Top 20 Makeup Subscription Boxes for Women in 2019

Subscription boxes are the ideal gift choice when you want to indulge yourself. Moreover, they make the best gift for friends or family for any occasion. So, here is a list of top 20 makeup subscriptions for women to try in 2019.

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Top 20 Makeup Subscription Boxes for Women in 2019

Whether you are a teenage girl or a young woman, every female loves a good supply of makeup and beauty products. 

And, what could be better than a makeup subscription box to get you all the latest products from up and coming names in the industry. 

Subscription boxes are the best surprise-in-a-box out there; you get to have fresh new stuff every month, in neat packaging that alone is awe-worthy. 

There are tons of monthly subscription boxes out there for men, women, and kids to enjoy all year round.

Let’s focus on the females in the community; here is a list of top 20 makeup subscription boxes for you to try in 2019:


The first to make the list of top 20 subscription boxes for women is Fabfitfun. 

They have tons of items in their inventory that you get delivered to your doorstep in cute seasonal packaging that it’s like a gift from Santa. 

But, it’s not all about the colorful, funky outlook, instead what’s on the inside!

The best thing about Fabfitfun subscription boxes is that each crate comprises a range of items. Meaning it’s not just makeup that you’ll be getting; but, also skin care beauty products, jewelry, and even gadgets like earphones.

Fabfitfun Subscription Box

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

Joining their Beauty Box and Snack Box subscriptions is the Vegan Cuts Makeup Box!

If you are familiar with Vegan Cuts, then you must know you get makeup products even with Beauty Box; but the Makeup Box gives you full-sized makeup essentials including mascara, lip colors, and nail lacquer.

It is a quarterly subscription box meaning you’ll get four boxes a year – one for each season.

Moreover, Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is purely cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, making it one of the best gift boxes for women who are animal-rights activists or health conscious.

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box


Getting in on the subscription action is your favorite beauty brand, Sephora.

They launched Play as the makeup subscription box for women, and now you get your favorite cosmetic products hand-delivered to your doorstep every month.

But, it’s not just the gorgeous shades of makeup you find in their cute little pouch; you also get numerous tutorials, tips, and advice in a booklet.

In short, Sephora offers you the latest cosmetics of the month and the best way to use them. Talk about covering all bases!

I’d say it earned its place in the list of best subscription boxes of 2019.

Sephora Subscription Box


A subscription box all the way from Korea!

Within each box, you’ll find five to seven, full-sized Korean cosmetics in their monthly subscription box all from top brand names in the industry. 

Plus, if you are hesitant on subscribing for a Korean brand, then fear not; JoahBox gives you a choice to try a one-time box before you commit. 

Best of all, you can curate your box according to your birth month, skin tone, skin type, or browse for more options. JoahBox is one of the best beauty boxes to have if you want control over what you get.

Joah Subscription Box


Birchbox offers the best selection of subscription boxes for men and women.

While it is not solely a makeup subscription, you can set the ratio of cosmetics products vs. skin care or hair care items you want in your box. 

Plus, each month, they let you pick out one item you want to try out of the five samples while keeping the rest of the crate a surprise – the best of both worlds in a Birchbox!

Contrarily, if you are not one for surprises, you can also opt for their curated box that reveals the month’s samples before shipment.

Birchbox Subscription Boxes


An entire box to cater to your luscious lips! It is also one of the cheap subscription boxes for those who want quality on a budget. 

Whether it is glosses, sticks, balms or matte, Lipmonthly delivers 4-5, full-sized, lip products each month in an array of shades, tints, and glitter. 

One out of the five samples, however, is an exception to the lips-only rule.

If you like trying out new shades of lipsticks, glosses or balms, then Lipmonthly should be on your list of women’s subscription boxes for 2019.



For the makeup geeks, this is exclusively a cosmetics-only box.

The entire crate comprises of 4-5 makeup products, four of which are full-sized. You get to enjoy a new palette every month along with brushes as well as nail, hair, and skin products. 

Subscribing to Boxycharm makeup subscription box will also give you access to tutorials and more product recommendations.

You also get to collect “Lucky Charms” with each referral to a friend, and product reviews. That will help you get even more discounts and see some savings on future boxes.

Boxycharm Subscription Boxes


Ipsy gives you freedom of choice over what you get in your gift box; you can opt for more makeup than other cosmetics or vice versa.

It is a monthly subscription box that delivers 4-5 full-sized, plus a cute makeup pouch to carry your things. You can also cross a month or two of delivery if you feel your stash is growing too big. 

The products are a mix of high-end to drugstore brands; so, if you are not dead-set on branded cosmetics, it is one of the best makeup subscriptions to have. 

Ipsy Subscription Boxes


Allure is the complete subscription box for women with their selection of beauty and cosmetics products.

They offer a set of samples or full-sized hair care, skin care, and makeup items, in a box of 5-7 things, each month. Besides the products, you also get a booklet explaining the editor’s picks for the month.

Each box is a mix of options from top brands or newcomers in the industry. So, you know the quality is a priority for the Allure makeup box, earning them their spot among the best beauty boxes for women in 2019.

Allure Subscription Boxes


Julep is one of the best subscription boxes for women looking to glam up their nails.

