Shopping Guide for September 2020: What to Buy (and Not Buy)

With expenses rising faster than your salary, you need to shop smart to be able to save a few bucks in your wallet at the end of the month. Read up on your shopping guide for September to know what to buy and not buy for budget-friendly shopping.

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Shopping Guide for September 2020: What to Buy (and Not Buy)

Back to school season is coming to a close; say goodbye to August with a shopping guide for September to fill your cart for your monthly shopping excursion.

It is the season when schools start up again, and parents and homemakers are free to roam the online shopping malls to find where they can spend their money.

Plus, with Labor Day Sales and clearance sales on back to school supplies, there is a lot you can buy without breaking the bank.

But, a smart shopper knows there is a trick to finding the best deals; if you time it just right, you can get a much better bargain on your item than the one available. Thus, here’s a shopping guide for September 2020 to help you decide what to buy and not buy:

What to Buy

With deals and discounts available throughout the month, and Back to School sales just finishing up, you might think it is okay to go crazy and buy everything that you need as soon as you spot a good deal. But, we’re not in the Middle Ages where you have to stock up for the winter, nor would you ever start your Christmas shopping this early.

If you want to shop on a budget, you got to know where to break out your wallet; so, grab a pen and paper and note down the best things to buy in September.

Grills and Accessories

Grills and Accessories

Add grills for a barbecue night to your shopping guide for September 2020.

You might wonder summer is over and the nights are turning a little chilly; so what’s the point of shopping for grills and barbecue items?

Well, you can prepare for next summer in advance. With Labor Day Sales and end-of-summer clearance, retailers are eager to empty this year’s outdoor gear stock to make room for the new seasonal collections. Meaning, you can snag the best quality items at a price that you can afford.

You’ll find some of the snazziest bargains at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Sears.

Summer Apparel

Summer Apparel

Just like your July Shopping Guide said, these end-of-summer days are the perfect time to buy your summer wardrobe.

If you are fashion crazy and like to be on top of the trends, you might think that’s insane; but, if you want to be money-savvy then add summer apparel to your September shopping guide.

With end-of-season clearance sprouting about the malls and online for major retailers, you can be sure to find the most stylish clothing at a price that meets your budget. Macy’s and JC Penney are two of the top brands where you can find trendy summer outfits at a bargain.

Calm your inner fashion diva if you want to save on shopping and plan for next summer right now.



The August Shopping Guide said no to mattresses, but that’s not the case for September!

With sales for the Labor Day weekend, you’ll find tons of discounts on home textiles including mattresses, pillows, sheets and more. There are even freebies on offer with the purchase of a mattress from Purple till the 10th of September.

Furthermore, if you choose the right retailer, you can snag up to $100 off on your purchase like at Layla, for example; whereas, Nolah gives you $125 off because they are just that good.

On the other hand, Helix has a bargain that gets you $200 off plus free pillows if you spend more than $1,750 or $150 off for a purchase of $1,250 with a side of 2 free pillows – isn’t that a steal?

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Just like it was with the grills, put patio furniture on your Shopping Guide for September.

It is the moment of the year when brands put out new products and shop owners want to empty their inventory to make room; meaning, if you wish to shop on a budget, now is the time to do it.

As part of the Labor Day sales and summer clearance, you’ll find fantastic, jaw-breaking deals on outdoor furniture to decorate your place the way you’ve been dreaming.

Wayfair, Walmart, even Kohl’s and Overstock put up their sale banners to get you to buy out their stock of outdoor dining, furniture, décor, etc. Throughout the month you’ll find these popping up giving you 70% to 90% off.

Although you should keep in mind if you wait too long to shop, you might find the deal you want but won’t have as many choices to browse. So, choose the time carefully and grab the best quality at the ideal price.

Major Appliances

Home Appliances

September is the time to replace your older, worn-out appliances for the newer versions in the market.

It is the period when appliance manufacturers bring out the latest models of their creations, and retailers are almost begging you to shop with their massive discount offers.

So, if you want to upgrade your old washing machine or dryer, even switch out air-conditioners, help the brands clean their inventory.



With summer clearance come discounts on outdoor gear. Just like your patio furniture and grills, it is the best time to buy summer equipment like bicycles.

For your September Shopping Guide, you should get your little one or yourself a new set of wheels to cruise the streets.

During Labor Day sales, you’ll find the prices on bikes going way below the mark, making it the ideal time to grab one for yourself without breaking the bank.

Plus, near the end of the month, with winter coming in, retailers are going to be crazy about wanting to rid their summer stock. So, keep an eye out and snatch the best deals for bikes for next summer.



If you’ve been dreaming of going on a trip, September is the month to do it.

