What is a BOGO coupon? Understanding Buy One Get One Free Coupon

BOGO is a proven sales tactic and trendy among merchants to bait customers. Sometimes BOGO sounds much more tempting than it actually is, so beware of the fancy offers. Here is everything you need to know about BOGO.

Published On: 2019-11-13

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Written By: Madiha Jamal

BOGO is a proven sales tactic and trendy among merchants to bait customers. Sometimes BOGO sounds much more tempting than it actually is, so beware of the fancy offers. Here is everything you need to know about BOGO. 

Merchants use a technique with the name BOGO, to heat up the sales of a product with several variations. It can be BOGO Coupons, BOGO sales, or promotions. BOGO coupons are some of the most cherished kinds of coupons because of their great value. Customers love to buy BOGO Coupons, regardless of the brand, because they will be getting an item for free. 

What does BOGO stand for? 

BOGO means Buy One Get One FREE. Sometimes it also refers to as Buy two get one free (B2GO) or Buy three get one free(B3G1) etc. 

What is a BOGO coupon? 

A BOGO coupon is a price saver that always has a maximum value listed on it, and it will help customers acquire another item free or for a lower price on the purchase of one. The coupon usually works for the same item, but in some cases, it works for different products. 

If you are buying a particular item and it has a value greater than the BOGO coupon’s value, you have to pay the difference.

Example for BOGO Coupon

Your BOGO coupon can get you rebates in two forms;

Buy one tank top, Get One Free. (Same item)

Buy One Bottle of shampoo, Get a Free chocolate Bar. (Different item)

What is a BOGO sale?

BOGO sale is the buy one get one free offer applicable for in-store purchases on all products. It can be combined with a BOGO manufacturer’s coupon and double your savings unless the store policy specifically forbids it. 

When you stack up a BOGO promotion with a BOGO manufacturer’s coupon, you will get one product free with the manufacturer coupon, and another one free from the store promo. Eventually, you will get two items free.

Target, Weis, Price Chopper, Rite Aid, Safeway and affiliate partners, and Weis prohibit this policy. 

Understanding Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Understanding Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Many big drug and grocery store chains accept Buy One Get One manufacturer and internet-printed BOGO coupons. You can make the most of your savings with BOGO coupons if you know the ways to use them correctly. You can use a store coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon, and BOGO coupons all together. It depends on the store’s policy. If at any store you get this policy, you are golden; it will be a real price saver.

How to use BOGO Coupons correctly?

If you want to maximize your savings, learn to use BOGO coupons correctly. You can use them in the following ways;

Pair a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale

If you have a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Sauvé shampoo, and the store is also offering a BOGO promotion, you will automatically get both shampoo free. How? In that situation the deal may seem like this:

The store has a promotion buy one get one free;

2 bottles of Sauve shampoo worth $4/2

Use BOGO coupon and get one shampoo free 

Use Buy One Get One Free store promo (takes off $4)

Final value: $0 + a few cents tax.

You have decided to pay for your purchase using a manufacturer’s coupon, and the store has offered the free item they advertised. In that way, the manufacturer paid for one item and the store for the other item and the coupon value compensated by the store.

You can’t Pair a $0ff coupon with BOGO coupon

When you buy two products, you cannot use a BOGO coupon with any other $0ff coupon. For example, you can’t use a $1/2 coupon with a buy one and get one free coupon. You have to buy three products to use both coupons. 

Buy one and get one 50% off Sale 

Most stores offer 50% off on the lower priced item, so you have to use a BOGO coupon with this offer intelligently. The deal may seem like this;

Buy 1 Pentene = $2

Buy 1 Pentene for 50% off =$1

Use 1 BOGO coupon (deducts lower price i.e., $1)

Final price: $1 each or buy both for $2

Use a BOGO store coupon with a BOGO manufacturer coupon

If you have two BOGO coupons, one from the store and another from the manufacturer, you can pair them and get both products free. The deal may look like this;

Buy 2 body wash for $2.00 each

Use BOGO store coupon (get one product free from the store)

Use Buy One, Get One Free manufacturer coupon (get one product free from the manufacturer)

Final Price: $0.0 + a few applicable sales tax 

Use BOGO coupon with Buy Two, Get One Free Store Promos

If a store has a promotion of buy two get one free, you can mix a BOGO coupon, and the deal may look like this;

Buy 3 Pentene Shampoo = $2.00 each

Use Buy Two, Get One Free Store Promo + BOGO manufacturer coupon

Final Price: $0.67 each, if you purchase 3


So, this sums up the information about Buy one Get one free coupon. After reading this guide to BOGO coupons, I am sure you will definitely find the right way to use them. Using BOGO coupons will no longer be a headache for you. Whenever you get stuck, revise this info again and enjoy savings. 

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