10 Best Christmas Decoration Lights 2020

Holiday decorations are not complete without sparkling Christmas lights. Go through our top ten picks for the best Christmas decoration lights and brighten up your home like never before.

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10 Best Christmas Decoration Lights 2020

Holiday décor has advanced far beyond the old-style incandescent bulbs now. With technological advancements, people grace the eaves and living rooms of homes in more elevated ways. So if you find people stopping by and stare more often, part of the reason may be the Christmas lights. 

Sparkling Christmas Lights

You also have probably slowed down near a house with an especial display of colorful lights to marvel at it. Or also you like to watch a dazzling tower of Christmas tree decked with twinkling Christmas lights and shiny ornaments. Who hasn’t done that?

Now the options are so immense that you will get confused about choosing and what to leave. Probably until now you may have read the December shopping guide for your holiday preparation. And for your help in understanding the best Christmas lights, we have curated ten top products in this category. Keep reading below to know about them.

1. Wondershop™ clear sphere LED Christmas lights

Best globe light

Available on: Target

Price: $8.99

Wondershop™ clear sphere LED Christmas lights

This is the unique novelty light sculpture with an oversized lightbulb with its 5.25-inch diameter and clear exterior. These lights complement strings of other small Christmas decoration lights on your Christmas tree or trimming.

This Wondershop™ Christmas LED transparent sphere has 30 twinkle dewdrop blue lights that wrap around the clear outer of the globe provide an interesting look. You can fall for it even when it's not on.

These LED lightbulbs ensure energy-efficient and long-lasting use. The light-up sphere comes with a timer, so it does not stay on for too long. 

The light is perfect to display indoors or outdoors to suit your preference and can be put anywhere because it runs on batteries. 


A decorative globe for a unique addition to your holiday décor.

For a wintry glow, the sphere houses blue lights.

It comes with a timer for convenient use.

You can use for both indoor and outdoor.

It is battery operated.

2. Holiday Time teardrop LED C6 Christmas lights 

Best teardrop lights

Available on: Walmart

Price: $6.88

Holiday Time teardrop LED C6 Christmas lights

If you want to brighten your home's environment these holidays in sparkling colors, bring home the Holiday Time teardrop multicolor LED Christmas lighting set. The whole strand has 60 LED C6 lights with various colors that are cool to the touch.

For almost 20 feet, you can get excellent illumination from these lights. You can create a string to string construction with more of them because these are affordable Christmas decoration lights.

These lights can go really well with Christmas tree branches and greenery due to the green wire that blends well. These lights can be used for indoor and outdoor home décor.


60 teardrop multicolor LED bulbs in on a string.

Bulbs are super long-lasting.

You will get a warm pleasing glow everywhere.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

You will get two spare C6 bulbs and one spare 3 amp fuse.

3. Wintergreen Lighting M5 LED Christmas lights net set

Best net lights

Available on: The home depot

Price: $39.99

Wintergreen Lighting M5 LED Christmas lights net set

If you were looking for outdoor Christmas light ideas, opt for this Wintergreen Lighting’s traditional Christmas lights ideal for decorating bushes, shrubs, and other garden foliage. This set comes with 100 multicolor LED lights. Its bulbs are diamond faceted that diverts light with brilliant color and a dazzle radiance. They are energy efficient so that you can blanket your greeneries with them worry-freely.


Ideal size, i.e., a 4 ft. x 6 ft. green wire net along with non-twinkle LED mini lights. 

Shatter-resistant acrylic bulbs.

You can connect up to the end of 45 net light sets on one plug.

M5 LED bulbs have a very long lifespan. 

Tighter wire twists let you get worry-free of tangling for a cleaner, professional look.

Use 120-Volt household outlet power.

Perfect for outdoor use.

4. The Holiday Aisle cherry blossom bonsai tree lights

Best indoor table light

Available on: Wayfair

Price: $27.99

The Holiday Aisle cherry blossom bonsai tree lights

Get your side table a stylish cherry blossom Bonsai tree lights and impress your guests. This lighted tree is of 18-inch height illuminated with warm white LED lights. You can give this tree any shape by bending the branches and build an exclusive tree light for yourself.


Very attractive appearance, ideal for indoor decoration.

Versatile enough to place in any room table, bar, as it always brings you the magical feeling.

It is water-resistant and has a plug-in power source.

