2023 Collection Arhaus Unveils the All-New Spring

Arhaus Unveils the All-New Spring 2023 Collection

Publish Date: 2023-05-29

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Arhaus Unveils the All-New Spring 2023 Collection

The Spring Collection from Arhaus is a treasure trove of brand-new items and statement pieces, each with a distinct artistic purpose and a compelling global narrative. In contrast, the new Condesa Collection achieves stunning dimension through hand-carved hardwood sealed with a burl wood veneer, creating a dynamic mixed-finish masterpiece. The new Polanco Collection offers an organic statement to any setting through mosaic-like surfaces achieved from locally salvaged, oyster-cut Mexican ash trees and fragments of European ash that are hand-arranged by artisans in Mexico. New products with indoor and outdoor versatility usher in the warmer months to come, including the Cruz Outdoor Dining Table with its cylindrical, modern silhouette made in Indonesia from locally sourced marble.

This season, Arhaus' home accessories feature more natural materials than ever before, including bowls, vases, and baskets made of teak and mango wood that capture the true beauty of the earth. Along with an exclusive to Arhaus curated selection of paintings and decorative pillows by artist Dawn Sweitzer, who was inspired by her extensive European travels, new throws and rugs are also offered in a variety of exquisite textures and durable designs made to last.

Ilaria Collection: 

Ilaria Collection: Elegant and sophisticated, the Arhaus Ilaria Collection offers a novel perspective on modern design. Each piece in this collection embodies timeless beauty with a combination of sleek lines, opulent materials, and precise craftsmanship. The Ilaria Collection exhibits a healthy mix between modern design and outstanding craftsmanship in everything from magnificent furniture to chic accessories. Enhance your living areas with the Ilaria Collection to enjoy the ideal blend of comfort and style.

Rourke Chair: 

Rourke Chair: The Rourke Chair by Arhaus is an artistic creation that combines comfort and style. With its plush cushions, spacious seating, and chic design, this chair invites you to unwind and relax in the lap of luxury. The Rourke Chair boasts a sturdy construction, plush fabric, and top-notch finishes thanks to the careful attention to detail that went into its creation. Its modern yet traditional style blends with any decor, making it a versatile addition to your living room, bedroom, or study. The height of comfort and elegance is the Arhaus Rourke Chair.

Violetta Dining Table: 

Violetta Dining Table: A magnificent work of art, the Arhaus Violetta eating Table elevates and modernises any eating space. The Violetta Dining Table is a distinctive combination of traditional and contemporary design, with a sleek metal base and a rustic solid wood top. It's a standout item with exquisite workmanship and a rich texture that will wow your guests. Thanks to its superior construction and materials, this table is not only lovely but also long-lasting. With the Violetta Dining Table from Arhaus, your dining area will have a cosy and welcome feel.

Vesuvius Console Table: 

Vesuvius Console Table: The Vesuvius Console Table is a stunning fusion of modern form and beauty inspired by nature. This console table adds a sense of contemporary refinement to any room because it is made with a solid wood top and a distinctive metal base. The live-edge wood top displays the inherent beauty of the grain, while the modern metal legs offer a stylish and reliable basis. The Vesuvius Console Table skilfully fuses practicality with attention-grabbing beauty, whether it is utilised as a statement piece for an entryway or a chic display surface in a living room. Improve the look of your home with this alluring and functional Arhaus item

Blaine Bed: 

Blaine Bed: Arhaus's Blaine Bed is a magnificent centrepiece for your bedroom. This bed's modern and streamlined design mixes clean lines with opulent materials to produce a chic and welcoming ambience. The sturdy wood frame lends strength and elegance, and the upholstered headboard offers a luxurious and cosy backdrop for reading or relaxing. The Blaine Bed offers a number of finish and material options so you may tailor it to your preferences. The Blaine Bed by Arhaus may turn your bedroom into a chic haven.

Mihaela Collection: 

Mihaela Collection: The Arhaus Mihaela Collection is a stunning fusion of contemporary elegance and natural charm. This collection adds a touch of modern refinement to your living spaces with its simple lines, natural materials, and attentive craftsmanship. Every piece in the Mihaela Collection, from gorgeous furniture to chic accessories, emanates effortless style and timeless beauty. The Mihaela Collection enables you to establish a calming and environmentally friendly home atmosphere with a focus on sustainable materials and environmentally responsible design. The Mihaela Collection by Arhaus will elevate your environment and provide the ideal fusion of sustainability and design. 

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