An Unbiased Aosom Review – Is It Trustworthy?

Are you looking for a trustable and affordable leading online shopping experience for your space improvement? Go through our Aosom review to know if it is worth your every penny or not? 

Publish Date: 2020-12-09

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Unbiased Aosom Review-Is It Trustworthy?

People spend hundreds of thousands of their dollars on their home and office improvement and décor. They don't know that the products they are buying are reliable and will not waste their money. We decided to do an Aosom review to let people know that they can do their home improvement, furnishing, and décor without breaking their bank.

About Aosom

About Aosom

Want to know where is Aosom located? And how can you have their products? Let us guide you! Aosom Canada was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Scarborough of Toronto and equipped with a 117,000 square foot warehouse in Scarborough making. It serves customers in 10 provinces across Canada providing high quality products at excellent prices. You can find its products featured on Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, Groupon, Newegg, and WagJag.

An Overview of the Brand

Aosom (pronounced as 'awesome') is a Canada-based online workplace or home improvement and décor shopping globally. It offers a wide range of quality, cost-effective products from categories such as Biking, Fitness, Home Goods, Massage Equipment, Backyard Products, Pet Products, and more!

Aosom looks forward to serving its customer, so take a look around its site and find the product that you want. You can put your trust in Aosom!

They got to know that people worldwide have to pay a high cost for their home improvement and décor stuff through various channels. So they get a unique idea, and through our Aosom review, we are going to highlight why the Aosom is different from other online platforms.

  • Aosom, A certified BBB accredited business

Do you know BBB (Better Business Bureau) determines the businesses that meet BBB accreditation standards? These standards include a commitment to make a reasonable faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Since 31/03/2016, Aosom Canada Inc. meets BBB accreditation standards for accreditation review/monitoring and BBB services support to the public.

  • Special offers for wholesale customers

If you are a wholesale customer, you can have a lot of benefits from Aosom's special deals. Because with every order amount of over $8,000, you can be Aosom's premium member. A premium member has flexible shipping charges and faster deliveries. What's more? You can access their special offers earlier as they display their stock in your shopping cart for you!

Aosom's Products that we like most!

Recently we decided to initiate our online business as an in-store business. The first and foremost thing for us was to have reliable furniture. And we opt for Aosom!

Why we chose Aosom's products? Because Aosom has products that completely change our lifestyle! It caters to every individual's condition with their selection of health and beauty items, plus they have patio furniture and outdoor shades.

Moreover, it has a separate section for pet supplies and sports items. To upgrade your home, they have also introduced a massive collection of home goods from where you can purchase different bedroom, kitchen, and home décor merchandise. Here we have summed up our top products of Aosom review for your ease!

1. Aosom home decor goods

Aosom home decor

If you want your house to be home efficiently, Aosom will let you do that without costing you much. The brand emphasizes low price and high quality for home improvement and décor. It has international standard incredible products that they deliver at your doorstep along with technical support as well. 

Swivel recliner chairs

Office workers spend almost 6 hours of the day while sitting on a single chair. By failing to sit in the right posture, you add tension to the back muscles and ligaments. The incorrect posture can then cause severe back pains. Luckily, comfortable chairs offer the needed back support, and you will no longer have to worry about your back's position. To provide our office employees comfortable sitting, we opt for Aosom's Swivel Recliner Chairs.

Useful attributes  

1. Ergonomically-designed contemporary recliner

2. Ottoman set with PVC leather wrapped bases

3. 2.4' thick high-density 24D foam armrests headrest 

4. Interior padding for superior comfort

5. Lockable position adjustment knob for multiple personalized reclining positions

6. Durable PVC leather upholstery for simple maintenance

7. 360 degrees swivel sturdy metal frame for stability.

Wooden Bookshelf

As more and more people will begin to work in our office, it will become painfully apparent that a clutter-free workspace can promote a clutter-free mind. Yet, it's challenging to keep organized and avoid all your stuff from taking over in a tiny office, dorm, or bedroom.

To be a functional space, your desk and office need to hold many things, including your computer, notebooks, writing utensils, files, and all your other desktop essentials. Desk shelves are an excellent addition to office spaces. For a stress-free mind, we opt for Wooden Bookcase S Shape Storage Display Unit.

Useful attributes  

1. Display space or room divider with an open-back design.

2. It features a contemporary design that fits in well with any indoor home or office décor. 

3. Powder-coated steel construction is lightweight yet durable.

4. This s-shaped 6 shelf bookcase offers multiple shelves for convenient displaying

5. Water-resistant moisture proof 

6. Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and low maintenance.

