Top 4th Of July Movies To Watch On Independence Day 2019

Independence Day is about showing your American pride and celebrating the day our founding fathers won our freedom. But, not everyone finds it thrilling to be a part of the large crowds in the parks and on beaches for the 4th of July; if you are one of them, then why not celebrate your independence with a marathon of patriotic movies?

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Top 4th Of July Movies To Watch On Independence Day 2019

Not feeling particularly enthusiastic about Independence Day this year? Don`t want to go wild with the celebrations? Then, how about a few patriotic movies to stir your American Spirit?

4th of July is about celebrating the birth of one of the greatest nations in the world, the United States of America. Fireworks, parades, sugar treats, and barbecue cookouts are the epitome of the holiday.

But, there are different ways you can show your pride in your nation.

As you put on movies for Christmas, here are some top 4th of July movies to binge-watch online for Independence Day.

Netflix Independence Day Picks

Binge watching means Netflix and chilling; being an American of the 21st Century, you can`t pass up the opportunity to lounge in your living room on your day off. So, here are some of the best 4th of July movies to watch on Netflix and rekindle your patriotic spirit.

  • War Machine

Netflix celebrates Independence Day with an original take on the classic novel “The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America`s War” by Michael Hastings.

War Machine is among the best Netflix 4th of July movies that are filled with light-hearted fun and drama. Brad Pitt takes centre stage as he portrays his version of General Glen McMahon sent to resolve a dispute only to end up causing one. 

For Independence Day, this Netflix original is sure to fill you with a great sense of patriotic pride for your country.

  • Sand Castle

War movies are the quintessence of Independence Day and best depiction of patriotism on the Silver Screen.

Another Netflix original, Sand Castle explores the different meanings of patriotism in a war. It recounts as American Soldiers on Iraqi soil struggle to provide water to local villagers after the ongoing war leaves their water system damaged. 

Throughout the film, the soldiers learn the real effects of the war on both sides. We see how they overcome their differences to unite on foreign soil to help those troubled by the raging battle that divides the two people. 

If you want the American Spirit and the real meaning of being a hero in its purest form then, be sure to add Sand Castle to your list of July 4th movies.

  • Armageddon

The 1998 Michael Bay production, Armageddon will fill your 4th of July holiday with action, thrill, suspense, and of course drama. 

The American classic film talks about the possible extinction of the earth as we know it; and, NASA decides to enlist Bruce Willis as Harry Stamper to help eradicate the problem. With his daughter`s boyfriend and other hand-picked members, the team embarks on a mission to save the human race. 

For your Independence Day movie marathon, watch how they overcome their differences and face dangers that might cost them their lives.

  • My All American

When you talk about the American spirit, football is sure to come to mind; and, you can`t celebrate the country`s birth without the sport that unites the nation!

My All American is another classic tale that lights up your patriotism with a story that centers on America`s favorite pastime, football. We all love an inspirational saga that recounts the epic rise to the success of an individual with all odds stacked against him; such is the story for this film.

Watch the Silver Screen production of the experiences of Freddie Steinmark as he journeys to fulfill his American dream despite the odds and the tragedy that strikes thereafter. 

  • The Finest Hours

Take a break from your Fourth of July festivities and watch Chris Pine in action in this action-packed, historical adventure, The Finest Hours.

The Finest Hours retells the heroic work of the US Coast Guard as they rescued the SS Pendleton`s Crew. It is the story of how to not just survive but win against the odds as the team strives to save the members fallen overboard. 

With patriotism at its core, the flick re-instills your faith humanity and the kindness of strangers, making the perfect addition to your Independence Day celebration. 

Patriotic Movies/TV Shows on Amazon Prime 

Netflix is not the only place on the internet to enjoy online streaming; Amazon Prime also offers you the best selections of Independence Day flicks. Want to know which ones to watch this year? Then, read on below to find the best 4th of July movies on Amazon Prime.

