21 Smart Ways To Save Money On Vacation Rental Bookings

Vacation home rentals deliver more comfort and amenities for less money than a hotel room. But remember, things can work out for you only if you are smart about it. If you are considering booking a vacation home read these saving tips to get discounts on vacation rentals.

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21 Smart Ways To Save Money On Vacation Rental Bookings

Having a furnished cabin in the foggy mountains is cool, but having it for less is super cool. You can save sober cash if you know how to save on a vacation home. We have got the ideas for you. 

Vacation rentals are $36billion a year market today. There is no doubt that they have much to offer you, but how you can snatch the best vacation homes for less is your choice. You can avail amazing discounts by booking a vacation rental with just a few tricks. 

Here we will discuss some genius ways to save money on vacation rentals booking. 

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How to Save Money on Vacation Rental?

 1. Negotiate to get a better deal.

 2. Talk to the owner about a compromise on the price.

 3. Check nearby locations before booking.

 4. Shop around to get better deals.

 5. Cut the cost by using vacation rentals apps.

 6. Go through the booking fees.

 7. Spend only on what you need.

 8. Ask for discounts

 9. Book a longer stay

 10. Save a bundle by booking in bulk

 11. Consider the Factors in cooking and laundry

 12. Compromise on Amenities

 13. Scrutinize Vacation Rental Deals and Specials

 14. Use Vacation Rentals Coupons for more Savings

 15. Find Rewards Credit Cards to Redeem Points for Vacation Rental Stays

 16. Make sure the rental is legal

 17. Check the Cancellation Policy

 18. Be Careful of Scams

 19. Book Early

 20. Book during the Week

 21. Book in The Off-Season for Extra Savings

What are the best sites to find Vacation Rentals?

  -TurnKey Vacation Rentals




  -Trip Advisor

The Final Note

How to Save Money on Vacation Rental?

Vacation rentals expand your possibilities to live large while enjoying your trip to the fullest. But how do you realize you are getting a good deal? How can you snag that hidden gem? Whether you are routing to the beach or planning a trip to the big city, these saving tips on vacation rentals booking will ensure you a cheap, and comfortable stay. 

How to Save Money on Vacation Rental

1.  Negotiate to get a good bargain.

You often find a better deal just by negotiating. You don’t have to pay the asking price if you negotiate. Find the location of your choice with other amenities under your budget by negotiating with the manager to settle on a decent price. If the owner knows that a client can’t afford one of his prime properties, he will make some concessions that will work better for their budget. 

2.  Talk to the owner about a compromise on the price.

What if your vacation rentals don't have a weekly discount? The good news is, you may still be able to negotiate for one. Empty inventory is a loss in the vacation rentals booking. So owners are often willing to reduce prices, cover booking fees, and waive cleaning fees to avoid the loss. You can ask the owner before you submit a booking request. But, before that, do a little research and find a similar listing with a lower price to justify your quote. 

3.  Check nearby locations before booking. 

This is one of the best money-saving hacks. If you rent a vacation home near a beach or Disney land, then you are more likely to pay hefty costs. Try to avoid booking in the city center or near any other attractions. It is one of the Best Way to Rent a Vacation Home within Budget.

4.  Shop around to get better deals.

Looking for a summer vacation rental? or a lavishing beach rental? Do quick research. Just type 'vacation rentals' on google and a big list will pop up. Shop around and check the availability of the house in the location of your choice with all other factors like linens, bedding, laundry, kitchen, etc. Read all the disclaimers carefully. You can have a good bargain on booking a vacation home with just a little effort.

5.  Cut the cost by using vacation rentals apps.

Vacation rentals sites are putting so much effort into their smartphone apps. Because today, many travelers prefer searching for trips with a mobile device. So, booking vacation rentals via smartphone can save you more bucks. Almost all the vacation rental sites have got their mobile apps, and they offer enormous discounts on booking with it. 

6.  Go through the booking fees. 

one of the most cherished budget-friendly tips to book a vacation home is checking the booking fees. Vacation rentals pack a solid punch in service fees when it comes to scheming the final price. Several times, these operational fees can mean hundreds of dollars attached to the listed price. Once you go to book a reservation, or if you're browsing between sites, keep a minimum 10% premium of the final price in mind. 

7.  Spend only on what you need.

Spend only on the vacation home and luxury you require; it is a good option instead of buying. If you like a place, go back again next year. In this way, you will get excellent compensation next time and can save the price of buying a vacation home. If you return to a rental home multiple times, let the owner or manager know about it. You may get a discount for that, too. 

8. Ask for discounts

when discussing money-saving tips, requesting discounts leads the way. Ask about any applicable rebates that may be applied for family rentals, student pricing, or senior benefits. Many vacation home rentals booking sites provide booking fee waiver to students and senior members. If your group has any senior person or college student avail the perks of having them.

9.  Book a longer stay

Booking a more extended stay can help you save more on vacation home rentals booking rates. The longer you stopover, the better you get the cheapest deal. So if you're planning to stay somewhere five to six days, but have a flexible schedule, it is worth your time to look for the extra savings on that last day. 

10.  Save a bundle by booking in bulk.

Vacation rental sites mostly offer compensations for families with children, groups of friends, or relatives wandering together. You can have tremendous bargains if you book more than one vacation homes. For instance, if five families in a group rent vacation homes separately, they could be investing a lot more money than booking at the same time. 

