Pela Case Review- You Should Read This before Spending Money

Going eco-friendly is the best way to save our planet earth. That is why Pela Case provides eco-friendly cases for mobile phones, AirPods, smartwatch bands, and mobile accessories. Read the Pela Case review to know more about this brand

Publish Date: 2020-09-21

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Review Of Pela Case

Mobile phones are prone to wear and tear, and they need protection cases to get rescued from potential damages and breakage. Also, protection cases provide a solid grip. Keeping the importance of this product, we are presenting the Pela Case review here.

Pela Case is an incredible brand that offers mobile phone cases. They also provide smartwatches bands, earbuds cases, sunglasses, liquid screen protectors, and other phone accessories.

About Pela Case

Pela Case

People have realized that the world is heading towards destruction. That is why the eco-friendly approaches are emerging. Pela Case is a brand and store that offers the best quality smartphone cases, Apple Watch bands, sunglasses, and various other 100% biodegradable accessories.

While we were thinking of doing Pela Case review, we find that many companies have started to offer more sustainable, bio-degradable, compostable, and environment-friendly products imitating them. 

We all are well aware of how hazardous plastic waste can be for the earth's environment. That is why Pela Case emphasizes preserving our eco-system and environment through its sustainable and plastic-free approach to products.

The eco-friendly manufacturing of Pela Case

Pela Case are eco-frindly

Pela Case not only makes eco-friendly cases, but they are following proper footsteps for eco-friendly manufacturing. Their products plastic-free, but also their production house has minimum carbon footprints. And that is a significant step taken by them. In this Pela Case review, we are highlighting their eco-friendly manufacturing approaches conclusively:

They use less natural resources than any other plastic case manufacturer.

Their carbon footprints are neutral due to 25% fewer carbon emissions

They use nearly 35% less water as compared to others. 

Their production waste is almost zero, with 70% less waste production than any other plastic case manufacturer.

Pela Case drop test

the drop test of Pela Case

We conducted the drop-the-phone test while doing Pela Case review and what we found that with the Pela Case phone cases, our phones survive the most minor and major drops and fumbles. 

Although their official drop tests are sufficient enough, you can also find many reviews of Pela phone cases attesting their shock-absorbent properties.

Amazingly, your phone will bounce if you drop it, and it is enough to tell how well the Pela Case is efficient in protecting your phone from the average fall. 

Pela Case products

Pela Case is a popular name in the phone case industry. But they do not refrain themselves from phone cases only. They provide a variety of other products too. All products are available at affordable prices, and if needed, people can use Pela Case discount code to get additional discounts on their shopping.

Below are some products available on the Pela Case website:

1. Pela Case eco-friendly smartphone cases

As discussed above in this Pela Case review, the phone cases available on their website are durable, soft, and 100% biodegradable. They offer cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and specific Huawei phone cases. We are discussing some of the in-demand phone cases below.

Pela’s clear phone cases

clear Pela cases

Pela's clear cases come with colored ridges, a rigid back. The edges are impact-absorbing and protect the phone most effectively. They design these cases for people who want their phone's protection without making it bulky. 

Any eco-friendly phone cases review will always have Pela’s clear cases recommendation. They are enough to protect your phone from damages and scratches with their grip and sleek design. 

Pela Case transparent, eco-friendly cases are priced nominally and comes in various color choices like black, cherry, cantaloupe, teal, mint, lavender, sky blue, yellow, and grey. 

Pela full-back eco-friendly case

Pela full back phone cases

If you do not like clear cases, Review of Pela cases recommends you to go with their eco-friendly simple phone case in solid colors. You can choose from black, lavender, green, mint, grey, rose quartz, or white. The full-back covers are slightly less expensive, have a firmer grip, and with lighter textured pieces. You can buy these eco-friendly, adorable cases at pocket-friendly rates using Pela Case Coupon.

Pela limited edition Bee smartphone case collection

Pela honey Bee case collection

This Pela case review is written after testing loads of innovative and cool smartphone cases offered by Pela for a limited time. They've right now their Animal Collection that includes koalas, turtles, whales, and sharkskin. But the most prominent one is the Honey Bee collection.

It is their top seller phone case, and a percentage of its sales is donated to save and protect the honey bees and their habitat. 

2. Pela eco-friendly AirPods cases

Pela airpod cases

This brand has a great and thoughtful approach to their product range. That is why, while doing the Pela Case review, we were surprised to see compostable Apple AirPods cases on their website. Their AirPods are made of the same material as their cases and are soft to touch, sustainable, and durable.

Your AirPods need some little care too. That is why Pela AirPods case covers come with a metal keychain so that you may keep track of your pods.

3. Apple smartwatch bands

Pela smartwatch bands

If you are a smartwatch lover and want to sport it in some vibrant colors, Pela Case got you covered. They offer Apple smartwatch bands that are the world's first 100% biodegradable watch bands.

These bands are incredibly flexible, functional. 

Designed to be compatible with all the Apple Watch Series like 1,2,3,4 and 5. 

The bands will provide you a comfortable feel and clean look.

These bands are made from Flaxstic high-performing material.

4. Pela Case liquid screen protector

Pela case liquid screen protector

If you are reading this Pela Case screen protector review, you will be glad to know how beneficial it is. 

Pela's founder states that billions of plastic and glass screen protectors are bought and thrown away every year. That is why Pela Case provides a solution in the form of a liquid screen protector. 

Their liquid screen protector, i.e., Pela Canopy, is available in a corked glass vial. 

