20 Most Doable New Year’s Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

2019 is here! It’s a high time to make a difference – Embracing a fresh start and living new dreams. Whether you resolve to change an undesired trait, behavior or improve your life, you need to pledge yourself. So, what’s your New Year resolution?

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20 Most Doable New Year’s Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

New Year is about to knock, and you know what?  People are excited to opt New Year’s resolutions, yeah the one they are going to quit after a week or two. Isn’t a kind of a funny story?

People think resolutions don’t work or making them on New Year is pointless as goals can be established at any time of the year. Also, some upper-class dandies think that they’re no longer cool because everyone`s making them.

Well, all the anti-resolution sentiments are respected. 

Research has shown that almost half of the adults take New Year’s resolutions. But only 10% manage to keep them for more than a few months.

Instead of judging the whole scenario; I feel like appreciating people who want change with a new year. 

Whether it’s a belly fat you are tired of or a challenging habit you want to leave, hope this turning of the calendar can motivate you in adopting a better life. 

Here, I have compiled the list of New Year’s resolutions 2019 that are easy to keep.. 

1. Improve Your Eating Habits

While writing this, I am sure most New Year’s resolution will be abandoned, but some won’t and can change your life.  Eating healthy is one of them.

 Overloaded IG feeds carrying yummy recipes has even turned a healthy eater into food junkie. Admit that you didn’t miss a chance to pack your tummies with cheese loaded fries but don’t let 2019 spoil your body shape.

Make a resolution that you would intake healthy diet. If you are looking for an easy way then chose to juice. It is a quick way to get daily requirements, can dramatically improve your eating habits and health with a minimal amount of effort.

Trust me that no more junk food in your menu is the best change you may opt for 2019.

2. Say Yes To Detox

Detoxification is essential for the human body; removing toxins from body leads to numerous positive effects.  By achieving internal cleansing, you will be improving your overall health and well being that will help you look great.

It would be difficult to opt for a specific Detox program instead you can practice the following steps help your body detoxify naturally so it can flush out some of the everyday toxins.

•    Start your day with spring water and a freshly squeezed lemon in it. 

•     Drink green tea and herbal teas such as dandelion, nettles, etc

•    Minimize white sugar intake

•    Add more raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your diet

•    Breathe deeply, walk more

Also, smile and remove toxic people, this will change your life in 2019.

3. More Workout 

This small change can bring a significant impact on your life. Workout sounds like a scary word, but it is not. The daily home workout can melt fat and strengthen your body. Moreover, to see your legs getting back in shape without much effort will give you ultimate happiness.  

There are lots of no equipment work out you may opt after or before work hours to start your journey to fitness. Needless to say, how valuable it is to be fit and healthy.

If you think it is hard, start from taking stairs and avoiding elevators.

More Daily Workout

4. Belly Breathing Habit 

It would not be incorrect to call it the easiest “New Year resolution 2019”. If you don’t know what it is “It gives you more power to empty your lungs.” It brings you enormous benefits like it helps you relax, lowering the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol on your body. It reduces your heart rate. It helps reduce your blood pressure.

Isn`t it better to do it then scrolling through the social feeds and checking WhatsApp messages? Yeah, I agree that’s important to. Although, giving yourself a few minutes will cost you nothing. 

5. Improve the air you breathe

Did you know that the air at your home is to 5 times more polluted and toxic than the air you inhale outside? So, it must be shocking for you.

Well, after reading the above statement; this one is sure to be in your top new year`s resolutions 2019. 

To purify the air, you inhale in your bedroom or living room brings indoor plants as: they produce more and more oxygen and remove pollutants from the atmosphere. 

Also, keep windows open and let the fresh air in. 

6. Get More Quality Sleep 

A good start always needs a good sleep. So to attain anything in life you need to take care of your lifestyle especially sleeps. 

Also, it is one of the most doable New Year’s resolutions that can change your life. So, at least at the end of 2019, you can proudly announce that you have followed the resolution so far.  

Some healthy sleep tips are:

•     Plan a sleep schedule and follow it strictly. Go to bed and wake up on time even on weekends. 

•    Practice a comfortable bedtime ritual. 

•    If you are having trouble sleeping then manage your timings or change your mattress or pillows.

•    Avoid taking heavy meals and alcohol in the evening. 

So in 2019, break this stereotype of working long hours and sleep for a couple of hours.

7. Save Money

When it comes to money-saving setting a new year’s resolution is easy but keeping it throughout the year quite difficult. However, if you opt for this one; it will help you close in on your long and short-term debt goals.

According to your goals for 2019 start saving a few dollars each day; even on saving 1$ daily you will be having 365$ at the end of the year.

8. Fashion Resolution – Never a sloppy dresser again

How many times do you dress up like wow in 2018? Only on special occasions, right? People would rather get a root canal than start dressing correctly. But why not to pay attention to the dressing whether it’s a casual day or a special one?

Make it your aim to look stylish and trendy and inspire others. For this log into popular image-centric sites, for example, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram et cetera. 

9. Give Up Smoking 

Quitting smoking is the most difficult and top new year`s resolutions 2019, yet it is doable. Every year thousands of people decide to give up their addiction whether its tobacco, drugs or anything else but only a few have the spirit to embrace the change.

There is so many help you may get to get rid of this habit. First of all, tell others about your resolution so they will stop you the next time you bring your cigarette out. 

