Byte Invisible Aligners Reviews 2022 - Are These Safe!

In Byte invisible aligners reviews, we will explain in detail whether or not Byte invisible aligners are a safe and suitable choice for your dental issues or not. Keep on reading for the sake of your good smile

Publish Date: 2020-12-11

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Byte Invisible Aligners Reviews

We believe that you will agree with us that the idea of having braces is not pleasing at all, but now with the options of invisible braces, you can easily remove some of the stigma and discomfort. 

Since now we have Invisible braces available. These are more discrete and less noticeable as compared to traditional ones. Because whenever you smile, no one can see wires as you mostly get to see in regular braces. 

So if you’re in search of a store that can help you with teeth straightening at your home as soon as possible, then we would recommend Byte. Thus, if you haven’t heard about this store then read and learn from our detailed Byte review. It will guide you more in detail.

Without any further ado, let’s dig into this review:

About Byte: 


The Byte is a company that specializes in at-home teeth straightening almost clear, nearly invisible custom fit aligners. Byte Aligners provide you with its orthodontic treatment plan designed to correct minor to moderate alignment issues. 

The average byte treatment time consumes just 3 months. You can correct your crooked teeth in only 12 weeks compared to 6 or more months for most of Byte's competitors.

But how? Byte uses Hyper Byte Technology. It is an FDA approved aligner seating technology that uses high-frequency vibration therapy to cut the straightening process time in exactly half.

The Byte Company also utilizes remote monitoring with licensed orthodontists. You can do this treatment without leaving your comfort zone (home). Apart from that, it has greater affordability and has swifter results. Byte has also eliminated the office visits. Although Dental professionals oversee your treatment plan, you never have to visit an orthodontist in person.

Besides, the Byte customer support team are all based in the US, so you can expect fast and effective support whenever you need it. The reason why it's never hard to see why so many people are choosing Byte for their teeth straightening at home.

How do Byte teeth straightening works?

How do Byte teeth straightening works?

The way Byte works are simple! 

-Firstly, Byte sends you an impression kit via mail with easy-to-follow instructions. You then take the impressions yourself and mail them back.

-Secondly, Byte's licensed orthodontists will review your impressions to make your teeth aligners and will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. These orthodontists will also check on your progress remotely. 

-Afterward, they will send you a set of aligners. You have to wear each of the aligners for one week, then throw it away and move on to the next one. 

-The whole system is straightforward to follow. You also need to use their Hyper Byte device for five minutes a day. This is a unique vibrating mouthpiece designed to ensure the aligners sit correctly on your teeth while promoting bone movement.

Byte's treatment plans


They currently have two plans! 

1. One is wearing aligners that you wear all day, 

2. The other is clear aligners you only wear at night. 

Because they offer a customized plan, everyone's journey while using it will be different. However, on average, everyday wearers use the system for three months, while users take about twice as long at night.

Plus, you will get one of their free Byte retainers with your purchase. Also, you can use Byte promo codes for incredible discounts.

If you don't wear your retainer regularly, your teeth could shift, undoing all the hard work you put into achieving the perfect smile.

Most demanded products of Byte!

Products of Byte

After many weeks of research and data analysis, here is our comprehensive byte aligners review of each product detailing their nature, mechanism, unique characteristics, and price points.

1. Byte retainers

Byte retainers

Byte aligners cost plan is just easy; it is only $129.00. You can keep your teeth in the right place with nighttime retainers. It's a smart way to protect your investments in your smile.

How it works

1. Wear your purchased retainers at night to keep your smile in the right place.

2. Continue to wear it for 6-months.

The benefits

1. Stops teeth from moving out of place.

2. Only wear your retainers at night.

3. Easy to use.

2. HyperByte


Ready to get your new smile faster? Meet the Hyper Byte.  It will cost you only $699.00. It is the exclusive dental movement acceleration device designed to cut both discomfort and treatment duration in half. High-frequency vibrations or HFV is a vibration-based therapy Orthodontists have used for years.

How it works

1. With your aligners in, use HyperByte for 5 minutes, once a day.

2. Vibration therapy transmits soft micro-pulses through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone.

3. HyperByte seats your aligners to safely move your teeth more accurately and increases cellular activity for faster treatment.

The benefits

1. It makes your aligners fit better.

2. Tested, proven, and safe.

3. Reduces discomfort.

4. Faster treatment time.

Following accessories are required for complete treatment. 

3. HyperByte replacement mouthpiece

HyperByte replacement mouthpiece

It is only $20.00. HyperByte is an essential way to make your smile goals. If your HyperByte mouthpiece gets damaged, this replacement will keep you on track!

4. Extraction tool

Extraction tool

It is only $10.00. An extraction tool is specially made for Byte invisible aligners. This looks like a tiny little red bar and is a miracle worker when you need extra help getting your aligners off. It also fits perfectly in your byte aligner case!

Why Byte impressed us?

Why Byte impressed us

If you are looking for Byte invisible aligners reviews to decide if this is the best invisible aligner option for you or not, you're in the right place! We have scoured dozens of byte reviews and summarized a few points here that impressed us most!

1. Their aligners are quite transparent!

You are willing to go with invisible aligners instead of metal braces. If yes, then let us guide you, it’s because they are Invisible, so it makes sense to talk about Byte invisible aligners reviews. The excellent news is Byte's aligners are quite transparent, and nobody will notice you are wearing them. 

