Fun Tips For Halloween: How To Throw A Best Halloween Party

Halloween is the second biggest festive after Christmas, and it is always entertaining. You will see Witches, jack-o-lanterns, candy treats, haunted houses, and goblins all around. If you are planning to host your own Halloween party, this article will be your best bet. Read on to know some Spooktacular tips and throw the creepiest party ever. 

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Fun Tips For Halloween: How To Throw A Best Halloween Party

When the creepy Dracula laughs, and the witches scream; the scary goblin whisper – It`s time for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most loved festive that Americans celebrate in fun ways.

It is soon to be knocking at the door with its entire spook. So are you ready?

What are your plans? Are you going to attend the iconic Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party this year? Or planning to throw a party at your home? 

Before you start to think about your plans, take a look at some astonishing facts about Halloween.

Shivering with excitement? Now get ready to start planning your party.

Checklist to plan a Halloween Party

Planning a party is a bit traumatizing; you need to consider every little detail to make the event great. When it comes to planning a Halloween party, you need to be more creative because Halloween is the love of everyone.

Throw a great Halloween party this October and celebrate the most Spooktacular event around. Disguise yourself in the best Halloween costume and be the fiercest demon of the year.

Here I have compiled a step by step guide for you to throw a creepiest Halloween party.

1.    Pick the scariest theme for the party

Get fully immersed in the spirit of Halloween and select an exciting theme for your party.  Think about the kind of Halloween your guests want.

If you are throwing kids’ dominating party, then a Disney character or a superhero theme would work best. And if you want to go with the traditional style, then a zombie or vampire costume party would be an excellent pick.

Choices are many, but the important thing is, how beautifully you blend creativity and fun in planning your theme.

If you are confused where to start, check out these creative Halloween party theme ideas.

  • A haunted fairy tale Halloween party

Halloween is all about witches, black cats, haunted house, ghosts, vampires, and all other demons. You might think about how a fairy tale can be connected with Halloween. Right? Let me tell you.

Disney fairy tales also have some dark stories like original Brothers` Grimm tales and hocus-pocus. And how can you forget the iconic pumpkin cart of Cinderella? Halloween is not completed without pumpkins.

You can mix some elements from the Disney movies and still have a creepy, yet a magical party.

►    Décor tips:

Use the dark props and twinkling lights to give a magical fairytale element to your party.

For outside elements, you can rent a few fake trees, put them inside, and string some lights on them, Incorporate skulls to represent Skull Rock from Peter Pan, glowing pumpkins from Cinderella, and candelabras to reference Beauty and the Beast. Your guests will immediately feel the magic.

  • Hotel Transylvania inspired theme party

It will be a favorite idea if you are throwing a party for kids or teens. Tell your guests to dress up as hotel Transylvania characters, like Frankenstein monster, Murray the mummy, Mavis, Dracula, and others. The kids will surely love this idea. I can bet!

  • Horror Movie Characters

This vintage theme would give your guests a little more versatility while choosing a costume. Plus, it would enhance the mood of the party to a whole new level.  Advise your guests to dress as their favorite horror movie villains, heroes, victims, beasts and others.

  • Masquerade ball party

Who doesn’t love a masquerade party? Of course, everybody does. Turn your party into a fun costume tradition that Halloween offers by hosting a masquerade ball party.

It is an excellent theme if executed correctly; Masquerade can be the highlight of your whole Halloween season.

Wow, your guests from the start with elegant invitations, and asks them to wear mask.

Fair advice: If you want to awe your guest with your party idea, select the theme according to their interest. And make preparations under a budget without leaving the essence of the party. You can use discount coupons for the shopping.

2.    Arrange your Halloween costume for the party

Halloween is incomplete without a costume. While selecting a unique and creepy costume for the party, you must think outside the box.

If you are the one who is hosting a party, you need to wear something extraordinarily scary and creepy to set the trend.

While arranging a costume, many thoughts jumbled up in your mind and left you wondering what to wear or what`s not. No worries!

Here I am sharing an info graph for your guidance to show the factors that make a costume scary and perfect for Halloween.

So, have you come up with any idea? Still confused? Don’t worry; I have got more options for you.

Creepy Halloween Costume ideas

Finding the best costume will take you to a choice paralysis state where you can’t decide which one to select. Just keep in mind that you aim to get the best costume award at the party.

Whether you are aiming to be creepy, funny or a combination of both, this video will give you some good shots of ideas that make this Halloween party best of the best.

You can also purchase your Halloween costumes on a limited budget. There are many stores that sell Halloween costumes at a discounted price. 

After all, it’s a second biggest festive after Christmas so you will find the treats of discounts everywhere after the treats of candies.

Where to buy cheap Halloween costumes

Don’t let the Halloween party gets heavy on your wallet when you have cheap ideas to manage the things. If you want to spend less on your costume, you can merely DIY it.

Transform yourself into a Dracula, a witch, Mr. Pumpkin, cat woman, Joker, zombies, Frankenstein monster or any of your favorite Halloween character. 

These stores will be your best bet for finding a cheap costume for your Halloween Party.

Dress up for the party with easy DIY Creepy Halloween Makeup ideas

For Halloween, you don’t have to be gruesome to be frightening; these easy Halloween makeup ideas will transform you into the scariest demon ever.

Warning: hold on to your breaths, this video is genuinely jaw-dropping.

