The Elements of an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is the heart of your marketing campaign, if you don`t know the basic elements, you can`t reach the heights of successful entrepreneurship. Plan a robust inbound marketing strategy by keeping in mind these basic elements of inbound marketing.

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The Elements of an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

The world is becoming more inbound, so you need to be more insightful to reach the Mount Everest of Inbound marketing.

The theory of the successful entrepreneurship is a bit aggressive, here winning means to get a reward but losing means you have to pay a cost of it. So, if you want to win it, you need to be more strategic in your inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing is the secret ingredient to generate massive ROI for your business. To explain my verdict, I prefer to use stats to make it authentic. 

According to the report of US Digital Marketing Forecast, 2014 To 2019, the Inbound marketing spends tops $100 billion by 2019.

Companies who spend more on inbound marketing campaigns than outbound are likely to see higher ROI.
59 percent of marketers accept that inbound marketing generates massive leads for the sales team, and 16 percent says outbound. 

So have you convinced with the importance of inbound marketing? So, it`s time to work on the essential elements before your marketing starts to show its wrinkles. 

Here I am sharing some key elements that make up a holistic inbound marketing campaign for your business. Let`s take a sneak peek.

Get to know the Audience

know the Audience

When I read a good story, I always recommend it to others. Your inbound marketing strategy works like that compelling story that people recommend to others. When you develop an authentic identity of your brand and a strong relation with your audience, it will automatically generate more leads to your brand. To build a healthy relationship, you need to know Your Audience first. 

“When you know your audience, you have insights into their goals, ideas, and behavior that helps you timely align and personalize your content to fit your audience`s needs.” Said Jorie Munroe, an Inbound marketing professor at HubSpot Academy team.

Build Buyer Personas

Build Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is the heart of inbound marketing. It helps you step into the shoes of your audience. Gaining more profound insights into their problems enables you to understand your audience more. Showcase your content that helps them find their solutions by putting yourself into their lives as an individual.

Craft your buyer personas on these two points;

Learn the problems your buyers are facing.
What tactics you can use to provide them assistance or solve their problems.

Craft an effective buyer persona that empowers prospects to learn more and deliver an experience that caters your prospects preferences. In that way, you can win their trust.

Tailor buyer`s journey according to buyer personas

Buyers Journey according to buyes persona

The buyer’s journey is ever evolving. The more you learn about buyer personas, the more you can tailor your buyer’s journey actively. It has three stages.

Awareness: when your prospects educate or research themselves regarding their problems. Craft a content that remarkably Understands, frame and give a name to their question.

Consideration: Once prospects have a clearly defined name to their problem, they look for the solutions.

Decision: The decision stage helps them decide on their buying journey. 

Be more progressive in your buyers journey, from problems to consideration of potential solutions to decision making; your customer will look back to you in all aspects. Provide them with something that solves their problems, guide them and help them make a decision.

A One-on-One conversation with customers

know your customers need

Since inbound marketing is customer-centric, you need to make your customer happy by providing them assistance in making a purchasing decision. You need to adapt and evolve with new marketing trends to meet the changing buying behaviors of your customers.

Once you win your buyers trust and they look for you to find the solutions to their problems, you can make your bond stronger with them with a one-on-one conversation.

You can develop active engagement with your customers through

  • E-mail marketing
  • Conversational Chatbots
  • Live chats
  • Messaging apps

Craft engaging content

Craft Engaging Content

Inbound can`t exist without content. Craft your content according to your context (your target customers). Tailor your content to what your customers need or what they are interested in.
Your content should be your marketing tools.

You can create quality content for your customers by using a blog post, infographics, videos and more. Jeff Bullas (leading marketing influencer according to Forbes) mentions in his article,blogs that are more visual with images and infographics get 94% more views over those without an image.

Set goals

Set your marketing goals

Whenever I think of setting goals, I always look hikers. How they keep on climbing to reach the edge of the tallest mountains without worrying about the hurdles along the way. Set your goals like the hikers. If you don`t have any vision where you want to reach, how can you plan your strategy for it? You can`t.

Goal setting is important. Know your goals of inbound marketing and achieve them by crafting an effective strategy to reach your audience. 

You can use social media engagement, search engine optimization or landing pages in achieving your goals.

According to the HubSpot marketing statistics 59 percent of Americans believe that customer service through social media is a good platform to get their questions answered and issues resolved. 

80 percent of traffic contributes to the top 10 percent of landing pages, so make sure you have a well-designed landing page that boosts the conversion levels.

Optimize your content with an effective SEO technique and work on mobile search and Voice search optimization as well.

Wrap up

Inbound marketing is all about making your customers happy. It`s about attracting instead of selling. By using these essential inbound marketing elements actively, you can successfully build a network of satisfied customers. And yes, don`t forget to analyze your inbound marketing daily, or weekly to know the progress.

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