Snapfish Review – Is the Photo Printing Service really worth it?

Bring your photos to life with Snapfish photo printing services. Here is a detailed review how it works. Don't forget to read the pros and cons. 

Publish Date: 2020-11-10

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Snapfish Review

Our Photographs connect us with our old memories and embrace us later. We amaze the best moments of our lives by clicking pictures. Why not turn them into a beautiful portrait? 

Snapfish lets you celebrate the best moments of your life by printing them in pillows, blankets, mugs, wall décors, and other decorative items. While we were thinking of doing Snapfish review, we find that Snapfish brings vitality to your pictures by turning them into customized gifts, cards, home décor items, bags, wall decors and calendars. 

You can share your beautiful pictures, and the company will turn them into beautiful art at reasonable rates.

What is Snapfish?

As the name suggests, Snapfish is all about snaps and pictures being captured and preserved most creatively. It is a web-based photo sharing and photo printing service owned by Shutterfly. Their web-portal is accessible by Smartphones as well. In their portal, you can make an account, save your pictures till you want, upload them, share them and more! You can save as many images as you can. You can also delete your data anytime. 

snap fish photo printing service

Snapfish is for everyone. From new snappers to professional photographers. Whether you use your phone, a trusty point-and-shoot, or a digital SLR, Snapfish lets you bring life to your photographs. They offer products like custom prints, Canvas prints, Home Decor, photo gifts, Custom Cards, photo books, calendars and more!

Snapfish is distinctive from other brands! How?

how snapfish is different

Company Snapfish is compatible with all decors. It is not limited to paper print only, Snapfish provides you with the best printing class either you want for gifting purpose or for the home wall. It is a one-stop solution!

There are numerous qualities that we found during the Snapfish Review, which makes it unique. Have a look below;

1. Extensive Collection Of Products

save your memories digitally

Snapfish has been printing photos for almost 20 years and our parent company for more than 45 years! From prints, books, cards, and gifts to canvas prints, wall décor, and mugs, they offer a more comprehensive selection than you’ll find anywhere else. 

2. Supreme Quality

We love photos and know you do, too! They only sell products that we want our pictures on. They scour the world of photo printing to select the finest papers, inks, and materials you can get for the money. And every order is hand-inspected to ensure your order is just perfect.

3. Best Value

They frequently offer deals with every upcoming event. Snapfish brings the best products at the best prices. Even with the shipment, you can save a lot.

4. Guarantee

They will provide you with the product with which you will fall in love! If you’re not completely satisfied due to a defect, damage, or quality issue, they will do everything to make it right.  

Smartphone App To Make Photo Books While On the GO

Yes! There will be more features to get benefited if you opt to use a Smartphone app for their products and services. Here we have listed a few of the significant pros of Snapfish while using a smartphone.

  •  They offer 100 free print on installing their App for every month.  
  •  They offer many discounts on all events.
  •  Their smartphone is friendlier as compared to web-portal.
  •  You can get all the updates on time.

Here is snapshot of their featured app ratings. You can get an idea of how well they have organized their App to meet the perfection. 

snapfish mobile app review

Awe-inspiring Product Catalog

snapfish photobookyear in a review photobook

When we decided to do a Snapfish Review, we explored the site and found a great range of products. For example, you can purchase any home decor to adorn your home. You can customize their offered products. If you have a little space on your wall, you can get print as per your space dimensions. We gather a Snapfish review and have discussed a few of their products below;

1. Snapfish photo printing 

photo printing on calendar

You can get printed photos at home easily. Snapfish provides services of photo prints and gifts through a safe, simple, and convenient method. You can order your images published online and get them delivered to your doorstep. We have enlisted a few types of prints they offer after Snapfish review;

  • Standard prints
  • Speciality prints
  • Collage prints
  • Square prints
  • Framed large prints
  • Wallet prints
  • Collage prints

In this Snapfish review, we want to let you know that you can get photos of your favourite pictures by opting for these options, no matter if they are 100 or more. However, their printing quality is 7/10; sometimes, their print is blurry. As you can see in the given snapshots of their reviews;  

2. Snapfish home décor 

After the Snapfish Home Decor Review, we can say that they decorate your home with personalized items to suit your place and taste. They offer prints on tiles, pillows, floors, fabrics, ports and more objects. The following few things are available for you to buy at Snapfish for Home Decor.

  • Photo Tiles
  • Metal and Wooden Tabletop and Wall Photo Panels
  • Acrylic Blocks  
  • Glass Photo Prints
  • Acrylic Wall Prints
  • Framed Matted Prints
  • Throw Pillows and Pillowcases
  • Customized Blankets
  • Puzzles and Playing Cards for kids 
  • Shower Curtains
  • Photo, Stone and Car Coasters 
  • Dish Towels 
  • Leatherette
  • Acrylic Desk Sets

As per the Snapfish review from a random client shown below, the excellent point is that they replace your order if you receive it damaged. If you get it damaged for the second time, contact on Snapfish portal to return your placement, and get a new one until you get satisfaction. 

snap fish home decor product review

As their shipment cost is high, but they do not charge on order replacement. Along with that, it is frustrating that products always arrived damaged and are not packed as well.

3. Snapfish photo book

snapfish photo book

While exploring for the Snapfish photo book review, we find that they make it straightforward for you to design and print your personalized photo album in a few simple steps at Snapfish portal. Like;

  • Choose the right size 
  • Choose the design.
  • Upload pictures from PC 
  • You can link social media (Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram) too.
  • You can choose a payment plan. 
  • You can fill your photo book on Snapfish with your favourite photos.