5. Home Accents holiday C9 incandescent lights string

Best for outdoor with large bulbs 

Available on: Walmart

Price: $24.99

Home Accents Holiday C9 Incandescent Christmas lights string

LED lights are turning up the game that does not mean that Incandescent lights are out of fashion. You can add a distinctly retro vibe to your holiday décor through the Home Accents Holiday incandescent C9 bulb lights. 

It will be a bright and fun addition to your outdoor décor and display. These 24 feet strands feature multi-colored C9 bulbs. You can connect two strands end-to-end to extend. The light set has an extra fuse. These Christmas lights are very durable and look stunning for the exterior of your home.


If one bulb burns out, the others stay lit.

A string of 25 C9 UL-approved multicolor lights.

On one outlet, you can connect up to two sets.

It also includes an extra fuse. 

6. Northlight LED wide angle Christmas lights 

Best festive light

Available on: Target

Price: $10.99

Northlight LED wide angle Christmas lights

These are the best Christmas lights for a house and on the list because these are worthy. For sure, these lights can turn your home into a wonderland these holidays. You can induce a winter scene in your backyard any time using these string lights. They can be hanged across the fence or from the roof to create an inside-out shimmering display of light. 

These lights look so elegant due to green bulbs and white wire. The LED lights use 90% less energy and have durable non-glass bulbs that do not get heat-up. These Christmas lights require 2 'AA' size batteries. 


Green led 20ct battery operated Christmas string lights.

All the bulbs will stay lit even if one burns out.

There is no assembling required, and it is recommended for indoor use only.

It is 9.5 feet long.

7. Alpine Corporation solar pathway Christmas lights

Best pathway lights

Available on: Lowes

Price: $21.23

Alpine Corporation solar pathway Christmas lights

Christmas décor is incomplete without pathway decoration. That is why we suggest you decorate your outdoor with the Alpine Corporation’s pole Christmas decorative lights.

This incredible pathway light features solar LED lights to brighten your front pathway festively. These are solar-powered and have an incredible battery life of up to 8 hours. They are easy to set up with its durable ground stake. 


These are uniquely designed FESTIVE DÉCOR that will enhance your outdoor Christmas display.

These stakes are made of DURABLE Stainless steel and clear acrylic topper.

The LED lights are SOLAR POWERED, and Photocells automatically turn lights on and off. 

These come with white and blue LED lights that provide a magical impact.

8. Window 320 Light string curtain lights

Best curtain lights

Available on: Wayfair

Price: $29.99

Window 320 Light string Christmas lights

If you were looking for simple curtain lights that complete your home's holiday décor, go for The Holiday Aisle window string lights that are designed with 320 LEDs.

These LED window curtain lights provide brilliant illumination and produce the right amount of brightness that will not bother your eyes. Besides your Christmas décor, you can use these blinking light strings for weddings, festivals, etc. Enjoy twinkling sparkly effects just like your personal galaxy on the window.


They are easy to set up due to their plug and play design.

On one circuit, you can connect up to 5sets together. 

These lights have eight different lighting modes that are controllable through a twist and turn of the controller.

They provide you perfect Christmas decorations with 320 quality icicle shaped LEDs.

9. Amazon snowflake string lights

Best snowflake design Christmas lights

Available on Amazon

Price: $14.99

Amazon snowflake string lights

It is an ordinary white LED string light with an extraordinary snowflake design that makes it eligible for this list. It provides so much unique and elegant feel to the environment that one has no option but to be mesmerized.


The light comes with copper wire, which is flexible and can be bent to any shape you want. 

These lights come with 40 independent snowflake bulbs with two modes settings of twinkle and flash. 

They are waterproof, energy-saving, eco-friendly.

These LED string lights are safe to use indoor or outdoor.

10. GE StayBright multicolor LED tape Christmas lights

Best rope lights

Available on: Lowes

Price: $22.98

GE StayBright multicolor LED tape Christmas lights

Rope lights are best when it comes to decorating a whole pillar or staircase. That is why we are providing you with the best option here for StayBright tape Christmas light. 


These lights come with multicolor 19.6-ft super bright tape. 

This whole rope contains 240 lights that you can connect up to 8 sets.

Ideal for wrapping around stakes, staircase grills, pillars, etc.

Wrapping up

There are various trendy holiday decorations, especially unique lights, that you can bring your home for home décor. It is a bright idea to spice up your holiday celebrations on a budget as well. So, choose from what we have listed the best lights for your home’s Christmas décor that you can buy and enjoy the festivities to the fullest. 

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Best Christmas Decoration Lights