37 Best Travel Gadgets Of 2019 For The Modern Traveler

Travel gadgets help you survive the great outdoors when you are backpacking across Europe or even when you are out on business. So, to have the best vacation ever add these travel accessories to your travel checklist.

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37 Best Travel Gadgets Of 2019 For The Modern Traveler

No matter your race, heritage, nationality, traveling is one joy that we all share.

It is by far the best way for people to connect and learn about the different cultures and traditions of the world. 

Not to mention, the thrill of adventure that spikes the adrenaline in your veins is enough reason for people to climb mountains, hike trails or go backpacking across unchartered territories of Europe.

And, if you are a regular traveler, for pleasure or business, then you need the best travel gadgets by your side. 

These little portable trinkets make life on the road easier since you are not always near a city or town, but there are a few gadgets that are more of a must-have than others.

This list of travel accessories has 37 travel gadgets for you to try on your journey in 2019.

1.    Adapters


When you are out traveling it can be cumbersome not having an outlet nearby to charge your phones; which is why portable adapters are one of the essential travel gadgets you can have in your carry-on. 

Plus, you need your phones and laptops or tablets at the ready to stay connected with the world as well as for pictures of your travels. So, if you can’t find the right adapter how are you going to record the precious moments of your journey? 

With the all-in-one adapter kits in the market, you can charge your tech whenever and wherever you are. So, pack one when you head out for a new adventure.

2.    Power Banks

Power Banks

Power banks might be one of the best travel gadgets for backpackers and campers or hikers. 

Even within the city, many people keep power banks on hand for whenever their phones die on them; but when you are out traveling and away from any civilization, they can help you keep your phones alive. 

Some might say they are the real lifesavers in a traveler’s bag. 

There are various sizes of power banks available these days with varying degrees of power from top brands including Anker, RAVPower, Jackery, etc. Best of all, you can save on your travel expenses and get your travel accessories with coupons on PennySaviour.

3.    Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows

One of the best air travel accessories every traveler needs to pack is travel pillows. 

No matter how much you love traveling, being stuck in an airplane for long hours can be taxing for your physical and mental health. 

Thank Heavens, we have travel neck pillows for pain relief! 

These travel gadgets for the modern traveler can be quite handy to ease any aches, cramps you might feel sitting in one position with limited space for movement. 

They have many more benefits during the journey and come in various shapes and sizes, apart from the standard U-shape. 

The one at Macy’s is the ultimate memory foam pillow that molds to your neck and shoulders for a peaceful sleep. Plus, you can also find Macys Coupons for discounts on check out.

On the other hand, the Morph Pillow offers an alternative. It is compact and circular – like a giant rolled up sock to rest your head. 

Unless you plan on snoozing on your neighbors’ shoulders; then be sure to get your travel pillow to enjoy your adventures pain-free.

4.    Luggage and Carry-on

Luggage and Carry-on

To handle anything your excursions may throw your way your luggage needs to be sturdy, compact, as well as roomy. 

Plus, checked bag fee at the airport can be draining for your wallet; so, having a piece of luggage that is an all-in-one product can be a real lifesaver.

There are various types of travel bags you can find in the market. For one, there is the Micro Lazy Luggage that transforms into a small, fold-out seat with wheels – perfect for your little angel. 

Or you could opt for The Carry-on from Away if you want a durable luggage carrier with a built-in battery pack to charge your phone.

So, if you are preparing to head out for your next trip or looking for a gift for a traveler friend, a travel carry-on should be on top of your travel accessories list.

5.    Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

While you might not be reading much when you are in a new city, but having the Amazon Kindle on hand can be a blessing when you are between flights and expecting a long wait.

It’s also great to occupy your mind during flights when you want to avoid annoying neighbors.

Download tons of e-books for your travel and enjoy a taste of romance or thrillers, drama and mystery or sci-fi whenever you find some downtime on your journey.

If you enjoy reading when you are by the beach or pool, during day or night, with its compact size and long battery-life, Amazon Kindle is one of the best travel accessories you can have in your carry-on.

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6.    Noise-canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling Headphones

Sometimes silence is a blessing; and, during traveling, it can be a bit short in supply. 

