Riley Home Review- An Impartial Opinion On The Luxury Bedding Brand

Get rid of the stress and tension and sleep well on luxurious bedding and bath essential linens. Riley Home is the store that provides the finest quality bedding, bath, beach linen solution. Click to read the full review

Publish Date: 2020-07-14

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There is a lot of stress this modern life has brought into our lives, and getting a proper enough sleep is the only solution to make yourself mentally relax and physically active. After struggling with a daylong traffic hustle and bustle, workplace tensions, and managing home chores, you want to get a dip into cozy, comfortable stuff that soaks up your soars away when you step into your bedroom. Luckily, you can use the Riley Home coupon to get the bedding done at affordable rates, and in this Riley Home review, we will let you know if they are worth it for you. 

A brief introduction to Riley Home

Riley Home review is all here for you to know all about your favorite luxury bedding brand! Riley Home is the hyped luxury bed and bath brand taken seriously as the simplest solution of your most comfortable sleep. You will get to know the brand in this Riley Home review. This brand briefly provides all its bed and bath products made by Portuguese textile mills, hence assuring the finest articles in the nominal price range through Riley Coupon. In the world of bedding, Riley Home luxury linen ratings are at the top, and there’s a lot more to come their way

Riley Home product line

Riley home luxury bedding and bath

Comfortable and cozy bedding is the need of everyone. That is why Riley emphasized providing the best quality bedding products so that everyone can enjoy having the best rest time. They offer a lot of variety in the bed and bath category. While researching the brand to write Riley Home review, we found versatility, quality, simplicity, and uniqueness beyond the elite. And all you get is the finest product range all on a single mouse click. No wonder why they have noteworthy customer reviews their website.

In this Riley Home review, we will outline the range and product line of Riley Home. Following are the categories they have on their website.


Riley home luxury bedding

If you want a true luxury bedding experience, Riley Home will provide you whatever you need. They claim to incorporate real Portuguese quality in all of their bedding products. After reading Riley Home review you will be eager to bring home the comfort, the coziness and warmth you need in your bed with 

Flannel, satin and linen bed sheets

Duvet covers & shams

Pillow covers and cases 


Blankets, throws

Bedroom slippers 

Their quality is as same as any five-star hotel beds. Their bedding products are just the crafts of their fourth-generation textile mills that are family-owned in Portugal.


Riley home bath

Bedding, bath essentials like a towel, bathrobe, bathroom slippers, bath mates, etc. Are also important. 

Riley Home provides the finest quality of all these essentials at reasonable rates with complete versatility. You will find 

Spa towels

Beach towels

Terry towels

Bath linen sheets

Shower curtains

Bathroom rugs


Riley home junior collection

 The elegant brand not only focuses on the products needed by you, but it also has some great offerings for kids. Their cute kid's product range includes

Junior sateen duvet cover & sham set - classic navy pin dot

Junior grey star sateen duvet cover & sham set - 

Junior crib sheet

Junior star baby blanket

Junior decorative pillow

Junior crib mattress protector

Also, they have a junior baby hooded towel, junior Miramar beach towel as well.


Riley home pet beds

Pets and children are alike, and it's not always easy to keep your canine healthy and happy. You will be surprised to read that Riley Home review will have pet beds also. And why not? Riley Home caters to your pets' rest needs by providing cute, fluffy, comfortable, and cozy beds for your pet. 

Riley pet beds have the following features

A machine washable, zip-off twill cotton cover.

A cotton pillowcase with a plush pillow. 

A customized printed monogram

Denim and polka dots designs

All these pet beds will make your canine happy, comfortable and peaceful whenever they get tired

Beach essentials

Riley home beach towels

As necessary as the beach activity is, the beach essentials like beach mats and towels are also necessary. Many people are looking at us to do Riley Home review and include their beach category in it. Riley Home provides two incredible beach collections that are Hampton beach collection and Miramar beach collections.

They both have beach towels right now in their offering, but there is a lot more to look forward to.

Riley Home gift essentials

Riley home gifts

Gifting is the expression of passion and emotions for anyone. And they should be full of that feeling you want to convey through giving. In our Riley Home review, there are some items in that you will love to buy for gifting purpose as follow.

2-in-1 convertible down blanket

Wool-blend slippers

Luxe terry and hooded waffle bathrobe 

Textured cotton coverlet

Euro and Junior decorative pillow

Micro-mink moccasins

Miramar and Hamptons beach towel

Junior star baby blanket

Percale sheet set

They are the best when it comes to gift them. So you can select any of them without any worry.

Last chance articles

In this category, the Riley Home store put all the items that are left last few. These items are on sales and discounts to buy them at reduced prices and then praise our Riley Home review. 

Although some of these items are also lie in some of the categories mentioned above. You can also find them in these categories as these are on sales, and the last few pieces are left.

Among these items, some are as follows.

Percale and Sateen sheet set

Mattress protector

Reversible color-block sateen duvet cover & shams set

Sateen duvet cover & shams set

Greek key throw

Junior. Sateen sheet set

Junior sateen duvet cover & sham set with silly animals and colorful origami

Junior crib sheet

Junior baby hooded towel

Denim and polka dot dog bed

Vacay, Seas the day and Color block beach towel

Textured shower curtain

Riley Home detailed product review

We have discussed above in detail the product range Riley Home has. Now it's time to add the products in Riley Home review to get a clear insight that is Riley Home product worth giving a try or not, what products are best suitable for you. What products you should have and what products you can skip will be discussed here. 

