14 Ways To Cope With Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Are you feeling down on yourself just because you have no one to date this valentine day? So let me give you good news to hear that it is not necessary to be in a relationship, the singles can also enjoy this lovely day in 14 different ways. Read to discover what are these. 

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14 Ways To Cope With Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Long distance, possessiveness, ego, attitude or willingness, no matter for what reason you are single on this valentine day - the bitter reality is that you have to cope with it either happily or sadly...

Another sad fact is that it doesn’t matter whether you are newly single or dying alone since ages; every valentine day is like the salt to your wounds - Yeah, cutesy heart-shaped trinkets in the stores, never-ending drippy advertisements and event announcement are so cruel.

It’s dreary to see couples sitting hand in hand or dating each other but trust me nothing is depressing about it. 

Single peeps can also enjoy the day of lovers i.e., Valentine’s Day.  

Resist the pressure to be in a relationship if it doesn`t happen to be the time for you, and celebrate the moment.

 Give you a shoulder to cry on, I have bumped out 14 ways to cope with being single on Valentine’s Day. 

1. Console Yourself

The 21st century is the age of singles.

 You are not alone who is single; the numbers of single adults are increasing. The figures don’t just state people are staying single longer before settling down, even more for life. 

So if you are actually not happy being single on Valentine’s Day 

You may scroll through your social media accounts to enjoy memes on singles; it will surely brighten your mood.  

Warning, mute the WhatsApp status, facebook & Insta stories of every of your friend who is in a relationship, engaged, committed or married. 

Plus, if you are sensitive; avoid using social media on 14th February 2019.

Try to change the perspective; don’t let the media, advertising, and shopping malls make you feel like something is missing if you are not in a dating relationship on Valentine’s Day.  

2. Consider yourself lucky rather than weeping  

Love makes the world go round. I love the feeling of loving someone and being loved. 

“This is all trash” this might be your reaction about these sentences on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry even mine is the same. 

Valentine day is extraordinarily overrated because it does not only make those who aren’t in relationships feel unloved but also gives couples a reason to stress out. 

Feel lucky that you don’t have to pull a wallet for this random holiday in February. Because in the name of showing love you have to buy flowers for him, gotta get her roses, and some chocolates.

Doing lots of things without even knowing how long this relationship is going to last, a week, months or till the day her crush propose? 

So isn’t it better to treat yourself or get gift for self rather than throwing money to impress someone and then regret on breakup night?

No or yes? Think about it….

crying over your ex-girl friend

3. Believe That Being Single Is Not A Curse 

The creepy advertisements and couple discounts on Valentine’s Day will make you think that being single is the worst thing you can experience.

Well, it is not.

Being in a relationship and then ditched is even more awful. However, the people are not happy in whatever they have; Single people are dying to be in relationship and partnered-one secretly wishes to be single.

But the fact is, there are numerous benefits only singles can enjoy whereas people who are in a relationship found to be bound. 

  • You can flirt without fear
  • You can work on yourself
  • You can travel on a whim
  • You can do whatever you want…..

Believe That Being Single Is Not A Curse

4. Celebrate Palentine`s Day

Hmmm, so it’s a V-day again. And you don’t have someone you can call “bae” and ask for dinner.

It is not a deal. 

Who needs Valentine when you have pals to hang out with you? Because bae can say bye –bye but friends will never.

 So list downs all your friends; call people who are single because couples will never gonna receive it. Invite them and have fun!

Take advantage of this perfect excuse and spend quality time with your friends rejoice in just how much you adore each other and how lucky you are to be together.

5. Look forward to single scenes

Despite your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is the event to celebrate. There are lots of bars and cafes who think singles as a human on Feb.14. 

So if you feel uncomfortable around couples, you may move to the singles bar to enjoy the room full of un-partnered people with the aim of meeting new people and having fun.

Look forward to single scenes this Valentines Day

6. Go Get Drunk

Go drunk and have a blast on Valentine’s Day 2019. Everyone doesn’t like to be treated as baby whom chocolates, cupids or teddy bears can make happy, some like drinks and get drunk. 