Thus, during long flights or whenever you need some peace, noise-canceling headphones are an essential travel accessory. 

You can cut out the world and enjoy your music or go to sleep even with the loud wailing of the baby in the next aisle.

7.    Backpacks and Duffle bags

Backpacks and Duffle bags

Another kind of luggage, you should have on travel is backpacks and duffle bags. 

If you are heading out for an outdoor adventure or going backpacking, then they make the best gadgets for international travel.

Duffle bags like the one by T. Anthony comes with more than enough space for all your essentials. It is lightweight and easy to carry. 

There are even packable duffle bags in the market that are quite handy for when you have to much stuff on your return trip. Fold them up, pack in your suitcase and use when you need extra space for your things.

For backpacks, you can check out the Nomatic Travel bag or the Pacific Northwest backpack. 

The Northwest Backpack is also foldable, roomy, and lightweight, making it easy to go trekking without being weighed down. Plus, it has many extra features perfect for an outdoor adventure. 

Whereas, the Nomatic Travel Bag is a two-in-one bag that can be a backpack or duffle bag whenever you need. Plus, you’ll find separate compartments for shoes, socks, undergarments, dirty laundry, and even laptops, and tablets; and, it comes on discount with Nomatic Coupons so you don’t have to worry about the travel budget.

8.    Toiletry Bags

Toiletry Bags

Another addition to the list of travel gadgets is toiletry bags. 

It is one of the essential travel accessories for women and men to carry your bathroom essentials, makeup items, and anything else you need in a separate compact space that can fit in your carry-on.

There are numerous styles of toiletry bags; even DIY is an option.

9.    Camera for Travel Photography


When you are out traveling, photography is a must. Thank Heavens there are various sizes of digital cameras from the best brand names so that you don’t have to lug a large, bulky camera.

Canon has one of the best selection of cameras and it also offers Canon Coupons for wallet-friendly, professional-grade photography. 

Plus, there are camera lenses that you can attach to your phone for a professional look to your photography eliminating the need for an extra DSLR.

Moment’s Wide Lens, for example, is one of the best camera lenses in the market for elevated pictures on your family trips or when you are out on a solo adventure. 

If you are a travel blogger or love to seek out picturesque sights in every location you visit, then a digital camera would be a savvy investment among many travel items.

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10.    Tripod for the Camera

Tripod for the Camera

Along with the camera, you need a compact tripod for solo pictures. 

When you are out camping in the wilderness or traveling through remote areas, it is hard to find people to take your pictures with the scenery, or finding the perfect location to place your camera.

Thus, tripods are a travel must-have for every vacation. 

One such convenient accessory is Joby Gorillapod Tripod. It has numerous features that make it travel-friendly including its compact size, and compatibility with all kinds of surfaces; so, you can take beautiful pictures on even the most rugged landscapes.

Plus, it is also wallet-friendly; in fact, it is one of the best travel gadgets under $50, making it the best fit for traveling on a budget.

11.    Organizer Kits

Organizer Kits

When you are traveling, having your belongings organized creates less hassle and more room for unhindered excursions. 

There are plenty of styles in the market and various designs for different purposes. 

If you have a lot of tech and wires in your bags, then KNOMO tech organizer can be pretty handy. Although they require a separate bag for your laptop or tablet, at least you won’t have to worry about untangling your earphones from your charger.

Another kind of organizer is the TUO Origami Unicorn Organizer. It is one of the best travel accessories for women who pack a lot of loose items like jewelry, socks, electronics, and even undergarments. 

Amatory also offers organizer bags that open up like a book. It has various compartments for all kinds of electronics including laptops, small electronics, and more. 

So, before you go traveling the world, be sure to get an organizer bag and get your things in order.

12.    Wireless Router or Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wireless Router

When you are traveling staying connected is one of the biggest hassles. 

There is not always a free Wi-Fi connection in the area and if you are using mobile internet than the charges can be pretty hefty in some cities. 

Thus, one of the best tech gadgets of 2019 would be the portable Wi-Fi routers that are compact and easy to fit in your case.

There are many types and sizes available today like the Skyroam Solis that gives you 4G LTE connection in about 130 countries around the world. Plus, it allows up to five connections and doubles a charger for your phone or tablet.

