25 Best Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

Christmas vibes are already in the air. Get into the mood to cheer on holidays with some heartwarming romantic flicks, amazing animated kids movies, and other Christmas movies with all its festive spirit. Check out this entertaining list of movies that are available to stream on Hallmark, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or CBS this year.

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25 Best Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

"Curl up on your cozy couch with some popcorn, warm cookies and a glass of wine- it`s time to watch some great festive movies".

Jingle bells all around, Santa is busy in distributing gifts, kids are chewing Christmas candies, but what are you doing? After rushing through the malls and buying all the Christmas gifts, receiving the guests, and preparing Christmas dishes, you need a relaxing time. Watch some good Christmas movies and find a bright spark in the holidays. 

An astounding number of festive flicks have released over the years.From curling up with classics to Netflix`s more modern offerings, check out this breakdown of the best Christmas films of all time.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2018

Get into the spirit of Christmas with some great hallmark Christmas movies. Whether you`re looking for something to enjoy post-Xmas dinner with your family or want to watch a romantic Christmas flick with your boyfriend, there`s something for everyone. So, grab your festive-themed blanket and settle down with some top picks from the holiday favorites at Hallmark.

  • Once upon a Christmas Miracle 

Based-on-a-true-story, this movie must-have to be in your Christmas watch list. This holiday romance is based on the remarkable story about Chris Dempsey who donates his organ to Heather Krueger, who is diagnosed with a stage four liver disease. They both met for a liver transplant, and after the surgery, Chris ends up being Heather`s perfect match in every way. Their friendship turns into a miraculous romance that saves Heather`s life. 

  • A Season for Miracles

It is one of the popular Christmas movies amongst Hallmark`s Hall of fame collection. Emilie Thompson forced to take charge of her nephew J.T. and niece Alanna when her drug-addicted sister and the kids become homeless. Emily packed them up to her home state but found it hard to survive there. She needed a miracle to keep her family together. Then a versatile guardian angel appeared and saved the day for them. In the long run, Emily and Guardian angel fell in love. 

  • November Christmas

Share the best moments with your family by watching this movie together. It is one of the best family Christmas movies in which a brave young eight-year-old girl is fighting with cancer. Her father John Corbett plan to create special Halloween and Christmas moments several weeks early for her little daughter. His neighbor and the whole community comes together to make the holidays happen sooner. The story has a perfect plot and a drama that creates a moment of love, emotions, and joys all in one.

  • Jingle around the clock

Add this film to your holiday favorites. It is the latest Hallmark Christmas movie which is going to be streaming on Saturday 22nd of December 2018. The story has got all the flavors of romance, friendship, and Christmas traditions. When Elle Bennet decides to reunite her college friends for a special Christmas celebration, her plans are obstructed by an opportunity at work that she can`t miss. On her project, she`s forced to team up with Max who has an entirely different take on the Holidays. As both of them start working together and know more about each other`s Christmas traditions, love happens between them. 

  • Christmas Bells Are Ringing 

The name itself reflects the theme of Christmas. It`s a sweet, mellow dramatic love story in which a freelance photographer Samantha is heading back to Cape Cod after a long time since her mother passed away to attend her dad`s wedding. On her way, she accidentally met her childhood friend and felt like the love bells were jingling inside her heart with the Christmas bells. You can watch this movie on 23rd December 2018.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

Step into the cinematic history of Christmas with this festive flick. The story of Connecticut has its own irresistible charm. It revolves around a food writer who lied about being a perfect housewife and her home in Connecticut. The War hero Dennis Morgan becomes the object of a publicity stunt and won a Christmas dinner by a magazine publisher. The Boss ordered Barbara Stanwyck to arrange a Christmas dinner in her own Connecticut home. But she doesn`t have a house in Connecticut and never been in a kitchen in her life.

Christmas Movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix is on fire this year as well. It is all sizzle up with some crisp of modern flicks and a sequel to A Christmas Prince. All the movies play around with the spirit of Christmas. So get ready to enter into contemporary cinematic land. Here is the list of some few holiday gems available to stream this year at Netflix.

  • The Holiday Calendar

It is a new holiday rom-com that`s worthy of your time. The movie plays on a metaphor of Christmas romance genre. You will love the cozy tale of a struggling photographer who finds an old advent calendar from her grandfather that seems to be predicting her future including her love life. This whimsical tale will let you realize how love was right in front of you all along, and you ignored. Might be you have been reading the clues wrong.

