Grayers Review- An Inside Scoop On The Legendary Menswear Label

Now you can satisfy your curiosity about the ever famous Grayers. They are a high-end fashion brand that lets you enjoy awesome outfits. Go through their review and know all the insight of this incredible store.

Publish Date: 2020-07-13

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grayers brand review

Fashion is a statement that you make through your dressing, style, and persona. If you wear an outfit that is fashionable and stylish, you look good with it. As far as men's fashion, it should not be so loud and nor should it be that costly to break your bank. It is considered that men's fashion choices are confined and limited, but this is not the case with Grayers. Here is the Grayers review that you must read and get the brand’s insights

What is Grayers all about?

grayers brand logo

Grayers is a fashion-forward brand that caters to modern men's needs by providing awesome, high quality clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

Have you ever thought about how people in the 50's used to dress? Strictly formal, sober, and graceful. Grayers has just brought back the vibe in a more relaxed way now. And we must say that we were impressed enough to do Grayers review to introduce it. 

How the brand came into the Spotlight?

grayers brand outlet

This Grayers review is an inside scoop of the brand whose name itself is an inspiration. This label has hitched its name from the gray flannel trousers used to be famous during the 1950s in Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard students. Hence the clothing design inspirations are the same as well.

The brand is more than just a pair of Grayers heritage flannel trousers. However, Grayers has stepped in to move away from sharply tailored clothes decorum and adopt a more relaxed approach. The clothing brand has collections that are just as relevant in recent times.

Grayers clothing collection and its design philosophy

Grayers contemporary/retro fashion brand

Grayers make clothes for a man who wants to look good but doesn't want to get burdened by the high-end fashion phenomena. You will be delighted to read this piece of Grayers review as we found it suitable to write a detailed Grayers clothing review that also is a perfect Grayers menswear review. 

The founder of the brand, Peter Georgiou, stated that he wanted a menswear label with rational price tags and accessible designs for men. So he thinks to bring the casual men's clothing label to life along with Grayers coupon so that everyone can enjoy fashionable clothes within their budget range.

When asked, the design director, Kenny Thomas, reveals that they are history buffs but living in modern times. So basically, their design philosophy is a bit blend of contemporary with the fusion of retro vibe.

The best offerings from Grayers

Grayers offerings

Grayers have an awesome comfortable collection of clothing for men. We have checked their collection, and we were surprised to see that the founder has worked with Ralph Lauren for ten years. This compelled us to compose the Grayers review so you can get benefitted.

The brand has every category of men's wardrobe essential. Also, they have collections for women, but their men's collection is more popular than that.

Their collection of inspiration and designs get changed every season. So we will discuss some of their best available offerings here.

Grayers Best Sellers

Here are some of the popular best sellers of Grayers online

3-ply and 4-ply woven face masks

Grayers face masks

In the wake of COVID-19, it is the responsibility of every apparel company to make sure of face masks' availability. And in this Grayers review, we will definitely appreciate Grayers for not hesitating to make this right decision.

They have 3-ply, 4-play woven fashionable face masks, and it is pointing out that they adopt possibilities quickly and facilitate their customers.

Their masks, although they are not medicated, they do protect you from direct infectious contact. So it a win-win as their masks are in their best seller category.

Featherweight poplin shirts

featherweight poplin shirts

If you are fond of casual shirts, you will love their featherweight poplin casual shirts. These casual shirts have elevated the casual clothing game to a new level. Grayers use extra-fine yarn, to weave a featherweight cloth and transform it into the ultra-lightweight, breathable, super soft shirts. These collections of shirts are called Portofino. These shirts have fabulously vibrant and saturated colors with beautiful summer tones.

Double cloth knit shirt

Grayers double cloth knit shirts

Perfect for winters, they have a knit shirt in the bestseller list as it is a simple winter staple. The durable and warm knit shirt is made with high quality heather yarn. The knit shirt is actually two clothed with a simple stretchable cotton jersey shirt inside and a warm thermal layer outside. This is probably the innovative piece of clothing best for winters to wear.

Stretch Dobby Shorts

dobby shorts

We will also talk about some of their summer offering that is stretch dobby shorts. The fabric of this article is fine textured and super-compact. It is ideal for wearing during hot summer days. You will fall in love with this awesome dense, light, stretchable and crispy, shorts. According to Grayers, the shorts fabric is treated through the 60-minute rubber ball wash, so the fabric becomes soft yet durable.

Grayers latest summer collection

Grayers summer collection

As soon as their summer collection arrives, Grayers clothing review on Reddit flooded with infinite praises. Grayers summer collection is all about feeling light, laid back, and relaxed. So they incorporate the most luminous fabric material in their collection. They have a wide variety of article designs from full sleeves Portofino to floral printed lawn shirts and from rubber washed soft shorts to linen polo. So in this Grayers review, we will outline some of the pieces of their collection that are appropriate for summers as well as casual autumn days. Their unique and most in-demand summer articles are

Washed Linen Blazer

Grayers washed linen blazers

Best to pair with printed or floral shirts, their washed linen blazer is lightweight and with breathable fabric. The blazer is the best choice for a great summer holiday, Easter, or graduation.

Cotton khaki blazer

Grayers cotton khaki blazer

Their cotton khaki mid-weight Grayers blazer is a comfy designed unconstructed and unlined. The fabric is tightly woven nylon and cotton blend twill. If you want to get a more casual look, the blazer is the best choice.

Printed Chambray Shirt

printed chambray shirts

They have one of the best designed and printed chambray shirts that will take your look forward from great to awesome. The shirts are in-middle, a classic work shirt, and a must-have basic shirt.