It is also one of the best travel accessories under $50.

13.    Steam Iron

Steam Iron

Another needed item on long-term vacation trips is the portable steam iron. 

When you are far away from the convenience of home, you need to have all kinds of items in your bag to be ready for anything.

A mini steam iron like the one from Steamfast is among the cool gadgets for men on business. It is compact, small enough to fit in your carry-on, and easy-to-use to remove wrinkles from your clothing when on the move.

14.    Travel Drone

Travel Drone

Drones are the innovation of the 21st century that has raised the level of travel photography to new heights.

They offer an alternative to the bulky DSLRs with their foldable design and compact size, making them the best travel gadgets of 2019. 

DJI Travel Drone, the Mavic Pro 2 has some of the most exceptional features: a 4K Hasselblad camera, smartphone control, air time of 31 minutes, at a maximum distance of 4.3 miles. 

With the HD camera in its design, you can take breathtaking pictures of the landscape. Plus, the built-in sensors help avoid obstacles and includes additional features like GPS, tripod, and selfie settings.

Moreover, there are DJI Coupon Codes also available so you can save on your travel budget and get your drones on discount.

15.    Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are a travel must-have for the modern traveler. 

Regardless of where you are traveling, you don’t have to let go of your love of tunes; cash in on any one of the many types in the market and enjoy your favorite music on the go. 

You can opt for the Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay P2 pocket gadget or the Sony Bluetooth Speaker; Bose’s SoundLink Micro Bluetooth also packs a punch when it comes to playing tunes.

Each tech is miniature making it easy to carry in your luggage and listen to music whenever and wherever you want. 

Beoplay P2 comes with 10 hours playtime, voice or gesture control, and is dust and splash resistant, while Sony Bluetooth Speakers offer the best sound quality with up to 12 hours playtime and Sony Coupons for discounts.

16.    Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale

Traveling by air is not as exhausting as going through luggage check and abiding by TSA’s rules. 

If your bags weigh more than the approved amount or are more in number, then you have to pay extra to get your luggage on board. 

Thus, it is one of the most useful electronic gadgets for travel in 2019, and an essential accessory to add to your travel list. 

Etekcity and Tarriss are two brands that provide a digital luggage scale so you can weigh your bags to the maximum limit without going over. 

Tarriss is lightweight and can measure in both kilos and pounds, whereas Etekcity offers a reading of up to 110 pounds as well as a temperature reading for heat-sensitive items.

So, if you want to avoid paying extra for your luggage, pick up a digital luggage scale for your trip.

17.    GoTenna Mesh

GoTenna Mesh

Traveling may be about going off-grid, but you don`t want to be lost forever in the vast world. 

There are many places on earth still not accessible by modern technology, thus having a mode of communication that can help in times of emergencies or natural disasters is crucial. 

GoTenna Mesh is one of the best travel gadgets you can have on you when you are on the road. It keeps you connected even when there is no cell service, and with its Bluetooth-LE feature, you can send out messages, location, and more to a range of four miles.

It is compatible with Android and iOS and is helpful when there is no Wi-Fi or phone service. Plus, it is really easy on the wallet with GoTenna Mesh Coupons.

18.    Electric Tooth Brush

Electric Tooth Brush

Hygiene is a number one priority even if you are in the wilderness, surrounded by trees and no civilization.

Thus, packing an electric toothbrush is a must for when you travel. 

There are plenty of designs and models available for you to choose and Amazon has some great deals on the product for money-savvy shopping.

Electric toothbrushes are not only easy-to-carry in your case, but they also have replaceable heads; so, you don’t need to shop for a new one all that when on the go. 

19.    Travel Mug & Portable Espresso

Portable Travel Mug

Are you a coffee lover? Can you even withstand not having your dose of espresso in the morning just because you are out traveling?

I think not!

Which is why a travel mug and a portable espresso machine are an essential item for your travel must-haves list you can pack for any trip. 

A travel mug is insulated to keep hot things from getting cold and vice versa, meaning you can bask in the warmth of a cup of hot cocoa during long flights. 

Additionally, with a portable espresso machine, you can have your cup of java anywhere and whenever you like. The device from NowPresso, in particular, comes with its cup, so you don’t have to invest in a separate travel mug. 