Getting drunk on 14th February is one of the most common ways single opt to went through this traumatizing day. 

So, select your favorite bar or the best seat at your house to drink as much as you can and pass out.

7. Make Someone Happy

Sometimes the simplest gestures and smallest compliments are all you need to make someone happy.

The best thing you can do to pick yourself up is to helping someone else. For this, you may visit a nursing home, hospitals or to an old lonely relative to help them spend some good time and relish their memories.

Also, think of sending flowers or chocolates to a friend how is recently gone through a breakup to make her feel like she is still unusual for someone. 

Life is not only about having a girlfriend or boyfriend or celebrating lover’s day, but it’s also about making someone happy.  

Make Someone Happy This Valentine Day

8. Manage Your Emotional Triggers 

You are going to face many emotional triggers on Valentine’s Day especially if you went through the breakup recently.

You know the feeling when someone cracks a joke on you “being single” that might not be a big deal to another person, but entirely subvert you for the whole day?

 Only you can control yourself, so take a little time to go cool down and make sure to be patient, kind and compassionate with everyone.

Manage Your Emotional Triggers While Being Singe On Valentine Day

9. Spend time with your Family 

There is nothing like family in the world. No one can love you more than your parents. When you spend time with your family, you learn to bring balance in your life. 

You don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but you have a loving family who wants you at any cost also don’t make false reasons to break up with you.

Why not give your precious time to them rather than wasting it on someone else. Plus, family time and a healthy discussion can solve many problems.

Choose family dinner over date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

10. Celebrate With Your Furry Valentine

If you are living alone and compassionate for the absence of human companionship, then the pet at your house can diminish feelings of loneliness, a study revealed this fact.Your pet love you unconditionally so don’t miss this chance; special Valentine`s Day is the perfect way to show you care.

Arrange a play date, spoil them with treats or do anything they love to. Think out of the chocolate box and spent this single Valentines Day with your pet.

Celebrate With Your Furry Valentine this Valentine

11. Tease Couples in A Fun Way

How dare someone enjoy Valentine’s Day when you are single.

Well spoiling someone’s date isn’t a good idea but little naughtiness is justified. 

To load your day with fun and amusement go to couples who are dating forgetting the world and shout “how could you do this, I thought you love me” and run… Run before they attack you.

It was just an example you can do a small, small thing like this in a group.

Tease Couples in A Fun Way this Valentines Day

12. Peace, Couch and You 

Oh gosh! All the good ones are taken. No, it’s just a myth.

Well, I rest my case, if I’m single and available, then not all the good ones are taken. You should also think of yourself like this. 

You have everything to feel good about the day; if you have a couch and a book. Books can take you to another world especially to a one where there is no valentine’s day exists. 

Lay down on the couch, grab a book from your favorite writer avoid the romantic one and dwell yourself into a reading frenzy. There are lots of fascinating books to read

13. Cook for Yourself 

Cooking is an utter indulgence and when you do it for yourself; you pour your heart in it. Take the excuse valentine day is giving you to stay at home and cook something delicious. 

You may go for pasta, or baking muffins or anything else you like to eat while remembering your ex-girlfriend.  lol….

Eat and think about all the good eligible singles out there for you to match up with.

14. Plan a movie Marathon

 Who doesn’t like having a movie marathon day? On casual holidays we watch 2 movies so when it comes to diverting your mind there need to be at least 3 movies in your list.

Create a cinema-like ambiance, arrange some popcorn or snacks for munching during a movie. To make it more memorable and exciting you may ask your siblings or friends to join in.

Again, avoid romantic movies or love stories.

Plan a movie Marathon on Valentine Day


You don’t need to chase anyone to be your valentine because there are lots of ways you can celebrate all alone and even in a better way. To love and being loved is a precious feeling despite all the facts and memes. But, if you want a quality relationship with a person who will treat you well, you need to start doing it yourself.

Hope you enjoy this Valentine more than the people who are in a relationship.

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