Shopping Guide for November 2019: What to Buy (and Not Buy)

When you have a budget, you need to separate things you need from items you want; thus, to decide what to buy and not buy, read the shopping guide for November. From Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals, Halloween clearance, and more see what to add to your cart.

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Shopping Guide for November 2019: What to Buy (and Not Buy)

Halloween has passed, and Thanksgiving is approaching! Christmas is on the horizon, and then New Year’s is not much further; but, before we go about planning for the year 2020, how about a shopping guide for November 2019?

The 11th month of the year offers you an abundance of deals and discounts throughout the four weeks. You’ll find Halloween bargains even in November, clearance, Thanksgiving, and of course, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

That brings us to the question, what to buy and not buy in November?

To help you with your festive planning, here’s the month’s shopping guide. Choose the best of November deals to see some savings for the New Year.

What to Buy

The Shopping Guide for November is a bit controversial for 2019; while a few products may be a savvy buy for some, others may not have the same opinion. That is because, with the status of the economy and the tariffs on specific items, even sale prices aren’t as budget-savvy as you might expect.

That said, take a look at the things to buy this month and have a very merry shopping season!


black friday electronics sale

November is the month for a shopping extravaganza; with Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday, there are tons of electronics you can buy without breaking the bank. Wait until the end of the month and shop for television sets, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart home tech.

Try not to make your purchases early as November deals are the best around the end, and it’s all about electronics. Some retailers launch their offers a day early, on Thanksgiving, while there are plenty of bargains to scout online too if you don’t want to brave the crowds in shopping malls.

Apple Watches & iPhones

iphones and smartwatch deals

In your September shopping guide, we discussed purchasing older iPhones rather than the latest models; the shopping guide for November reiterates that statement.

It is the month to upgrade your iPhones provided you shop one generation behind, and avoid the Apple Store for your purchase.

Not just iPhones, but on the older models of Apple’s Smartwatches, you’ll find jaw-dropping discounts around Black Friday. From Generation 1-3, you can expect fantastic bargains on their prices; particularly the first-gen after Apple discontinued their production.

Vacuum Cleaners

black friday vacuum cleaner discounts

Not exactly an item most would want to purchase at this time, but it’s a practical necessity that is one of the best things to buy on Black Friday 2019.

Start early on your spring cleaning gear and get an upgraded version of your old vacuum sets. Department stores like Walmart have tons of brands, for example, Dyson, Shark Bissell, and Hoover on sale.

Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses sale

According to your November Shopping Guide, this time of the year is the best to find exclusive deals on wedding gowns. Most retailers are eager to rid their old stock, making room for the new releases, and giving you the chance to buy beautiful lace or georgette pieces at half the price.

Unless you are big on wearing the latest season’s ensemble at your wedding, you can get your hands on the best of summer styles and even last fall numbers on discounted rates.

Tip: Shop for a wedding dress that isn’t part of the bridal collection; you can buy another piece of beautiful white garment for your big day and save more than you would through the traditional selection.

Kitchen Essentials

small kitchen items

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the horizon, small kitchen appliances make the list of what to buy in your shopping guide for November 2019.

From cookware to other necessities, including utensils and appliances like slow cookers & griddles, you can shop for all things during the holiday sales and score significant discounts. Stock up your kitchen items and impress your in-laws with some home-cooked meals served in a beautiful dish.

Baking Supplies

baking supplies discount

It’s not just the electronics and cooking tools that are on sale this month; November is also the time to buy baking supplies for a merry holiday season ahead!

Snap out of your Halloween-sugar rush and prepare sweet pumpkin pie or apple-flavored for Thanksgiving dinners or Christmas. All the ingredients you need, including flour, sugar, cookie dough, cake mixes, canned pumpkin, and so on, are available on exclusive discounted rates in the November sale.

As your October Shopping Guide stated, Halloween Candy has fantastic deals at this time, so you can stock up on the season’s sweets and freeze them to use later in your Thanksgiving treats!

Veterans Day Sales

veterans day sales

November 11 also brings with it exceptional Veterans Day discounts in honor of the military heroes of the nation. Traditionally, it is for the members of the armed forces and their families, but these deals also extend to the regular shoppers as well.

You can find tons of things to buy on budget-savvy rates with veterans’ discounts and freebies.

Major Appliances

major appliances black friday sale

When you ask “what should I buy on Black Friday,” appliances and electronics are two of the top things to cross your mind.

Besides vacuums and smart home tech, you can splurge on other significant appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and more during the November sales. You can find fantastic deals at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, and other retailers.

Tip: With the tariffs on many of the products, the discounts might not be as pocket-friendly as you expect from last year’s offers. That said, it is up to you whether the items you are looking for are a must-buy or a luxury.

Best Coupons for November 2019

discount codes for november

Appliance Parts Pros – Avail the deal and get dryer igniter at 70% off.

Philips – Enjoy 40% off on Airfryers and Accessories with this deal.

