BuddyBoss Review: A Great Platform For Community Building

Create your online community and website with the BuddyBoss platform and customize your site according to your needs. It’s simple, flexible, and quite easy to access. So, learn more about it from this BuddyBoss review.

Publish Date: 2020-06-29

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buddyboss review

Every day a newcomer enters the business market with a dream to have its small business set up—these entrepreneurs with business ideas are ready to deliver their services. But, continually starting a new business, making acquisitions is not as accessible as it seems.

With several platforms and tools available on the internet, it is now possible that entrepreneurs can also build a successful online business offering their services without limitations. Platforms like SaaS was one of the standard platform used by most of the small business owner to build their online community. But, this platform also had many limitations. You weren't able to control how the website will function because SaaS platform immigration was quite expensive, so you had to compromise on your workings and services. 

Now creating and managing the online community become super easy, thanks to buddyboss. It gives you the features to modify the website with relevant plugins. Furthermore, it also adjusted accordingly, to help in the growth of the community. 

Let's get further ahead and discuss the budyboss platform review to help you with a better understanding of the buddyboss platform. 

What is Buddyboss?

Buddyboss is a free plugin that provides you a platform where you can create an online community with WordPress. It gives you opportunities to extend the features of the existing free and premium plugins or build your own if you think it's essential for your project. Due to such flexibility, you can have complete control over your website.

Buddyboss is also open-source, which means that you control and make changes to it. 

Moreover, you can even break from us and host your website anywhere. As being in connection with WordPress provides you with multiple options. You can also grow with the software to improve yourself and implement new tactics to stay updated with the latest trends and upcoming technologies. 

If you haven't tried Buddyboss, we recommend you to try. As thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses use buddyboss to deliver exceptional services to their loyal customers with a wide range of plugins and features. You can buy different plugins at your pocket price with a buddyboss coupon code

Features of BuddyBoss

Explore some of the mind-blowing buddyboss features that you weren't aware of this. This buddyboss review 2020 will provide you better knowing that you need to grasp from the review of buddyboss. Let's not further waste time more and learn from this review. 

 1. Monetization

Monetization is one of the smartest ways to generate revenue, sell your access, and create wealth. With this feature, you can charge a one-time fee to your members to join your community and generate ongoing revenue with a monthly subscription. Also, with this, you can generate income on a regular base. It also lets you with seamless integrations along with selling access to your community like Woo Commerce. So, get access to membership and unlock content on each level. You can visit the buddyboss official site and read furthermore about the buddyboss platform review 

2. Mobile App

Another incredible feature provided by BuddyBoss is the facilities for creating a mobile app. With this, you can easily create a customized mobile app that best fits your wish list and modify it as to your needs. BuddyBoss offers you three types of app that you can choose. These include learner app, SocialApp, and ForumApp. If any of these apps does not fulfill you need than with the AppBoss team, you can quote for building a customized app. All you need is to share your idea and requirements with the AppBoss team, and they will help you out in customizing the app that you are looking for help. 

Furthermore, with AppBoss integration, you can launch and build native iOS and Android apps. You can even submit your app using your google play store or Apple store account. It will help you with real-time syncing with your WordPress. If you're not a developer yet still wish to have a mobile app and the website, then Buddyboss is probably the right choice. Just list down your specifications and customize your app. 

3. Pricing

With Buddyboss packages, you can bring your ideas to come alive. With this, you can effortlessly sell your memberships, courses to all your loyal customers. The buddyboss pricing varies accordingly to its package.

The BuddyBoss offers three packages that are discussed below.

  • One site for $228 with this package, you can quickly launch your website. This license is for one website. Moreover, you even get one-year priority support along with one-year updates. 
  • Five sites for $288, you get the complete solution for your business growth. This license is for five places. With this package, you get one year's priority and updates too. 
  • Ten sites for $348 this package help you license ten sites and are perfect for growing your agency business.

In case if you aren't satisfied with any of the packages and facilities, you can request a refund. Buddyboss understands, therefore, it gives a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. But, you need to ask 14 days following your purchases. Given below are some more of the budyboss platform review to enhance more awareness of the buddyboss platform.

4. Customer Services

BuddyBoss Plugin's team is deliberately working and helps by providing videos and tutorials on how to start buddyboss and step-by-step documentation that has complete instructions to guide you on how you can create and customize your online community site. 

Yet, if you're still facing any issues or have any queries regarding any of its services, you can create a ticket and submit that to the BuddyBoss support team on their official page.  

5. Setup and Customization

Buddyboss allows you complete freedom to access all its features and customize your site according to your requirements. With several buddyboss themes, it's now more relaxing to choose your favorite layout, text navigation, style, color, and more accessible to select from buddyboss social theme options. 

You can even create as many profiles names as you want, name them, and set different rules depending on the profile type. Moreover, with a buddyboss page builder, you can quickly create your site pages and launch your website. If you haven't tried this option, wait no more to get as many profiles as you want, customize your icons, and display your creations as the buddyboss social marketplace have you all covered. 

6. Gamify

Gamify is also has a fascinating feature that enables the people to earn reward points, badges, ranks, certification, and other achievements and actively participate in a discussion regularly. With this option, you can even reward or deduce points and badges on commenting on a post. It encourages the members to return and increase more interactions.  

So, increase traffic and interaction with your members and keep them motivated through your journey on Buddyboss. Furthermore, with ranking options, members can earn or unlock rank after completion of specific steps. Once the position is achieved, they can display it on their profile as an award. Furthermore, along with buddyboss reviews, let us now discuss some of its pros and cons too. 


  • Buddyboss provides you complete flexibility to customize and create an online community where these features are limited on the SaaS platform.
  • If you need to add an extra element to your mobile app and aren't satisfied with the current option, and you can quote it to the AppBoss team for further modifications 
  • Many platforms take time to respond and answer your quires, but the BuddyBoss support team works efficiently and resolves issues in a blink on an eye.
  • Buddyboss is also integrated with learn Dash learning Management System, offering the user to create and manage courses from the WordPress Dashboard.


  • The VIP plan or you can say, package cost more than the essential basic or pro plan.
  • Its ten site annual license comes with only one year support as the basic one. Hence, it should give at least have two years of support for ten sites. 

Wrap up

Thus, if you think you have more important and beneficial things to offer to the world and people around you. Yet, you hesitate, or if you don't have many resources then nothing can be better than the Buddyboss platform. 

You don't even need a developers' degree. Neither, you to concern a developer to build your site. It just requires your creativity and knowledge. Read the instructions mentioned on the site of buddyboss and perform step by step each guideline. We assure you that the site is accessible to access and monitor.  

So, share your knowledge and service to your customers and earn from it sitting anywhere in the world. Hopefully, the budyboss platform review has guided you much will all your questions regarding buddyboss. Hence, stay connected with students with this online community and offer them what you thought of providing them. We recommend you to at least try once. If you're not satisfied, you can request money back as its refund policy offers a 100% risk-free refund.

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