But remember, their cost of postage is high as per the Snapfish photo book review. The Snapfish charging can be increase as per the trends, and it is acceptable. However, they should put a notice on their home page alerting customers to the fact they have increase rates. As in the Snapfish reviews photobooks are very sneaky, and whilst not outright dishonest. It is unethical said by one of the clients. 

4. Snapfish canvas print

snapfish canvas prints

We have presented a Snapfish review over canvas product and relevant services too. We find that you can place your stunning photos and pictures centre stage with canvas photo frames. 

The best point of our Snapfish canvas print review is you can mix canvas prints with any décor and can build a personal Wall Art gallery in your home. Give your favourite photos of the attention they deserve. Look for Snapfish review of 10 free prints samples on their website.

Few of them are:

  • Collage canvas prints
  • Panoramic canvas prints
  • Framed canvas prints now in gold!
  • Collage canvas 
  • Canvas sets
  • Split canvas

Why should you use Snapfish?

We reviewed that Snapfish is for everyone who loves photos and photography. The service is exceptionally suitable for a common snapper or a pro photographer. 

Parents can gift their imaginative teenage children the best-customized gifts. Whether you use your phone, a regular digital camera, a DSLR, or a mirror-less camera, they make your picture presence fun and affordable. Here you can see one of the best reviews of the pricing and quality of Snapfish products. 

How well their customer services are?

                                                                   snapfish customer service 

We found that when you place your order, it takes time to deliver. If you want your order early, you can pick up their off-the-shelf items. However, for your customized order, you need to wait for fifteen working days at least. As it needs three working days to process the order, seven more days to deliver the order, and for replacement, it takes time too. The Snapfish is proven for excellent quality and fast delivery, you can see a snapshot below.

What their cost and Pricing Plan?

Although Snapfish is a bit expensive, they offer discounts and perfect costing plan when there is somehow an event. For example, with Halloween, they provided coupon code, discounts codes, & promo codes. Presently we have reviewed Snapfish deals where you can get;

  • 70% off for Snapfish cards services
  • 70 to 85% discount on Canvas as per the design features
  • Almost Half prices over upcoming events like Christmas, Black Friday or Thanksgiving
  • Two calendars at buy one
  • Variations on prices as per your custom design 
  • And more discounts using there Smartphone App.

Our Experience

With our order of 6x8-inch book has 25 pages with glossy and hardcover, it cost $24.99. The same text can cost $21.99 for a softcover. A 7 x 7 inch lay flat would have been $37.99, and a premium lay flat $55.99. For a matte cover on any of these books, it will cost us $2.00 or more. However, other sizes like 5 x 7 inches or 11 x 14 inches, with linen or leather covers are also available with different prices.

For a Wall calendar, we paid $21.99 having 8 x 11 inch size. In Snapfish review we find that you need to;

Pay $39.99 for an 12 x 15 inch wall calendar

Pay $25.99 for a 11 x 11 inch version

Pay $10.99 for a Desk calendars 

Pay $27.99 for individual and photo cards at month page.

With Card services we reviewed that;

5 x 7 inch card cost $2.85 when you order for 50 cards at a time.

5 x 7 inch card cost $2.70 when you order for 200 cards at a time.

5 x 7 inch card cost $2.25 when you call for 300 cards at a time.

Envelopes include printed return address and premium customization for cardstock. As the cost for each envelope differs and increase the base price to $1.25 each. 

Snapfish also offers a range of other photo products like prints and posters, blankets and pillows, mugs and tumblers, bags and apparel, and jewellery and spiral notebooks, and a lot more.

What did we like about Snapfish?

Following are the Pros of Snapfish which we have found; 

  • Inexpensive services
  • Good image quality
  • Well-designed portraits, fast, modern web interface
  • Solid editing tools
  • Tons of print surface options, including mugs, blankets, and much more
  • Online gallery sharing feature
  • free delivery with Snapfish free shipping code
  • Attractive, fully editable templates
  • Photo Editing 
  • Variable photo borders
  • Customizable calendar grid

What we dislike?

Following are the few Cons of Snapfish which we have found; 

  • Flimsy shipping packaging.
  • Lack TIFF support.
  • Confused at Color matching
  • Their portal has No drag and drops from File Explorer

What are the Terms and Conditions of Snapfish?

Their terms and Conditions include;

1. Account

You cannot create an account if you are under 18. Snapfish will block your account on false Credentials.

2. Active Participation

You need to at least get service once in 365 days to assure your activity.

3. Saved Projects

We reviewed that our projects will always be in backup. Snapfish portal keeps the record of historical transactions. You can delete them by yourself and recover them within 30 days.

Within our Snapfish review find that their software misses your data. Sometimes it delivers half images, and there is no record for remaining ones. 

4. User Conduct

Upon violation of policy, they will stop their services. 

Is Snapfish good quality?

Snapfish offers qualitative images in its very affordable prints. Plus a slick, modern website and a wide array of gift options for your photos. 

Is Snapfish legit?

The quality was 9/10 good and reliable from prints to photo books. Snapfish was never the cheapest service but with the right discount codes, still good value for money.

Does Snapfish own your photos?

Yes, Snapfish policy shows that they have the rights to save your photos because utilized tools, features, templates or layouts belong to Snapfish.

Is Snapfish free?

Not absolutely free. But, you can get discounts on different items.

The bottom line

Snapfish's templates are fully editable. The creativity level is still weak by the poor organization of clip art and backgrounds offered by them. Along with that, there are software limitations too. They should have more-creative software, better workflow and attractive print products.

Add to that we would like to recommend that for the average and below-average ratings of the book, calendar and card, Snapfish isn't an online print service.

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