Best Holiday Gift Ideas In 2020: A Complete Guide

It's an official holiday season, and it's also a time to buy holiday gifts for your loved ones. Go through this complete guide to the best holiday gift ideas and impress everyone with your choice.

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas In 2020: A Complete Guide

It's almost the mid of November, and preparations for upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are in full swing. People want to enjoy shopping in November besides all the negativity and depression due to Covid-19. People are excited to celebrate the holidays with joy. And among many of the joys of the holiday season, one is giving presents and gifts to bring a smile to someone's face. That is why we are writing this to provide you with the best holiday gift ideas that will guide you for gifts for your loved ones.

best holiday gifts

But in 2020, the condition is different a bit. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and many suffer an income reduction. People are out of their budget and, for sure, looking for cheap holiday gifts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2020. It doesn't mean that it has to be something tacky or very small to make an impact. You can gift something good and significant and personal that will get appreciation, and you will also feel good about it. 

Even if AirPods, laptops, or other things are on the wish list of your loved ones this year, you can still find a good deal on them. Plenty of thoughtful gifts are also available in the market that will fill the void and won't break the bank.

So here we are guiding you about the best holiday gift ideas that we have found. These all are inexpensive and best presents for holiday for him, her, kids and everyone in between. We are dividing all of them into categories so that you can have an idea.

Personalized photo gifts

Tech gifts

Home essential and décor gifts

Kitchen gifts

Best holiday gift ideas for personalized photo presents

Photos and snaps hold moments in them. They have memories you want to remember forever. They also hold people you love. One gets inspired and cherish photos for the nostalgic feeling they bring. 

That's why personalized photo gifts are the best holiday gift ideas when it comes to giving someone things that express your sentiments. There are a lot of photo gift trends that one can think of giving these holidays. Some of the ideas among them are as follow:

1. Photo Blankets and pillows

personalized blankets and pillows

Ever wonder that the blankets and pillows can also be customized or personalized with photos? Yes, they can. And they also make a good gift for friends or family. Everyone loves to snuggle up on the coy couch for a movie night or to get a good night’s sleep. Pillows and blankets make everything more relaxing, pleasurable, and cozy. And when they are customized with photos, one will love cuddling up with them.

With Snapfish, you can personalize, customize to gift. You can also coordinate those blankets and pillows to your recipient’s room or home décor or photos, text, and embellishments. Their services are also budget-friendly through Snapfish free shipping code. It is so simple to create the custom pillows, pillowcases, and blankets within minutes when you use their pre-designed templates.

2. Personalized drinkware

personalized drinkware

It's a cult classic holiday gift now. If you are tighter on a budget and want to gift something significant, go for a personalized drinkware gift with memorable photos. Be it a mug, water bottle, glass, or a jug. The choice is yours. There are a lot of online services as well that will give you incredible mug printing services.

3. Year in a review photo book

Snapfish year in a review photo book

This holiday season is the best time to remember all the good memories you have made this year. Unfortunately, 2020 has not been that much exciting for all of us. But one can recall its best moments from birthdays to weddings, and graduations to dream vacations by preserving them in photo books. 

It is easy to gift someone the precious moments you spend with someone by creating a custom photo book with Snapfish. In case your phone’s memory is overflowing with new pictures, use their app and upload photos on-the-go to create cute brag books within minutes and keep your memories alive for longer.

Best holiday gift ideas for tech geeks

It will not be an exception if we say that 2020 is the year that elevated the tech gadget's sale. Companies launched new models of tech products, and people are going gaga over them. Also, retailers are putting massive deals online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. So holiday gift ideas to buy tech gadgets will not be bad ones. Following are some of the tech gifts you can buy for these holidays

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) - a smart speaker with Alexa.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) - a smart speaker with Alexa

Smart home devices are hot cake right now, and among them, the most popular one is Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker. It comes with an Alexa option, so you speak anything, and it will play for you. 