2. HyperByte

They use a technology that uses high-frequency vibrations to make your treatment as shorter as possible. It is supposedly helping to reduce discomfort during treatment. 

Unfortunately, we didn't see any difference in the treatment period if we compare it with the other companies. It seems like they are all using the same technology. After Byte invisible aligners reviews, we can say that Hyper Byte devise is quite fun to use though the ad helps with the pain during the process, yet it’s still the best.

3. Free retainers

Byte does not charge for the retainers! All you need to do is wear these bytes at night to keep your teeth straight! It is suggested to order a new pair of retainers every six months or so, and Byte is giving you the first pair utterly free of charge. It is one of the good things because some companies are charging about $100 for this.

4. Premium whitening kit!

It comes with a premium whitening kit and has an aligner case for your ease.

5. Lifetime guarantee

Byte offers you a 'mile forever' guarantee, which means that if for some reason, at any time, after your treatment process, your teeth move and become out of alignment, they will give you another set of aligners at no additional cost!

Does using Byte products hurt?

Does using Byte products hurt

After reviewing on-site Byte invisible aligners reviews and gathering information from our friend who tried them, we found that using gentle vibration reduces discomfort. Theirs lessens treatment time’s speeds up the rate of tooth movement. 

Sounds good? We will admit that our friend was a little intimidated by the HyperByte device before he used it. He is sensitive to vibrations, and five minutes a day is a long time to use an uncomfortable device!

But it is less potent than an electric toothbrush! Hence, it was entirely painless for him. The hardest part of this treatment is to remember the routine to wear it every day. We recommend adding it to your daily tooth brushing routine so that you don't forget.

Benefits and barriers of Byte products

Benefits and barriers of Byte products

All our Byte Invisible Aligners reviews peruse an overall positive experience with promising results, despite some slight discomfort. Have a look at the benefits and barriers!


1. $1895 or affordable $83/month payment plan

2. 3 months average treatment time

3. Unique 'HyperByte' Technology approved by the FDA

4. 100% US-based customer support

5. At-home impression kit and remote monitoring

6. Lifetime guarantee


1. Requires more effort to straighten teeth

2. Remote monitoring less meticulous than some services

Byte costing plan!

Byte has two costing plans;

1. Single payment 

If you pay upfront, then the cost for the Byte treatment plan is just $1,895. The price sums up your custom treatment plan, aligners, HyperByte device, BrightByte's bottle, and your initial retainer. 

2. BytePay 

If you pay upfront, then the cost for the Byte treatment plan is just $349. After that, you'll pay $83 per month for 29 months. In this way, you'll pay $2,756 if you choose BytePay. 

Customer Services

Byte's customer support is available via Chat, phone, email, or Facebook messenger. In Byte reviews, we also want to highlight that customers who have reported are delighted with the product and its results. Therefore the company was rewarded as “Best Company” and was scored a 9.9 out of 10 based on its services and products. The brand has received 4.8 stars out of 5 from almost 2,900 customer reviews. 

People who have used Byte also reported, the Company has excellent customer service and the products are easy to use.

Byte customer reviews

Byte customer reviews

'Byte has treated me with respect and has an excellent listening customer service team. Many promotions will help you along the way when life happens. Byte family, keep up the excellent work!! My Aligners have worked just like they said would, and looking forward to seeing the end of my journey!!'


'I am very impressed with Byte. They answered all the questions quickly and made everything so easy. The packaging is nice and simple to understand. I haven't had any pain with the aligners and can already see improvement. I am excited about the final results.'


'I loved - and still love Byte! Their team made sure that I had their support every step of the way. The process was quick, easy, and affordable, considering all of the sweet benefits! Even though my treatment is done, they managed to send me a free retainer and follow-up post-treatment! Byte gave me my confidence at a price j couldn't refuse.'


'After three weeks I see results, and I couldn't be happier, after all these years I will finally have the smile I've wanted my whole life! Highly recommend, the byte team is there for all my questions and answer promptly!'


'My experience thus far with Byte has been outstanding! I have ordered impression kits from other companies, but Byte's Advisors were the most pleasant to deal with, helping me, and available at all points of the process. Additionally, the process has been very fast, from getting the impression kit to having my conversations with my Advisor, returning the impression kits, and creating my treatment plan. I am stoked to start my treatment with such an advanced company that has such incredible customer service!'


We hope these Byte Aligners reviews have helped you get a better idea of what it's like to wear plastic aligners.

Is Byte legit?

Is Byte legit?

A byte is an effective and affordable way to straighten teeth at home. The at-home impression kit is a convenient way to get started without much risk. Plus, Byte's clear aligners are discreet, so you don't have to be self-conscious about your retainer during the treatment.

Final takeaway! Does Byte really work?

Final takeaway! Does Byte really work?

We can't say about other's experiences, but Byte worked well for us! The process of our friend was easy and affordable. We found his teeth perfectly straight when we saw him smiling at the end of this treatment.

Though it’s not for everyone! If you have severe issues, Byte won't work for you. Many people prefer orthodontists to supervise every aspect of their treatment rather than handling all the responsibilities themselves.

If you are concerned about getting results as quickly and conveniently as possible then Byte is an excellent option! It could transform your smile in just over three months, and there's no reason you can't do the same.

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