You’ll find the most budget-friendly deals on flights, accommodations, and rental cars as well as bundle-offers to the most breathtaking places on earth.

You can travel now or book for Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays before the prices sky-rocket in October to December.

It is a slower time for travel companies as schools are in session and it is high time for those in retail and customer service as well as other Fortune 500 businesses; thus, it makes hotels and airlines slash their prices to keep up their sales.

So, it’s not just outdoor gear or wardrobe items that you can add to your Shopping Guide for September, but also travel tickets to your dream destination.

Older iPhones

Older iPhones

Do you want to switch to iPhones? Or, are you an iPhone user needing an upgrade? September is the month when you should fill those desires.

With newer models being launched this month, it is the perfect time to snatch the most significant savings on the older versions. Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, and such stores are sure to give you savvy discount offers on last years' iPhone models.

I know for tech-savvy individuals buying the older model with a new one available is unimaginable; but, for pocket-friendly shopping hold off on the more modern pieces this month until at least the Black Friday sales in November or the Cyber-Monday deals.

That way not only do you get an upgrade on your smartphone, but you also get a chance to save on your budget.


Talking about a new set of wheels, if your budget allows, then add a vehicle to your Shopping Guide for September 2020.

Do you think it’s too much? Is it not possible to get a car on discount? Well, let me prove you wrong!

Same as the case with iPhones and other appliances, Car manufacturers too launch their new creations this month, making it the ideal time to book a car of the older models.

Throughout the early days of fall, and with Labor Day sales on the horizon, you’ll find the most budget-savvy bargains for vehicles.

Car Retailers are eager to empty their lot so that they can showcase the emerging pieces and thus cut off the prices to rates that are well within an average person’s range.

I say it’s one of the best things you can buy on Labor Day that’ll help you get places in the years to come.

Best Coupons for September 2020

Best Coupons for September

Frank and Oak – This Labor Day, avail 21% off on select women’s items.

Robeez – They give you up to 31% off on the Labor Day sale items with this deal.

Eyeko London – Get extra 5% off on your labor day shopping with this coupon code, LABOR5 

EricDress – Avail this deal and get 80% off on sale collections

HP Store – For your little one starting college, save 20% on HP ProBook 450 G6 Notebook PC! – Knock-down $18 off fees and flight fare with this limited-time Labor Day offer and use coupon code, LD18.

TJ Maxx – On their summer clearance, you can find up to $50 off with this deal.

Hanes – Get this deal to enjoy up to 70% off on summer clearance

Jeffers – Give your pet a treat; shop 50% off sale items with this deal.

David’s Cookies – Want a sweet treat? Get 25% off on brownies and crumb cakes to celebrate the coming winter.

UNSKY – You can find up to 30% off on end-of-summer clearance via this coupon code, XQC70.

iBoats – Plan a boating trip for next summer and avail your gear up to 70% off with clearance sale. 

Printerinks – It is back to school season; stock up on printer supplies before your first assignment at 35% off

What Not to Buy

That concludes the list of what to buy in September; but for a genuine budget-savvy shopping excursion, you should also know what to avoid putting in your cart.

Fall & Winter Apparel

Fall & Winter Apparel

With the changing seasons, fashion outlets will put up the latest collections in their windows and shelves to greet the cool winter months.

But, so early in the season, the prices for these new selections are sure to be through the roof. Meaning, for a budget-friendly September shopping guide, it is something to avoid.

Hold off on the fall apparel until the clearance sales or Holiday sales in October to December.

TV sets and Other Electronics

TV sets and Other Electronics

Unlike your outdoor gear and home appliances, TV and other electronics are on the list of what to skip in September.

Labor Day sales offer decent savings, but the more significant markdowns will be in November for Black Friday and Cyber-Monday. So, unless it’s an emergency, hold off on your tech shopping.

New iPhones

New iPhones

As I said earlier, new iPhones are launched in September, meaning that is not what you should add to your monthly shopping guide. 

If you don’t have any urgency either wait till Holiday sales for Christmas and Thanksgiving or get an older model that is an upgrade from your current one.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, but adding costumes to your shopping guide for September is ill-advised.

You might think if you buy early, you won’t have to look through the clearance bin; but, then you’ll have to dig through your wallet to find every penny to your name.

So, shop smart and hold your costume shopping until at least October starts or is half-way through; that way you’ll find discounts on your choice of outfit and save on your budget.



For your September shopping, toys are what you don’t buy.

Christmas is approaching but don’t stop to shop for toys this early. Not only will there not be deals on children’s items this month, but they’ll probably be more than their worth because of the slow sales.

Final Thoughts

That’s all you need to know about what to buy and not buy in September. So, make a plan, shop smart, and get what you need at a price that you can afford.

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