An Unbiased Review Of NOBIS: What Can You Really Expect?

Are you sure that you know all about Nobis, and you are ready to purchase those jackets you saw on Instagram? Wait! Before making any decision, go through this review of nobis and know all about the brand and its products

Publish Date: 2020-07-13

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Review of Nobis

It is mid of the year, but before we know it, winter will be upon us anytime, and for that one thing requires preparation, and that is the clothing. Many brands pop into our heads when we think of buying winter clothing, but the one we will discuss today is the review of nobis.

Many outerwear winter clothing brands tend to create products that comprehend the weather sufficiently and do its work even in the brutal cold nights. However, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, many of them fizzle out and don't give complete satisfaction to the customer in more than one way. Conversely, Nobis appears to be the one brand that is solicited by several customers. Therefore this review of nobis can be a window to an unbiased perspective of overall Nobis users.

A Glimpse of nobis history

history of nobis

The Vice President for Canada Goose Robin Yates, who is now the founder of Nobis, decided to leave his previous position with a concern for customer satisfaction issues with the brand. He created something bigger and better with the additional facility of providing nobis coupons to his product consumers to overcome the problem faced by them initially with other brands. 

Nobis is a Latin word for 'us,' and it comes in one of the dominating Canadian brands of the current era. nobis clothing Canada was founded in 2007 with a vision of giving customers exactly what they wanted. Their products are created with exclusive designs that are lighter, more beautiful, functional, and more voguish from more than a decade. 

nobis clothing is the perfect fit for those who admire to spend time out in nature and love the cold weather. Our review of nobis clarifies that no matter the altitude, the nobis down jackets cover it all. Be it rain, storm, sleet, or snow, the clothing from Nobis is tested in the worst and the harshest atmospheric conditions. Moreover, according to the nobis outerwear review, we can bring one satisfactory major in light that it will keep a person warm and provide the most satisfying feeling in the most miserable weather. In our opinion almost everything about Nobis is outstanding.

Luxury Outerwear With Nobis

outerwear of nobis

nobis review covers all the aspects and keeping that perspective alive, and we evidently want to emphasize the identity that Nobis has created for itself from the past many years. As the foundation of this brand was kept based on fulfilling customer needs and satisfaction, hence its quality has shown us to be the perfect example of that. Moreover, the ideal combination of innovation and garment has changed the face of trend by giving it an overall delicacy.

In this review of nobis you will find every possible aspect that can make or break your buying decision. This unbiased review will allow you to gain access to the secrets and information regarding the brand. 

Nobis clothing is currently available in more than 40 countries around the world and is favored by millions of people due to its versatility, style, quality, and functionality. Over the years, nobis outerwear reviews are featured in several styles and other variety of famous magazines. They made their name prominent in the world's face with their range of options, versatility in design, and quality of the material.

Nobis Materials and Manufacture

nobis material and manufacturing

As we already mentioned, it stands out because of its versatility and fashion; therefore, the stylish jackets review of Nobis suggests that these factors came into construction because of the hard work that is put into generating the most beautiful material. 

Speaking of Nobis material, in this review of nobis, the consideration and detailing of its manufacturing is vital to clarify the facts of its success and guarantee of its quality. Similar to the various known and gigantic brands from around the world, Nobis has also created its fabric. In addition to this, they have also developed their laminates and have been created exclusively with the in-depth study and research to make the material more sustainable and comfortable.

Be it the men's outerwear, kids, or women's outerwear, all the products that Nobis is rendering to their customers are made with an exquisite and elegant blend of different materials. These materials include Wool, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, and some variations between them.

Laminates are a kind of fabric that allows everyone to stay warm and, at the same time, feel pleasant. It is constructed with utterly weatherproof material and is also breathable with an underarm vent in many of Nobis's jackets that make it even better. It has a water column rating of 10,000mm and is DWR-treated to be managed as more sufficient at harsh weather. Its weather resistance features allow it to be wetted down by making it more accessible and functional to wear. 

In this review of nobis we can highlight that the products are presented with an overall description of their features and material details. However, we are going to mention some of the most popular designs of Nobis in order to make sure that you are informed about everything that this fantastic brand has to offer.