You can pour that liquid on the screen, and it gets harden to increase its strength.

They give the warranty of it and cover up to $200 in case of any damage. 

That pretty revolutionary. Right?

5. Biodegradable and compostable sunglasses

Pela case eco-friendly sunglasses

Pela Case also has an edge to make the world's first 100% bio-degradable and compostable sunglasses. They are available on their website, and we are discussing them in this Pela Case review because they are worthy. 

They are absolutely gorgeous and you will not regret compromising your style or using the plastic product if you wear them. 

Not only these glasses are less expensive, but they are super stylish as well. 

They have two collections that are beautifully designed and sustainable, i.e., Sulu and Bonito.

6. Ethos radiation reduction tool

Pela Ethos reduction tools

This Pela Case review maybe feel like a roller coaster ride full of Pela's exciting products. A similarly unique product is Ethos.

It is a tool for radiation reduction that can be attached to your phone case.

It helps block up to 80% of the harmful Electromagnetic field emit from your cell phone. 

Ethos is efficient enough to reduce radiation and does not affect reception.

7. Pela Case card holder

Pela case card holder

The Pela offers cardholders as well that can keep two ID cards or credit cards. You will not feel any added bulk of a wallet attaching it with the phone. The cardholder pocket sticks to the phone's back securely. You can buy them in black, cherry, cantaloupe, teal, lavender, sky blue, mint, grey, and yellow colors.

8. Eco-friendly phone griply

Pela Case phone griply

Now you will never lose grip on your phone again as they do offer 100% plant-based and compostable phone griply. It has a comfortable, adjustable loop and where sturdy. It protects your smartphone from accidental drips and drops. You can also use it as a mobile stand. It is beneficial while you take your selfies.

What to look for when buying Pela cases?

If you are considering to purchase Pela Case, here are few things you should be looking for:

What customers think about this brand?

customers of pela case

Before making any purchase decision, search online for eco-friendly Pela Cases customer reviews and read yourself what actually they are saying. It will help you in understanding the brand quickly. To ease your worries, here we are sharing some of the customer reviews from their website. Please go through them to have an idea about their product's reputation.

Pela Case customer reviews on website

Do their covers provide day-to-day phone protection efficiently?

The basic object of phone cases is to provide ample protection to your phone. And yes, they provide efficient day-to-day protection. But as compare to any heavy-duty case, it might be a skimpy alternative. 

Do the Pela cases provide a perfect grip?

While doing this Pela Case review, we observed that we were not likely to drop or slipped our phone here and there as soon as we have slapped our phone into Pela Case. It means they provide an efficient grip.

Do their cases entirely Waterproof?

If you are looking for an entirely waterproof phone case, Pela Case isn't so much good in that.

Does Pela Case offer add on & accessories?

Pela Case does offer add ons and accessories. Their website is full of really innovative options you will like. In this Pela Case review above, we have discussed your phone's complete protection package, i.e., Pela Canopy Liquid Screen Protector. 

Besides that, they offer sunglasses, cardholders, grip straps, Ethos, etc. 

Do their products sustainable?

While reading this Pela Case review until now, you may have realized that the brand is aimed to bring sustainability in its industry. Their entire product range is eco-friendly and made of compostable raw materials. 

Are Pela cases durable?

There is no denying in it that Pela Case made durable and long-lasting phone cases.

Do pop sockets stick to Pela cases?

Yes, Pop Sockets sometimes face trouble sticking to leather, silicone, and waterproof cases. They may not stick to highly textured cases as well. But they are adherable to Pela cases.

The pros and cons of planet-friendly Pela Case

Pela Case Pros and Cons

Now when we have discussed enough, the brand in this Pela Case review in detail lets us move on to the major pros and cons. 


Eco-friendly and ethical 

Pela produces products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. Their products are not going to pollute the environment. 

All their cases, watch bands, grippies are plant-based because they are made of Flax shive. When you are done with the product, burry it into your backyard piles. 

They use minimal plastic even in their shipping process. Also, the packaging envelope is made of 100% recycled paper. 

Chemical-free products

Their products are free of BPA, lead, cadmium, and any phthalates. So you can have an idea now how safe to use them.

Beautifully designed products

From sunglasses to phone cases and from AirPods cases to watch bands, they offer you an array of designs and colors to choose.

Their cases are lightweight, textured, and provides a good grip. You will not feel your phone bulkier with their case on.


Even if your phone dropped off different surfaces, it would get no scratches, dents, dings, cracks, or damages to speak of. They are durable enough to buy immediately.


High price point

Because phone cases are commonly used products, and there are many alternatives available, their higher price point is an underwhelming aspect. 

They are not waterproof.

If you think that their products are perfectly waterproof, you will be disappointed then. Their cases aren't.

Color fading

The cases are made of the flax raw material that made them naturally porous. That is why Pela Cases get darker if placed in jean or denim pant pockets or any place where there are dark dyes in the surrounding. They get stained quickly.

Is Pela Case worth it?

pela case are worthy to buy

This Pela case review is totally unbiased and is written after so much research. The customer's choices are subjective to the intensity of their product usage. But as observation, Pela Case is winning the game with their quality products and rational approach of working.

It's like a great experience encountering such a company and its products doing so well in our environment. And they are definitely nailing it.

Our verdict on Pela Case

We hope that you have read the complete Pela Case review. And now you must have an idea about this brand. It has almost perfect ratings all over the internet, and it means that it is not risky to order for their cases or accessories. We will definitely recommend it to you.

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