11 Top-Rated Cast Iron Skillets For Every Kitchen- Endorsed By Reviews

A cast iron skillet is the staple in your kitchen. But getting the one with high quality and functionality is not only difficult but costly as well. Please read our review for the best cast iron skillets and make your decision.

Publish Date: 2020-09-11

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best cast iron skillets

All the cooking enthusiasts know the worth of a cast iron cookware. And when it comes to best cast iron skillets, it is believed that these pans are essential for any kitchen. The pan is famous among chefs and housewives equally. It is because these pans have transitional skills of no match to any cookware.

One can work on all cooking mediums with these pans. Chefs use these pans on gas stoves, grills, ovens, and outdoors as well. 

According to customer reviews for cast iron pans, a unique thing about them is versatility. The cast iron skillets can be used anywhere with ease. It is easy to use when you want to cook pasta kinds, fair enough to sear steaks, fish, or prawns, and perfect for making skillet brownies.

So today, we are bringing the cast iron skillets review for you. Read till the end to know about the best cast iron skillets in the market, their specs, etc.

1. The Field Company cast iron skillet

the field company cast iron skillet

If you are a breakfast fanatic and want your every morning to start with half-fried eggs, muffins, and bacon, the Field Company’s cast iron skillet is here to ease you.

The key features for Cast Iron Skillet Field Company are as follow:

Durable enough to handle the high flames and light enough to handle; these skillets are love. 

The brand lets you use Field Company discount code so that you can shop at reduced prices. 

Even if you’re in the outdoors, they are your helping hand.

The skillet is on its own lightweight, reliable, and sturdy as well. 


The skillet has fantastic quality and elite looks.

Although it is expensive, you can get excellent value for the money if you handle it with care.

This is among the best cast iron skillets that are efficient enough to handle the campfire, making it a requisite tool while camping. 

The Field skillet can be durable as it gets better with time and usage.

The Field Company provides the maintenance and cleaning kit on the website so that you can clean and maintain it easily.


The major drawback to these pans is their prices. As compare to their competitors, their prices are on the higher side.

The pan does not have pouring spouts

2. Le Creuset Signature skillet

Le Creuset Signature Skillet

If the words elite, premium, and polished have some definition, Le Creuset Signature skillet will be a perfect example. This pan is handy because of a helper handle. And the best thing is, it is associated with the well-established and feted Le Creuset brand that let it be in the league of best cast iron skillets.

Let’s talk about the key features of the skillet:

The skillet comes with a double coat. Each piece goes through the process of cleaning and smoothing twice before the skillet is enameled.

The Le Creuset Signature Skillet is famous for handling variant temperatures that might be compromised in some lesser pans.

The pan comes with an enameled finish, so it requires no seasoning.

The exciting thing is that it has a colored body so that you can add bright hues in your utensil collection through this skillet


It is worth to outlay on this skillet as it is considered the best cast iron cookware that will be in your use for long

It is easy to clean because of its enameling.

It has pouring spouts that make it efficient for liquid handling.


Repeatedly heating the pan can damage the artisan enameling. So you have to be careful while heating the pan.

It is the most expensive skillet you will find in this cast iron skillets review. The initial outlay on this skillet might make you recoil.

3. Lodge 10.25 inch cast iron skillet

Lodge 10.25 inch cast iron skillet

If you search cast iron pans Amazon, the top rating will be Lodge 10.25 inch cast iron skillet. The company came into being in 1896, and since then, they continue to provide high quality best cast iron skillets and their accessories in the USA.

The key features are as follow:

Their 10.25-inch cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned, so you can use it for cooking right away.

The pan has a short handle and comes with a red silicon handle protector.

The pan has two pouring spouts and a small front handle as well that increase its functionality.


You will experience even heat induction in this pan that enables it to cook larger food batches without any center overheating.

The short handle makes moving it easy on and off the burner.

The pan is relatively lightweight, around 4.29 pounds.

It is the cheapest option in this detailed review of cast iron skillets. 


The only con to this skillet is its cleaning. The coat can get strip easily.

