Shopping Guide For August 2020 | What To Buy (And Not Buy)

Happy summers! August may be the last month to get some sunshine. Sales events are less, and if you are curious about discounts, sales, and deals you can score  this month, we’ve got you covered for that. Follow this August Shopping Guide and find a lot of suggestions regarding what to buy and skip in this month that might help you get rid of a financial burden.

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Shopping Guide For August 2020 | What To Buy (And Not Buy)

Summers are saying goodbyes, and August is officially about to be here. And as always, we all are excited about the beginning of a new month. A fresh era in our lives has entered with the slowly diminishing Covid-19 pandemic.

And even though August's month may observe less official holidays, it is definitely not short on sales, deals and discounts, and money-saving opportunities.

So if you were thinking about what to buy and what to skip this month and looking for the August shopping guide, we are presenting the solution. Go through this piece of article till the end for a perfect August shopping guide. We have discussed what you can grab and what you should leave this month.

What to Buy in August

Summer is enjoying its youth days. And August is probably the last month to have some sunshine. Fall is eager to hit us, and retailers are now getting rid of summer essentials and preparing to display stuff related to the cold weather.

So there are many things in our August shopping guide to stock up for less. Although the sales events are not too much this month, you will still easily find a deal to grab some discounts on this August shopping guide.

Read our suggestions below on what to buy in August 2020 (that too on sales), and don’t forget to say thank you later.

Ceiling fans and Air conditioners

ceiling fan and Ac

Due to growing temperature in summer, home cooling appliances like Ac, room coolers, and ceiling fans are in high demand. As blistering days of summer are about to end after August, most of the fans and air conditioner retailers will surely lighten their inventories through summer clearance deals. So you can buy the items used for cooling the home like Ac, and ceiling fans, pedestal fans, etc.

You will find the best deals on Walmart to get the best quality products at reasonable prices. You can also get off on ceiling fans from 1800lighting and trust us, which could be a big deal to catch as soon as possible.



It’s hot in summer, and various regions are very humid. Due to high humidity levels, havoc can be wreaked on things in-home or apartments like electronics, wallpaper, furniture, and clothing. So your August shopping should have a dehumidifier that can help regulate the humidity level in your home and interior spaces. They dry out the air and preserve the air conditioning.  

As we have mentioned earlier, retailers are announcing sales on essential summer items, and we will definitely name them in this August shopping guide. Walmart has the best deals on dehumidifiers that will save you a lot and provide you with free delivery. What else you need?

Fashionable face masks

fashionable facemasks

Ok. Let’s face reality. Covid-19 may have created havoc in our lives, and after months of lockdown, everything is getting normalized. But Covid-19 is yet here, and it’s here to stay, so we have to learn to live with it. 

Facemasks, that’s why are necessary to protect yourself and others. Keeping that need in mind, our August shopping guide recommends fashionable facemasks launched to make you feel happy about wearing it and getting rid of an ugly surgical facemask. 

These fashionable facemasks should be in your must-have things to buy in August. They are comfortable, vibrant, and cheap, and you will be glad to put it on. Retailers like Grayers have the collection of best fashionable facemasks made of soft fabric, and they are selling at a reasonable price. Do check them out and survive in the covid-19 pandemic with style.

Patio and outdoor furniture

patio furniture

You must have been chilling outdoors these summers lying down on a hammock, with a refreshing mojito. But it’s time to upgrade your outdoor patio furniture as it’s still the official barbeque season. 

So in our August shopping guide, we will suggest you buy patio furniture and elevate your backyard looks.

June and July were the peak months that observed the high demand for patio furniture. As the last month of summer is about to be here, various retailers have put on the August sale on patio furniture ideal to enjoy summer evenings in the backyard.

There is an ongoing flash sale on Aosom on awesome patio and outdoor furniture range. Do check them if you want to save a little.

Back-to-school supplies

back to school supplies

Summer vacations are about to end, and the government will soon announce the reopening of schools and colleges. So kids are really excited to meet their peers and enjoy their normal student life back. So, make a proper shopping list for back-to-school supplies and grab them from back to school sales 2020.

There must be many things that the kids and students will definitely need after a long gap due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many retailers are announcing back-to-school sales on stationery and school supplies to fulfill kids' educational needs easily. There are a lot of suggestions for things you can read here.

We will suggest you check Target as they have ongoing ready for school sales. They have everything one can need in school. Shop from them and maximize your savings.

Outdoor gear and garden decor

outdoor gear and lawn mowers

Along with outdoor patio furniture, lawnmowers, grills, garden tools, etc. are about to witness major price drops. Also, the drop-down in prices of outdoor lighting and accents is expected. So we are drawing your attention through our August shopping guide towards your backyard or gardens. If you were not having any plan to buy gears and décor for outdoors and garden, now is the time. 

We recommend checking out Home Depot’s sales and deals on grills, lawnmowers, and other garden-related stuff. It will be significant enough to provide you enough savings. Also, you can checkout Southfork for outdoor décor lighting.

Summer clothing 

summer clothes

Soon after a month, fall will be here, knocking our doors. As fast as the cold weather approaching us, retailers are rushing to put summer clearance sales to make space for the latest fall fashions.

