CBD Oils: Things You Need To Know

CBD Oils: Things You Need To Know

With the recent awareness campaigns about health gaining momentum for a couple of years, people are slowly realizing that their health is indeed their wealth. It motivates them to always work towards the betterment of their health and abstain from any activities that harm their health. In fact, the awareness campaign has prompted them not only to not indulge in activities that harm their health but also to accept themselves as unique individuals and not try to change whatever they already are in pursuit of apparently more beautiful.

This health consciousness led people to realize that cannabis can be used for its medicinal properties. People all around the world have asked their governments to legalize cannabis because of all the benefits that it entails. 

The governments, although reluctant at first, soon begun to look positively on the proposal as they started to see scientific studies supporting the claims. Although some governments are still reluctant to take a measure so drastic as to legalize a drug, several governments around the world have taken this bold step and allowed the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

One of the primary components in Cannabis that is known to be extremely beneficial to human health is Cannabidiol or as we like to call it CBD.

Is CBD the Same as Cannabis?

When countries legalized cannabis, people wanted to find out what really is it that makes Cannabis so beneficial. This discussion leads us into the constituent parts of Cannabis that exhibit benefits to the human health. 

CBD is one of the numerous chemicals found in Cannabis, and this is one of the primary reasons that people want governments to legalize Cannabis.According to Governing magazine there are 30 states where CBD is legal and used for medicinal purpose and recreational marijuana.

Is CBD marijuana?


The most active ingredient in marijuana is THC which is found in cannabis. Marijuana contains both CBD and THC, both have different effects. THC creates a high mind-altering effect when a person smokes or use it in cooking while CBD is not psychoactive. It does not change a person`s state of mind but does produce significant changes in the body.

What are CBD Oils? 

Oils that contain concentrations of Cannabidiol are called CBD oils. The concentrations of CBD in these oils vary and use for various purposes.

Are they effective?

The uses of CBD oils then meant that manufacturers would extract it and convert it into oils to make it easily accessible and usable for people all around the world. However, many people still hold suspicions about the effectiveness of these oils. To help them understand, here are some applications of CBD oils and that highlight their effectiveness:

  • Treat Epilepsy

Experiments have shown that CBD oils can calm down the nerves of a patient suffering from the horrible disease of epilepsy. The evidence of its effectiveness is the fact that the FDA has unanimously agreed to approve the use of cannabis for treating epilepsy among children. Had there been the smallest of doubts to the hindrance of such a method of CBD oils, the FDA would not have unanimously approved of such an application.

  • Combat Cancer

Some researches states that CBD may help fight cancer. There is an evidence found in a review published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology thatCBD had a significant role in preventing the spread of cancer. CBD tends to suppress the growth of cancer cells and help in their destruction. It has low levels of toxicity and used for standard cancer treatments.

  • Reduce anxiety disorders

Reduce anxiety disorders

Doctors often advise people to avoid cannabis who struggle with anxiety disorders because THC can trigger the feelings of anxiousness. But some Neurotherapeutic researchers have found that CBD may help to reduce anxiety in peoplewith conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, general or social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Heart Health

Heart Health

Blood pressure is one of the rising problems in the world, and heart seizures claim thousands of lives every year. A significant reason for this is the constant stress and anxiety that the world exposes us to today. CBD oils have been seen to help subjects in easing their anxiety and hence helping them gain control. This then also helps them reduce the pressure on their heart and thus control blood pressure.

  • Used as Painkillers

CBD Oil as PainKillers

It has also been seen that CBD oils help in pain and nausea. Experiments on rats showed that they exhibit positive signs of pain control and endurance. This has also made CBD oils very popular among people undergoing painful therapies such as Chemo that is known to cause extreme nausea.

Is it Safe?

Although the research at present is not very extensive and people out there will make broad claims about how safe the drug is, do not believe everything. However, you must also make sure that you do not entirely disregard the truth of the matter that in the right quantities, CBD can do wonders. 100% safe CBD oil is already available in the market and sold in states and countries where it is legal. 

Wrap up

For now, you should look for more researches as they are being conducted and see for its potential implications in various fields of life. The studies conducted at present have not indicated any signs of harm that CBD oils may entail and it is predicted that there will not be any such problems in the future as well.

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