  • The Christmas Chronicles

Christmas is all about fun and joy. And The Christmas Chronicles has got all the elements for wholesome holiday cheer. It is the perfect Christmas movie for kids. You will see Kurt Russell performs as Santa Claus who likes to boogie and teams up unexpectedly with two siblings for a holiday adventure. But somehow the Santa`s sleigh crashes, and then the kids and the elves have to work with him to help save Christmas. The jolly good character of Santa and the whole movie is like a sugar cookie and mug of hot chocolate. 

  • Love Actually

It is a rewatchable delight that you can add in your favorite Christmas movies watch list; it is just so compelling, too damn charming, and overwhelmingly warm. The film has ten separate, stories twisted around each other at Christmas time in London. But all unite on the idea that love is pleasant, actually, even if it makes you go with shits and hard times. You will find absolute joy and a fairy-tale romance in the film.

  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

It is one of the popular animated Christmas movies which is far from perfection. It is something like of a direct ticket to Christmas spirit. Grinch will transport you into the realm of absolute Christmas cheer. Jim Carrey has done an excellent job of a green-tinged grump and turned the holiday-hating character into a comedic figure. The iconic animated shorts and Christmas songs do the heavy lifting and bring the whimsical Whoville to life on screen. It`s an excellent way to dose up on festive cheer.

  • White Christmas

Are you in a mood to take a dose of sentimental cheer this season? Watch White Christmas. It is the favorite holiday classic film with a grand Old Hollywood music. Bing Crosby and Phil Davis team up with sister act Betty and Judy Haynes to perform a Christmas show as a singer and dance duo to save a rural Vermont Inn from breaking. It`s entirely syrupy sweet and romantic. The costumes are divine, and cast puts on a fine show.

Christmas movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has come active for the Christmas movies game this year as well. The movies you find don`t necessarily fall into “classic” category but are worth watching. It`s a Wonderful Life, arguably is the exception and most celebrated Christmas movie of all time. Amazon prime is streaming online this iconic flick for the first time in both color and black-and-white. Here are some more to add in your watchlist this year.

  • It`s a Wonderful Life

Blow out your holiday blues and get into the festive cheer with this timeless classic flick. It has the ingredients of love, goodwill, second chances, and family bonding. The movie has got some same narrative elements when an angel tries to stop George Bailey from suicide by showing him the glimpse of all the good things he has done in his life. The film is overwhelmingly exciting and engaging. When you watch this movie you will also agree on the name that it`s a truly wonderful life.

  • Jack Frost

Satisfy your Christmas nostalgia with some classic hits. Jack Frost is no doubt the best Christmas movie for kids. It is a heartwarming story for the entire family. Do not mix it with the adventures of Jack Frost who serves as the guardian to save a village from an evil king. This movie is the perfect Christmas fantasy adventure. After a year of his father`s death, a young boy made a snowman and dressed it in his father`s hat. The boy`s wish has come true when his father returns to life, as the snowman.

  • Falling for Christmas

The film is a complete package of love, affection, fun, and romance. Watch this movie with your significant other and spice up your love life with this adorable holiday romance. When the outstanding figure skater Claire got an ankle injury and sent to a rehabilitation center in the snowy mountains to recover before the championship, she meets Luke and falls in love with him. He showed her that there is more to life than the competition and made her rethink about her priorities in life. 

  • A Christmas tree Miracle

It can make a great addition in the list of best Christmas movies for families. It is a heart-warming festive tale in which a socially impaired family reminds you that miracles do happen if you have a strong belief. When David George loses his job and home and follows Nina`s suggestion of sleeping at the church with his family, they meet the Christmas tree handler who recognizes David as the person who bought him a coffee someday when needed. He invites the family to stay at his Christmas tree farm. 

  • A Christmas Story

This 1983, holiday classic has got a nostalgic view of Christmastime. According to New York Times, “A Christmas story may be the best Christmas movie ever.” The story has shown a nostalgic view of Christmastime in the 1940s when a young boy wishes to get a Red Rider BB gun. He escapes convincing the world that this is the perfect Christmas gift. His parents unwilling to buy him the gun then he decides to start a full-scale Santa-begging campaign.

CBS Christmas Movies

Don`t skip the great Christmas movies that are airing this year on CBS holiday specials.  From the most charming, and heart-warming animated Christmas movies to terrifying (occasionally) festive flicks and melodious Christmas songs, the cinematic sack is bulging with treats on CBS. Whether you love demonic Santa, home-invading thieves, or adorable elves, there`s something for everybody in the list below:

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Voted as the most beloved Christmas movie, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a classic TV Specials that reminds you of your childhood days. You can watch this movie with your kids and share some good moments with them. The film is just a sweetheart in which a reindeer with his unfit red nose started moving with his friends in search of a place that will accept him. He finds the Santa and helps him with his shiny red nose and saves the day for Christmas.

