Crocoblock Review: Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, Discounts

Are you looking for a way to build a perfect Elementor WordPress website? Well, Crocoblock is an ideal solution available at your disposal, and if you want to know more about it, explore this Crocoblock Review and gain maximum insights about the service.

Those of you who don’t know about Crocoblock, in this crocoblock review will elaborate all about this fantastic builder. It is a tool kit to build some great Elementor websites. In this Crocoblock review 2020, you will come across things that have never been discussed before, and you will get the information of all the critical elements attached to it. This fantastic tool kit is an add-on package for both Elementor free and Elementor Pro. 

Crocoblock has to offer a variety of plugins and tools in a single package with different pricing models. This builder is a support program that is considered highly functional and works best on any website builder of your choice. If you are seeking to create a website that works best for your business, gives you a high turnout, and comes in the top search engine rankings, then you can take a step towards Crocoblock. 

You can reply to this Crocoblock product review because we are unleashing the utmost insights about the builder that you will be grateful to know. It has so much to offer you from Crocoblock themes to the crocoblock plugin, and everything is available in one single package.

Crocoblock Features

Crocoblock Features

According to the various Crocoblock customer reviews, this platform is designed with the most profiling and facilitating vision. The people who want to build their website with the utmost zeal and look forward to creating a design that caters best to their business. And in this case, one thing that can fascinatingly help them is the supporting tools, plugins, and themes provided by crocoblock elementor collaboration.

Crocoblock offers you the most iconic elements that make your WordPress development hassle-free and more responsive. There are multiple features that Crocoblock has to offer, and you can know about them all in the following description. 

  • Jet Plugin

Crocoblock jet plugins

Crocoblock provides these Jet plugins that come with different functionalities. It caters to the need of its user efficiently and profitably. Plus, it renders WordPress Plugins that help you add on the design elements and functionality. 

This fantastic plugin provides the luxury to create websites with the hassle of coding and technicalities. It has more than one design element, including widgets, layouts, and carousels that helps you build all kinds of websites. Whether you are looking to developing an e-commerce website, a social media platform, or a business-oriented website, it has your back and can add value to your result as you have seen never before. 

Moreover, it comes in various forms and Elementor add-ons that we are going to discuss in order to fulfill the quality and demand for you in this crocoblock review.

1. Jet Theme Core

Jet Theme Core

This is the first Elementor add-on of Crocoblock. This plugin works as its name suggests and allows you to gain a variety of themes, headers, footers, skins, widgets, etc. You can export these from the Crocoblock as per your demand and create whatever you want to. But b before going through all of this, you have to upload the Jet Theme Core on Elementor.

2. Jet Booking

Jet Booking

As you can understand a bit by its names, if you have a booking section on your website or have an e-commerce website, you can streamline its UI and UX designs with this particular plugin. The Jet Booking plugin allows you to make an easy to navigate booking page with contains all the much-needed varieties and elements that you need or can think of. Plus, you do not even have to experiment with the coding and get into the technicalities of that.

3. Jet Woobuilder

Jet Woobuilder

This particular plugin is a win-win for the website builders who are building an online store with WooCommerce. In this Crocoblock reviews, Jet Woobuilder is especially building for the users who are setting up an e-commerce store and want different functionalities. Moreover, it is used to develop various products and form its descriptions plus build shops and page templates that can be optimized and up notch up with dynamic widgets. Your WP-hosted e-commerce page will be improved and become more functional with Jet Woobuilder and will provide the most exclusive and fascinating shopping experience to your customers.

4. Jet Appointment

Jet Appointment

This plugin can help you manage your work like never before. If you are stuck with management stuff and have a service enterprise that needs more input than other businesses, this is your plugin. Additionally, this plugin also takes over your hassles and cover for you when you are not available. It makes and manages your appointments and provides you much convince.

These are just the highlight of the feature that Crocoblock has to offer. Similarly, there are more than 14 other Jet plugins that Crocoblock has come to ease your load of work and provide you with assistance in building the most available, attractive, and compelling websites of all times. And if you are close enough with it, then making the website with the Elementor page-building environment and Crocoblock will become a dream come true to you in every manner.

  • Skins

Crocoblock Skins

Because we all understand how much a visual representation can mean to our brand. It brings an average person and makes him our audience, and if the work that we have put in is more than better, the graph for conversion rate can see the heights of the sky. 

Hence, this condition requires us to decide on the representation of the website. And to do so in the best possible manner, it all starts with its skin. The Crocoblock has a skin section that offers you unlimited options for the makeover of your website. You can select the desired skin amount the more than 49 skin that it has to offer. It comes with different patterns, designs, color palettes, and factors for a single theme. Take a pick and create a visually attractive site for you to have the best experience.

  • Magic Button

Crocoblock Magic Button

Now have you wonder what this might be? This is one of the most distinctive features that Crocoblock has to offer. We are pleased to put it to our crocoblock review because it lets the website stand out and makes it unique compared to other website building tools.

It represents multiple ready-to-use elements and buttons that can be customized as per requirement, and you don't even have to modify the whole theme for it. It is as simple as anything because you can get everything from the exclusive Crocoblock’s assorted media library.

Pros & Cons of Crocoblock

Crocoblock Pros and Cons

We have already discussed the features and elements that it has to offer in this crocoblock review. Now it is time to reach the things that actually will help you make a final decision if you have to consider it to be suitable for you or not.

Not everything is perfect, but in this crocoblock review, we can assure you that we have the best experience with the Crocoblock builder. However, to make this crocoblock review unbiased and reliable, we have managed to conduct a complete research on all the pros and cons of Crocoblock. Today we are going to elaborate them all to you.


  • The first and foremost important thing that makes Crocoblock the best builder is that it has the best looking designs and skins of all times.
  • Crocoblock offers dozens of templates, and there are no limitations or restrictions to bind to once you get the crocoblock membership.
  • It contains a magic button element that makes it different from other builders, and you can use this element on any page you want without messing up with the existing theme.
  • It has a large number of Plugins For Elementor that are only offered to you if you avail the benefits of the Crocoblock.
  • The Kava Theme is included in the Crocoblock Elementor builder.
  • It offers you 150 Widgets with ultimate access of lifetime (may differ as per the package you take).


  • Not all the templates work without plugins.
  • Redesigning can be crucial.
  • Few plugins are heavy and can slow the speed of your website.
  • It might get a little expensive if you are not getting any Crocoblock discounts.

Pricing & Discounts of Crocoblock

Pricing & Discounts of Crocoblock

Crocoblock has different plans available according to its offers. The prices vary as per the kind of website that includes E-Commerce, or just Design, some Dynamic price plan. Moreover, it also offers an all-Inclusive Yearly price plan and an all-Inclusive Lifetime price plan for Crocoblock membership lifetime that its users can avail as per their requirements. 

There are multiple elements that they offer other than the website formation itself. They provide different license types, product updates, professional crocoblock support, access to extras, included jet plugins, and so much more. Make sure that you know that all of this varies as per the price plan.

As we have mentioned earlier in this crocoblock review, Crocoblock might get a little heavy on the pockets. Still, if you think it can be the best option for your future website or current platform, then you don't have to hesitate or back away because of this reason. There are a variety of platforms such as PennySaviour offering crocoblock discount code that can help you get your desired price plan and package in much more reduced chargers. So dream on, work hard, and never stop availing the opportunities that come to you!