Fair Review of BauBax Jacket- Is it really the best?

Carry all your travel essentials with you in your Baubax jacket’s pocket anywhere. To learn more about it, read out the honest review that we have gathered after a complete survey of Baubax. 

Publish Date: 2020-10-12

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review of BauBax jacket 2020

Our fair BauBax jacket review will teach you everything that you need to know. It will help you determine whether it’s a perfect travel jacket for you or not.

Those who have no idea about BauBax and are seeking to purchase its jackets, we will guide you about everything in this BauBax jacket review,. So, without any further ado, let dig deep into details to find more about Baubax.

Overview of the BauBax

Hiral and Yoganshi Shah created BauBax. With having travelers in mind, they came up with the idea of making jackets. The pair set out the most iconic design with the possible functionalities that anyone had ever seen. The first jacket was launched in 2015 with 15 fantastic BauBax jacket features, including a neck pillow, eye mask, and gloves. Stylus pens, tech pockets, and much more. 

With time, the BauBax jacket was made in four varieties:

different varieties of baubax jacket

1. Sweatshirts

2. Windbreakers

3. Bombers 

4. Blazers 

After its massive demand, BauBax set out to improve its travel jacket again and upgraded it by adding ten more features, including a blanket, water bottle, and footrest, etc. But, since where there are so many benefits of BauBax, there is a downside too. We’ll drive into the travel jackets BauBax reviews and guide you more:


Worldwide shipping 

Return offer within 30 days 

Sustainable material used 

World-class travel jackets 

Hassle-free traveling 


Shipping not available to every country 

Duty-free shipping is not offered for all countries 

Available online only 

Where to shop BauBax Jackets? 

where to buy baubax jackets

The only best place that we think suits best to shop for BauBax jacket is its official site. On the site, you can see a list of all 25 features, photos of people wearing BauBax jacket that helps you compare and hunt out the style of jacket that suits you best. Moreover, you can even browse through its vast collection & compare prices and much more. 

So, we suggest instead of referring to another site for purchasing BauBax jackets, you should buy them from its official site. However, if you avail it from BauBax’s site, you can even redeem discounts using the BauBax coupon, whereas, on other sites, you won’t be able to grab deals via codes. 

What are its attractive features?

attractive features of baubax jacket

So, before you head out to purchase a BauBax jacket or replace one, there are a couple of essential features that you need to consider and look out for. Listed below are some of its main features and specifications that you should pay attention to before buying it. Otherwise, you’ll end up picking the wrong jacket for yourself. Some of the best features we came across our review are shared below:

The best features are listed below:

1. Material, color, size

Whether you pick out BauBax bomber jacket or any other from the official site. All jackets are made out of 100% water resistance pollsters. It is not a rain cost as it’s designed as a fully functional travel jacket. We tried and tested the water resistance and agreed with the assessment. But, if once the outer fabric soaks water, it loses all its water-resistance properties within seconds. The sizes of the jackets are pretty accurate and fit best for all body types and are available in almost all desired colors.

2. Warmth & comfort

BauBax jackets are designed in a way to provide warmth and comfort in extreme weather conditions. As we all know, long hour’s flights are often cold to keep maintaining the body temperature of all the travelers and cope with the humidity. These jackets regulate according to the body temperature and keep you in complete comfort. 

3. Accessories

With so many compartments available in this jacket, the detachable hood w/Eye mask is one of the best features we liked a lot. Though the eye mask sounds gimmicky, but trust us, it’s a fascinating feature on the plane. You can quickly put it out when need with a small button and enjoy the instant darkness on a flight.

4. Stitching

Though the interior stitching might not be as well as it should be, the outer look is excellent and is very well put together. So, it doesn’t seem to destroy the final look and feel of the jacket. 

5. Washing

Since having so many pockets, it becomes necessary to check each jacket before heading it out for washing. It machine washable, so you can easily wash it, but avoid using chemical or washing powder as harmful chemicals can destroy its quality and might even cause the color to fade off. 

