December Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy (Not Buy) In December

We are stepping into the last month of the year that is full of festivities leading to the New Year. So read this December shopping guide 2020 to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

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December Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy (Not Buy) In December

Are we really going to step into December? It’s surprising that November passed in the blink of an eye. Well, that’s how the whole of 2020 has been; battling with the Covid-19 pandemic and now witnessing again the second wave. 

Life must go on with the new normal.

So, we are here with our December shopping guide 2020 as we’re getting snow outside and Christmas is not so far.

We are happy because it’s a great beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, we hope that you may have started on your holiday shopping, taking advantage of deals like Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2020. 

But still, Holiday shopping in December will also become great for you if you know where to look.

If you’re a savvy shopper and looking for more great deals by retailers for the holidays ahead, this guide is for you. 

Maybe retailers allow you to shop the whole of November through their Black Friday or early holiday deals; there are still plenty of sales, deals, and discounts this month. 

So if you are tired from browsing massive deals online with a stomach full of Thanksgiving turkey, pay your attention here. 

Start your month on the right foot and read till the end of this December shopping guide to know what you should buy and not buy in December. 

What to buy in December

What to buy in December

December is the last month of the year. And the year's biggest holiday, i.e., Christmas lies ahead with a New Year's Eve soon after, people love shopping in December. This December shopping guide will enlighten you with all the things out there you can buy for your holiday feasts and welcome the next year.  

So here are some best things to buy in December as they all come with discounts and are necessary to celebrate this month to the fullest.

1. Toys


The first thing that’s top on our list for December shopping is toys. December is perhaps the best time to buy the hottest toy releases of the year. Your children are going to love you for the toy gifts you will give them on Christmas.

In our opinion, the steepest discounts on toys will start just before ten days of Christmas. There are various toy stores that will offer discounts like Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer the best discounts on this year’s most popular toys throughout November, and they will continue to do so in their pre-Christmas sales and deals. 

If you have an eye on a specific toy, don’t wait too long for that. But if you want anything that comes your way, you will be benefitted a lot in terms of savings.

2. Artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees

December is the time when people passionately decorate their homes with different decorations. And various brands endorse their holiday decoration deals a month before Christmas.

Although there are various types of Christmas décors you can buy, our December shopping guide suggests you shop for a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree first. It is the best way to bring home some holiday spirit. Brands like Target, Wayfair, Best Buy has incredible deals on them, and you can buy affordable, a real looking artificial tree without breaking your bank.   

3. Customized Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments

We have lost many people in 2020 due to COvid-19. That is why it is necessary to love, appreciate, and cherish the people we have around us. And we suggest you buy customized photo Christmas tree ornaments because Christmas shopping in December feels incomplete without them.

You can use Snapfish's services, which offer the best quality prints for Christmas tree ornaments at the lowest prices possible. Get them printed with your loved ones' pictures and hang them on your Christmas tree to celebrate the relationships, love, and bond with family and friends.

4. Gift cards

Gift Cards

Buying holiday gifts for everyone is not possible. There are a lot of people who are impossible to buy for. So gift cards are perfect when you are confused about what to give someone as a holiday gift.  

Look for retailers who offer discounted gift cards. You can also browse through the PennySaviour website for their exclusive discounted gift cards. Expect to see discounts from 10% to 20% on most gift cards. Various tech companies like Apple and other tech companies provide a gift card on their websites rather than providing you a direct discount on their products.

5. Hardware and tools

Hardware and tools

December is the best month for people who seek hardware and tools discounts. As holiday sales, various retailers mark down the prices, and if you were holding yourself, now is the ideal time to invest in tools you were looking for. 

Expect retailers like The Home Depot to mark down everything from tool kits to power drills. Make a list and buy all things you need to fix anything in your home.

6. Baking supplies

Baking ingredients and supplies

Make a list of ingredients like flour, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, baking soda, etc. They all are used for baking, and December is a great time to score a deal on all of them. The last month of the official holiday season let retailers markdown on the baking supplies. So stock your pantry with enough of them to last you until Easter because these prices will not happen again.

7. Personal care

Personal care items

Personal care items should also be on your priority. The shopping guide for December includes this product category because it is likely to see incredible discounts during the holiday season, especially in December. Personal care items like razors, body washes, face masks, and electric toothbrushes see a significant price markdown. Retailers like Target has already offered a fantastic discount on electronic toothbrushes, and it will continue to do so in December as well.

8. Bath linens 

Bath linens

Traditionally, people change their bath linens in January, but this December shopping guide suggests buying them right now. Various retailers are offering bath linens at discounts right now, such as Riley Home. You can shop for their 17 pieces spa bath towel and sheet bundle that is perfect for impressing your guests.

You can check their website for plush towel sheets and bundles as well that are available at discounted prices right now.

9. Technology


Perhaps you think that Black Friday is over. No doubt it is, but the deals are still there. And the chance to get the best discount on tech products like tab, LEDs, smartwatches are welcoming you.

Walmart is offering deals on Samsung TVs, tablets, and smartwatches. You can grab whatever you want for your home as a holiday gift.

10. A Car

A new car

December is an excellent time if you’re looking to switch to a newer, shinier model of a new car. Dealerships want to meet their end-of-year targets, and due to Covid-19, the demand is already low. So you can expect a good deal on a new car that you might not otherwise snag.

Many people don’t know that they can buy a car in December last days because many salesmen are unwilling to miss the bonus they will get by achieving their target. So in this December shopping guide, we suggest you to do so. But remember, you have to research before you hit the showrooms to save your time.

11. Jewelry


December is the time to buy jewelry if you were waiting. Who doesn’t love cute jewelry articles like a ring, pendant, or earring? Especially the customized jewelry that says your name.

