4 Things To Consider Before Setting Up An OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans is an online platform that has turned millions of everyday people into online celebrities with tons of committed followers. The fun isn’t limited to regular folks... Read more

Category: Business     Written By: Eva William

4 Things To Consider Before Setting Up An OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans is an online platform that has turned millions of everyday people into online celebrities with tons of committed followers. The fun isn’t limited to regular folks alone since many popular celebrities are getting in on the action as well.

With a healthy number of followers (or subscribers) on the site comes the ultimate reward that makes it all worthwhile. So it’s not surprising that everyone wants to open an OnlyFans account. If you’re seriously considering opening an OnlyFans, there are other factors you need to first take into consideration to make sure that you know what you’re signing up for. 

It doesn’t matter the kind of content you wish to create; this post will act as a one-stop guide.

What You Should Consider Before Opening an OnlyFans Account

We have compiled a list of four important things to take into consideration before setting up an OnlyFans account. They are as follows:

Total privacy might not always be guaranteed

Although the OnlyFans site is as secure as they come, your account is still at risk of a serious privacy breach. This might not sound so bad to you now, but you’d have to think twice if you favor the adult content niche. 

Due to the delicate nature of the adult content niche, creators are more vulnerable to privacy attacks than other creators. There is the risk of “doxing” and blackmail once your data is breached. Promoter scams and identity theft are not also far off. These are risks faced by accountholders across the world, from Asian OnlyFans accountholders to British and American ones.

However, OnlyFans has provided its users with further options to prevent these issues by following some security measures, such as protecting their account with two-factor authentication, undergoing identity verification, securing their account with a verified email address, and, if you choose, staying anonymous. 

Many OnlyFans adult content accounts are run with anonymity and pseudonymity for privacy purposes. Even with a masked face, you can still get more OnlyFans followers as long as you keep providing them with the content they want to see.

The type of content you wish to post

Before setting up your account, you must decide on the type of content you wish to post. 

There are several niches in the content creation industry that you can select from, such as lifestyle, health and fitness, sports, erotic content, books, photography, beauty, food content, social media management, and so on; there are hardly any limits. 

Livestreaming is also a lucrative niche on OnlyFans. You can Livestream your own TV shows and videos and make access to it exclusive to paid subscribers only. You can also earn by sending private messages or pictures to fans that they would have to unlock by paying a fee.

Your consistency in posting

Just as it is with everything we choose to do in life, consistency in posting on your OnlyFans page is a sure way to be successful on the platform. You don’t have to post every day. You can set out time from your personal schedule to make it happen. 

As you become more consistent, you stand a higher chance of getting new followers who will become paid subscribers in the long run. Exclusivity holds its appeal for many people; hence they will be willing to pay a fee to view contents that cannot be accessed from anywhere else on the internet. 

Paid promotions might be needed later for your page

Getting followers with consistency is one thing, but keeping them and adding more with paid promotions is equally important. You can collaborate with major or micro-influencers to give shout-outs to your page. Think of it as a form of investment into your success.

You are advised to be wise and vigilant when contracting people for paid promotions, as there are many scammers on the prowl looking to rob unsuspecting victims of their money.

It doesn’t have to be only paid promotions. You can also use your social media page to boost your OnlyFans following. 

Posting previews of your regular content with your OnlyFans link on your social media can draw more followers to your page. But at the same time, be careful not to post NSFW content on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Only Twitter and Reddit are tolerant of adult content.

Keep These Factors in Check Before You Open Your OnlyFans

There are things in life that should not be done spontaneously and without consideration; opening an OnlyFans account is one of them. Even if you don’t plan to open one, having a little knowledge wouldn’t hurt. 

The key thing to note here is consistency. There’s a rush to make money online, but most people balk when they realize that they will need to put in more effort to earn. Put in the work, and you’ll be surprised by the number of people that will sign up just to view your exclusive content.