Baloo Living Reviews: The Best Weighted Blanket Of 2022

Getting that cozy feeling in your blanket is all that you are yearning at the end of the day. However, to make it extra relaxing, you must try Baloo Living Blankets. Know more about it by reading this Baloo Living Review.

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Baloo Living Reviews

Baloo Living Reviews are the best way to know all about your favorite brand! Baloo weighted blanket is considered to be the simplest solution to get your most comfortable sleep. The hustle and bustle are going in our life, and we always have the presumption to give our best at every hour of the day. We must conceive the utmost way to provide ourselves with a comfy and relaxed time. Moreover, in the current pandemic where we are bound at our homes and have to get used to our new normal, we must take all possible measures to bring happiness and comfort to our lives.

But if you genuinely want something that can make a real difference, make sure to go through the whole baloo blanket review to maximize your options and knowledge about the proper Baloo Living Reviews. We have conducted an in-depth audit of Baloo Living just to acquaint you with the best Weighted Blanket in the town!

All the products of Baloo Living are exemplary in terms of both quality and price, and you must try availing the discount offer from Baloo Living Coupons. You can also peak into the world of your dreams just by going through their specifications.

Specifications of Queen/Full-Fit - Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket

queen size weighted blanket

These blankets are not just made for the purpose of giving your warmth in cold weather. It is much more than anything you can imagine. According to our Baloo Living Reviews, this Weighted Blanket can bring a wave of serenity in your sleep and scrutinize the specifications more; you can go through the following details.

  • Fabric

Queen/Full-Fit Weighted Blanket has breathable cotton, which is suitable for all seasons. It is a comprehensive solution for you, your family, to feel the warmth in winters and security in the winters and any other weather.

  • Material

It will never lot or budge because it has double-quilted stitching that will keep the Weighted Blanket secure in a place. You will experience a soft and smooth textured blanket on yourself, and it will make your leisure time worth spending on it.

  • Size

These blankets fulfill everyone's wishes with full length, and you can jump into your bed to elevate stress and win your comfortable sleep by coving yourself in it. You and your whole family can cherish your precious time and make memories in this queen size weighted blanket.

It measures 60x80 inches, which makes it a perfect choice for a full house family. It is equal to the top of the queen-size bed, and you can easily use it for your day nap or night sleep.

  • Compatibility

Baloo weighted blanket reviews are not entitled to any additional praise. They manage to give consumers the best experience with their ability to provide them deeper sleep and a calmer mind. It emits a deep pressure touch from the breathable blanket that soothes the nervous system of the user. Additionally, it reduces the drastically reduces the anxiety level and alleviates stress for a calmer time. It also increases serotonin production, and when its serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, the body automatically converts in a quiet mode. 

  • Easy Care

Baloo blankets are easy to wash, and you can put them in your washing machine and give it a gentle spin in cold water. This placid cycle will refresh your blanket, and after which, you can dry it on a low heat setting to get a surprisingly fast outcome. Lastly, finalize your quilt to use again at any time of the year.

Baloo Living Cutting-edge Spin-Off!

best baloo living blancket

In this Baloo weighted blanket reviews, we can proudly say that it formed on the values of providing comfort and healing to their customers. And to offer you a complete overview of Baloo Living, we are here with its objective that will help you understand the core objective of the organization.

They have developed their baloo weighted blanket to spread the easiness and freshness among the people. Baloo always stands for a healthy, sustainable, conscious living and made of lead-free glass microbeads and soft premium cotton to bring the smoothness and comfort for you!

Queen/Full-Fit Weighted Blanket is not only one product that can fulfill your desires, but all their products have the perfect representation of support that can give you a hand in self-care and relation. So, let's check out these fantastic top-notch products. 

Remarkable Baloo Living Product Line

The driving force that seems like the best part of the day is sleeping. However, it is the only time to recharge ourselves and prepare ourselves to move mountains. Similarly, Baloo weighted blanket has not stopped here. They brought the best of the best items at your disposal so that you can enrich yourselves with the most premium quality items at the most affordable prices.

 1.    Throw Size/Twin - Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket

throw size weighted blanket

It is a smaller size, measured 42 x 72 inches, making it an ideal choice for kids and older people to use. It is light weighted, just weights 12 lbs, and can be managed easily. It fits right on the twin bed and gives a great time spending alone or watching movies. Give you warmth in the cold weather, give you a firm hug, let you feel covered can be used year-round in all climates. 

 2.    King Fit - Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket - 25lbs

king size weighted blanket

Looking for a blanket that fits right to your king-sized bed? This one is measured 80x87 inches and will go with a king and California king size bed. It is the handiest blankets of all times with its 25lbs weight; you cannot just sleep also but adequately manage it with ease. With its premium breathable cotton, you can enjoy your time with your loved ones to the fullest.

 3.    Linen Duvet - Throw size/Twin Weighted Blanket Fit

throw size twin weighted blanket

These are Baloo's linen duvet covers, which contain an ability to protect and secure your weighted blanket. Moreover, we can provide a guarantee in our Baloo Living Reviews that linen duvet covers will guard your blankets and let it be breathable for year-round use. These luxurious duvets fit right to your Throw size/Twin 12 LBS weighted blanket and will last for many years with growing softer and comfy by the time.