Riley Home bedding and sheets 

The best offering from Riley Home is their bedding, and here is a complete and detailed Riley Home sheets review in which we will discuss two sheets from the house of Riley Home that we found best complemented for the comfort and style of your bedding. So here is a complete review of Riley sheets.

Riley Home sateen sheets

Rilay home sateen sheets

We have a look into their sateen sheets, and now we are presenting Riley sateen sheets review that has an overview of what we have extracted from their products


The sheets are made from 100% premium combed and long-staple cotton sateen. 

Thin decorative stitch.


A sateen weave that makes the sheet super soft

With every wash, it gets even softer 

The sheet has a sumptuous, lustrous sheen due to the sateen construction

The sheet is stitched with a color-on-color thread having a Baratta stitch style.

The sheet comes with pillowcases

Also, the sateen flat sheet available along with sateen fitted sheet and pillowcases


Riley Home sateen sheets are available in eight solid colors: slate grey, sand brown, mist blue, thistle lavender, white, navy blue, ivory, and silver

Also, you can get the sheet with pinstripes of navy and white

 Riley Home percale sheets

Riley home percale sheets

The second Riley Home bedding sheet we like is their percale sheet, and through our Riley Home percale sheet review, you will know about the details of this product. 


The sheet is woven with 100% cotton using a percale weave. 

A modern, matte coloring along with the fine percale construction.


Ok to be honest, their percale sheets have following elegant characteristics

Fabric is so comfortable and soft that you wish you make a shirt out of it. 

Feel cool, soft, and crisp puts even the finest hotel sheets to shame. 

Sheet sets have one fitted sheet and two pillowcases with a flat percale sheet. 

Washing makes them get even softer. 


Riley Home percale sheets come in ten solid colors range including slate grey, sand brown, mist blue, navy blue, thistle lavender, ivory, white, silver, cornflower, and sea glass

Also, you can get them in 3 pattern colors like navy and white pinstripe, silver micro-check.

Riley Home comforters

Although Riley has not much variety available for comforters, but in this Riley Home comforter review, you will be delighted to know that one of the two comforters of them is award-winning. So there is something to brag about.

Riley Home goose down comforter

Riley home comforters


Soft and pretty due to a cotton sateen weave

2 level warmers with 700 fill power and 750 fill power


Riley Goose Down wire cutter comforter is an award-winning comforter

It is a warm, lusciously soft, and incredibly comfy.

Baffle box construction to prevent the inner filling shifting from one part to another inside comforter.

Comes with five years warranty

Perfect for both snowy days or windy days


White color. Can be covered with duet cover in case you want some pop up of colors

Riley Home down alternative comforter

Riley home down comforter


The comforter is weaved with 100% premium combed and long-staple cotton percale.

Hypoallergenic microfiber filling with all-season and extra warm options


Replaceable layers to adjust warmth according to season.

The filling is sewed so that it remains intact inside

The material is hypoallergenic

Suitable for all seasons


White color with navy blue piping

Riley Home towels

Riley Home provides the best soft, moisture-wicking towels that you will love. The high quality towels do not leave cotton residue and remain unharmed beside rough usage. In this Riley Home towels review, we will divide their tower collection into four categories i.e.

Spa and plush bath towels

Spa and plush bath sheets

Miramar and Hampton's beach towels. And,

Junior baby hooded towels


Made with 100% premium fine-combed, zero-twist, Egyptian cotton.

Spa towel with 2-ply construction


Beach towel with two-sided design and flat woven

Junior towel sheet has a hood to cover a child's head

All towels have low fluff fibers


Beach towels available in a lot of vibrant striped hues of red blue & grey or neutral colors

Plush towel collection has slate grey, bright white, thistle lavender, silver grey, navy blue, mist blue, and sand brown

JR. Baby Hooded towels have 3 cute styles with Navy Pin Dot, Colorful Origami, and grey star.

Pros and cons of Riley Home

We have discussed a lot about the Riley Home product line and reviewed their products really well. After reading many Riley Home reviews, we have compiled the benefits and what downsides this incredible brand has. 


It is playing a great role in providing a comfortable, luxurious bedding

Comfortable bedding and sleep have a deep connection, and according to the facts and figures, it has been analyzed how bedding affects sleep quality. It is observed that a comfortable bedding and sound environment is helpful in a deep sleep. 

This Riley Home review is not at all exaggerating. Still, this luxury bedding brand plays quite a decent role in providing you a comfortable sleep experience.

Curing insomnia and sleep disorders

Riley home improve your sleep

We are 100% confirmed that your bedding matters a lot when it comes to sleep quality and curing insomnia. So after reading this Riley Home review, you will also be 100 % sure that insomnia and sleep can be cured by switching to this awesome brand.

Bed and bath essentials at one place

A luxury feels to your bedding and in the bathroom can be possible through comfortable essentials like Riley Home bedding & bath. The immediate range is available easily in one place with the same high standards.


Lack of product variety

Although they provide bedding solutions along with bath essentials, there is something lack in variety. Their options are limited and confined to a maximum of three in number.

Lack of vibrant colors

Except for their towels, all their other products lack the range of vibrant colors. They incorporate very subtle, light, and dull colors that are not so vibrant.

High price range

They have a high price range as compare to their competitors. Although they cover it through their quality, that is not enough.

Final Verdict

Riley Home brand focuses on the bed and bath linens that are soft, comfy, comfortable, and provide you with an extremely better sleeping experience. We hope that you have read the review well and will make your decision accordingly. 

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