Staub Cast Iron 10-inch Frying Pan

4. Staub 10’’ cast iron skillet

Staub 10’’ cast iron skillet

Staub is a France based company that provides the best quality cast iron cookware along with Le Creuset. Over the years, the brand name has become a synonym of high quality and pleasing aesthetics. And that is why it's here in our cast iron skillets review. Their 10-inch fry pan has the following key features.

The skillet comes with a matte enamel coating that will give a feel of high quality every time you use it.

They come in a range of more somber and bright colors.

The design of these skillets is heritage style, and it works perfectly as a cast iron frying pan.

It has a double pouring spout, and you'll appreciate it every time you use this skillet.


The skillet is love at first sight material. Mean the look and feel of Staub skillets are worth displaying in a pretty fancy restaurant.

The smoothest enamel coating makes it ready to use, and no seasoning is required.

The lower price range of their skillets hold them in the queue of best cast iron skillets.

It is safe to clean it in the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to hand wash it.


The skillet is smaller in sizes and not ideal for a bigger family, large meals, etc.

The enamel coat can, however, get damages if not taken care of properly.

5. Utopia kitchen 12.5' cast iron skillet

Utopia kitchen 12.5-inch cast iron skillet

You can count it in the best cast iron skillets because of its affordability and functionality. According to customer reviews for cast iron pans, Utopia kitchen's cast iron pans are hard to compete when it comes to purpose and price.

The key features are as follow:

It comes with a proper assistant handle that made it handy.

The pan has two pouring spouts that let you handle the liquid and semi-liquid recipes easily.

The pan has a 12.5-inch diameter that can handle small to large meals recipes.  


It's a solid choice and highly recommended for newbies who don't want a more stylish or smoother pan in the finish.

It is extremely budget and pocket friendly.

The pouring spouts and helping handles let you handle the cooking smoothly


It is not pre-seasoned, nor does it have an enamel coating. So the end-user need to season it before using it.

Also, be ready for some arm-strengthen exercises as this pan weighs a hefty 8 pounds.

6. Tramontina cast iron covered skillet

tramontina cast iron covered skillet

The beautiful colored, lid covered skillet is something you were craving for. May the brand is not that famous, but customers love the skillet. It is relatively more profound than its competitor skillets. And if we say that it stands tall and high among the best cast iron skillets, then it will not be definitely an exaggeration. 

The key features of this skillet are:

The skillet comes with an enameled surface and solid cast-iron construction with a porcelain exterior finish.

Their surfaces of Porcelain and enamel are PFOA- and PTFE-free that made it extremely eco-friendly.

The pan has a sturdy handle along with a helper handle to make it convenient in handling.

It is really safe to cook with it because it is exceptionally oven-safe. One can use it in up to 232 centigrade temperatures.


First of all, the pan is extremely handy due to its best-designed handle.

They provide a lifetime warranty. You can buy it from Target.com. Just search cast iron pans Target, and you will find it there.

Tramontina gourmet cast iron skillet lets the heat efficiently distributes all over the surface, so your ingredients are friend, seared, toasted, or roasted evenly.

It is ideal for the slow cooking method due to lid and heavy-gauge cast-iron.

The gradated and vibrant porcelain-enamel coating makes it look elegant and stylish. The pan is long-lasting and easy to clean.

It has two side pouring spouts that help you control the smooth food transfer.

Its sturdy and integral handle and assist handle provides you a secure lifting and handling.


It is not durable at all as it should be.

The pan is not suitable to put in the dishwasher.

7. Bruntmor ultimate pre-seasoned 13' frying skillet with lid

bruntmor ultimate pre-seasoned 13

A rough and tough and heavy-duty. This skillet is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of best cast iron skillets on this list. So without further ado, jump on to its key features. 

The pan has a lot of amazing qualities that bring it here in our cast iron skillets review.

The skillet is extremely sturdy, specially made to withstand rough use or abuse.


It can endure high temperatures like no other pan can.

Cleaning it is a fresh air of breeze because there are no restrictions or special care needed.

Its enameled surface is so efficient that we can call it 100% nonstick.

You can easily get it from Walmart from the cast iron pans Walmart section.


It is heavy, so handling is not so easy.