20.    Pocket Blanket & Travel Towel

Travel Towel

If you are traveling to an island or a beach, a pocket blanket or travel towel can be quiet handy.

A travel blanket like the one on Amazon from Flight 001 has some fantastic features that make it the best travel accessory. It is lightweight, soft to touch, and opens up into a large blanket – perfect for long flights and in cold weather.

Plus, it has its case so you can fold it up and pack it away in your bag when not in use.

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel and the Shandali Micro Fiber Towel are two of the best travel towels you can pack. 

Whether you are going camping, backpacking, hiking up a mountain or going to the beach, a quick-dry towel can be quiet useful. The Sea to Summit towel comes in numerous shades and sizes; plus, it offers protection from rain, sun & dust.

The Shandali Towel can hold water up to four times its weight and dry ten times faster than a regular towel. It is compact in size and foldable, making it easy to pack up and carry on your journey.

21.    Passport Holder or Travel Wallet

Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

If you are going abroad, then you need something to keep your passport and cards and other vital documents in one place. There is no time to sort through your bag and look for what you need.

There are plenty of styles and types of travel wallets and passport covers from the best manufacturers in various colors so you can take your pick.

Check out the Samsonite Luggage Travel Wallet or the Smythson Mara passport cover; there is also Zoppen Multi-purpose travel passport on Amazon. 

Each item has several compartments for all your essential documents including passport, bank cards, and even your flight ticket and boarding pass.

A travel wallet is among the best travel gadgets you can have; it keeps your belongings safe and secure, in one place – a huge blessing for travelers in a mini disguise.

22.    Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

At the airport, the chance of losing your bags during luggage claim is more than likely. 

With so many people going places, and similar bags in sight, it can be easy to lose track of your luggage. Thus, luggage tags make the list of the best travel gadgets of 2019.

There are many types of tags in the market, but DIY tags are also a choice. The Daily Edited, for example, give you a leather luggage tag that you can customize and monogram with your name or initials. 

It comes in various colors and has a safe compartment to place your address.

For DIY, you can also place your cherished pictures on your luggage tags to personalize and make them stand out on the carousel – no chance of you losing your bags then!

23.    Travel Bottles

Travel Bottles

Like travel mugs, travel bottles are an essential travel accessory in your bag.

If you are out on an adventure through the woods, camping or trekking, there are slim chances of finding a source for clean drinking water. With a portable, compact travel bottle, you can drink fresh river water or from the lake without fear.

LifeStraw, Aquio, and GRAYL’s are three of the best options for travel water bottles for any traveler. 

LifeStraw filtered water bottle cleans up to 99.9% of the impurities and microbes from the water, plus it has an activated carbon filter that removes odor and chlorine aftertaste.

GRAYL’s water bottle comes with a removable purifier cartridge that can water from any natural source to pure, clean drinking water. A perfect item for outdoor adventurers!

Aquio, on the other hand, gives you a travel bottle that has a removable Bluetooth speaker attached. It’s a two-in-one gadget with a container to keep your drinks hot or cold, and a waterproof speaker for an impromptu music party.

24.    Wash Bag for Dirty Laundry

Wash Bag for Dirty Laundry

When you are on the road, you are not always going to find luxuries like a proper washing machine or even a sink with clean water to wash your dirty laundry.

And, with your limited supply of clothes, you need to be able to wash them at regular intervals.

So, whether you on an African Safari, backpacking across Europe or on a camping trip, you should pack a Scrubba Wash Bag.

It comes equipped with a washboard, is foldable as well as lightweight; meaning, you can easily fit it in your backpack.

With just 2-4 liters of water and a bit of washing detergent, you can have your clothes clean. So, it’s safe to say it is the best travel accessory for backpackers, campers, hikers, anyone traveling off-road.

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25.    Solar Charger

Solar Charger

When you are in the woods, you are not going to find any plugs or sockets or electricity so using the power of the sun to charge your gadgets is the best alternative. 

A solar charger is one of the essential travel accessories for backpackers to charge your GPS, cameras, smartphone, tablets or any other gadget you might have.

There are many types and models available from top companies including Anker, Goal Zero, and Suntactics. Plus, you would think that a solar charger would be expensive, but with coupons on PennySaviour, they can be affordable for all budgets.

