25 Best E-Gift Cards That Make The Perfect Present For Every Holiday

The abundance of gifts you receive on Holidays, birthdays, and any other event worth celebrating make them more unique. But, sometimes it is tricky to find the best present that will make their eyes light up; so, why not consider 25 of the best e-gift cards that are perfect for every holiday?

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25 Best E-Gift Cards That Make The Perfect Present For Every Holiday

Gift Cards are one of the best gifts you can get for any occasion.

For one, you don’t have to sift through your presents only to find a bright pair of socks from your Uncle and Aunt or an ugly Holiday sweater from your grandparents. 

Second, you get to shop for your favorite products on someone else’s money. 

What could be better than shopping without spending a penny from your savings?

And, if you are the sender, then you don’t have to waste the time you could be watching Netflix shopping for friends and family.  

So, I say it’s time to stop spending time roaming the malls and buy a gift card for every holiday. Take a look at the top 25 e-gift cards in 2019:

1. Target E-Gift Card

Target Gift Card

Target has the most extensive collection of items in their inventory. 

You can shop for everything from clothing and apparel to home décor, electronic appliances, gadgets, baby essentials, toys, and so much more. 

And, it has the best selection of e-gift cards for mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, uncles, aunts, and even grandparents. 

For birthdays, weddings, baby showers, back-to-school, Christmas, Hanukkah, and every other event in your life, shop Target Gift Cards. 

2.    Best Buy E-Gift Card

Best Buy Gift Card

When you want the best items in the market, Best Buy is where you go. 

They have all kinds of electronics, home appliances, health, fitness & beauty products, and much more. 

And, you will find an equally extensive collection of e-gift cards on Best Buy for every category. 

So, shop for friends, family, and coworkers and get a gift card for every celebration.

3.    Walmart E-Gift Card

Walmart E-Gift Card

Walmart is the trusty retailer you all know and love. 

With their online store, you can shop your favorite products from the comforts of your home, but more than that you can get your loved ones the best gift for every occasion, e-gift cards.

Give them the option to choose their presents, with the best online e-gift cards selection available at Walmart.

4.    Amazon E-Gift Card

Amazon E-Gift Card

Another big retailer in the game of e-commerce; Amazon is the best place to shop for cousins, friends, and husbands, wives, kids, and colleagues. 

They have everything they could need from games, clothes, makeup, tech, and more. 

So, get an Amazon Gift Card for birthdays or anniversaries and let them decide on what to buy.

5.    Applebee`s E-Gift Card

Applebees E-Gift Card

Applebee’s is the restaurant gift card you can give for any holiday.

For the foodies in the family, get them an Applebee’s Gift Card and see the joy that lights their face. 

6.    Cheesecake Factory E-Gift Card

Cheesecake Factory E-Gift Card

One of the best restaurant holiday gift cards!

Give your friends, family or coworkers the Cheesecake Factory e-gift cards and give them a chance to enjoy mouth-watering dishes fit for a king.

7.    Chuck E Cheese E-Gift Card

huck E Cheese E-Gift Card

With tons of items on the menu, and activities for the kids, Chuck E. Cheese is where the whole family can have fun. 

Now you can buy a Chuck E. Cheese e-Gift Card for your little cousin and celebrate their day at one of their favorite places. 

8.    Ihop E-Gift Card

Ihop Gift Card

IHOP is the place to be to have breakfast like a King! 

You can give out IHOP restaurant gift cards to your loved ones for their big day and let them feast on a variety of breakfast options like crepes, pancakes, waffles, and more. 

9.    Jamba Juice E-Gift Card

Jamba Juice E-Gift Card

Jamba Juice is the best place to shop for healthy eating and drinking options with flavors that will have your mouth-watering. 

So, share the joy of healthy living with tasty treats that will have them wanting more with Jamba Juice e-Gift Cards.

10.    Airbnb E-Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card

The best e-gift cards for travelers!

If you know someone who is a travel junkie, then add e-gift cards from Airbnb to your Christmas Gift list and let them go on endless adventures. 

The best part is that the gift cards have no expiration date; so, they can travel whenever they want.

