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Publish Date: 2022-12-10

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Target Store Review

Retail stores are the best site to put down all your worries regarding the shopping hassles of buying things from different places. Whatever you desire to buy is available under a single roof, so these stores can be the solution that has brought a pleasant and unexpected change.

Target is one of the biggest retail stores in the United States, and it comes among the most well known, recognized platforms that have taken retail shopping to another level. In the target store review, I will elaborate on the whole store and chop down the products and benefits it has to offer.  

But first, let me tell you that there is a massive number of the loyal customer base that just runs to the Target store without even bothering to need any target review. However, I believe that these target reviews are as important as anything. Given that, also if any company or its store is doing great, you must know all the details. And recommendations from the people who have first-hand experience. 

That is why if you are a Target-fanatic or not, this in-depth target store review will help you take some substantial life-changing decisions. Moreover, after the aforementioned target store review, you will know all the benefits that I have availed from this fabulous store plus some of its drawbacks that I will definitely highlight for you to understand.

What Is Target?

what is target

For starters, if anyone comes out of the blue and is still unaware of this well-known brand and has a desire to know that what does target sells, then let me clarify this as well.

The Target company comes among the top retailers in the United States. It is known to be the 8th largest platform to provide a wide range of products. These products include Grocery items, Household Essentials, Electronics, Beauty & Health products, and almost everything that a human being or a pet can ever want. They are spread all over the United States with 1,844 stores to be precise.

Additionally, this is considered the one-stop-shop for almost every other person from the US. They can tick mark their shopping list items easily just by going to their nearest Target store. Furthermore, as I am writing this target store review to elaborate on the experience and point out all that can go good and bad when shopping from Target. Let's follow along with some of the excellent services Target has to proffer, and as the target user reviews, it can be great recommendations for you to tag along with.

 1.   Unbelievable Benefits of Target REDCard

benefits of target redcard

Here the target store review, I will not shy away from putting this fantastic benefit provided by Target on the top since it is definitely the most outstanding offer that Target has ever supplied to its customers. Moreover, the other target reviews from customers who highly appreciate the fact that Target REDCard is the most valuable thing you will own if you are a Target shopper. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself in the feeling of getting the most out of your shopping, then this is it! 

Target REDCard comes with a variety of benefits and is extremely easy to understand as it is used just like a debit or a credit card. Every time you use a Target REDCard, you are able to get a total of a 5% discount on your purchases. Additionally, this amazing card provides you an opportunity to return your bought items in 120 days rather than the usual 90 days return, which gives you an extra 30 days to make up your mind that you even want that product.

Furthermore, when it comes to Target online shopping, this amazing REDCard has, even more, to offer to you. As per my experience, I would like to add on some perks in our target online shopping reviews that Target REDCard allows you to get free shipping on most of its products. Therefore, take my word for it and follow this target store review. If you are shopping at the online store of the target that is, then make sure that you use this REDCard, so catch up on this exclusive advantage.

Redcard Benefits & Features

  • You can get a 5% discount on all your purchases.
  • There is an offer of 30 days extended return.
  • Seize the Free shipping offer at
  • Avail the RedCard holder anniversary offer, unique items, gifts, and other different offers.
  • There are no RedCard annual fees for debit or credit cards needed.

 2.   Must Grab the Target Circle Offers

target circle

Have you heard of the targets Cartwheel offer? This one of the most appreciated loyalty programs and a saving tool for Target. Plus, as per many target store reviews, it always came in the perks that the store has to hit. However, now the target has renamed this reward program to the Target Circle. And not much has changed in it other than its name.

If you are thinking about how to target circle work, let me begin by telling you that the best part about Target Circle is that it still has such amazing discount offers in such a wide variety. If you avail of all its amenities that you can be a happy shopper for a long time. Plus, it is considered a supplement to the REDcard, which means if you own both, things can get pretty overwhelming and extraordinary for you.

Within this one target store review, I highly recommend you avail it because this program as it includes a 1% return on every purchase that you do, and this amount can be redeemed afterward. Moreover, you will also get a 5% discount on your birthday and free next day shipping for all online purchases above $35. I have also observed that customers who utilize the Target Circle program have exclusive access to all the deals and discounts that the store has to provide. According to most of our target online reviews, I have to know that they also avail of a four-week time of same-day delivery of the grocery that is entirely free of cost.

Target Circle Benefits & Features

  • There is no membership fee required.
  • Have a reward for a 5% discount on a shopping trip around your birthday.
  • Grab a 1% return on every purchase and can be redeemed later.
  • Get free next-day shipping on target online ordering for orders above $35.

 3.   Target Registry: The Best Target Program

target registry

Speaking of all the good that Target has to tender herein target store review, I think that this one shouldn’t be missed. The Target Registry is a program that can bring your wishes to reality. You can literally add anything in your registry from house furniture, toys, and toiletries to board games and bake wares.