26.    Weather-proof phone cases

Weather-proof phone cases

Weather is quite unpredictable, but for travelers, it can also be quite burdensome. 

Besides the weather, when you are backpacking or camping, or just going swimming, you can’t always guarantee your phone will be safe from the clutches of water.

Thus, a weather-proof phone case is more than an accessory; it is a necessity. 

While zip-lock bags work to protect your phone from the rain, they don’t allow free utility of the phone. 

A weather-proof phone case is perfect for underwater photography and keeps your smartphone safe during rain or storm.

27.    Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid

Sometimes, when you are on the road, well-rested sleep can be a bit short in supply. 

With the time difference, if you are abroad, and jetlag after a long flight, sleep can be hard to come. Thus, sleep aids are among the best travel gadgets for a restless sleeper. 

You can get Bose’s noise-masking sleep buds or the Dodow Sleep Aid device. 

Bose’s Sleep Buds are like wireless earphones that fit snugly in your ear and block out all sounds, making it easy to drift off to snooze land without any disturbance. 

Plus, when it is time to wake up, they sound an alarm that is just loud enough to wake only you.

Dodow Sleep Aid, however, is entirely different. Instead of blocking out sound, it helps you regulate your breathing until you are relaxed. The device projects a soft light waxing and waning on the ceiling; you inhale and exhale with its cycle and feel relatively calm enough to fall into a deep sleep after a time. 

So, if you have trouble sleeping, then either of these sleep aids is the best travel gadget for you.

28.    Compression Socks

Compression Socks

Compression socks are the best travel accessories for long flights to have with you. 

Staying in one sitting position for a long time can stop the blood flow to your legs and may lead to swelling, pain, and a lot of other problems over a prolonged time. 

Therefore, compression socks are a savvy investment for a regular traveler. 

They encourage blood flow to your legs, offer snug fitting and can also elevate your style if you know how to choose the right pair

So, make your flight as comfortable as possible and get yourself some compression socks before your next trip.

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29.    Tablet or iPad

Tablet or iPad

If you don’t want the Amazon Kindle, then a tablet or iPad is the best travel gadget for long flights.

With more features than the Kindle, you can watch HD movies, listen to songs, play games, download apps to read magazines as well as books and audiobooks. 

The two gadgets spare you the time and money to buy dozens of reading material that you’ll probably leave on the plane or in airports.

Which is why if you are heading for a long journey, then keep an iPad or tablet with you.

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30.    Translators


One of the best gadgets for European travels!

If you are planning on going backpacking across Europe than having a translator on hand can be quite handy. 

The world is a mix of different cultures, traditions, and languages; you can’t hope to know every word you’ll come across in your journey. 

So, instead of memorizing common phrases or having your head stuck in a translation book, keep an electronic translator in your luggage.

Mesay 2.0 Two-way AI translator is one of the best in the market. It has a 97% accuracy and translates your words as you speak into 16 different target languages.

Moreover, it is compact and lightweight easy to carry in your carry-on and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, 4G as well as a hotspot for other devices. 

It is your all-in-one travel accessory -  a definite must-have for when you travel abroad.

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31.    Safety Gadgets

Safety Gadgets

When you are in a different city, safety can be a bit of an issue. 

There is no guarantee for anything; thus safety gadgets are essential travel gadgets for every traveler. 

There various types of security items in the market: lock for your bag, emergency contacts for service personnel, etc. 

Silent Beacon and Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker are two of the best items to pack in that regard.

Silent Beacon sends out a beacon to your loved ones or emergency personnel in case of emergencies. You preprogram numbers, and the device will send out text messages, push notifications, emails, and even voice calls, along with your GPS location, when needed.

Tile Pro, on the other hand, is a Bluetooth tracker to keep you from losing your things. Your keys, backpack, anything you misplace it can locate for you with a GPS location of where you had it last. 

Many other features make it the best tracker, but the best part is that it needs no maintenance or battery change; plus, there are Tile Pro Coupons to save on your budget.

32.    Travel Hammock

Travel Hammock

It might not seem like much, but packing a travel hammock is an excellent choice for any outdoor traveler. 