11.    JC Penney E-Gift Card

JC Penney Gift Card

For birthdays, weddings, or as a thank you gift, give your family, friends, boss or your coworker an e-gift card from JC Penney.

12.    MAC Cosmetics E-Gift Card

MAC Cosmetics E-Gift Card

If your best friend is a makeup junkie, then get her the MAC Cosmetics e-gift cards and make their day.

Personalize the card with their name and have them find a surprise in their inbox. 

13.    Dave & Buster`s E-Gift Card

Dave and Busters Gift Card

The best birthday is when you are running around doing one activity after another. 

Dave & Buster’s offers you the chance to give your friends and family a day full of fun activities, eating & drinking, playing games, and much more with e-gift cards from Dave & Buster’s.

14.    Regal Group E-Gift Card

Regal Group Gift Card

Send a Regal Gift Card to all the movie lovers in your group. 

They can watch their favorite action-pack adventure or horror, comedy; get concessions on the food court, or get them a birthday bundle for their special day. 

15.    iTunes E-Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card

The most excellent present for the men in your life!

For fathers, brothers, cousins, husband, and friends, get an iTunes e-gift card so they can enjoy games, apps or music without restraint.

16.    Xbox E-Gift Card

Xbox Gift Card

Which guy doesn’t love a good bout in the world of virtual reality? 

If your friends or relatives are a fan of Fortnite, then you can’t go wrong with an Xbox eGift Card.

17.    Barnes & Noble E-Gift Card

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

If you have book hoarder in your life, then Barnes & Noble e-Gift Cards should be your top choice. 

The cards have no expiration date and can be redeemed online or in-store; so, for birthdays or Christmas, spread the love of reading in your circle.

18.    GameStop E-Gift Card

GameStop Gift Card

Another gift for game lovers!

For those in your life who can’t move away from the world of gaming, get them GameStop eGift Cards for birthdays or holidays and watch the way their eyes light up in joy. 

19.    Nordstrom E-Gift Card

Nordstrom Gift Card

What is better than a shopping spree on someone else’s money?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a fashion-conscious man or style-savvy ladies in your life, then buy e-Gift Cards from Nordstrom for their birthdays, anniversaries or even to say Thank You.

20.    Blue Apron E-Gift Card

Blue Apron Gift Card

Set up a romantic dinner date for two or a meal plan for the whole family with the best e-gift cards from Blue Apron!

The best present for any occasion is the gift of time, and what’s better than spending time with your loved ones with a home cooked dinner you didn’t have to slave over? 

21.    Birch Box E-Gift Card

Birch Box Gift Card

Give away the gift of subscription for their big day!

With a Birch Box eGift Cards, you can give away 3, 6 or 12 months subscription to the men or women in your circle with the freedom to choose when they want to start.

22.    Chipotle E-Gift Card

Chipotle Gift Card

A spicy Mexican cuisine for those who love a little fire in the mouth!

For their birthday or anniversary, congratulations or occasion worth celebrating, give them e-gift cards from Chipotle Mexican Grill and let them fill their bellies with burritos, tacos or even salads.

23.    Sephora E-Gift Card

Sephora Gift Card

Makeup, beauty products, cologne or perfume, can’t decide what to buy?

Why not leave the decision to your friends and family and get them a Sephora e-Gift Card? They can shop for what they like while you eat, sleep or watch movies. 

Finally, no need to go gift shopping!

24.    Fandango E-Gift Card

Fandango Gift Card

For the love of Hollywood, a Fandango e-Gift Card is what you should get!

If your loved ones have an appreciation for movies, then let them book discounted tickets via the website or app and be the first to watch the latest of Box Office productions. 

25.    Netflix E-Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card

Give them access to Netflix originals and the best of Hollywood cinema and TV shows for their birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank you, graduation, etc. 

With Netflix e-gift cards, you even have a gift for that hard-to-buy individual in your list!

Final Thoughts

That concludes this list of the best e-gift cards that make the perfect present for any occasion.

Next time you go gift shopping, opt for a gift card for any of their favorite places!

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