It is affordable and on the budget gifting option even when it is not on sale. Now you can grab it as less as $20. One can listen to music, pick calls, hear the latest news, and do many more tasks.

2. JBL tune 225 true wireless earbuds

JBL tune 225 true wireless earbuds

Earbuds are an in-fashion tech accessory that not only looks cool but also provides freedom from wired headphones. You will now see no more tangled wires stuck in your bag, jacket, or stuck in your hair. Experience a great quality sound with total freedom from cords with the JBL TUNE true wireless 225TWS earbuds. They are available on Target right now at 40% discounts, and you can apply Target coupons as well to maximize this price cutoff.

3. Apple watch series 3 GPS - 38mm

Apple watch series 3 GPS - 38mm

The Apple watch series 3 GPS 38mm is ideal for anyone passionate about fitness, sports, or healthy living. It let them measure their workouts, especially useful during running, cycling, HIIT's, etc. So gift them to the person who wants to track and share their daily activity to get the motivation they need. Right now, it is available on Walmart online for $179. You can also use their discount codes for more reduction in prices.

 Gift ideas for home

People find it easy to exchange home essentials and décor gifts on holidays. It’s so boring to gift someone the usual vase or succulent garden set. Go through our following unique gift ideas and please the recipient with your wit.

1. Faux fur throw

Cuddl Duds® Cozy Soft Plush to Faux Fur Throw

Throw blankets and sheets are love, especially when they are faux fur lined. We suggest you buy Cuddl Duds® Cozy Soft Plush to Faux Fur Throw from Kohl's. It is best for gifting on these holidays as they are available on massive discounts, and you'll love the look and feel of this cozy throw. It is a wrinkle-free, soft plush face with printed patterns and fleece-lined front and back. 

2. Decorative trays

The Home Depot

A decorative tray is an item that every household need. So this year, try to find the incredibly designed decorative trays to gift as a home essential. The Home Depot provides an array of decorative trays at discounts. Their collection is so vast that you will end up in confusion regarding your selection.

We suggest you buy black and natural water hyacinth decorative rectangle tray from the home decorator's collection (Set of 3) and impress everyone with your choice.

3. Pendant lights

Prange 1 - single globe pendant light

Decorating a home with lights feels so good. And when it comes to pendant lights, one can get as much creative as possible with them. So buy awesome pendant lights to gift on these holidays. Wayfair is offering incredible deals on particular items in their pendant light collection.

We suggest you opt for Prange 1 - single globe pendant light. It is simple yet elegantly designed and available at the best deal right now.  

Best holiday gift ideas for kitchen lovers

The most common gift exchange on holidays is for kitchen items. Isn't it so boring to gift the mug set or kitchen towels to someone this year too? Come on, it's 2020, and you have to be unusual the same as this year has been. The following are the best holiday gift ideas for kitchen lovers.

1. Ninja - Mega kitchen system

Ninja - Mega kitchen system

Small kitchen appliances make the best gift. If you want to please someone or you want to return someone a favor, this is the best possible gift you can gift this year. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender is perfect for mixing, blending, juice, and process all of your favorite foods. It is available on Best Buy with an incredible deal right now. Go grab it before it’s too late.

2. Classic nonstick 16.5' roaster with a roasting rack

Classic nonstick 16.5

Why always it has to be a frying pan you gift someone on holidays? Why could it not be a roaster? We suggest you buy a nonstick roaster with a roasting rack from Macy's this year and stand out with your gift choice also avail savings. It is best when it comes to making juicy, mouth-watering turkeys for Thanksgiving. Your recipient can enjoy tender roasts by cooking it quickly and easily.

Wrapping this guide… 

Whether your gift recipients are a fitness enthusiast or homemakers, you can find a budget-friendly gift through the above best holiday gift ideas. So if you've been looking for a complete guide to gift something significant this year that will score you some major points, mark these options of our holiday gift guide and buy the best presents that anyone will want to unwrap in a hurry this year.