Shopping Guide for October 2019: What to buy (and not buy)

As we head into the fall season, you will see Halloween stuff on sales everywhere. Apart from these scary treats, there are many things to stock up on this month and grab maximum savings. Take a look at this shopping guide for October and make a checklist of what to buy and not buy this month. 

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Shopping Guide for October 2019: What to buy (and not buy)

October is here, and it's time to embrace the fall weather. From colorful trees, cozy sweater to pumpkin carving, don't forget to splurge on monster sales this festive season. Say yes to scary stuff, airfare, pizza, jeans- holdback on expensive jewelry, and electronics.

You might be thinking to stop yourself from shopping this month because Black Friday is just around the corner. But you don't have to be troubled to buy during the spookiest season. Thanks to Halloween and Columbus Day sales, October is all stocked up with great price drops.

As we step into the fall season, you will see Halloween stuff on sales all around, and the shopping racks are all decorated with festive discounts. Temperatures are chilling down, and sale values are heating up for the things that will quickly be antiqued.

So, step into the season sale and grab some discounts with our shopping guide for October 2019.

What to buy in October 2019

Don't let the shopping expenses scare you during the season of witches. Put only the things in your basket that give you massive price cuts. From Halloween candies, costumes to jeans, patio furniture, and garden supplies, there are many things to store this month.

Here's what to buy in October 2019. Read on to find out the huge discounts happening now.


Halloween candy

As the month gets closer to the season of ghosts, your chances to snag a discounted bag of candy for trick-or-treaters improves. You will find Excellent deals on Halloween candies from almost all the retailers. Some good names to count are;

Halloween Costumes 

halloween costumes

How can you let October pass without purchasing Costumes? Wait till the end, when retailers will be more eager to unload their stock of Halloween costumes. To acquire 80% off on Costumes, Nov 1, is the best time. Retailers mark down the prices of unsold wizard hats and sexy Scrabble outfits at that time, but you can still find countless deals in the days leading up to this year's holiday.

JCPenney offered up to 60% off on kids Disney ensembles two weeks before the holiday last year. Chances are you can also get the same price cut this year as well.

You can also find the lowest prices on everything spooky at

Patio furniture

patio chairs

As the temperature drops, people usually spend less time outdoors. Many retailers clear out their inventory for patio and other outdoor stuff by offering lower rates. So October is a good month to expect great savings on patio furniture. Keep an eye out for deals on patio chairs, tables, umbrellas, and grills.



Eager to buy those curve-hugging jeans to wear in the fall weather? An ideal month buy a new pair of jeans with massive price drops is, October. You can get the most out of October shopping extravaganza by purchasing jeans at the cheapest rates. Many popular and average stores offer excellent discounts on jeans.

Few good names include;



This is the month of bicycles. Why? Because the season of monsters is here. Kids wander around on a bicycle, scare the ghosts or trick or treat. You can expect great prices on bicycles, bike helmets, and other cycling-stuff. You can get some of the lowest bike prices of the year from favorite merchants.

Need new tires for your bike? Find a decent deal on a new set at these stores;

Air conditioners


As the temperatures drop, so do the rates of air conditioners. If you want to buy air-conditioners in Sale, October is likely the best time to buy. Moreover, not only air conditioners, but you can also purchase room coolers, and fans at lowest rates.

Camping Gear 

camping gear

Fall is the best time for an outing, especially to spend time under the moon in the mountains. There are lower chances of snowstorms and heatwaves this month. Tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear are ideal to buy in October. You may have the best camping trip of your life without spending much. Add these items in your October shopping checklist and stock up on some titanic savings.

Watch out these stores putting their best camping gear on lowest rates;

Columbus Day Weekend Sale 

columbus day sales

Mark your calendar at Oct 14 for Columbus Day Sale. It is the time when shoppers honor Columbus' voyage by cruising straight into a weekend loaded with excellent deals. You will see slashed prices on watches, apparel, sweaters, bedding, and boots.

Many department stores host sales in the days leading up to Columbus Day, including,

National Taco Day

national taco day

The day to look out for bonus savings is Oct 4; the National Taco Day. It is a quasi-holiday for almost anything, and restaurants are more likely to observe food-themed days, to drum up business. Search for taco-themed discounts and deals at all the nearest restaurants and enjoy delicious savings.

In-season produce

in-season produce

Late summer and early fall produce are ideal to stock up on this month. Shopping for in-season fruits and vegetables doesn't just make for tastier meals but also an excellent opportunity to get enormous price cuts. Prices can drop by up to 50 percent. Get some pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pomegranates, Brussels sprouts, oranges, lemons, beets, spinach, yams, etc. on reasonable prices.

Domestic airfare


As the summer travel season passes, domestic airfares tend to fall. You can expect the drop in the airfare of about 8.2 percent. So it is an ideal time to rent a vacation lodge on cheap rates or get discounted airfares. Some airlines are offering discounts and deals on hotel and rental car.

Check out these sites for best rates,

What not to buy in October 2019

Once you have gathered all scary treats and October favorites, give your wallet some time to breathe. Buying items that are not favorable for October doesn't make any sense.

We know that timing is everything when it comes to shopping and getting good deals. And that's why we have complied this Shopping guide for October 2019 to help you decide what to buy and not buy.

So here are some products to put in what not to buy in October 2019 checklist.

Major appliances and expensive things


Consider this hopping guide as your best bet for savings. Don't buy electronics and other expensive major appliances in October. Planning to get your hands on cell phones, laptop, washer, dryer, refrigerator, TV, or video games? Wait! Wait till Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Jewelry and lavishing gift items


As the festive season comes, you always look for traditional holiday gifts and jewelry will be at the top of the list. Even if you find a great deal, remember that you may not get deep discounts until November and it would make sense to do some shopping to get a good price on diamond jewelry, expensive perfumes, pricey outerwear, fancy lingerie, and anything that somehow resembles a luxury gift item. Your best pick would be to wait for the screaming promotions that will reach at you after Thanksgiving and way through December.



Do not add boots to your October shopping checklist. If you want to grab a decent deal on a new pair of boots, skip your plan of buying them now. Wait until next month when the warmer temperatures are beginning to return to discover the brag-worthy good prices.

Cleaning supplies

cleaning supplies

Wait until the goblins and ghosts are gone if you want to buy cleaning supplies. Need a new vacuum cleaner or floor care device? Wait for a little more till November. You may get deep discounts on vacuum and cleaning supplies in late November and early spring. You may expect BIG sales on major vacuum brands in Black Friday sales.

Gift cards

gift cards

Gift cards can be the best bet when you think of holiday shopping. If you are planning to buy gift cards to cut down costs or stocking them up for holiday gifts, now is not a good time. You may get some of the finest gift cards offers of the year during sales next month. So it's better to wait and keep yourself off from impulse buying.

Top Coupons and Promo Codes

How can this shopping guide for October 2019 be ended without coupons and Promo codes? So here are some saving treats for you. Watch out these promo codes and get some excellent bargains on your favorite stuff.

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Final Note

October has a handful of sales, and you can take advantage of all the markdowns. But keep in mind that a blockbuster Black Friday Sale is coming next month and you may have a good chance to snag excellent deals on the products that are not ideal in October. So to stop you from getting overwhelmed with all the stardust deals, we have compiled this shopping guide for October. Consider it as the biggest savior of your bucks and be a wise shopper.

Happy bargaining!

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