15 Epic Easter Egg Hunt Ideas You Can`t Afford To Miss This Year

Celebrating Easter hunt tradition in a different way each year can be difficult. Sometimes you will leave out of ideas to celebrate the occasion. But you don`t have to worry now. Find some mind blogging ideas in this selection of Easter egg hunt ideas and enjoy with your kids and friends.

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15 Epic Easter Egg Hunt Ideas You Can`t Afford To Miss This Year

It`s that time again when you will see colourful eggs all around with baskets in hand. Kids are busy in hoping down the bunny trail searching for Easter eggs that are hiding here, there and everywhere.

Easter is soon to be knocking at the door. It is the time when kids are more excited because there are lots of colorful prizes up for grab. The highlight of Easter is the Easter egg hunt which is a fun tradition that rejoices everybody.

So, it`s time to hop into the Easter “eggs”travaganza with the spirit of love, hope, and joy. Let your kids jog around the garden to find delightful chocolate treasure.

What is an Easter egg hunt?

An Easter egg hunt is a favourite game in which decorated eggs filled with chocolate candies, are hidden in multiple places for kids to discover.

Every year Churches and schools frequently hold creative Easter egg hunts the day or a week before Easter for children of all ages. Easter egg prizes may be given out for collecting the most eggs when the hunt is over. Most of the time, a special prize is hidden inside some eggs.  Some local vendors and commercial shops also donate coupons for a free meal to be hidden inside the eggs.

How do you plan an Easter egg hunt?

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest egg hunt ever held was in Florida`s Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in 2007 which was consisted of a monumental 501,000 eggs. Whoa! That was a massive one! But don`t be sad, there`s no shortage of opportunities this year as well.

Multiple areas are offering grand Easter egg hunt this year in which children can scrabble through the grass for brightly colored eggs, enjoy a meal with Easter bunny and other spring activities. If you can`t afford to join the egg hunt, no worries, you can create one in your home or garden with our Easter-egg-hunt-worthy picks.

So, all the Easter bunnies get ready to be creative this year. Hide the eggs for happy hunters and make the tradition even more “egg”citing this year. Try these fun ideas for Easter egg hunt.

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Easter egg hunt ideas for Kids

You must have fond memories of Easter egg hunts as a child; now it`s your turn to make the egg hunt clues and hide the Easter egg hunt prizes and plan a unique Easter egg hunt for your kids.

These are some amazing Easter egg hunt ideas for kids.

1.    Make a treasure map

Treasure map for Easter

A treasure map would be the best egg hunt game for kids. Add an element of literacy fun to your Easter egg hunt this year. You can draw or get printable treasure map representing the spots where the eggs are hidden. Mark the field where you hide the colourful Easter eggs and let your little one gets hunting.

You can put a bigger prize in the Golden Easter egg that would be the treasure of the hunt. If you have two or three children, make one map but mark each child`s eggs in a different color and encourage them to work together to find all of the eggs.

2.    Crack the code to find the egg

Crack the code to find the egg

This time make the hunt a little harder for your kids. Ask them to crack a code to know where the next egg would be. For this purpose, you can write the egg hunt clues in codes which involve letter, number or icon substitutions for the letters in words.

Write the code in backward alphabets, to make a simple code. Make a list of all of from A to Z then make a second list next to the alphabet in reverse order. Like A becomes Z, B becomes Y, C becomes X and so on. Write your clues using the backward letters.

You can also write the egg hunt clues in white crayon on white paper, so the kids have to find a way to reveal the hint ( by coloring over the writing with a different color crayon.)

3.    Leave an Easter bunny trail to assist toddlers in their hunt

Easter bunny trail for toddlers

This is one of the best Easter egg hunt activities for your toddlers. After playing “Easter bunny” with your toddlers, lay a trail of Easter bunny paw print from their bed to the Easter baskets out in the garden. Give your toddlers a surprise on this Easter morning by creating a bunny trail so they could follow the path left by the Easter Bunny and get their surprises hidden in the decorative Easter Eggs.

