What Is A Virtual Phone Number And How Can You Get One?

The most efficient way to develop your business is to extend it outside your local area but stretching it isn’t easy. Then why not to opt for a virtual phone number which can cut the pay for other premises and staff in a new town and let customers in other areas call you for the price of a local call?

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What Is A Virtual Phone Number And How Can You Get One?

Businesses and entrepreneurs spend every hour of every day trying to grow their business. Nobody wants something like unprofessional communication to spoil their efforts.   

When it comes to business development, every decision, major and minor, plays a vital role. So, with having so much on your plate, having a virtual phone number for your small business can save you from lots of hassles. 

Virtual phone numbers aren’t common parlance, even though small business owners usually have some idea of what they are. 

Here we’ll give an in-depth exploration of what virtual phone numbers are, their benefits and some authentic providers. 

Virtual Numbers

New to the term ‘virtual phone number’? 

It is a phone number not directly associated with a telephone line. This means you can use it roaming anywhere in the world. 

A business number, virtual phone number or DID (Direct Inward Dialing) are used to route calls from one phone number to another. 

Or in simple words, you can say…

Virtual phone numbers are numbers that use an internet connection. Nowadays, they are very commonly used for global communications. These numbers are available for every country in the world, so anyone can call anywhere, from anywhere.

Many VoIP providers offer virtual phone numbers, either as a part of a larger PBX offering or as a critical component of a lightweight phone system.

There is an abundance of services and features provided to give businesses more power and control in handling communications. 

What Are Virtual Numbers?

Who Needs a virtual phone number? 

Anyone who needs to be active with phone calls or text messages without the physical limitations of the Publicly Switched Telephone Network and hardware necessary would benefit from using a virtual number. 

Today, businesses have realized the need to implement a professional way of communication into companies, while employees also demand mobility, flexibility, and robust features that just weren`t possible before business phone number apps and services came along. 

Entrepreneurs, especially those who don’t have a physical store, can especially benefit from having a virtual number. For large businesses too however, Voice over IP (VoIP) is a hit – it has become the new default backbone for business communications.

In a statement on business VoIP usage by Software Advice, it is published that approximately 36% of business are using VoIP today.

At the very minimum, if you need to provide a professional and straightforward experience for clients, use Virtual Phone Numbers. 

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The Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Here we will discuss five secondary benefits out of hundreds that International business numbers provides. 

  • More Cost Effective than Conventional Methods

People who are familiar with virtual numbers know that it is a cost-effective option for businesses of varying size, trades, and business goals worldwide.

Virtual Phone Numbers are a triumphant option for Startups, SMEs or NGOs to set up an international network of local numbers in a very cost-effective manner. You can set up a presence in any city across the world without having to open an office there.

However, the amount of cost saving depends greatly by circumstance, although most companies see a reduction in their phone expenses. 

  • Eliminate the Usage of Expensive Hardware

The drastic change is that there is no heavy and costly hardware required.  Virtual Numbers are exceptionally flexible as it can work with your mobile phone or with your employees’ phones. You don’t need to have a premise-based business phone system or other phones to connect.

  • Forward calls to any device 

Setting up a virtual number enables the users to forward calls to landlines, mobile or VoIP devices. For instance, you can receive your work calls on your personal cell phone even after office hours. It can be set to send calls to several different numbers sequentially until one of them picks up the incoming call. In short, you can enjoy simplified remote working and locational flexibility. 

When placing call from your virtual number, the receiver sees your business line as the caller ID, and vice versa, meaning that you won’t run into problems despite only carrying one phone.

  • Consistent branding for your business

Virtual phone systems make it easy to maintain professional yet friendly customer service with clientele. You can set custom welcoming and goodbye messages to make them feel they are talking to people and not robots.

The Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers

For example: Hello John, How can I help you?

Is far better than receiving an email ticket in your inbox. 

It means virtual cell numbers lend a bigger hand in offering enhanced customer service than landlines or any other medium.  

  • Toll-free virtual numbers

Having toll free numbers for your business can improve its credibility. It’s a great way to reach a new market and expand your activities across the country.

This makes it easier to increase productivity, promote a professional image of yourself, and expand your professional contacts. Toll-free numbers are key to remember. 

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Lots of companies are popping up with slogans that offer you the best service and exclusive features. But you cannot trust everyone. Be careful and vet the companies you are considering.

Many providers offer global numbers for both personal and business uses.

For personal uses: International phone numbers help to cut down international call charges, thereby saving a lot.

For business uses: International phone numbers help to create a local presence. While it is not always possible to maintain a proper office at a foreign location, international phone numbers can help bridge this gap.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

For global numbers with maximum validity, there is MightyCall. 


Mightycall specifically designed with small business in mind. It is primarily an international calling app which offers these facilities of global phone numbers and international roaming. It is easy, affordable and convenient. Also, you don’t have to pay the bill per user like the majority of the industry asks, and there are no extra charges per feature.

Nobody wants their number floating around the internet. Thus, With MightyCall, you can keep your numbers private. It means you don’t need to feel self-conscious about putting your business number up. 

Plus, with every plan, you can get access to unlimited text messages. You can be in constant touch with customers with limitless text messages. 

The good thing to remember is that marrying facilities are not that expensive especially when it comes to virtual phone numbers, as MightyCall Coupon are available. 

4-Step Procedure for Getting a Virtual Phone Number

All you need is to spend less than 5 minutes to get started with a virtual phone number to better your business.

  • Pick your business phone number

Make life convenient for you and your customers by choosing a business phone number. Also, through Mightycall you can select a toll-free or any area code number at no extra charge. 

  • Add your contacts and employees

You can add your employees and other contacts in the system so that they can receive a client request. If your employees are busy, calls enter a queue instead of being lost. 

  • Set Routing Calls 

Virtual Phone Number systems ensure that calls are always routed to an available agent rather than being lost or sent to voicemail. It can eliminate revenue losses that come from lost calls. 

  • Receive and Respond From Anywhere

You don’t always need to be in the office to attend to customer calls because with virtual phone numbers you can receive and respond to the requests from anywhere in the world. 


Virtual Phone numbers have transformed into something incredibly advanced and tangible. The wise businessman or businesswomen would get on the bandwagon now to save as much money as they can.

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