Popular Designs and Products of Nobis

nobis products

As per our observation and the market analysis, this review of nobis indicates that the product line that Nobis has to offer has a huge demand among the people of a different taste. It aligns best with the variety of sense of styles. It caters to the need of people who are looking for different fashionable outerwear in order to notch up their extravagance. 

In our opinion that we are mentioning in this review of nobis, the product line of Nobis allows many people to feel comfortable and yet incredibly classy at all times of the weather. Nobis has managed to create such designs that are most likely to be the best option for many in every climate. Their extensive line pushes customers to widen their idea of outfit and go with the best fit per their taste and fashion sense.

If you are under the spell of winters or want to go out for a run in summers, you can just go through a legit nobis jackets review or a nobis coat review to wrap your head around how it can be an excellent option for you. And if you are still not much satisfied, this review of nobis is always here to help you. This review of nobis will cover all the featured and highlighting products provided by Nobis and avail of them of their reliable and genuine insights.

 1.   Nobis Bombers

nobis bombers

This review of nobis can guarantee you that Nobis stands out of this the market because of its functional products. The Nobis Bombers are a perfect example of that because it consists of multiple zippers and invisible ones. This outerwear also carries the benefit of having a removable hood, and it is engineered with the Sympatex material that allows it to be waterproof. To make it more stylish and sleek, the design added with a drawcord at the waist for cinching in silhouette.

The primary purpose is to provide warmth and satisfaction, and for that, there is a Premium Canadian Origin White Duck Down present in this design. As for its full features, you can follow the review of nobis.

Features of Nobis Bombers

  • Seam-sealed design with waterproof fabric and windproof exterior with 10,000mm laminated membrane.
  • Breathable and minimize heat.
  • Higher loft and suller cluster for ultimate warmth.
  • Vent system available in underarm for the flow of air and added breathability.
  • It offers high durability with water repellent in order to minimize the penetration of water.

Exclusive Nobis Bombers

  1. Blake Men's Bomber Jacket
  2. Dylan Men's Hooded Bomber Jacket
  3. Higgins Men's Bomber Jacket
  4. Molly Ladies Bomber Jacket

 2.   Nobis Parkas

nobis parkas

You might have read a few of the nobis parka review, including any nobis yatesy review in the past, and if not, you can get a glimpse of a most unbiased review of nobis parka here. It is considered the minimalist modern design of this era. They provide such outstanding and high quality item out in the market in the shape of the parka. The design is exclusively created for winters and the stormy cold weather.

Nobis Parka has a highly secure and non-removable down-filled hood with a windproof, waterproof, and breathable marital. It contains seamless quilt puffer channels that give you extremely comfortable and cozy feels. The best part about the Nobis Parka is that it has an original Coyote fur trim ruff, that can be detached and removed from the hood as per the user's requirements. For additional elements of Nobis Parka follow along with this review of nobis.

Features of Nobis Parka

  • It contains a removable elasticized belt.
  • Some concealed elastic rib cuffs.
  • It has high quality Canadian origin white duck down insulation.
  • It is a reachable and comfortable oversized single welt hand warmer pocket.
  • Seam-sealed design with waterproof fabric and windproof exterior with 10,000mm laminated membrane.
  • Exposed Two-way Zipper.
  • Machine Washable.

Exclusive Nobis Parka

  1. Donovan Men's Fishtail Parka
  2. Shelby Men's Military Parka
  3. Luna Ladies Hip Length Parka
  4. Ava Ladies Parka

 3.   Nobis Lightweight Down

nobis lightweight down

Are you one of those who hate wearing those bulky jackets and coats? Well, then you should try this lightweight overwear of Nobis. As per this review of nobis, the lightweight down of Nobis is a perfect choice for winters and other weathers. You can easily make it your go-to jacket and can even go out for a run in it. Its outer shell is designed with a high quality cotton/nylon, and it has a seam seal construction that allows the jacket to be waterproof, windproof, yet extremely breathable. 

Additionally, these jackets are highly breathable with down proof free hanging liner, and it allows the user to feel extraordinarily stylish, comfortable, and relaxed all at the same time. Its functionality is defined as the best ones that are available in the market right now and is much appreciated. If you still want to get some extra insights into this product and its features, then a review of nobis consists of it all, so keep reading. 