Comfortable polo shirts

Grayers comfortable polo shirts

They have a luxurious collection of high quality polo. We are impressed, to be honest. Their polo shirt collection Acme High Twist is an elevation of the classic Johnny Collar Polo. 

Vintage washed denim

vintage washed denim by Grayers

Their summer collection has the coolest denim they ever manufactured. The premier Japanese denim mill crafts Their stretch selvage denim pants. It has become the most loveable piece of pants in their collection.

Cotton Linen Stretch Slim Fit Pants

Stretchable cotton linen shorts

They have this serious contender that should be doubled down because of high demand. This article was a huge success last spring, so we reviewed it, and to be honest, they are the best pants with new colors and soft fabric. You will be taken immediately to tropical heaven through the feel and fabric of these pants. The pant is a perfect blend of cotton and linen perfect to be worn with a polo.

Grayers outfit options

Grayers outfits

The Grayers store is generous enough to help you buy the set of outfits of their choice. This facility for their customers let them be worry-free of browsing their whole store for individual clothing pieces and accessories.

They have premade combos of outfits that people may like to buy for themselves. These outfit combos are based on summer, winter-spring, and autumn season's essentials.

Pretty cool of them.

Grayers shoes and accessories

Grayers shoes

Although their shoes are not up to the mark of various other brands, they have a decent Grayers athletic shoe designs durable. They have a lot of shoe companies onboard that let their collection shines throughout the season.

Mostly their shoe collection comprises slip-on, tennis shoes, sneakers, runners, boots, flip-flops, etc.

They also offer a variety of quality accessories that include neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, bandanas, facemasks, belts, caps, scarves, wallets, travel bags, gadget cases, gloves, and socks.

Why Grayers standout? Is it worth your money?

Grayers Pros and Cons

There are a lot of reasons Grayers is praised for in our Grayers review. Back in times when there were only high-end classic dressing or low-level casuals, there was no any mid-range. The founder thinks about is there any middle of that? What about those who live down in the south and want tees and shorts? What are their options if they want to get dressed up appropriately for the workplace or dinner? So this brand came into being.

Pros and Cons of Grayers

So we will discuss our points that we have opted out after reading a lot of Grayers customer reviews. 

The following are some of the pros of Grayers

Grayers is not a regular 'Athleisure' brand.

Our Grayers brand review will never say that Grayer is the Athleisure brand. Maybe it is a top trending thing now a day. But honestly, we know that people, including you, loathe that word. Similarly, the Grayers do not offer “tailored” sweatpants and fleece tops. 

Three c’s of Grayers contemporary, casual, cool style

While you are reading this Grayers review and thinking of buying some clothes for you, remember that three C's come your way while shopping from Grayers, which are contemporary, casual, and coolest styled clothes and surprising Grayers quality. All the Grayers reviews rate them as positive. And that all for the right reasons.  

Their clothing cuts, designs, and patterns are different, with an old punch and today's fresh strokes. The casual has never been so comfortable and enjoyable, to be honest.

It is historically inclined, incredibly comfortable

Initially, Grayers began with a reference of vintage, and then the designs get customized through plaids and prints. Their menswear collection comprises original pants, dress and casual shirts, and outstanding outerwear with a hint of historical design that every man loves. That is why there is a high review rating for Grayers online.

Outstanding quality with up-to-date unique fashion aesthetics 

Various reviews of Grayers outlined that the brand actually focuses on superior quality fabrics. Their knitting, designing, and weaving is very innovative with their own prints and plaids. Their trousers, up-to-date plaids, and other immaculately crafted clothing pieces are perfect for wearing every day. Also, it is an ideal gift choice for men.

Grayers fulfill your urge to be classic chic

You will be thrilled to know that Grayers has worked enough on classical designs, and you can find your favorite clothing pieces there easily. Their collection resonates with the trend of relaxed wear. You must be looking to upgrade your sartorial arsenal that falls in the sweet spot: reminiscent of the classic style you have been in love, which makes you dressy enough to meet people conforming to the relaxed profiles the same time.

Grayers comfort, marketability and historical references

While our Grayers review was on the root, it let us explore that Grayers hit the historical mark and incorporate that nostalgic feeling in their clothing.

They opt for a balancing act by blending comfort, historical reference, and marketability. Firstly they want to represent enough traditional essence of the product; secondly, they make it relevant to today's men's tastes. And at last, they offer a price point with extraordinary value. So everything they do is a balancing act. And we absolutely love it.

Grayers is a rebellious fashion brand

Various opinion on Grayers points out that the brand takes a mocking approach to wardrobe staples. They have rebelled against street wear-meets-activewear craze with a diverse holdout and opt softer, lighter and sophisticated tailoring, colors, eccentric grooves on British patterns.

So basically, their philosophy for awesome designs are rooted in modifying the classics vary from season to season with different flavors and twists.

here are some of the Cons of Grayers

No one is perfect in this world, so do the Grayers. We have discussed its pros above in our Grayers review now; it’s time to discuss some of these brands' cons. 

High price range

Although the brand claims that they have an average price range to meet the ordinary people's requirements, we must say it is an exaggeration. Their price range is higher than many competitors, and they must consider it to lower down a bit.

Grayers is not everyone's cup of tea

As we have discussed that Grayers is not an Athleisure brand, so for that reason, it is not everyone's cup of tea. Their collection has specific design patterns that many people don't resonate with.

In the end

Grayers awesome outfits

Overall, Grayers is a fantastic brand to shop from. They have a nice collection of clothes for every season and every individual. And they strive to be persistent in maintaining their product's quality. We hope you have gone through all of our Grayers review and will help you make a better perspective on this brand.

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