This Target Registry can be made both in-store and online on Plus, they are also categorized in various offers to make your choices easier for you as per your celebratory events and proceedings. You can do it all, whether it is your wedding registry, baby registry, college registry, housewarming registry, kid's wish list, or custom registry. 

Target store review has observed that target ratings have highly improved since this program has touched the ground. People are attracted to its offers as it provides a complete 15% off though active target online promo codes on everything that is left on your registry. Moreover, they also have one year from when you receive the products for easy returns and exchanges. You will also get a chance to earn bonus gifts from the brands you are buying the items from.

Target Registry Benefits & Features

  • Get 15% off on all your leftover purchases after your wedding day.
  • Get 15% off on all your leftover purchases eight weeks before the baby is about to arrive.
  • You can have a hassle-free return and exchange till on year of the purchase.
  • You can Avail Bonus Gifts from the brands of your selected products.

 4.   Catch on the Target Clearance

target clearance

So as we are moving further in our target store review, we have come to a point where we can say that Target in so far a great place to avail reward programs and benefits. Now, coming along with the Target Clearance offer things, I have seen that it is also one of the most favoring places to get you significant savings done. You can get 50% off on Clearance Collection of the products that are available on the page of Target Clearance.

You can simply access the clearance page of the target by going on to the tab of Deals on the top of's home page. There are numerous amounts of categories, and the variety of those items is added to the clearance list. You can easily save up to 30% to 60% of the amount while shopping from Target Clearance.

You will find items for Women, kids, and men, plus you will also get to avail the home products, Health & Beauty, School & Office Supplies, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, and much more. There is even one catch to it, when you go to an in-store shopping for clearance, do check out the RedTag carefully. You will see the number written in the right top corner where you will see how much you care about going to save on that particular product. Plus, this Target Clearance will frequently help at the end of a season or post any holidays.

Target Clearance Benefits & Features

  • You can occupy Up to 50% off on Clearance Collection.
  • There is an availability of unlimited product categories.

 5.   Must Avail the Target Health Rewards

target health reward

In the opinion of many reviews, Target is officially an all-rounder and the jack of all trades when it comes to a retail store. My target store review has a similar take on it when I come to think of the Target Health Rewards.

If you go to a Target store near you, you will find a Target Pharmacy; here, they have all the high quality medications available. Plus, you can fill up prescription medicines or get flu shots or other vaccination and earn 10 credits. By doing this, you will also get a free $5 active target promo code. This offer is available for all the customers and members of any other Target reward program. You can easily have access to this astounding discount that I personally recommend you to avail and trust within the target store review.

Target Health Reward Benefits & Features

  • Everyone can earn up to $50 in Target Coupon Codes every year.
  • You can get a $5 active target promo code for your shopping at Target.
  • There is an easy cancellation that you can opt any time you want.

 6.   Use the Target App

target app

So the highlight of this target store review typifies that you must use the Target App. The target itself considers it the perfect shopping saving sidekick, and I couldn't agree more. Well, because it is a virtual shopping store just with so many more benefits and opportunities for discounts and significant savings with target online sales.

Starting with the scan barcodes at Target, this is one of the best advantages that you can have if you are going to a store for shopping, and you have the Target App with you. While you are selecting a product, you can scan the barcode present on the product packaging, and you will get to know all the current offers and bargains that Target has to summon on that particular item. 
Now isn’t that awesome?

Furthermore, you can also keep tabs on all the Target REDCard offers, and Target Circle Offers at all times. You will even know what's in the stock, and you can unlock some of the most outstanding rebates offers where you just have to scan your wallets barcode and add your mobile number at checkout. You will get an email of PayPal rebate after your purchase, and you can avail from your nearest store or at

An additional perk that target store review can't miss, and only the Target App users can avail, is the Target Drive up. You can simply shop online and select the drive-up option and get to the store to receive your order. The target employees themselves will provide you quite a fascinating service of putting your order in the trunk. And I have seen several target store pickup review that is so far positive, and I also think that this offer should not be one to miss.

Target App Benefits & Features

  • You can set up a free drive up to the store, and no signature is required.
  • There is the disposal of free same-day shipping with membership.
  • You will have access to exclusive offers of Target REDCard and Target Circle.
  • Everyone can save more on every single product just by scanning the barcode.
  • You can access the unlimited coupons on the app by going in the wallet and tapping on to the “View Coupons” option.

 7.   Save and Send Target Gift Card

target gift card

Target Gift Card is eminent among many people because it is a perfect gift for everyone, and it also saves you from getting stuck in the complications of selecting a gift. It is one of the most accessible offers that everyone can enjoy because these gift cards range between $5, $10 to $100. 

