8 Successful Ways To Collect Email Leads For Your Business

As perceived, even companies with the best products get crush in the market. Do you know the prime reason behind that it is just because they failed to get enough leads? Learn the sure ways to successfully collect email leads for your business to save your company in the future.

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8 Successful Ways To Collect Email Leads For Your Business

As years pass on, many social media networks come and go, but what remains constant in digital marketing is building your email list. Having an engaging email list is very crucial for your Business. 

Yes, it is crucial. 

But, why?

When a user provides you his email address, it means that he has permitted you to keep in touch. It merely says that the user is interested in your product/service

A primary marketing method, every business should look forward to building their email list.

 But, how to get an email address from your visitors?

Over the years, digital marketers tried and experimented so many ways to build their email list. And today, we will look at eight successful methods to collect Email leads for your Business.

So, let’s check them out.

8 Successful Ways to Collect Email Leads:

1) Inline Forms:

Inline Forms

Nowadays, every business is focusing on content marketing. In a recent report from Hubspot, 55% of marketers say content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Meaning, content creation brings customers to your business.

But, how to leverage content marketing?

It is of no use writing hundreds of articles without a proper leveraging strategy. The reader is just going to have a look at your content and then leave the website. 

To leverage your content marketing strategy, you need to make use of online forms. By online forms, you add a subscription from within your content, to get more email leads.

Here is a screenshot of Inline Form for Affiliate Marketing at OnlineRockersHubwith a conversion rate of 2.9% 

2) Popups:


The word popups can take your thoughts travel towards Google Penalty. But, not to worry.

The best email capture tools available out there have already modified theirpopups to pass Google’s mobile penalty test.

Here is an attractive popup WPKube uses.

Increasing the conversion rate of pop-ups; it is recommended to combine your Popups with exit intent technology. It works great because it can get you an additional 2-3% conversions from your leaving visitors.

2-3% conversion of your leaving visitors is still a huge number!

3)    Fullscreen Mat:

Fullscreen Mat

Fullscreen Mat has a great potential to capture the entire attention of your visitor. It merely covers the full screen of your visitor’s device.

This Fullscreen Welcome Mat used at OnlineRockersHub for its Affiliate Marketing Email Series is having a conversion rate of 7.62%

4) Sidebar Forms:

Sidebar Forms

Sidebars are the typical place where your visitors will look for subscription boxes.

With that being said, your business should make the maximum use of the sidebar area.

Social Media Examiner is making the best use of its sidebar with their Sidebar opt-in form. The form matches with their theme and makes it look appealing.

5) Floating Bar:

Floating Bar

Floating Bar is best suited for creating scarcity campaigns for your Business.

But, what are scarcity campaigns?

These are marketing campaigns that are designed based on the scarcity principle. According to psychology, it is all about creating an urge for human beings to buy, gather or obtain something that they might not be able to get in the future.

Businesses use this scarcity principle well. 

But, how?

They first create the demand for their product. Then create a scarcity of the product by fixing time constraints, and thus pushing the customer to buy the product.

Here is an example of WPforms using Floating Bar to create a scarcity campaign by making their coupon code available for a limited period. So, to avail the coupon, the visitor has to use the code within the stipulated time.

6) Slide-in Scroll Box:

Slide-in Scroll Box

Slide-in Scroll Box is a polite way of asking your visitor for their email address. It simply slides in from the background and displays an opt-in.

Here is a screenshot of ShoutMeLoud using Slide-in Option for their Affiliate Marketing Course.

Madmimi, a popular Email Marketing software claims that sliding in your email option after the visitor scrolls 80% of the page is one of the best converting areas.

So, why don’t you try this?

7) Content Locker:

Content Locker

To make the most use of content marketing ideas, you need to create unique content. To craft the unique content you put in all time and effort, and then you post it just for free.

But, why do you waste this unique content?

Instead, you can lock your unique content and request your visitors to provide an email address to get access to this unique content.

This might look so aggressive in capturing email addresses. But still, your visitor benefits by accessing your content and you get their email address. So, it is a win-win situation.

Whole Wale, a digital agency used this content locking feature in its blog postand had a conversion rate of 21.42%.

8) Content Upgrades:

Content Upgrades

It is one of the most popular email conversion methods.

But, what is a content upgrade?

Content Upgrade is a bonus piece of information that you offer to your visitor, who has already shown his interest in the similar content.

OnlineRockersHub tried this content upgrade method and got an average conversion rate of 5.9%

Brain Dean, from Backlinko, says that his conversion rate has boosted by 785% in one day just by using content upgrades and here is a screenshot of one from it.

Wrapping Up:

So, here we have seen the 8 successful ways of collecting email leads for your Business.

Apart from this, I am sharing with you one more method of capturing an email address.

Bonus: Giveaways

Giveaway is a new way of collecting email address. 

But, how to collect email address with a Giveaway?

To participate in your giveaway, the visitor has to create an entry. By entry, he has to provide his details to contact you.

Make use of this!

Ask your visitor to provide his email address for confirming his entry. By participating in this giveaway, your visitor gets a chance to win a product for free and in return, you get his email address.

Try this Giveaway technique if you could offer a product for free.

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