11.  Consider the Factors in cooking and laundry.

You can save hundreds of dollars by cooking your meals in vacation rental homes and cut the spending in restaurant bills. Plus, the laundry facilities in many homes can allow you to save space while packing. Consider these factors while booking a vacation home to avoid extra expenses. Cooking and eating meals in a full-sized kitchen is a HUGE money saver, and indeed one of the best ways to save money on vacation rentals. trust me!

12.  Compromise on Amenities

Saying NO to amenities in your rental home is one of the finest ways to save some good bucks. Cheap vacations do not require every facility because you are not going to spend much time in a vacation home. If you think that you won’t use that fireplace or hot tub, pick something that will be a bit simpler. When you book a resort-style location, you will end up paying for conveniences that you may rarely use. 

13.  Scrutinize Vacation Rental Deals and Specials.

One of the fantastic ways to Save Money for your Vacation Rentals is to check the sites that offer substantial weekly and monthly discounts. You will never know what exclusive vacation rental deals are out there unless you search for it. It will worth your time. Many sites offer discounts on individual listings (sometimes as high as 27%), but you need to spot these deals by wisely navigating the websites. 

14.  Use Vacation Rentals Coupons for more Savings

Only a bargain hunter can understand the importance of coupons and promotion codes. These magic codes can get you massive price cuts. While booking a vacation home rental from a site, use verified vacation rental coupons before hitting the “book” button. You can find all the verified and latest coupons and promotion codes by a simple search on Google or by browsing the site PennySaviour.

15.  Find Rewards Credit Cards to Redeem Points for Vacation Rental Stays

Many credit card companies provide travel and vacation discounts. It’s worth looking for the benefits your credit card company has to provide you with on accommodations, attractions, and experiences. Also, look for the rewards credit cards that offer points which you can redeem for vacation rental stays. So it’s well worth the savings to gather all the information about credit cards or reward cards ahead of time before initiating your vacation spending.

16.  Make sure the rental is legal

Several cities have zoning laws that forbid the rentals living for a short period, usually less than 31 days in residential areas. Most of the times, owners ignore these laws and advertise their homes as vacation rentals. This violation can trigger great frustration, and you could be fined $1000 for staying illegally in a rental home. While in some circumstances, you may be requested to appear in the court as well. So, make sure you check out all the details before renting a vacation home, as you don’t want to be the one carrying the burden.

17.  Check the Cancellation Policy

Canceling travel plans means hurting your wallet at a high cost. No matter how savvy your booking skills are, if you cancel travel plans, you will never fully recoup your money. So before booking a vacation rental, read the cancellation policy of the site. Some sites offer a cancellation policy including a full refund on the accommodation cost if you inform them within 24 hours (if your booking is a few weeks away). It might help you avoid paying 50% of a booking you never used.

18. Be Careful of Scams

It is a great money-saving hack to find a deal on vacation rental without any scams. A lot of exceptional deals on the internet are available, but some will turn out to be scams. How? Sometimes, the person renting a vacation home doesn’t actually own the property. Instead, he/she has stolen the photos and a listing from another website. You will get a contract to sign and submit it along with a security deposit. Once you get there with your luggage, you are out of luck while the scammer disappears with the deposit you paid. 

19. Book Early

One of the most elite saving tips on booking vacation rentals is to book online as early as possible. Owners like to reward renters when they avoid filling a last-minute vacation rental. They also raise prices when less organized tenant book at the last minute because of high demand. Booking early can save you dollars and definitely delivers more peace of mind.

20. Book during the Week

Usually, people book vacation rentals on weekends when they are off work and want to relax in a serene atmosphere. More weekend bookings generally leave the space in the week for bookings, and it makes renting less expensive as well. So, it is better to take four days off in the middle of the week and enjoy a perfect getaway at a low price rather than a costly Friday to Sunday mini-vacation. 

21. Book in The Off-Season for Extra Savings

When the weather is excellent, everybody will take their vacation time, and this is called the 'on' season. And booking in that season will get heavy on your wallet. While the off-season is less expensive and less busy. Plus, you can get your dream vacation rental home for a lower price with no queues at those restaurants. 

What are the best sites to find Vacation Rentals?

You can compare features, locations, and prices to get the best vacation rental offer at the vacation rentals sites. There are plenty of places to find vacation rentals online where you can have a Vacation Rental Booking in Budget. 

Check these sites for best vacation rental rates.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals- guarantee lower rates, 3,700 homes in 155 exotic locations. You can enjoy all the services, amenities, and convenience of a hotel with the experience of a home. The site has got 98% guest satisfaction rating for cleanliness upon check-in and also offer lower rates on using TurnKey Vacation Rentals Promo Code.

Turnkey Vacation Rental

Airbnb- is known to be an Umbrella Company for vacation home rentals. The site has price averages by area for quick comparison and above 4 million listings in 191 countries.


VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) - is among the few sites that have a good rapport of working long with travelers looking for vacation homes. Ranging from ski condos in Vail, to beach houses in Mexico, the site has got all kinds of vacation homes at the dreamy locations.


Expedia- can ease up your traveling expenses by allowing you to book flights, cruises, cars, hotels, and vacation rentals in just a few clicks. 


Trip Advisor- is a famous travel review company with 830,000+ listings over 20 sites.  


The Final Note

Large, luxurious, waterfront vacation house, is a dream for which you will pay hundreds of dollars. But you can save your hard-earned cash and still enjoy a dream getaway by following the Saving Tips on Vacation Home Rentals discussed above. Protect yourself from devious landlords and take the time to research the best places to find a vacation rental at a fair price.

So, what’s your experience of finding affordable vacation lodging? Share with us in the comments section. 

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