4.    Balloon Easter egg hunt Idea for toddlers

This idea is a whimsical addition to an Easter egg hunt for toddlers. Tie colorful balloons the plastic eggs and hide them in the yard. Balloons make it easier for the toddlers to find the Easter eggs without any hassle and they will be happy to collect the colorful eggs.

5.    Turn your Easter egg hunt into a color matching game.

This interesting Easter egg hunt game will need your extra effort but will surely be a fun activity for your kids. You will need some colorful plastic Easter eggs, white paper, black marker, crayons, and some treats to hide in the eggs.

Pen up and pull apart each Easter egg and place a treat or two inside each egg. It can be any candy, chocolate or a ticket to their favorite movie or a free meal. Mix each part of the plastic eggs and make sure that each egg has a different color top and bottom.

Now with your white paper cut squares according to the numbers of eggs you have. (If you have ten eggs, cut ten squares). Trace an oval shape and mark a line in the middle, representing an egg with a marker and color each half similar to the colors of the eggs that are mixed without repeating any color.

Easter egg hunt color matching game

Now hide the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Give each child a white square with a mix-matched colored egg you made on it and explain to them that they need to find exactly what`s drawn in the paper. If they see another egg that doesn`t match, instruct them to put it back and keep searching for their matching egg. When all the kids have found their matching eggs, they can open them up and see their surprises.

6.    Beeping Easter egg hunt idea for visually impaired kids

Why the visually impaired kids leave behind to enjoy the Easter traditions? Arrange them a beeping Easter egg hunt and let them collect the eggs with the Easter treats. You can use Beeping Easter eggs for this purpose. These eggs emit various noises, make a high-pitched sound, melody, and clicks so that the visually impaired kids can easily hunt for Easter eggs.

 Easter egg hunt ideas for teens

You can create an awesomely imaginative Easter egg hunt for teenagers to have them get into the fun of Easter too. Following are some crazy Easter egg hunt ideas for teenagers that will make those teenagers work “Eggs”tra hard for their Easter Surprise.

7.    Easter egg relay race

Easter egg relay race

Test your teens` and their friends` physical abilities by setting up an egg relay race. Toss a few dozen plastic eggs and hide them among shrubs or plants into your home garden. Split your kids into two teams and place them on the opposite side from the egg area. Give a basket to the first player of each group.

When you say go, have the first kid from each team race down to the egg area to collect an egg. Once they have found their egg, they come back and tag the next teammate to go and see the next one. Repeat until one team has found a specified number of eggs (e.g., 20) as a team.

8.    Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

If your teen is a night owl, glow in the dark egg hunt will be a good idea for them. Turn off all the outdoor lighting making your yarn completely dark and plan a proper Easter egg hunt with written Easter egg hunt clues with a UV pen. For this purpose, you will need a UV pen and a UV torch.

The egg hunt clues you write with a UV pen can only be seen with a UV torch, and it creates an essence of mystery that will delight your little investigators. Following the path with the help of clues to reach the Easter egg hunt treasure from one place to other is always a great adventure.

9.    Easter egg tag

Teenagers always love to do something unique, and this Easter egg tag will surely be a fun egg hunt game for teens. You will need a glue, a shirt, and Easter goodies. Stick all the goodies on the shirt and designate a family member to wear the shirt. Instruct the person is wearing goodies to run faster, and the whole crew will chase to see who can snatch them the fastest.

This outdoor egg hunt game will bring out the true spirit of Easter and make the entire atmosphere lively and entertaining.

10.    Scrabble Easter egg hunt

Give your teenagers a hard time to hunt for the eggs this time. Pick out some bigger prizes like movie night ticket, iPad, free pizza, etc. and print out the names on a sheet of paper with each prize printed in a different color. Cut out each of the letters, put one letter in each egg and hide all the Easter eggs for the hunt.