If you have been thinking about what to shop in August, it is the best time to stock up on summer clothing essentials and accessories. Be it flip-flops, sandals or swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts, you can stock them up for less. 

We will recommend you to check out the sales in big-box stores like Macy's. Also, Nordstrom has its anniversary sales during the first part of August. The sales will let you shop a mix of warm weather merchandise and cooler weather essentials. So it is expected to grab inexpensive, quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Home goods

home goods

It will be unexpected for you that we have included home goods in our August shopping guide. But we are firmly suggesting you buy home goods like kitchen and dining essentials, floor care, and bedding and grab the best deals in August on these goods. For bedding, you can shop from Riley Home. They are providing 20 % off for their Summer of Linen sale.

You can also visit Kohl's to grab their 'Home Sale' covering bed and bath, kitchen and dining, and floor care.

Wall art

wall decor and art

Covid-19 pandemic for sure injects the depression in our lives and our homes. And now, when it is diminishing, and life is moving towards betterment, your home also needs to be better now. So in our August shopping guide, we will provoke you to decorate home passionately with beautiful wall art.

Although finding cheap and quality wall art is difficult. Especially when you want them to reflect your personality. But you can buy an impressive collection from Elephant Stock. They have an ongoing clearance sale on wall art prints that will definitely give a fresh and refreshing look to your home's walls and keep your budget intact.

College and Dorm room essential

dorm room essentials

Although dorms, hostel, and colleges will get open in August or not, it's still unclear. But there is nothing bad in preparing in advance than to rush the store at the last minute. So this August shopping guide is including dorm room essentials as an August buying suggestion. Get dorm bedding, accent lights, table lights and lamps, storage bins, and much more stuff from retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl's.

They are offering excellent sales on them. Also, you can shop from The Container Store with up to 30% off on selected items. Don't worry if the dorm won't get reopen this fall. You can use the stuff in your kid's bedroom to provide a comfortable college dorm environment.

Noticeable Sales Events in August to Follow

Sales tax free holiday

sales tax free holidays

It is of utmost necessity for saving-savvy people to know that some states in America announce sales tax holidays during August. They include Connecticut, Arkansas,  Florida, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia, to name a few. 

It is holidays when these participating states let the consumers and shoppers enjoy August sales tax free shopping and purchase the items without paying sales tax. But note that only eligible products fall under the event of this sale. And they vary in every state.

For an idea, they may typically include apparel, school supplies, and even selected electronics items. So it's best to watch out and save nearly 7% on the range of daily use items without paying tax. That is a fantastic opportunity.

National garage sale day

national garage sales day

The second Saturday in August is National Garage Sale Day. It is an informal and simple event whereby people sell their used goods out of their garage. There are no sales taxes, no overpriced items, no strict and rigid pricing, and bargaining. So look up in your neighborhood or community on national garage sale day 2020 to buy the used goods that people sell. For sure, there will be a good deal on cycles, car parts, rugs, old furniture, garden supplies, and what so not.

National waffles day

national waffles day

National Waffle Day on August 24th is celebrated as the anniversary of the first waffle iron patent. So you can expect the eateries are offering sales on waffles. Don't forget to grab them and enjoy the delicious treat.

What Not to Buy in August

The previous months of June and July were full of deals and sales due to special days like independence day and father’s day. We have discussed above in this August shopping guide about the events in August and fewer deals. But, it is not even necessary to haul for everything that comes your way on a little discount. So, here is the list of what to skip in August and save money for later.

Home Appliances

home appliances

In August, if you want to buy a new home appliance, then wait. There is a Labor Day in September ahead, and the deals on a new fridge, washing machine, dryers, or dishwasher will surprise you. So we have not included home appliances in the August shopping guide.

Apple iPhone

apple iPhone

Upgrading to an iPhone in August is probably the worst idea because they get launched their new models in September. So if you have read the wrong August shopping guide somewhere and looking to upgrade and jump to the latest iPhone hold on. Apple this year may push their new model’s launch a further in October, and you may grab a deal in black Friday sales as well.

Gaming consoles

gaming consoles

There is most probably not a single deal in August for gaming consoles. It is definitely not the time to invest in them. Consider August as your saving month and wait for the upcoming highly-anticipated Black Friday sales.

Fall clothing

fall clothing

We will, in our August shopping guide, strictly refrain you from buying fall clothing in August. There are no sales or deals on fall clothing in August. The warm apparel, accessories, and other things are at their highest prices in August due to season's start. But do not worry, many sales events are coming ahead to grab up to 80% off your favorite sweaters. 


bed mattress

If you are craving for a cozy, soft mattress, control a bit. You will be gladder if you hold until Labor Day weekend sales. It’s an event famous for outstanding mattress sales. You can expect a huge discount on bedding, gifts from Mattress Firm and Casper, etc.


July's Prime Day sale has been postponed, and September's Labor Day sales is still ahead. So, the question is, what one should do to shop by the time August arrives?  What are the deals happening in between? We have answered that all very well in this August shopping guide here. And you probably now have a complete idea about what to buy and skip in August. We hope you have read all of our suggestions and will save a hefty amount in August as well.

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