Who can wear this jacket?

Since the BauBax jackets are lightweight and easy to organize and carry travel essentials, it is best for frequent travelers. As BauBax jackets have an unbelievable number of pockets efficiently placed throughout the coat, it helps carry essentials everywhere. Besides, you even get other travel essentials like a sleeping mask and neck pillow built-in and other accessories to fit in the pocket. 

So, if you are looking for a jacket that can help you carry everything like a passport, glasses, mask, accessories, gadgets, and much more, then you’ll love this BauBax jacket. 

BauBax jackets aren't made to handle extreme weather conditions

As discussed earlier BauBax jackets help you to say organized and carry your essentials with you anywhere. But, if you don’t wish to have your essentials inside your jacket and aren’t a person fond of multiple pockets. Then, this jacket won’t be right for you. 

Plus, BauBax jackets are also not made to handle extreme conditions. So, if you’re looking for something that can keep you warm and dry in cold weather or heavy rain, then this BauBax jacket is probably not the best fit for you. As it’s just for travel purpose only.

Would it be advisable to buy the BauBax jacket?

buying baubax jacket

Hopefully, this Baubax jacket review has made you understand what makes BauBax jacket stand out from the rest and what features make it is unique and desirable. If you’re looking for something that can help you hold all your gears while traveling, then yes, it is perfect, and we would recommend you to purchase. Firstly, it available at pocket-friendly prices and secondly to get you many unique features.  

Best BauBax Travel Jackets

If you’re a new traveler and need help picking the right BauBax jacket for yourself, then let go you’re your stress. We’ve got your back. We’ll guide you through which jacket to purchase and which not. 

1. Men’s Sweatshirt 2.0

mens sweatshirt baubax

If you’re looking for something that can help you carry all your essentials safely, then nothing can be better than this Men’s sweatshirt 2.0. It’s available at super cost valid prices. To learn more about this jacket, read out its pros and cons for better knowledge. A list is shared below:


Best Price Range: $99.00

Color: Charcoal

Built-in inflatable neck pillow 

Detachable Gloves 

Passport pocket

Power Bank Pocket

Zipper pen + Stylus 


Some customers find the pocket design hard to use 

Some complaint about the low quality 

2. Men’s Windbreaker 2.0

mens windbreaker bomber

Another most amazing jacket that is available at the BaxBax store. This jacket is the most durable jacket with having a secure jacket. It comes in 2 colors and is extremely fashionable. Besides, it’s beautiful, designed and is also stylish. Check out our BauBax jacket review to learn more about this fabulous jacket.


Best Price Range: $109.00

Color: Black

Power bank pocket 

A perfect blend of contemporary interpretations in design 

Made using the proprietary value technology 

Detachable gloves  


Some customers complain that the material is tough to work with

Some customers claim that they have received the wrong jacket in the order

3. Men‘s Bomber 2.0

men bomber jacket baubax

Looking for something that is made using propriety value technology. Then wait no more quickly get hands-on this built-in neck pillow inflates. It will help in carrying all the essentials with you, in a pretty easy away. A list of its pros and cons is shared below that you can have a look and even consider them purchasing.


Best Price Range: $119.00

Color: Olive

Water Resistance 

Smarts pockets

Zipper pen + Stylus 

Outer lining

Water resistance 

100% Polyester inner lining 

Size XS

High quality material 


Some complain that the inner switching is not well 

Some complaint having too many pockets often confuses them 

Final Verdict

Without any doubt, this BauBax jacket review has been the most challenging product review. Though, we came across many exciting features more than we expected, yet still. Besides, the downfall for us was just the cuff on the sleeves and the lack of a waterproof shell. Otherwise, overall the BauBax jackets are pretty much durable and worth purchasing if you’re a frequent traveler. 

So, after reading our review, if you have made up your mind to purchasing jackets from BauBax, then we encourage you to do so. All the information provided here is honest and gathered after a complete survey of BauBax. 

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