Make a poster with matching colored, blank spaces for every letter in the name of the prize (like you do in the game hangman) to let the kids know how many letters are in each prize.

Ask them to start their search for the eggs until they`ve found all of the letters for a particular color. Once they have seen all the letter, ask them to unscramble the letters to win the prize.

11.    Easter Scavenger Hunt

Try the great Scavenger Hunt differently this Easter. This would be the best Easter hunt game for the teens that like extra challenges. Turn Easter eggs into Scavenger Hunt clues by using crepe paper and custom prompts. Put the clues into the eggs and send your teens off on a mission to find the Easter egg hunt treasure.

Following are some Easter egg scavenger hunt clues for your help.

easter egg scavenger hunt clues

Clue: 1

You will find this egg in a place that cleans. Sometimes it`s noisy because you will hear a machine.


Laundry Room/Dishwasher/near Vacuum Cleaner

Clue: 2

The next clue is in an egg which is hidden at the comfy place where you relax, watch TV, and read.


Couch or Sofa

Clue: 3

Having a fun yet? Let`s continue. The next egg you`ll find at the place where you don`t make a peep. It`s where you lay down your head, and it`s soft.



Clue: 4

This last Clue will lead you to your Easter Baskets or treat. Look very carefully with your beautiful eyes; it`s hidden in a field where we park the car. Walk! Don`t Run! It`s too near!


Garage/carport/ inside or near a car

Easter egg hunt ideas for adults

If you are an adult that doesn`t mean you can`t participate in the Easter egg hunt custom. Host a crazy Easter egg competition for adults this year and let the adults live their childhood days. Try one of these fun Easter egg hunt ideas for adults and organize an egg hunt your friends will never forget.

12.    Easter egg drinking game

Easter Egg Drinking Game

This adult Easter egg hunt game will rejoice them. Ask all the attendants over 21 to hold a drink in hand, and look for plastic eggs. They will get instructions on how many sips to take inside each egg. You can also make it a "Never-Have-I-Ever" themed game. Write prompts like "Never have I ever…lied to my wife" or "Never have I ever…put gum under a table” and put them in the eggs. Once they find the egg and read the prompt, if they feel guilty for it, they have to take a sip.

13.    Cocktail Easter egg Hunt

Adult Easter egg hunt wouldn`t be complete without a cocktail. Wondering what to put in adult Easter eggs? I have got you an idea. Hide mini wine bottles or shooters around the house or yard for your adult participants to find.  Ask them to collect all the drinks that are hidden in the yard. When all the drinks have been collected, give a prize to the winner with more bottles and host a brunch and share all the cocktails they have found with other guests.

14.    Give a Golden Ticket in the egg Hunt

Golden Ticket in the egg Hunt game

Everybody loves the vintage golden ticket idea for Easter egg hunts. This is a bit costly but full of fun. Host an adult egg hunt and fill every Easter egg with the usual Easter egg prizes, and fill the one egg with a golden ticket to redeem a larger prize. For adults, you can put the big award something like a bottle of champagne, beauty items, or a gift card to a famous restaurant.

15.    Manicure Easter egg hunt

Manicure Easter egg hunt

Are you looking for a unique Easter egg hunt idea for your girly gang? Try a manicure Easter egg hunt. Fill different colored nail polish bottles in the Easter eggs and hide them everywhere in your home or garden. When all the girls have collected all their colors, create a spa in your living room and set up a manicure bar and enjoy some girly time with snacks and other Easter foods.

The Final Words

Easter egg hunt tradition is full of fun, and it is a joyous time to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. These interesting Easter egg hunt game ideas will bring some extra shots of flavors in your celebrations and keep the whole family engaged in it. Make this year memorable for everyone by hosting a fun Easter egg hunt and make memories that will blossom in your mind forever.

Have a Joyous Easter!

Happy Easter

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