Features of Nobis Lightweight Down

  • It has a breathable outer shell.
  • Consist of heavy elastic rib waistband, collar, and cuffs.
  • It has a single lip welt pockets and fleece-lined hand warmers at the waist.
  • A premium waterproof cotton/nylon shell and lightweight, water-resistant nylon make it a perfect Reversible jacket. 
  • It has an optional and removable faux fur collar.
  • Seam-sealed design with waterproof fabric and windproof exterior with 10,000mm laminated membrane.
  • Functional and exposed reversible metal zippers.
  • Machine Washable.

Exclusive Nobis Lightweight Down

  1. Sia Ladies Windbreaker
  2. Senator Ladies Traditional Mac
  3. Morrissey Men's Windbreaker

 4.   Nobis Jackets

nobis jackets

In every jacket review you will find almost all the similar aspects and discussions. However, in the nobis review jackets, you will get surprised with its extraordinary features and functionalities. This makes it more demanded in the market, but the people who approach it for the first time also get blown away with the unlimited benefits it has to offer.

These jackets provided by Nobis are exclusively designed to be more useful and long-lasting. It is formed with the help of 3-ply micro denier fabrication that is of premium quality. Moreover, it has a Nobis DP Nylon lining to increase its breathability factor and make it light-weighted.

Features of Nobis Jackets

  • It has a feature of the optional and removable hood.
  • Seam-sealed design with waterproof fabric and windproof exterior with 10,000mm laminated membrane.
  • Functional and exposed two-way waterproof zipper at center front.
  • Machine Washable.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Exclusive Nobis Jackets

  1. Adele Ladies Double Breasted Jacket
  2. Ranger Ladies Shirt Jacket
  3. Griffon Men's Jacket
  4. Admiral Men's Shirt Jacket

 5.   Nobis Raincoats

nobis raincoats

Nobis is famous for many things, but one category that attracts most of its customers towards the store is the raincoats and nobis down coat. Many reviews nobis coats will fail to tell you all the possible features and insights to this product, but this review of nobis is nothing but a pool of answers to all your questions.

The Nobis raincoats are made of premium quality fabric that includes a perfect combination of cotton and nylon. The Nobis branded camo mesh liner that is present in its formation allows the products to be highly breathable and comfortable to wear. However, these raincoats don't have removable hoods, but they are adjustable and lightweight.

Features of Nobis Raincoats

  • It comes with a perfect mesh of Cotton/Nylon fabrication.
  • It has high breathability factors.
  • The raincoats are consist of Interior zip pocket with Sleeve cuffs with double snaps for adjustment.
  • Seam-sealed design with waterproof fabric and windproof exterior with 10,000mm laminated membrane.
  • Functional and exposed two-way waterproof zipper at center front.
  • Machine Washable.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Exclusive Nobis Raincoats

  1. Weldon Men's Raincoat
  2. Londoner Men's Raincoat
  3. Manhattan Ladies Raincoat
  4. Harper Ladies Long Raincoat

Review Of Nobis Product Price

nobis price range

As we are mentioning since the beginning that this review of nobis is highly unbiased and focuses on presenting all the factors, be it good or bad. Thus, it is our firm responsibility to highlight the elements that do not seem to be in favor of customers.  

The price range that Nobis offers clarifies that it is straight away from a luxury brand. Typically, its outerwear costs ibn the range of $700. Moreover, there are some designs of this brand that reach up to $1,200 on average. Hence, the affordability factor usually comes in between buying these fantastic products. In this case, most customers use the option of availing discounts and coupons. Similarly, platforms such as PennySaviour are dedicated to providing you some significant possibilities for saving money while buying these luxury Nobis items in a pocket-friendly manner. 

Wrapping Up

nobis clothing

This review of nobis has covered an overall picture of Nobis. You can always rely on these unbiased and reliable reviews that allow you to get insights into brand history, manufacturing, product line, price range, and the pros and cons of buying these items. Nobis has been an outstanding brand form a long time now, despite having high price ranges and affordability issues. It allows you to experience the best product with every possible functionality you might need. 

Plus, it gives you a chance to dig into their wide range of products to pick out the best fit for yourself. Keeping the style, comfort, and fashion in mind, everything from best women outerwear at nobis or fashionable men's outerwear at nobis, everything can be the one brand that can notch up your look for every day.

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