Tailor Brands Review – A Complete Suite of Logo & Website Builder

Tailor Brands allows you to create smart logos and interactive brand identity without any technical skills within 5 minutes! It’s worth trying! 

Publish Date: 2020-11-27

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tailor brands review

We tested all the major DIY branding platforms that allow users to create logos, website templates, business cards, presentations, and social media posts without any designing skills. 

Tailor Brands came out to be a winner for us! 

So we decided to share our Tailor Brands review with our readers who are looking for best logo creators and website design builders for their next projects.

Tailor Brands: World’s first AI-powered branding platform

tailor brands is reliable platform

Tailor Brands is an automated branding platform powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. It provides you all the tools you require to turn your business idea into a brand. 

Its DIY tools work on of artificial intelligence with the best of human design skills. You can create beautiful logo, business cards, website templates, social media banners, etc. in real-time. 

Plus, it offers free samples and tutorials to help you in your designing venture. There is much more to explore at Tailor brands.

It’s fun, fast, and affordable! 

The best part?

You can pay only when you are satisfied. 

This AI-powered platform helps anyone look professional (from the start) by making it simple to create a unique online brand identity in minutes. All you need to do is enter the right information about your brand. 

You can also choose from various options based on your preferred styles for Logo and other designs without technical skills and zero design experience. 

We experienced that using simple options of Tailor brands, you can create an ideal design to represent your personality and brand. The brand offers incredible designs to match with your company’s portfolio as per your provided descriptions.

What Surprised Us?

tailor brands logos

There are almost 14M users of Tailor Brands that have produced more than 500 Million designs. Whoa! That’s such a huge number! 

Tailor Brands can expand your brand identity by giving you a design that translates your unique vision and passion.

  • Awe-inspiring features

What if you could design anything in less than 30 seconds? Tailor Brands allows you to design your dreams on the spot with simple drag and drop options. 

It makes a good looking designs for free and its premium version is affordable too.

You can get your files in all formats such as eps, vector, scalars, html or more!

  • No Design Skills? No Problem!

no skills no problem

By Tailor Brands Products reviews, we found that it offers you the effortless creation of your brand identity. Either you want to start a side hustle or promote your business, you can efficiently utilize Tailor Brands tools and get a unique creation.

The bonus point of Tailor Brands products is a timeless and iconic fraction for business.

  • It’s Easy! Just do it!

Simplicity is Tailor Brands' unique selling point. It's the kind of tool we love! While doing our Tailor Brands free logo maker review, we found that it democratizes web design. Suddenly everyone can get an excellent design for his brand!

Start by entering your company name and industry and then selecting the perfect design styles, fonts, colors, and symbols that you like the best. 

Point > Click >Type

It's that simple.

  • It’s Interactive

font styles

Finalizing colors, fonts, and layouts are easy-to-use in Tailor Brands editor. It makes sure you get exactly what you want. Undo any edits you make, and then click save when you have created your perfect logo design.

  • Straightforward delivery

Tailor Brands delivers the goods, including vector logo files and color variations. It’s always free to create a design. When you’re ready, pick a design package and download your files. You can get printed formats as well!

Tools You Will Love

A powerful representation is the soul of your brand. So, if you want to have a design that replicates your business identity you need to enter your company name. 

In 2 seconds, you can get lots of good looking designs to begin your branding process. However, it is only the beginning because you might want to customize the template with tons of combinations like fonts, colors, styles, and logotypes.  

All the tools are designed by professional graphic designers to hit the perfection level. Let's have a look at it's stellar branding products/tools.

1. Logo maker

tailor brands logo maker

If you want a logo design, here’s what we reviewed! We have listed some basic questions that you will be asked for logo designing,

1. While entering the company's name, you can also add a tagline or a slogan that can help your Logo to support the brand's message. 

2. The portal will ask you to enter the type of business you have. This is somehow a critical step because you have to enter your information using the relevant keywords. For example, you can write, I am a Tailor Brands products reviewer.

3. Delivery service is the most critical question that it ask. Write by which medium you provide your services? For example, you can write, Online and in-person.

4. Logo Type Options have preferences because there are different kinds of logos, such as an icon-based, name-based, initial base. It has other detailed questions. If you select icon-based Logo, the question can define the abstract shape if you have any!

5. Lastly, it ask you industry Niche-specific designs such as beauty or food!

6. Its services' bonus point is that it has trained its portal with AI, so whatever your specifications are, you will get the perfect Logo.

Here we have attached a few of its ideas concerning the photography or designs.

These logos are well above average compared to other logo makers in style and uniqueness – but it does not have to be the final logo design! Hundreds of customizations are available!

2. Website design tool

The next step for your branding is your website design. We know, today's businesses, both online and offline, need a professional look and well-functioning sites to sell and communicate with customers. 

While doing Tailor Brands website builder review we concluded that Tailor brands has made its website building templates so easy that anyone can make prototypes and dummy screens for business use. You can save your cost using this tool because it works as a complete front-end layout builder of the website.