2. Aosom outdoor decking

Aosom outdoor decking

Unlike typical indoor furniture, which has a shelf life that may vary by how hard you use it, outdoor furniture can live for a very long time. Outdoor furniture is a growing, exciting market! With our Aosom outdoor products review, we confidently say that Aosom maintains all your dignity when substituting traditional furnishings with more affordable alternatives.

Flower plant display ladder shelf rack

Outdoor look impresses clients more than anything in the building. For our outdoor office look, also get some Gardner accessories. One of them is 3 Tier Flower Plant Display Ladder Shelf Rack.

This flower display rack is of a durable metal frame that will never be effective by sunlight. Its stunning black look attracts every sight and adds elegance to an existing outdoor look.

Useful attributes  

1. Anti-peeling and corrosion free 

2. Ideal for holding and displaying potted plants.

3. This stand is designed to fit in any corner of your Space.

4. Hassle-free assembly. 

5. Low maintenance and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

3. Aosom's energetic sport supplies

Aosom keeps several sports accessories and equipment at its outlet. You can also order and pick a lot of great sports gear from them. 

Folding walking backward treadmill

One of our office employees ordered a Magnetic Bike cycle, and as per his experience, we must say their sports gears are just incredible and have high quality. Out of Aosom sports gears, Soozier Walking Backwards Treadmill with LCD Display is just an unbelievable collection of them. It has 3 Reclining Angle, Non-Electric Cardio, and Training Machine Indoors.

Useful attributes  

1. Power walk light jog 

2. The treadmill comes with three reclining angles of 7°, 8°, and 10°. 

3. Adjusting the height of the treadmill 

4. Armrest to suit personal walking habits.

5. LED monitor to display training data

6. Compact foldable walking machine

7. Non-Slip and Non-Electric.

Bike cargo trailer

Do you have a kid? Want to enjoy your morning walk with them? Our review of the Aosom bike cargo trailer will help you find the best support for your morning walks. You can carry your kids with you as well. Aosom Baby Bike Trailer Baby is easy to slide at every surface either you visit the park or smooth road or rough surface. This is just perfect for you!

Useful attributes  

1. Suitable for 1 or 2 babies to sit securely.

2. Protect your babies against harmful elements

3. Features handlebar with brake ultra-smooth-rolling rear wheels 

4. Safety harness belt 

5. The front wheel can be easily removed while in use as a bike trailer bike hitch 

4. Aosom top picks for pets 

4 wheel pet stroller

If you love to carry your pets with you, Aosom has an impressive collection for you. With our Aosom bike trailer review, we found Aosom's 4 Wheel Pet Stroller Folding is just perfect and comfortable for every travel. It has a convenient front and rear entry lightweight folding design.

Useful attributes  

1. Three breathable nets for safe ventilation 

2. Protection against insects and rain.

3. Bottom storage basket for your shopping cup holders 

4. Tray for water and treats.

5. Two front wheels and two rear directional wheels with brakes for easy maneuvering.

5. Retrofit your home with Aosom

Aosom home improvement

Aosom sources the best quality modern furniture from the top manufacturers of Canada. You can shop for their home furnishing items from anywhere in the world, and they will make it available without any damage. Home furniture reviews Aosom are positive as they also provide a solid warranty. You can browse their website for Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining room and kitchen furniture, Entryway Furniture, Home office furniture, and Closet storage. 

Door hardware

Door Hardware is the most needed equipment for today's trending looks. The painting and walls' colors are sensitive nowadays, and they need to be protected. Do you also willing to protect your walls, opt for door hardware from Aosom. One of our utilized door hardware in our office was an antique Sliding Barn Wood Door Hardware Kit. Our experience with this kit was outstanding. Our walls are safe from doors and their designs.

Useful attributes  

1. High quality carbon steel material 

2. Superior strength 

3. Durability holds up to 44lbs

4. Save Space with a door that slides along the wall and requires no swing room. 

5. It can be used on both wood and cement walls. 

6. Aosom's health and beauty supplies

You know that feeling when you're trying to figure out which eyeliner to buy, but they all look so good? The process of choosing a new beauty product should be exciting, but with so many fantastic items out there, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Here, at Aosom, you can find the best beauty supplies.

Hydraulic rolling salon stool

Out of Innovative, customizable, and tech-forward hair, skin, and makeup products, we suggest you have a try on makeup tools and accessories that revolutionize your routine. We have used an Adjustable Hydraulic Rolling Salon Stool.

