Buying Jewelry Online Vs In-Store

Thinking of buying jewelry online but worried about the quality and budget? Here are the reasons that will boost your confidence in online jewelry shopping. 

Category: Shopping     Written By: Eva William

Buying Jewelry Online Vs In-Store

We all are living busy lives where we do not have time to hit the aisles of malls to buy little things. We always look for a way to save time or make things more convenient. In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic and the need for greater social distancing, many physical shops have been closed. At this phase, a massive rise in the ratio of online shopping has been witnessed.

Buying online is now the new normal, whether it is your weekly groceries or jewelry – you can even pay all your bills directly from your mobile phone or laptop!

Of course, when you are buying something unique, perhaps for a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, you want to be confident that you are getting things right. 

But, when it comes to buying any jewelry online, people may got a little skeptical. They want to get a defected piece at expensive rates. 

So, today, we have brought some good reasons to buy expensive jewelry online at better prices than visiting a physical store.

The Variety and Options Available

There are thousands of jewelry stores available online, so you will have far more choice than you ever would on the high street or shopping mall. Even individual shops can stock more items as they won’t be subject to any space constraints. Thanks to their excellent relationships with suppliers, many can list items that they don’t physically have – introducing them to their stock when you order. This flexibility benefits the supplier, retailer, and, of course, the consumer. 

24/7 Customer Support

Due to their more extensive inventory, virtual stores inevitably increase the chances of finding something that you like. Websites are easy to navigate. With instant messaging, you can get all the answers you need without overcoming the overly pushy sales assistant who is desperate to earn commission rather than find the right item for you. 

The Items Are Considerably Cheaper

There are a lot of reasons that advocate the benefit of shopping jewelry online. It is usually cheaper than buying from a physical store. As it is not be subjected to the same overheads. They don’t need a shop in a prime location with sky-high rents and utility bills, which need to be paid before the retailer can even think about turning a profit and not requiring the same number of sales assistants.

Of course, online shops are open 24/7, meaning that transactions can be completed even while shop owners and employees are sleeping. These effectively longer opening hours at zero or minimal extra cost suggest that these savings can be passed on to the customer. Online browsing makes price comparisons more accessible, too, so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal

For example, if you are buying an engagement ring for your big day you can look through an extensive collection without visiting different shops. The brands usually have a ring education page to ensure that you get the perfect size for your big moment. It will give you that added peace of mind that you are getting the right ring at your pocket price.

Simplicity From Browsing to Doorstep Delivery

Regardless of what you are shopping for, online stores offer the convenience of completing transactions from the comfort of your own home. When you are purchasing jewelry online, you no longer have to roam around numerous stores searching for what you want. It can be a massive advantage for people who are short of time, like more discretion, or are searching for something unusual.

Online shopping provides solutions for most people, with nearly all of us leading hectic lives. Unfortunately, in many respects, this led to the demise of the high street with many shops, meaning that few options are available. Rather than needing to visit another town or city to make comparisons or look for the best options, you can do this from your mobile device, laptop, or PC. 

A Bulk of Online Discounts

Many high street and even virtual stores offer extra discounts for shopping online. It may be free delivery if you spend over a certain amount, discounts for first-time customers, or discounts rewarding loyalty. Many retailers will send a newsletter or special notifications about deals that are only available online. Sometimes, the savings can be significant, especially if you purchasing more expensive items such as an engagement ring.

The shift towards online shopping has benefited many retailers and consumers, and the idea of offering online discounts clearly emphasizes this point. As mentioned, the lower overheads mean that savings can be passed on to the customer. With the increasing popularity, not to mention the feasibility of drop shipping, even smaller jewelers are reaping the rewards and offering larger discounts and a comprehensive choice of products.

Unique Products by Bespoke Designers

Several smaller designers and jewelry stores can’t afford to open a physical shop. They wouldn’t hold enough stock, pay the rent or the necessary sales staff. However, many are incredibly talented and have created some excellent unique pieces. Showcasing their items online allows them to reach out to a broader audience, and from the customers’ perspective, they have the opportunity to buy something unique.

Often smaller designers will be happy to create pieces for you, especially, and these will naturally have more emotional and sentimental value. While this is a service that may be available in-store, often there is more opportunity online, and you can shop around to ensure that you get precisely what you are looking for.

The Future

Most of us accept that online shopping is only going to increase in the forthcoming years. Even those who are not technically sound can now work their way around websites and apps. The increase in available options, shopping in a global marketplace, the savings, and just the added convenience means that buying jewelry online is, for the majority, the most natural progression. While some people argue that it carries away any romantic notions, the benefits undoubtedly outweigh any negatives.  

Shopping online is the way forward in all aspects of our lives, which we should embrace.