You can easily avail these Target gift cards both from the stores and online. As per my target store review contains some outstanding perks that make it stand out among the other competitors. You can also find a variety of designs in accordance with your accession. Plus, avail some amazing target discount gift cards that will save you some extra bucks for the month.

Moreover, these cards can be shopped by category, and there is no limit to it! You can explore multiple categories as per your need, starting from gaming, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, food & beverages, and much more. You can also avail of its corporate features and get them in the form of Visa, MasterCard & American Express, which can be used not just in the Target stores but also in millions of other places.

Target Gift Card Benefits & Features

  • You can get all kinds of gift cards at various price ranges.
  • It comes with co-branding and customized messaging options.
  • It has no activation or subscription fees.
  • There is no expiry date of these Target Gift Cards.

 8.   Did you know about Target Shipt?

target shipt

If you don’t already know about Target Shipt, then with the help of such a target store review, things will get very easy to understand. Shipt is a company that is acquired by the Target Company, and you can get your deliveries done more effectively. It specially offers same-day delivery to the customers, and you can get your groceries, and other essentials get shopped at your doorstep by a Shipt Shopper. 

They have a pretty decent service in which they deliver their products to most of the metro areas and other places in the US. However, there are some restrictions applied to this service. If you order your grocery or any item for the same day delivery from Shipt, then some products don't fall into the category of same-day delivery.

Therefore it might restrict you in some ways while shopping and getting your delivery conducted by Shipt. Other than that, the overall target store review shows that if you are looking for excellent delivery and want your grocery items to be delivered as soon as possible, then this can be a perfect choice for you.

Target Shipt Benefits & Features

  • You can get unlimited sorts of items to get delivered at your doorstep within a day. 
  • You will get to avail of a free 4-week trial.
  • The Shipt annual plan is just for $99 for unlimited orders.
  • REDCard owners will save 5% on their orders placed from

 9.   Save Big by Stacking up Coupons

target stack coupon

Target has provided this fantastic leverage to its customers, which most of them are unaware of. Most people think that when you shop at the target store, you can only use one coupon per transaction, but that's not true!

For this target store review, I must bring this to light that when it comes to saving big at a target takes some knowledge of insights. And stacking up coupons is one of them because you can use as many coupons as you want in a single transaction. This means that if you have a REDCard discount offer, a percentage-off Circle offer, and a Target dollar-off manufacturer coupon, you can use all of these offers in one go, which gives every shopper a chance to avail the maximum benefits on their purchases.

 10.   Be Eco-Friendly And Earn Discount

target bags

As I am unfolding almost everything in this particular target store review, I should tell you that there are more ways to gain discounts and save more than get the memberships and services. If you are really wholehearted about saving every single penny you can, you must become an environmentally friendly person because, as a Target shopper, it is more beneficial than ever.

When you take reusable bags while going to the shopping at Target, they offer you a 5 cents credit for each one of them. It might not seem much in the beginning, but if you have stock of those bags in your kitchen drawer, think how much you can save already.

 11.   Don’t Miss Out On the Target Price Match Policy

target price matching policy

Among all the other things that I like about Target, this is definitely one of the best ones, and I have to add this to my target store review. 

So Target offers you a Price Match Policy in which if you want to buy a product from the target and you see that exact item at a lesser price on one of the target's local competitors, Target will match the price right away. Moreover, if you a product at a lower price after you have already bought the product, you can contact the customer service of Target, and they will match the cost of that purchased item within 14 days. This facility is available for both in-store and online purchases. I have also received some high praising target customer service reviews that believe that many customers love this offer.

Few Rip-Offs from Target

I prefer to keep my target store review as fair as it can be, and for that, it will be essential to highlight some things that are not as satisfactory or a bit disappointing. So as per some target feedback I have gathered from different experiences, few outcomes are as follows.

  • There is no target discount for healthcare workers.
  • Target employees are not that happy with their job and think that their job security is deficient.
  • According to some target customer feedback, they have fewer options available in grocery items, and they say that the target website sucks. However, a majority of people prefer to use the target website over anything else.

But we don’t want to end our target store review on a discouraging note; therefore, I must tell you that the overall experience of this store has been amazing so far. And I distinctly recommend you this phenomenal store as to go for shopping and avail the privileges.

To Sum Up

to sum up

To finalize the target store reviews, I can assure you that despite some snags, Target surely has so many trump cards that are just hard to ignore. You if you plan your shopping and try almost all the benefits and faculties that they have to offer, you can confidently win and reap some substantial financial rewards of all times.

Considering this entire target store review, if you are also interested in sharing your target store review, I sincerely welcome you and suggest you follow-up on the standard target review guidelines. You can quickly speak your mind out by providing your opinion. You can also tap into the official target product review program and some more target store review of Target customers.

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