3. Tool to create business cards

business card maker

Just as every business needs a website, businesses need business cards as well. Every smart entrepreneur carries business cards with them to connect with potential customers, partners, and retailers.

Business cards are the easiest ways to look professional, communicate your brand message, and share information. We found that the Tailor Brand is no limited to the business cards templates. Because of the power of AI, the platform has self-generating design capabilities to offer you unique template. 

4. Social post design tool

tailor brands social post maker

We practiced that this tool is most useful in the suite of Tailor Brands Studio. We get branded, and visually appealing social media post images in seconds for our marketing using this platform. 

Many of our entrepreneur clients stress out and spend way too much time creating social media posts – which don't even look very good! This can help a lot to get the perfection in social media posts.

This social media post design tool alone is worth the low price of the subscription. Its subscription policy is best out of its services as;

1. You can always unsubscribe 

2. You can always freeze your subscription

3. You can limit your subscription on designs like signatures, icons or anything else.

Other tools 

logo details

While reading various Tailor Brands reviews and through our extensive research, we are listing some other tools that you can use;

1. It offers you to design the signatures. Nowadays, signatures are most essential ways to prove the business identities, either in email or drafting something.    

2. You can create your companies profile using its Brand book tool.

3. It has implemented the logo sizing tools as well to get resized designs. 

4. It has presentation layout section, separately for your analytical and unique exhibition skills.

Design Your Ideas on the Go with Tailor Brands Smart Phone App

tailor brands mobile app 

The Tailor Brands logo maker app for Android is the best way to create an unforgettable designs for all brands. It harnesses AI's power to ensure that you get the desgin that's best for your business. 

Its Features include: 

1. Thousands of designing options 

2. Unlimited fonts

3. Downloadable designs

4. Brand guidelines

5. Cloud storages for easy access

6. Transparent PNG form 

7. Vector EPS formats

8. Professional layout design

9. AI design feature

10. Designing management system


After Tailor Brands detailed review we concluded the following pros:

  • Tailor Brands offers you a fully automated, AI-powered design process.
  • The platform focuses on brands over assets.
  • Its pricing structure is reasonable.
  • It offers the best turnaround speed.
  • The platform possesses feature versatility.
  • Its designs have backend support and quality.


Every product has disadvantages as well. So, the cons of Tailor Brands are;

  • You need to do many revisions before getting a finished look.
  • Your work is intrinsically tied to its platform even after download. You cannot update it on any other platform.
  • It is privately using investor money to focus on the product rather than profit or market share.
  • The platform is a lock-in trade-off condition. Its prices and products can rapidly change.

Here you can get the idea of Tailor Brands’ strengths and weakness collected by Capterra.  

Tailor Brands Pricing plan

There are three pricing plans – Basic, Standard, and Premium. Let's take a look at Tailor Brands pricing plan;

1. Basic

  • $9.99 per month! You can save an amount if you pay annually. It will reduce your cost to $3.99 per month.
  • Includes high-resolution designs and its ownership, accessibility to social media posts, and the Logo resize tool.

2. Standard

  • $19.99 per month! You can get the cost reduced to $5.99 by paying annually.
  • Includes a High-resolution designs and its Ownership, accessibility to social media posts, and the Logo resize tool. 
  • Other features are Vector EPS files, a Special logo generator, a business card design tool, and a Stationery tool.

As per our Tailor Brands review, the standard plan is the most popular one.

3. Premium

  • $12.99 per month! You can get the cost reduced to $49.99 by paying annually.
  • It includes high-resolution design-making, ownership, Social media post designing, Vector EPS files, Seasonal logo generator, customization, Stationery and business, card graphic tools, Social media analytics, and automated updates.
  • You can also use Tailor Brands coupon to get massive discounts. The coupons range between 25%, 50%, 70%, and 80% discounts.

Tailor Brands Customer Reviews Available On The Web

We found a lot of positive reviews about Tailor Brands. Specifically, small businesses seem to depict a high level of trust in the company's services. The platform's ease of use and flexibility appears to be the main reason for its popularity.

See the attached reviews below from Trustpilot.

tailor brands user reviews from trust pilot

Customer support

tailor brands customer support

Tailor Brands says it aims to reply in 24-48 hours. And the brand means it! In our first-hand experience, responses were quick, considerate, and cooperative. To answer customers' queries the company has also created a FAQ section on its site with full of in-depth guides. It's customer support is open through an online form or email at support@tailorbrands.com.

Our Verdict

We've designed tons of test samples using Tailor Brands and have never needed assistance.

We were impressed with the outstanding Tailor’s tools to create different designs. Although the brand has unique technology, it still has contemporary vibes with the cheapest rates.

We want to conclude our Tailor Brands review with the following pointers.

1. It is an excellent service for small businesses.

2. Ideal for one-time logo generators

3. Offers designing tools that are best for beginners.

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