Useful attributes  

1. Fully adjustable height with easy-to-control hydraulic lift system

2. Comfortable Saddle seat design with 2' sponge cushion

3. Anti-slip rolling casters quiet and flexibility

4. Suitable for hair salons, beauty parlors, tattoo studios.

Pros and cons of Aosom

Aosom pros and cons

After a detailed review of Aosom,

the following are the pros of Aosom that we determined;

1. Free delivery

2. Low return rate

3. Low website bounce rate

4. High ECPM

5. High conversion rate

6. Product feed availability

7. High commission rate

8. One-by-one account management

9. As an Aosom Rewards member, you earn a point on every purchase you make.

10. Regular promotion information such as discounts, price drops, banners, etc.

11. Other cooperation opportunities offered by Aosom are placements, newsletter campaign, exclusive deals, increased CPA on specific SKU

12. Aosom as a rise in influencer your followers quickly and promote your products if you have a brand or have a marketplace.

Cons of Aosom are as follows;

1. Sometimes it lacks in shipping on time

2. Sometimes Aosom sends incomplete parts of a product.

Why is Aosom best for all?

You might have read a few of the Aosom review, including any Aosom review in the past, and if not, you can get a glimpse of a most unbiased review of Aosom here. 

Aosom is considered as the comprehensive collection of products of this era. It provides such outstanding and high quality item out in the market in the shape of the Aosom. Here are the reasons why Aosom stands out!

1. Aosom's quality and quantity!

Do you know Aosom quantity is increasing at a 100% rate per year? At the same time, its sales are growing at a 200% rate per year! We also get its high-quality products, various promotion activities, efficient logistics & distribution service, and timely after-sales service. We could say that Aosom is gaining a good reputation among customers worldwide.

2. Aosom's products are exclusive!

We believe everyday Aosom in Canada works hardest to live up to its name! Because they are always bringing out new products at the very best prices to help make life better. From Homcom to Outsunny, Pawhut, and Soozier, its brands span a wide variety of categories so that you'll always find exactly what you're looking for at a price that won't break your budget. 

3. Aosom's warehouse expands variety!

The brand is continuously expanding its product selection to serve your needs better. In Canada, Aosom has a 120,000 square foot warehouse with a new showroom attached. It allows them to ship you the best products quickly and accurately. 

They look forward to serving their valuable customers, so take a look at their website reviews of and find the products you want.

Aosom Coupons

Products of Aosom are affordable for everyone! They offer a variety of discounts and deals for you so that you can easily purchase their products. If you want to receive Aosom coupon updates from Aosom, subscribe to the newsletter and email list to receive exclusive offers, discounts, new product launches, and more! You can also purchase their products and pay them later.

Remember that their deals have a set period of validity, and only one code is eligible per order.

Why Customers love Aosom? Have a look!

Many Aosom reviews are available on multiple sites. We are impressed by their customer services when we contacted them for our office furniture and guidance they provide us with the complete guide. Aosom has gained customers' trust, including us, by providing high quality of reliable products. We have full faith and trust in them. We must say they are a valuable partner for our office furniture!

Aosom reviews

~ Jennifer Jackson Townson, one of the reviewers of Aosom said,

'Amazing! I just recently discovered this site. Great prices and shipping was crazy fast (the next day it arrived in my case) - a nice alternative to Amazon, although product selection isn't as huge - it is a great spot to search for what you're looking for at the right price!'

While doing our Unbiased Aosom Reviews, we conclude two words for Aosom. Competency and Experience! The single most significant benefit of having Aosom as our furniture supplier has been to focus all our furniture purposes on our business and not spend any time worrying about our office look. 

~ MJ Del Greco, one of the reviewers of Aosom, said,

'New favorite Supplier for everything
I just placed my fourth order with Aosom, can't believe how quickly each order was delivered. Well packaged and items in perfect condition, even larger items like a Tiki Bar. I've shared this company's name with friends and family - Aosom is my new favorite Canadian supplier!!'

Our suggestion to someone considering Aosom as their shopping platform is that first, there's no question about their competency and experience, and their people are top-notch. The question then becomes a business decision. For our company, we did the math. The cost of its products wasn't much more than the average budget. 

Our final verdict

All in all, Aosom worth your every penny! Based on our online research for unbiased Aosom reviews and after reading customer reviews, we will give Aosom four stars out of five.  

So when you plan to make any home improvement or want unique, modern, and reliable furniture next time, give Aosom a try because it is worthy.

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