Consumer Crafts – Shop for Halloween next year with up to 40% off on fall and Halloween crafts and décor.

Baked Cookies & Dough – Avail free shipping on selected products with this deal.

Hurom – If you are a first-time shopper, get 40% off any order with code, WELCOME40

Shineuri Kitchen – Need new kitchen essentials? Shop at 38% off on cookware set with this deal. – Shop anything you want from their catalog and get 10% off sitewide with code, SaveX10

HP – If you want a new printer, avail this deal and save up to 40% off on HP printers and all-in-ones plus free shipping.

FastTech – Need an upgrade on your Apple gear? Avail this deal and find premium quality Apple tech starting from $1.07.

DJI – Fulfill your passion to be a photographer with DJI drones; buy Phantom 4 Pro & DJI Goggles at $150 off with this deal.

What Not to Buy

With the things to buy also comes the list of what not to buy; therefore, to make the most of your holiday season, here’s what you should not add to your shopping guide for November.

Winter Apparel

winter clothing

November is the time when the season’s changing; the air is colder, the days are shorter, and the nights are longer. Thus, it is time for you to switch out your summer apparel for the winter wardrobe.

But, if you plan on buying a few new coats and boots, November is not the time to do so!

In-season items’ prices are at an all-time high during this time, making it an incredibly reckless purchase for your budget. If you wish to get a new selection of winter apparel, wait till the end-of-season-sales in January.

Bed Linens

bedding and linens sale

As it is for winter clothing, bedding and linens are not the things to buy on Black Friday. Instead, wait till the White Sales 2020 to come around in the New Year.

At the end-of-the-season, during January, retailers put up massive discounts on bedding and comforter sets as a method to increase revenue at that time. You can shop for all kinds of home textiles, including towels, linens, sheets on fantastic bargains at stores like Joss & Main, Ikea, Macy’s, etc.

Video Game Consoles

black friday video games deals

It might be surprising to find that video game consoles are what not to buy in your shopping guide for November; but, with the newer versions expected to launch in the New Year, it is advised that you hold off on getting your consoles just now.

With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched in 2013, there is a chance that the updated models or completely new tech be announced in 2020. Therefore, while the deals on the current generations may be exceptionally budget-savvy, it’d be a foolish purchase if you were to get an upgrade next year.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch series are still two of the top products for Nintendo, and no new releases are expected in the coming year. Thus, if you want a new console, shop for Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite during the Black Friday sales.

Fitness Equipment

exercise equipment deals

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will roundup jaw-dropping discounts on fitness equipment, expect more savings from deals that will come up in January in 2020.

Retailers will try to rake in cash following the New Year’s Resolutions, thus giving you more exceptional bargains.


deals on jewelry

Just as your October Shopping Guide said, November is also not the time to splurge on jewelry.

For new sets of diamond earrings or pearl necklaces, wait till December. Christmas and New Year sales will bring in fantastic discounts on jewelry that are much better savings than the ones this month.

Holiday Decorations

holiday decoration discounts

Don’t start your Christmas or New Year’s shopping this early! Your shopping guide for November states that holiday decorations are not the best buy for wallet-friendly shopping.

The last months of the year are retail heaven for the shop owners and merchants in the US and other areas of the world; with almost back-to-back holidays coming up, the prices are through the roof at this time on seasonal décor.

Thus, the best time to buy holiday decorations is at the end of the season or after, meaning you can shop for next year’s celebration in December or January.


black friday furniture sale

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are more well-known for their saving offers on electronics, tech, and other appliances, furniture is not what you should buy in November.

While the deals on furniture are also incomparable, it’s better to wait for the end-of-season sale in January and February, when retailers are likely to put up a clearance sale to empty the current stock. There are many more savvy deals to be found at that time than now.

Doorbuster Deals

black friday doorbuster deals

Your shopping guide for November advises you to stay away from doorbuster deals this month. You might think it is an outstanding offer, but many merchants offer off-brand items as their doorbusters. Meaning, it’s highly questionable, the quality and the “discount” that you find.

Doorbusters encourage impulsive buying that is detrimental to your savings; thus, hold off on making rash decisions when it comes to shopping in November.


black friday toys sale

Christmas is approaching; you might be eager to get your Christmas gift shopping out of the way, but for November shopping, it is best to restrict making purchases on children’s toys.

Black Friday deals offer fantastic bargains on toys, but December sales are much better. Therefore, if you spot a good discount on toys in November, grab it; otherwise, wait till the last month of the year!

Gift Cards

gift cards sale

Same as was the case with October, the shopping guide for November rejects the idea of buying gift cards.

There might be fabulous offers available this month, but if you’re not in a hurry, then why not wait for even better deals in December?

Final Thoughts

With tariffs attached to almost all items this year, it’ll be hard to find outstanding deals and discounts compared to last year. However, there are still plenty of exceptional offers for you to see on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Veterans’ Day, and Halloween sales, not to mention, the clearance sales for summer stock.

That said, what do you plan to buy in November? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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