Just tie it up, sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the landscape you visit. 

You’ll find plenty of types in the market and the innovation that combines the safety of a tent and the luxury of a hammock.

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is a two-person tent that can be tied up a tree like a hammock. It is one of the coolest travel gadgets that is compact with foldable doors, removable rain fly, and can be attached to any other surface. 

There is also the ENO DoubleNest Hammock for backpackers. It is durable, lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in your backpack. Plus, it can hold up to 400lbs and is sturdy enough to fall asleep.

So, if you are out traveling the woods, hiking up a mountain or just camping, a travel hammock is the best travel accessory to add to your list.

33.    Portable Multi-tool kits

Portable Multi-tool kits

You never know what you might need out in the wilderness, so packing a multi-tool kit is the best thing for any traveler. 

It is feasible, portable, and a much better alternative to keeping all the separate tools. 

There are various company designs and sizes in the market that you can choose from including the Leatherman Wave; or, its smaller version, the Leatherman Squirt.

It has about 17 tools packed into one including a knife, pliers, bottle openers, and even screwdriver, and scissors. 

A multi-tool kit is one of the best travel gadgets for men if you go out hunting when camping.

34.    Solar Light

Solar Light

When you are out camping and backpacking, you are going to need a light source with you.

Taking a torch is always the best, considering according to the movies, they run out of juice at the most crucial time.

Thus, an alternative is sunlight. 

Solar lights are a savvy, affordable, and sustainable source of light that is charged by the sun and can run for hours; making them the best travel gadgets for all. 

LuminAID and Mpowerd Luci Pro 2.0 Solar Light are two of the best solar lights to have with you. 

LuminAID is an inflatable lamp that can run for up to 16 hours with the charging of 6-7 hours. Plus, it is water-proof, portable, and lightweight, making it easy to lug around in your backpack.

Mpowerd takes about a 14-hour charge, in direct sunlight, to give you 50 hours of light; but, with a USB, it only takes about 2-3 hours for charging.

35.    Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Another on the best travel accessories list are packing cubes. 

When you are on the road staying organized is more than necessary; you can’t always be running around trying to find this or that. 

Therefore, packing cubes are an excellent investment for those who like to pack large. 

You can get a set from Gonex or the one from Eagle Creek. Both are equally versatile and available in various sizes. There is also the Zero Grid packing cube set to consider.

The Eagle Creek packing cube set comes with different bags for your garments to keep them wrinkle-free. They are compact, lightweight, with a lot of room for all your things and wallet-friendly with Eagle Creek Coupons.

Zero Grid provides packing cubes allow you to compartmentalize your belongings. They keep you’re your things from tumbling about when the airport personnel tosses them in the airplane cargo bin. Plus, with separate compartments, you can keep your dirty laundry from your clean one. 

With Gonex, you get the option of small, slim packing cubes that can fit in your carry-on or a set of medium and large cubes in bright, beautiful colors.

36.    Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable Footrest

Let’s face it; long flights are unbearable no matter how accustomed we are to travel. 

So, why not make your time in the airplane cabin as bearable as possible? 

The portable footrest is another excellent travel accessory to pack if you have chronic foot pain or want to alleviate the pressure on your feet.

The adjustable footrest from Embody Care is one of the best gadgets for air travel. It has many ergonomic benefits including improving circulation and posture and may relieve lower back pain.

Embody Care footrest offers adjustable height feature, is compact, and can massage the different pressure point on your feet – a great accessory to have for the long-haul travel.

37.    Travel Bag Bungee

Travel Bag Bungee

The last item on the list of best travel gadgets of 2019 is the Travel Bag Bungee.

It’s not rare to see people traveling with more than one bag; but having so many suitcases, carry-on or backpack with you can make it difficult to move about freely.

It’s not easy to stack them on top of one another unless you have the Travelon Bag Bungee. 

It is super easy to use, all you do is place the smaller bag against the protruding handle and tie the bungee around to secure it in place.

No more stumbling through the airport, juggling your bags, tie them together and roll them out!


That brings my list of the best travel gadgets of 2019 to an end!

Try one or try them all for your next trip and make the best of your vacation. 

If your traveling in a group, pin it to let your friends get the best gadgets too.

Happy Traveling!