  • John Adams (2008)

It is not a movie, rather a mini TV-series that centers on the political career of one John Adams. It tells the tale of the role he played in the finding of the US; thus making it one of the best features to watch on July 4th.

If you`re not up to heading to the beach for a bonfire or a barbecue, then revisit history and learn the struggles of America`s founding fathers and how they won our freedom.

  • Apocalypse Now (1979)

War stories are among the most patriotic movies you can watch on Independence Day. Thus, here is another.

Based in the 1970 time zone; this history lesson takes us to the time of the Vietnam War. Francis Cord shares his take on the war with Martin Sheen as Captain Willard and Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz. 

  • Bridge of Spies

Russian spies, wrongly accused, and Tom Hanks are all the best features of the 2015 cinematic work of art, Bridge of Spies.

It takes us through a whirlwind of drama, action, thrill, and mystery in the 1950s as Tom tries to defend a man accused of spying on Russia. 

It`s a political thriller; so, what better day to watch it then Independence Day?

  • The Longest Day

In this Silver screen production, John Wayne shows us his version of the Lt. Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort. 

The film reveals what happened on D-day when American soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy and went against the Germans. It gives you insight from every perspective, bringing to light the events that played out from different angles. 

Thus, what better way to spend your 4th of July holiday, then watching how brave American heroes fought for their freedom and yours?

  • Born on the 4th of July

The battlefield is not a place of rainbows and sunshine, the things you see, the horrors and the tragedy leave you broken and distraught.

And, sometimes it also leaves you distrustful of the people you were supposed to be fighting for; “Born on July 4th” is another one Tom Cruise`s most excellent work on screen that depicts a biography of the American soldier Ron Kovic, left paralyzed in the Vietnam War.

The tale follows his life as the war hero turns anti-war; feeling betrayed by his country; he takes on the role of pro-human activist and ensures people get their rights.

4th of July Movies for Families to Enjoy

Like any other celebration, 4th of July is the most fun when you have your family by your side. If you`re not going to the beach or availing Independence Day freebies, then watch these movies on Independence Day with your whole family.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

Life in America, patriotism, and a bit of American History, this is one of the best 4th of July movies you can pick up.

Sit with your family and friends and follow the Broadway Star as he journeys to Washington to meet the President. On his way, he thinks back on his success and how he achieved the American dream. 

  • Saving Private Ryan

Independence is not gained without struggle and sacrifice, and nothing says it better than this tale of Saving Private Ryan.

This cinematic creation revisits World War II era, specifically the D-day landing in Normandy in an awe-inspiring tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You`ll find not only what it means to be an American war hero, but what it means to be human and sacrifice yourself for others.

If you`re celebrating the holiday by staying in, then this is sure to be one of the most gut-wrenching 4th of July movies you will watch.

  • Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America is one of the greatest works of the Marvel Universe. 

When you`re looking for the best movies to watch on July 4th, you can`t pass up one of America`s greatest heroes in the cinematic universe. Captain America follows the life of young Steve Rogers as he struggles to join the army and serve his country.

If you haven`t watched it, then you`ve been living under a rock, my friend; and, it`s time to join the world of the living.

  • National Treasure

National Treasure is one of the least annoying ways to brush up on American History.

On July 4th, 2019, watch Nicholas Cage, in his best works on screen, as he tries to steal the Declaration of Independence. It is not the most patriotic thing to do for Independence Day, but then can you resist the drama, the action, and most of all, Nicholas Cage?

  • To Kill a Mocking Bird

Let me tell you; the classics are called so for a reason; and, To Kill a Mocking Bird is an embodiment of that statement. 

This big-screen retelling of the novel by Harper Lee depicts what it means to be conscious of what`s right and stand against oppression. 

For that reason, I think it makes a great addition to our list of good 4th of July movies. 

Movies that Feature Independence Day

You can`t have Independence Day without learning a bit of history and the events that transpired; thus, here are a few movies that take place on the 4th of July to rediscover your American spirit.