So, in our December shopping guide, we suggest you buy personalized jewelry as it is always an excellent idea for gifting as well as keeping it as a collection. And it is so easy to get it online through Etsy. Just browse their website to see creative, customized, and personalized gifts. You can buy necklaces, charm bracelets, and similar items from individual retailers at reasonable prices.

12. DSLR cameras

DSLR cameras

Well, the demand for mirrorless cameras is on the rise, and now people are not any more interested in buying those bulky, heavy DSLR cameras for regular use (not professional). So retailers are marking significant discounts on DSLR cameras right now as holiday sales.

This December shopping guide recommends you check out Best Buy for their remarkable camera deals. They are providing fantastic discounts on merely older models perfect for beginners and students of photography.

13. Home appliances

Large home appliances

Maybe you have taken advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. But still, there is an excellent chance for you to grab some significant home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, gas ranges, etc., at incredible discounts.

Lowes is offering selected major home appliances at discounts, and their offer is valid till December 3, 2020. So take advantage of that offer and upgrade without costing that much.

14. Winter clothing

Winter clothing

December is the last month for holiday sales, and that is the perfect time to shop for winter clothes if you have not yet. There are many fashion brands that are offering discounts on their winter collections right now, Grayers, to name a few.

Check out their website for details as right now, hot sales going on selected items like jackets, knitwear, and winter accessories. Stock them up and look best during your holiday parties.

Best days to shop in December 2020

Are you not feeling satisfied with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals yet? There is big news for you. December also brings a lot of days for you to score the best discounts and sales. Here is the detail below.

Green Monday (December 14)

Green Monday is actually an invention of eBay that happen a decade ago to encourage sales a bit in the holiday season. Now, various retailers offer deals on Green Monday. For instance, Target held a Green Monday sales event last year. The retailer offered $20 off for every $100 spent. 

Free Shipping Day (December 14)

It was also founded ten years ago by Coupon Sherpa.  Select online retailers (like Amazon) voluntarily offer free shipping on this day and guarantee delivery by Christmas. It is a good opportunity for you to avoid shipping charges on your last-minute shopping.

Super Saturday (December 19)

Super Saturday that is falling on December 19 is the last Saturday before the Christmas holidays. It’s basically an in-store shopping day given its last-minute nature. We observed that giant retailers like Kohl's offered coupons and discounts to shoppers the weekend before Christmas. So if you are a last-minute shopper out for a present-buying spree, you can do that on Super Saturday.

The next day of Christmas (December 26) till the last day of the year

After-Christmas sales are a great way to pick up items at discounts. Retailers clear the leftover stock with plenty of end-of-year sales in-store and online as well. The Banana Republic, for instance, offered up to 60% off during the days after Christmas.

What not to buy in December

Well, this December shopping guide has told you about everything that you can buy during December without costing you much. But December is also a month when many people fall for luring holiday sales and splurge on things that are not necessary at all. So refrain from buying the following items that we mention below and save your budget from welcoming the upcoming year.

1. Gym memberships

Gym memberships

If you have been waiting for the last month of the year to buy the gym membership, hold. Due to the second wave of Covid-19, there is a high chance that lockdown will happen again. So your expensive gym membership may go into the drain.

Wait till January to have a clear perspective regarding the situation and then take advantage of New Year deals that most gyms give to members to fulfill their new year's resolution.

2. Bedding


Bedding deals are usually available during Black Friday on various retailer’s websites. But out of numbers of bedding deals, nothing catches your eyes, hold yourself and wait for white sales in the first month of the year.

We expect to see significant discounts and deals on bed linens, sheets, pillows, and other soft goods.

3. Furniture


Whether you were planning to upgrade your living room sofas or want to buy patio seats, buying furniture is also a big no-no in December. Retailers only get anxious to clear their stock from showrooms for new products in January for the fresh releases in February. 

4. Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment

Retailers know really well that there will be high demand for exercise equipment and gear in December and January. So no chance is there that you will see any deals and discounts on them. Hold yourself and do not buy exercise equipment until the mid of January when retailers are expected to announce a significant markdown.

Bonus: Christmas Deals & Coupons To Spread The Holiday Cheer

We have curated a lot of Christmas deals and coupons for you. These will let you shop with incredible savings and discounts. They are as follow

Christmas decor

bring home the festive spirit by decorating the interior with dazzling Christmas lights. Use the following coupons and deals to shop at the lowest rates. 

Christmas lighting Save Up To 20% Off On Christmas Lighting by using Target coupon and promo codes  

Artificial Christmas tree Decorate your home with an artificial Christmas tree from Home depot and enjoy your holidays in a blessed home's environment

Christmas inflatables Also, don't forget to buy Christmas inflatables from Lowes available at 20% off

Christmas cards Get up to 75% off on Christmas cards from Snapfish and wish your loved ones in a creative style. 

Christmas ornaments Get up To 60% Off On Christmas Ornaments from Etsy and decorate your tree in different styles.

Bedding and bath

Bedding collection shop for premium bed sets from Riley home with discounts

Bath linens Get up to 55% off on bath linens from Bed, bath & beyond

Fashion and Clothing

Casual clothing You can now save up to 70% off on clothing and winter casuals from Kohl's

Winter clothing Now you can get up to 15% off using Grayers coupon code on your winter clothing purchases

Holiday beauty Save up to 50% on all of your holiday beauty products from Kohl's


Final words

So, shopaholics, this was our December shopping guide. We hope you have had an idea now where you should spend your money and save. So be a smart shopper and enjoy the last month of the year.

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December Shopping Guide 2020: What To Buy (Not Buy) In December