3.    Decorate your home according to the Halloween theme

 After selecting a theme and the costume, the next big thing you have to do is to choose the decoration style.

Be more creative with your Halloween party decoration and throw the most wickedly fantastic party with hauntingly creative décor ideas.

Spook up your home with these party props.

  • Not-So-Warm Welcome Wreath

Give your guests a thrilling welcome greeting with this creepy skull welcome wreath. You can either hang it on the front door or the wall. Scare your guest at the front porch so they would feel excited to know what’s going to be the next creepy thing at the party.

  • Let a team of dreadful skeletons welcome your guest

Welcome to the haunted house! Ha ha ha! (Scary monstrous laugh)

These horrible skeletons will give a dreadfully warm welcome to your guest for sure! This idea would bring a haunted feel about the Halloween party to your guests. You can add more creepy vibes by adding mummy, carved pumpkins, Spooky Trees, and big black crows at the front porch.

  • Halloween is incomplete without vintage jack o lanterns

Have you ever think of celebrating Halloween without your favorite jack-o lanterns? Then why miss it this season.

Carve some pumpkins and turn them into creepy lanterns and add some twinkling lights in it. Scare the demons with these twinkling Jack-o-lanterns by putting them on the front porch or in your garden area.

4.    Prepare a delicious Halloween food for the party

Once you have picked your theme, costume, and décor, it’s time to plan the food for your Halloween party. Turn the strawberries into monster tongues; rice Krispies into brains, and puff pastries into intestines.

Let’s dig more into the spooky fright night eats and keep your guests energized and entertained with these savory meals.

From creepy appetizers to hauntingly delicious desserts, add these delights in your party menu.

►    Halloween party appetizers

Halloween is all about sweets; but this time, try to be more creative with your party meal. Add the savory taste in your Halloween appetizers to whip up this year. These mouthwatering appetizers will surely delight the taste buds of your guests.

  • Cheese Pumpkins
  • Snakes and Soup
  • Hot pepper mummies
  • Jack o lantern sandwich bites
  • Bite-size eyeballs
  • Spider web nacho spread
  • Eyeball tacos
  • Witch fingers
  • Monster toes
  • Sweet and savory enchanted brooms

►    Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Get a little weird this season and bring your creepy creativity into the cocktails and drinks to serve guests. From witch hunt lemonade to devil cocktail, these drinks will make a perfect shot for your monster bash.

  • Candy corn cocktail
  • Devil Cocktail
  • Vampire kiss
  • Halloween hypnotist
  • Apple cocktails
  • Witch hunt lemonade
  • Swamp water surprise
  • Ghostbusters peachy-melon cocktail

►    Appetizing Halloween Desserts

The best part of Halloween is the festive desserts, add these desserts to your party menu and steal the show with a delicious Halloween treat.

·         Black Cat, Bat, Spider, and Mice Doughnuts

·         Halloween cat cake

·         Cookie Skulls and Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Cutouts

·         Frankenstein and His Bride Cupcakes

·         Black chocolate witch cake

·         Dracula dentures

5.    Arrange Halloween Party Invitation Card

Now it’s time to make invites for your Halloween party. You can either make or purchase the invitation cards for a frightfully fun party; this guide will help with your invitation etiquette

Take a spooky turn with fright-inducing Halloween invitation and customize it with your theme and color. You can write your favorite Halloween quote at the top of the card to attract your guests.

What about this one?

"Witches and Warlocks take a flight on this Halloween night,

All the vampires come out to play; because it`s time to celebrate Halloween day!"

There are many printable cards available in the market, where you can buy Halloween party invitation cards on a cheap price. You can also DIY your invitation cards if you have enough time.

6.    Think of some fun Halloween party games

If you want to keep up the spark in your party it; add some fun elements to your party by incorporating activities that are both creepy and exciting.

There are lots of games that will turn your adult guests into kids and your little guests will surely have a good time.

Leverage the fun up a few grooves with these Halloween party games ideas;

  • Pop the Pumpkin
  • Witch’s Hat Toss
  • Newspaper Eating Monster
  • Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Pumpkin Golf
  • Halloween Bowling
  • Spider Web Walk
  • Giant Bubbles
  • Ghost Toss
  • Frankenstein Bowling
  • Halloween battle of the balloons
  • Candy corn relay race

7.    Arrange Halloween Party favors to greet your guests

Don’t forget to greet your guests with sweet and salty Halloween party favors. You can make creative some goody bags at home for the kids or purchase pre-made party favors from the market.

Relish the taste buds of your guests with Halloween candies that are everyone’s favorite and this treat will not be a trick for sure. 

Picking the perfect Halloween favors can be tricky. Why not try one of these party favor ideas this season?

  • Trick-or-Treat Containers
  • Mini Monster Popcorn Box
  • Halloween Treat Bucket
  • Mad Scientist Creepy Candy Bottles
  • Skull Ring Boxes
  • Baking Cup Goodies

These Halloween party favors will be hauntingly memorable for your guests.

The final thought

Throwing a Halloween party is exciting; with little effort, you can turn a not so spooky event into the creepiest one.

Share the bliss of the autumn by hosting a fabulous Halloween party and celebrate this Halloween holiday by making memories with your loved ones. Make this 31st of October a blockbuster.

Have a devilishly delightful Halloween!

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