  • Miss Firecracker (1989) 

With 4th of July as the centre of the storyline, Miss Firecracker is one of the best patriotic movies to watch. 

It follows the life of one Holly Hunter, as Carnell Scout who decides to imitate her cousin`s win in a local beauty pageant. She hopes to win the competition not just to gain recognition but as a ticket to getting out of her small town. Along the way, she`ll learn that there`s more to life than she imagined and perfection may not be what it seems.

Her journey makes for great entertainment and a way to celebrate the American dream. 

  • Independence Day (1996)

Celebrating Independence Day without alien invasion? That`s not right!

For 4th of July, 2019, put up your feet and celebrate the day with Will Smith as he fights alien invasion on the US. With a tear-jerking speech from the President, played by Bill Pullman, it is one of the most patriotic movies of all time. 

It will rekindle your American spirit as you fight alongside Will Smith and for your freedom from Alien Takeover.

  • Forrest Gump

Among the list of movies to watch on July 4th, Forrest Gump is one of your best options. 

Follow Forrest (Tom Hanks) in his retelling of the 20th Century American History; he meets some of the most significant historical figures, combines pop culture with Vietnam War and ends up becoming a national War Hero.

If you want to learn what it means to be an American, then make sure you add it to your list.

  • Top Gun 

Can`t have Independence Day without Tom Cruise; thus here he is in his most exceptional work on the big screen, Top Gun.

The tale follows Maverick through the action-packed adventure with explosions, beach volleyball, and Elite Fighter Weapon`s School, plus jet planes to turn up the thrill. 

You want to watch movies on July 4th then brush up on your Top Gun history.

  • Lincoln

One of America`s most excellent President`s of all time is Lincoln; so this Independence Day, pay tribute to the Legend with Daniel Day-Lewis in his take on the Spielberg Classic.

Celebrate 4th of July, 2019 by revisiting one of the most iconic moments of American History.

Comedy Movies for 4th of July

Independence Day is the day of celebration, the momentous occasion when America became a free nation. So, instead of choosing flicks that drown you in tears, why not celebrate with a bit of comedy? Here are a few top 4th of July comedy movies for you to spend the day with glee.

  • Dave (1993)

Wars are not the only thing that reminds you of patriotism and the American spirit; laugh this 4th of July with this classic tale of the old switcheroo. 

Dave revolves around the White House when the President falls into a coma and the rest of his officials find his doppelganger to replace him.

  • The Sandlot (1993)

Another one of the most beloved American sports is baseball; and, the Sandlot is the embodiment of true sportsman spirit on and off the field.

There`s a new kid in town that teams up with a baseball prodigy and his teammates to go on adventures that follow. 

A baseball game on July 4th with fireworks lighting up the sky, can it get any more American than this?

  • Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

Politics, political contingencies, and the White House what more could you want on Independence Day than to uncover conspiracy theories surrounding the Government?

This 1939 classic follows the story of a man appointed for a vacancy in the Senate, only to stumble upon a corruption that could hinder his position. 

If you`re going to watch movies on the 4th of July, then possible contingency theories should be a real treat for the holiday.

  • An American Tail (1986)

An animated film joins our list of 4th of July movies.

It depicts the struggle of a young Russian mouse as he travels to the US with his family only to be separated on foreign soil. Watch as he survives the odds of being in an unknown country and finds his family.

  • A League of Their Own (1992)

Another baseball classic for your Independence Day movie marathon is A League of Their Own.

The story showcases the lives of two sisters who join the first female baseball team to play professionally. This 4th of July sit back and watch how the sisters find success amidst their growing rivalry.

Final Thought

That concludes our list of top Fourth of July movies for the year 2019. 

Reignite your patriotic spirit and your love for your country; if you don`t want to go all out with a party, then sit back, and binge-watch these classic tales of American History and celebrate Independence Day your way. 

Happy 4th of July!

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