels and Hot rate cars.

3. Book Vacation packages

Hotwire makes searching for cheap vacation packages super easy. From lounging on the beach to camping in the mountains, you can get an unbelievable price on your vacation package. You will see a bundle of Hotwire deals at the Vacation packages tab on Hotwire. These packages cut your trip cost to half by allowing you to purchase two services together. 

You can choose any of these Hotwire vacation bundle, 

  • Hotwire vacation package for Hotel and Flight
  • Hotwire vacation package for Hotel and Car
  • Hotwire vacation package for Flight and Car

4. Get benefits from Hotwire Membership and rewards

You can cash some exclusive benefits if you sign up for the Hotwire membership program. Being a Hotwire member means you can stay updated with exclusive Hotwire travel deals before they're released to the public, book hotels for 10% less and earn some loyalty points on booking. 

5. Book with a credit card for bonuses

Hotwire gives you many options for savings. You can earn bonuses for travel purchases every time when you book your trip with a credit card. 

6. Look for the Hotwire Low Price Guarantee

Hotwire gives you absolute lowest rates on flights, hotels, cars, and vacation packages or they will refund you the difference if you find a lower rate for an identical booking. 

How to take advantage of the Hotwire low price Guarantee?

If you want to get benefit from the Hotwire low price Guarantee policy, you must submit a request on your account to see if you qualify or read the terms and conditions of Hotwire’s Low Price Guarantee.

7. Subscribe to Hotwire’s newsletter 

If you subscribe to the Hotwire's newsletter, you can get exclusive deals, travel info and price alerts on the site that casual online shoppers won't see. 

8. Use Hotwire Promo Codes

You can get most significant savings on your travel if you avail Hotwire Promo Codes for your bookings and rentals. So, don't miss a single chance to avail all the latest and best Hotwire offers by using the Hotwire Coupon Codes. 

9. Sign up for a Hotwire account 

Another great way to grab the best Hotwire offers is to sign up for a hotwire account. You will unlock a variety of hidden perks like;

Exclusive deals and Coupons straight to your inbox

Email alerts about the price drops of your desired flight, hotel, or car

You will get notified about previous and upcoming trips

Digital and printable itineraries.

10. Use Hotwire TripStarter tool to save on travel

The Hotwire TripStarter tool helps you to find the best time to book a flight and hotels. You can compare the prices and time when the cheap flights and hotels are available on which time and season from the past two years. It will give you an understanding of when to fly and avail the most affordable Hotwire flight and hotel rates.

hotel details from trip starter tool

11. Look for the Hotwire military discounts

Hotwire offers a military discount to veterans and all the active and retired US military personnel. There are also special offers for military spouses and children (at least eighteen years old).

How much is the Hotwire military discount?

The military community can get $10 off on booking a Hot Rate hotel of at least $100. 

12. Browse the Hotwire’s deals section regularly

Hotwire updates its deals section periodically with all the latest hotel deals. Keep an eye on the Hotwire deals section to get the best out of your vacations.

13. Look for last minute travel deals

Last minute hotel deals are always the best ones. You can save a significant amount of your cash by booking at the last minute. You will see the option to search last-minute bookings for the same night or the coming weekend. Book a hotel and enjoy the amenities of the five-star hotels at 2-star hotel price. 

14. Book on Travel Tuesday or other holiday Sales event 

Last minute hotel deals are always the best ones. You can save a significant amount of your cash by booking at the last minute. You will see the option to search last-minute bookings for the same night or the coming weekend. Book a hotel and enjoy the amenities of the five-star hotels at 2-star hotel price. 

15. Book a non-refundable hotel room

Booking a Non-refundable hotel room helps you save money because their rates are often less than refundable ones. But it is a bit risky because you won't get a refund if you cancel your booking. 


Enjoy the perks of booking your trip on Hotwire and save some cash to spend later on your journey. Your smart spending habits can pave the path to frugal living and you can keep exploring the world on a budget.

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