It's a deep pan, so shallow frying can be a problem.

8. Butterpat heather cast iron skillet

Butter pat heather cast iron skillet

Butterpat's heather is an American-made cast iron skillet, and honestly speaking, it is truly a collector's items. The pan is hand cast and very durable. Its key features are given below:

It is designed to have a polished and smooth surface. 

The pan has a thin wall and a thick bottom.

The handle is long, curved, and strong.

It is available with a lid or without the lid as well.


It is pre-seasoned, so you do not have to coat it now and then.

The pan is lighter than all the best cast iron skillets that made it stand out from its competitors.

The pan comes with a 100-year warranty. That is pretty amazing.

It's lightweight and easy to maneuver.


It's also among the most expensive pan we can get in cast iron cookware reviews.

Its handle can become hot immediately, so don't forget to use oven mitts while handling.

9. Finex 10' cast iron skillet with a lid 

Finex 10

It is handcrafted in the USA and can easily be called a modern heirloom because of its amazing features. It is among the best cast iron skillets which are already finished with an incredibly smooth and ultra-polished surface. It has the best customer reviews for cast iron pans that made it popular among people. 

It has the following key features:

The pan comes with a unique, elegant octagonal design.

It comes with a matching lid of cast iron with integrated rings (self-basting) for better flavor.

The pan is pre-seasoned, and its smooth surface is due to the seasoning of organic flaxseed oil.


It's incredibly smooth surface allows you to create an extremely slick and nonstick seasoning in no time.

It has an elegant octagonal design that lets you pour the liquid out from any angle you want.

A versatile pan that lets you do whatever you want while cooking. Searing, roasting, pan-frying, and more methods are easily adaptable. 

It is ideal for open flame and grill cooking.

The handle is extremely ergonomic with speed cool technology. Very comfortable to hold. There is a stainless steel spring coiled around it to keep it cool longer.

The functionality of this pan has no match. It has a thick wall and base to provide even and constant heating.


Although it is of high quality, but among the best skillets cast iron, it so much expensive

10. Lodge 10.5' square cast iron grill pan

Lodge 10.5-Inch square cast iron grill pan

It will be unfair if we will not include a grill cast iron skillet in the best cast iron skillets list. Now, if you want a grilling experience right in your kitchen, grab this Lodge 10.5' cast iron pan.

It let you have gorgeous steaks or juicy charred burgers in dinner in no time. It has the following features.

The grill pan is designed with high ridges that let you get the impression of those beautiful grill marks on your food.

The grill skillet is having a heavy-duty design built to last.

It is square-ish in shape so that you can nicely accommodate two steaks of decent size at a time.

The pan has high sides and comes with a large handle.


It can be used it on any cooktop, and there is no exception for induction stoves.

There is no oil splash and splatters because of its high sides. 

A perfect substitute for a charcoal grill, and it really performs an impressive job.


It is not friendly to acidic foods like vinegar, tomatoes, etc.

Cleaning it can be a problem if you are not aware of it.

11. Staub 13' double handle cast iron fry pan 


In this list of best pans cast iron, this is probably the most different one. It is a flat base and double assist handle. Further details are as follow:

It has an enameled matte black interior that let its surface to be slick.

It has double loop handles that are a unique feature.

The sides of the pan are curved and low.

The made is extremely hard and durable enough.


This is among the best cast iron skillets that offer even and steady heat distribution. It will stop the fluctuation in temperature.

This cast iron cookware is the number one priority of world's best chefs.

This skillet from Staub is perfect if you are fond of browning your foods beautifully. You can get a perfect color on chicken breasts, bacon, or even grilled cheese sandwiches.


The major drawback to this pan is the lack of a long handle. You cannot hold the pan with one hand grip only.

Its surface coating is not that perfect. You can easily strip it off while cleaning it.

Our final verdict

So here is the detailed review of cast iron skillets. All of these cast iron skillets are practically indestructible. The only drawback to all of them is the cleaning and maintaining. But that also not an issue because a lot of variety here is dishwasher friendly. 

We will recommend you to research before you buy these cast iron skillets. All of the above are made in different dimensions. But they are all for sure made to last a life long. 

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