  • The Story Of Santa Claus

This animated classic shows a gentle and jolly good character of Santa Claus in a harmonious way. The story revolves around a kind man named Nicholas Claus who is a toymaker and wish to deliver a toy to every kid on Christmas Eve. The elves of the North Pole help him, facing enormous obstacles to grant his wish. The heartwarming plot of the movie will surely make your Christmas extra special.

  • Frosty The Snowman

Just to feel the jovial Christmas vibes, there is nothing better than to re-watch this classic animated film. The movie shows a funny, pleasant, and jolly, happy soul of Frosty, how his old silk magical hat transformed him into a musical Christmas icon. The mystical plot of the movie elegantly demonstrates the unique showmanship of Frosty and successfully win the hearts of people.

  • A Christmas Carol

It is one of the most popular Dickens` festive tales that beautifully delivers the warmth and frivolity of Christmas time. When an old miser realizes his uncaring, and mean nature by three Spirits on a Christmas Eve. The Spirits reveals him the opportunities he wasted in his youth, his miserable existence and cruelties. He learns real compassion with the help of spirits who visited him on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Movies on Lifetime

Get into the Holiday spirit fast with all the Christmas vibes with some romantic, mysterious, actionable, and comedy Christmas Movies. Lifetime is premiering some latest flicks this year like Santa`s boots, a very nutty Christmas, Christmas Harmony, and many others. You can also hit some of your favorite Classic holiday movies at the Lifetime Movie Network any time. Here are some top Picks of this year.

  • A very Nutty Christmas

Enjoy a sugary, crunchy Christmas with this movie in which Melissa Joan plays a role of a hard-working owner of a bakery as Kate Holiday. Kate gets informally dumped by his boyfriend while she is knee-deep in Christmas cookie orders to complete before the holidays. She then finds a handsome soldier, thanks to a magic ornament. It turns out that the soldier may be or not, the Nutcracker Prince. Kate considers falling in love with the prince and finds happiness again on Christmas Eve.

  • Christmas Around the Corner

This Christmas particular flick has got all the happy vibes you can expect on the festive season. Claire is the savvy venture capitalist who heads to Vermont for the holidays. She loves the bookstore but hates the owner. But it is the Lifetime universe, in which you can easily slide from burning hatred to feel the love vibes. Soon Claire and Andrew fell in love and Andrew decided to sell the bookstore for Claire. Maybe the spirit of Christmas change his mind, or might Claire decides to move to Vermont. Who knows!

  • Dear Secret Santa 

The Christmas tale has got all the elements of romance, magic, and love. It doesn`t really have a holiday theme except that it takes place at Christmas time. When an adorably clumsy Jennifer, moves back home to care for her aging father, she starts getting letters signed, “Your Secret Santa” from an anonymous secret admirer. Later she finds that they are from Jack, his childhood friend. It`s a sweet and mystical love story that will surely touch your heart.

  • The Santa Con

It is a good holiday movie to watch with your family. Melissa Joan stars as a single mom of an adorable son, who asks Santa to unite his parents again for Christmas. The plot has got twists and turns in the form of a con man, Nick who finds the real meaning of Christmas when he gets a job as Santa at a department store. He promises the boy to reunite his parents by Christmas. But after meeting the boy`s mother, will he picks to put the happiness of the boy ahead of his own?

  • Four Christmases and a Wedding

This holiday watch perfectly depicts the phrase “Love will find its way” into cinematic form. When Chloe, hires as an event planner to plan Christmas festivals, she meets Evan, and they fall for each other, but as Christmas day nears, Evan moved overseas for work. But Evan and Chloe cross paths at the annual festivals three more Christmases. Each year something stands in the way of true love. Will the Fourth Christmas Eve bring them together? Will the Santa`s magic work and their love find the way? 

Closing Thoughts

Christmas is festive of sharing love and joy all around. Get into something delightful and embrace the holiday bliss. These Christmas movies will bring you more into the festive spirit and make you laugh, fall in love, or cherish little things in your life. From a kid-friendly flick to something sizzling and romantic, there`s something for everyone in this selection of Christmas hits. Fuel your cinematic craze with these top Christmas movies in your cozy blanket and your hot chocolate.
Enjoy the holidays and have a merrier Christmas!
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