You don’t know freedom until you try Julep; they give you complete liberty to go for a full-makeup or beauty box or filled with an assortment of nail lacquers and skin care products. 

They have a specific date set out for you to choose the product you want from their latest collections, plus each item is full-sized, so there is no fear of running out. 

If you want something other than lip colors or eyeshadow palettes in your crates, then go for Julep as your monthly subscription box.

Julep Subscription Boxes

Glossy Box

Another one in a long list of beauty boxes for women is Glossy Box. 

It is a monthly subscription box that brings you 5-6 items from the big names in the cosmetics industry. Moreover, it offers one-time subscriptions for occasions like Mother’s Day. 

Glossy Box is exclusively editor’s choice; but, each box is curated after a little questionnaire, meaning every crate is unique and customized for you. 

Glossy Box Subscription Boxes

Target Beauty Box

Your all-time favorite retailer launches its line of women’s subscription boxes.

It is a considerably cheap subscription box that hand-delivers to your door some of Target’s top-selling beauty and cosmetics products. 

The box is not exclusively a makeup subscription, but it offers a range of items including mascaras, face masks, etc. 

The high price and value of each item make Target Beauty Box a real steal for all women. And, since it comes up every other month, it sells faster than you can imagine.

Target Beauty Box


The thing about Cratejoy is that it is not just one subscription; it is a collection of all kinds of subscription services. 

Meaning from Cratejoy, you can get makeup subscriptions like Lip Monthly, Color Curate, Bomi Box, Terra Bella Box, and so on; plus, other subscriptions like health products, beauty kits, food, and beverages.

But, while you can find your makeup and other beauty boxes for women on Cratejoy, it is not limited to the female population. 

You can find subscription boxes for kids, men, women, mums, and dads, foodies, health nuts, dessert lovers, etc. 

Cratejoy Subscription Boxes

Macy’s Beauty Box

If you don`t have a preference for brand-name products, then you should try Macy’s Beauty Box. It has department store-quality products exclusively.

Each month you get 5-6 items, a mix of cosmetics and beauty products, along with a perfume bottle, and a makeup bag. Not to mention, you can also find a $5 Coupon in each crate. 

Macy’s Beauty Box is one of the best makeup subscriptions if you want to see some savings by the end of the month.

Macy’s Beauty Box

Deck of Scarlet

An exclusive makeup-only subscription box for women!

If you love to try out new collections of cosmetics, then Deck of Scarlet is the best subscription box for you. They deliver bi-monthly entirely new palettes with lip and eyeliner. 

Moreover, it is not just the palettes they deliver, but also ideas and tips to get the best out of your makeup subscription.

So, live, love, and experiment with Deck of Scarlet.

Deck of Scarlet Subscription Boxes

Color Curate

Here comes another name in a long line of makeup subscription boxes for women. 

Color Curate offers 4-5 full-sized, products every month, delivered to your door in a fancy makeup pouch, instead of a dull, old box. 

Plus, each item is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making it the best option for those who fight for animal rights. 

It is a colorful assortment of all kinds of cosmetics – a crowd pleaser and worth every penny.

Color Curate Subscription Boxes

Lipstick Junkie

As the name suggests, Lipstick Junkie delivers a crate full of lipsticks, glosses, and lip palettes.

But, it has more than just lip colors in its arsenal. With each box, you get an assortment of cosmetics including a variety of lip makeup, primers, and eyeshadow palettes. 

You can enjoy up to 4-5 items of colorful cosmetics in this monthly subscription box.

Lipstick Junkie Subscription Boxes

Kiss Me by Live Glam

A list of makeup subscription boxes for women in 2019 without Live Glam is not possible.

Kiss Me by Live Glam is also a lip makeup-only subscription. Every month you get a new set of lipsticks; each set with three distinct colors. They guarantee that no crate will have the same shades twice. 

So, if you want to upgrade your lipstick collection, Kiss Me is the best beauty box to have.

Kiss Me by Live Glam Subscription Boxes

Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

For those who like to go beyond the limits, Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box is the best beauty box for you. 

Unlike all other palettes, with subtle colors in their collection, Medusa’s Beauty Box offers you a set of darker, bold shades of cosmetics. 

Each month you get an assortment of 3-5 full-sized, vegan products including lipsticks, glitter powder, mascara, eyeshadow palettes, and more. 

Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box is one to try if you want to step out of your comfort zone, be a little daring, and experiment with dark colors.

Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Live Glam Makeup Brush Club

You can’t try these makeup subscription boxes without the right tools. 

Makeup Brush Club is another beauty subscription box by Live Glam that brings you the best of Morphe at your doorstep. 

Every month you get a pack of 3-7 quality brushes that are worth every cent. 

So, if you want to try and play with all these new shades and palettes, be sure to add the Makeup Brush Club to your list of best subscription boxes of 2019 for the best set of brushes by Morphe.

Live Glam Makeup Brush Club

Final Word

The fact about subscription boxes is that they comprise some of the best products in the market, even those that are a bit too costly for the average individual. Meaning, you get great value at half the price.

So, if you want to collect your favorite cosmetics, then these are some of the best makeup subscriptions for women to get you started.

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