How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Do you know that regardless of the spontaneous twist and turns in the marketing world; Email Marketing was and is considered as the effective way to deliver your thoughts and ideas to others either it is related to your brand or product. However, it depends upon how you use it so let get the deep insight into this aspect.

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How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Businesses need to think out of the box to come up with new growth strategies. There are a number of reasons for which this is really important nowadays as the competition is getting tougher with each passing day. There are various ways in which a company can come up to make a mark in the marketplace. All types of marketing and sales efforts are required from the person at the helm of the affairs in this concern. 

I am sure that If I’ll ask which is the best platform for making a product a hit, most of you will answer that social media is the one

But not every company can make a great marketing campaign on their own. 

The budget restraint can also be one of the reasons. So what is the solution? Email marketing is one of the most trusted and oldest methods that businesses have successfully used in their bid to attract and capture their target market. 

Let me offer you a brief insight about this aspect. 

Email Marketing: A Reliable Solution for Over 2 Decades Now

There are many ways in which email marketing has always remained in the fray even as a host of new services and platform came into view. Email is one of the most-effective solutions that companies can use but its usage isn’t that much straightforward. Email is free but don’t take the notion that you can email to as many persons without thinking about your target market. That’s where the expertise of digital marketing companies comes into play as they know how to handle such campaigns with ease.

According to a survey done by Marketing Charts in May 2018 concluded that email marketing was used as the top marketing tool by small businesses in the US in the last 1 year. It is interesting to note that online advertising closely followed with 39%. Once regarded as the best and most widely-used outdoor advertising mediums like billboard advertising is now used by just 6% of the companies. And that too in the case where the demographics of a particular area don’t use Internet or social media that often. 

Top 3 Benefits of Using Targeted Emails

We all know that the email is one of the best tools to get the attention of the people that we need. Right from the early days, we email has been one of the few tools which was cost-effective, easy to use and result-oriented in true sense. Let me offer you some detailed information about these aspects that I have just mentioned.

1. Cost-Effective

Using free email services like Gmail and Hotmail is very easy. We all know how to use them but one factor that has made these services so popular is that they are free to use. Similarly, when we even use a personalized email address, it is very cost-effective so that it can offer even a startup or small business good solution. Sending out bulk emails in this concern is what businesses really look forward to and that is one good reason why companies are able to send their message across.

2.    Easy to Use

Using an email program is one of the simplest tasks that is on offer on the Internet. The few steps that are involved in this are so easy that even a naïve person and one who doesn’t know how to use a computer can start sending emails in a few hours. So this is also one reason that has contributed to the insane success of emails over the years and show no signs of letting up.

3. Result-Oriented


When you try to market a product or service through a website, you need to spread awareness about it. Placing ads on Google or on other websites can be expensive. Even using SEO services for getting organic results can be quite time-consuming with no guarantee of results in a pre-defined time. Through email, you can be sure that over 90% of the emails will be opened in the first few hours, so that your message can get across in the quickest time possible.

Why Use Targeted Email Services?

Why Use Targeted Email Services?

Targeted emails are one of the best strategies that companies need to deploy to get positive results. In simple words, it is the practice of first recognizing the target market and then sending out customized email for each buyer persona identified in the initial step. While you certainly can get the data of every single person living in Manhattan, for example, but will it benefit your business? For example, will a teenager be interested in taking an insurance policy which should be targeted to people over the age of 40? Of course not.

Through targeted emails, any company can narrow down its search for making the most of its campaign. No company would want to waste its resources and the energy of its employees by sending emails to millions of people while its actual target market comprises of fewer than one hundred thousand people. The most common market segmentation that companies use nowadays is following: 

  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Psychographic 

But why this segmentation is necessary in the first place? Let me offer you some clues in this concern. As mentioned above, creating buyer personas according to the buying habits of the people is the sole reason that companies need to capitalize on for best results. When you will compare this strategy to mass emails send to millions without any specific group in mind, the results can be really annoying. The relevancy factor is one of the foremost reasons in this concern, along with response and building positive relationship with the prospective customers. 

Final Word

In a nutshell, email marketing is here to stay for a long time to come as discussed in this blog. Through targeted emails, companies can reach their customers in a far better way so that they can see what’s on offer for them. 

If you need any clarification or further information about whichever aspect mentioned in this blog, or if you want to offer your valuable feedback, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern. 

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