It is 100% stone washed French linen is machine washable fabric and ties to a hook sewn inside each corner of your blanket. It has two long sides with a total of 6 hooks. It comes in different colors, such as Blush Pink, Oatmeal, Navy, Dove Grey, White, and Charcoal.

 4.    Linen Duvet Cover - Full/Queen Weighted Blanket Fit

linen duvet cover queen size

As we mentioned earlier, Baloo Living Reviews will not leave a bit out and provide you with complete information about their product and what makes them stand out. So if you are looking for the above mentioned luxurious duvet cover for your Queen Weighted Blanket, then this one is a perfect choice for you. It is measured 16x80 inches and will fit right to Baloo's 15 lb & 20 lb weighted blankets.  It is entirely machine washable and comes in colors, which include Blush Pink, Oatmeal, Navy, Dove Grey, White, and Charcoal.

 5.    Linen Duvet Cover - King Weighted Blanket Fit

linen duvet cover king size

No matter which size you want for your covers, Baloo Living has got it covered! This is a perfect fit available at your disposal if you own a king-size bed or use a king-size weighted blanket. It is measured to be 80 x 87 inches and fit right on Baloo 25 lb King size blanket.  It has a total of three fashionable colors that are universally loved by everyone. You will see White, Oatmeal, and Dove Grey colored covers. Additionally, it consists of hooks that are sewn inside each corner, and a total of eight hooks each side to give you a guaranteed experience.

 6.    Standard French Linen Pillowcase Set - Mix or Match

french linen pillowcase set

Baloo has more to offer than just premium blankets and quality covers. You cannot miss their Standard Pillowcase Set because it will make you yearn for it for a long time. It has exceptional longevity with its perfect durable stonewashed French flax linen. It is defined as a modern-day heirloom that is crafted to make you feel comfortable and have a fantastic sleep. It will complement your Baloo weighted blanket and is measured 20 x 30 inches, that is why it a perfect fit for standard and queen size pillowcases. They come in White, Oatmeal, Dove Grey, Charcoal, Navy, and Blush Pink colors.

 7.    King French Linen Pillowcase Set

king french linen pillowcase set

Baloo cares about your comfort and is eager to give you whatever will work best. This King Pillowcase Set complements correctly with your King size Baloo weighted blanket and duvet. It is measured to be 20 x 40 inches and has a smooth envelope closing. It is made with 100% French linen, and you can choose it from 3 colors that are White, Dove Grey, and Oatmeal. You can also put in your creativity and select mix and match covers to give your room a stylish look. These covers are specially crafted to last for decades, so you can easily rely on these well-trusted products of Baloo living.

 8.    Sleep Stone Mask

sleep stone mask

As mentioned in Baloo weighted blankets reviews that they care about your luxury, comfort, and wellbeing; therefore, Baloo did not stop at blankets and pillows. They offer sleep stones and the softest and comfortable masks of all time. You can choose stones as per your desire and these stones include.

  • Amethyst, which is for calming, grounding, self-love, and healing. 
  • Purple Fluorite, which works best for intuition, clarity, immunity, and healing.
  • Blue Lace Agate is perfect for safety, security, balance, and grounding.

These stones can be out into the Baloo sleep stone mask that is super light, sound muffing, light blocking, and comforting. That mask contains a hidden pocket in which you can slide the stone and enjoy the most relaxing sleep every single night.

Baloo Living Strengths

baloo living strengths

This Baloo weighted blankets review will now clarify the brand's overall strengths and qualities so that you can connect your requirements to its high quality offers.

These weighted blanket molds to your body like a gentle hug, and its pressure relaxes our nervous system and encourages serotonin production. This also helps us to refresh ourselves and rapidly lifts your mood. Plus, when serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, our body instantly takes the cue to rest. All of this amazing process lets us experience an excellent sleep with a calmer mind and a deeper sleep for a healthier life.

  • Eco-friendly

The one thing that lets Baloo Living stands out from the other blanket providers is that all their products are Eco-Friendly. They are made with lead-free glass microbeads and are free from any harmful chemicals that make it perfectly healthy for the consumers to use.

Baloo Living acknowledges the importance of healthy environments and believes that it starts from our homes. They are now in the process of phasing out all plastic in packaging to be replaced with reusable dust bags to better our communities, and their products are certified vegan by the Vegan Awareness Foundation.

  • Healing Abilities

These fantastic developments of Baloo blankets have changed the way of visualizing comfort. It caters to more than just the need for sleep, and in this Baloo Living Reviews, we can proudly clarify that it provides deep pressure stimulation to the body that feels like a warm hug. Your nervous system will be soothed, and it will alleviate stress and anxiety and increases serotonin production, which is known as happy hormones.

  • Premium Quality Materials

With its premium quality soft cotton fabric that is exceptionally cool and breathable, Baloo users have the best sleep. They claim that their product is immaculate and safe. If you are facing any sleeping disorder or going through a phase of significant insomnia, then these products are the solution to all your problems.

The Bottom Line

baloo living brand

Not all baloo living weighted blanket reviews can convey the depth of details like we did. In this Baloo weighted blanket reviews, you have seen all the products their original specifications and a concise manner of understanding that is only provided to you so that you can understand and relate to the brand properly.

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