Ask your doctor for specific tools.

Go for nicotine replacement therapy

Try replacing tobacco with healthier oral stimulation like gum

Let this one be in your Creative new year`s resolution list to maintain your overall health.

Give Up Smoking

10. Travel More and see the world

Don’t know about the rest but traveling makes me happy. If you own the similar story, then say hi to this Unique New year`s resolution. 

According to the Dollar and Sense report, the most significant financial regret people hold is not having “one in a lifetime trip.” Don’t fall in the list of those and travel as much as you can this year. 

 To get started at budget-friendly prices get cheap flights to anywhere in the world


11. Read More

It’s New Year, a time to make a difference. What is better than reading a book when it comes to gaining wisdom? 

For dozens of high-achieving individuals, the secret of success in their daily habit of reading. Promise yourself to read more and more. 

To make this resolution achievable:

•    Set your reading goals

•    Make a list of books each month

•    Set reading times and day

12. Spend more quality time with family

I think no one would disagree when I say that “2018 was so packed that we didn’t get enough time to spend with family either because of work or digital diversions.” Well, everyone has their own story.

Family time is important because it strengthens family ties. So on this New Year ’s Eve when you meet your family asks them to be in touch with you more than the next year. Also, plan when you are going to see them next.

•    Go outside

•    go on more adventures

•    practice gratitude as a family

•    give warm greetings and Farwell to each other

Spend more quality time with family

13. Call your parents as much as possible

I know it is difficult to call anyone frequently when you live in a whole different country where you work, study and do all the stuff at different timings. But this single phone call can bring an immense love and pleasure in your parent’s life.

Brings some time out of the strict schedule and call you mom & dad. Don’t wait to regret the day they will be no more to attend the bell. 

14. Do Good And Forget

You may have apprehended this phrase a lot throughout your life, but now it’s a time to implement it. The good deeds help you in challenging times; when you start doing this, you will notice the things are going well and making you feel happy. 

Do something useful and forget about it, it`s genuinely worded to live by. A smile is the simplest good deed and kind action you can practice in everyday life. So, think and try to gain more chances to perform something good and forget about it. 

15. Make yourself a priority 

When for the last time you put yourself first? Don’t even remember?? Oh, that’s an awful mistake you have made so far. It is wrong to surrender in front of crazy daily activities and keep your desires aside. You will be a better human if you put yourself first.

Bring out some time for you and yourself only and forget the world. It is mainly for mommies and new parents who didn’t even spend alone in 2018. 

•    Go to the spa at least once in a month

•    Plan a date as frequently as possible.

•    Stop saying yes to everyone

•    Breathe

•    If you need physical activity, plan it

•    Know that you are enough.

 When you make yourself a priority, your light shines through you – share the happiness!

16. Take A Break From Negativity

Have you ever endured the moment when your heart automatically starts sinking, the deep feeling that makes you hate your surroundings? It happens because of the negative thoughts, and the negative people around us. 

One best way to take a break from negativity is: if you have a terrible thought; give yourself a certain time like 5mins and focus on it. Give yourself different reasons to not to think like that again and move on with your day.

Practicing this on a regular basis would offer you more power on the mindset.

2019 is a new start; don’t take this negativity with you.

Promise yourself that:

•    You don`t think wrong about anyone. 

•    You will focus on your strengths

•    Let go of judgment (don’t compare yourself with others)

•    Practice gratitude.

17. Less Expectations 

It’s a no wonder that you went through many crashes and breakdowns in 2018 because of the unfulfilled expectations. It’s a human nature that we expect from the people we love, but it’s a bitter reality too that when expectations break we get hurt. 

So 2019 shall be clean and swiped from any expectations. Whether it’s your spouse, parents, children or any other beloved, you will not expect anything from them even after moving mountains in their favor.

If you are going to attempt this Unique New year`s resolutions, then the coming year will be flawless for you. 

18. Apologies Authentically 

The New Year brings new beginnings and the fresh start. So there is no room for similar mistakes in it especially grudges and regrets.

The sincere apology is difficult but it worth it. When the next time you hurt anyone say a heartfelt “I am extremely sorry” with a strong expression of remorse for our hurtful words and actions while offering reparations — also, the commitment to avoid a repeat performance.

19. Face your fear

Our fears are the primary hindrance in our growth no matter at what stage of life we are. Whether it is failing, falling or flubbing, the fears hold us back. 

However, fear is a human emotion, and it also saves us from a variety of dangers. Although, many people have fears that are full-fledged phobias like glossophobia (fear of public speaking) et cetera.

Though, in 2019 your resolution shall be acknowledging the fear and how it affects you, and set a goal to overcome it. 

20. Start Expressing Yourself

Expressing your feelings leaves you open to the possibility of either acceptance or rejection, but not conveying those means that you will only ever find the latter.

It is not necessary to respond “I am fine” to every “how are you” you hear. Instead, think about revealing part of your interior by expressing how you really feel. 

Moreover, people can never understand how you think about a different thing until and unless you tell them. So if you want people to accept and understand you fully share your thoughts and feelings with them. 

Commit to express feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in a positive, non-destructive way in 2019.  

Bottom Line

Every urge of making New Year’s resolution ponder us to reflect on our actions during the past year – when you decide to make a positive change you want to see what you have been doing wrong. 

It’s not about creating unique resolutions but to keep it for the whole year and have a tangible and measurable outcome from it.

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