25 Practical Father`s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Our fathers are the silent workers who sacrifice their lives to make sure we can have ours, and they ask for nothing in return. Thus, this Father`s Day, give him something unique to bring a smile to his face. Take a look at this gift guide with 25 practical gifts for dads under $50.

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25 Practical Father`s Day Gift Ideas Under $50
We all paid tribute to our loving mothers, the women who sacrifice their desires just so we can have ours, but now it`s time to celebrate the dads and look up Father`s day gift ideas. Our fathers spend most of their lives trying to make sure we can live ours without anything holding us back, that we can enjoy all the luxuries without having to lift a finger. But, they also teach us the true meaning of hard work and sacrifice for those you love. They help us be our best selves, so now; it`s our turn to give a little love back. If you wish to pamper him this father's day, consider giving him something unique like leisure experience gifts for men. Book a spa for his relaxation and let him enjoy some pampering once in a while too. Check out the video for a quick preview of some of the gifts you can buy:
But, it doesn`t stop there! Father`s Day is fast upon us; it`s time to hit the malls or open the browser and go shopping for your fathers. There is a ton of variety for you to dig through to find your perfect present, which can be intimidating for some. You watched the video for a glimpse of the list; now check out the details for a few practical gifts under $50 for the dads to enjoy this Father`s Day.

Dad 3-Piece BBQ Set

#1 Dad 3-Piece BBQ Set


For the Dads who love a good cookout, one of the most awesome gifts you can give them is this 3-Piece BBQ Set. Each set of spatula, tongs, and fork is stainless steel, equipped with a wooden handle; and, the spatula and fork come with a bottle opener at the top end. With the words #1 Dad cut out in the spatula blade, it makes it an even better gift for fathers.

Personalized Tan Money Clip & Wallet

#2 Personalized Tan Money Clip & Wallet


This combination of money clip & wallet is one of the practical dad gifts you can give your fathers. In soft, suede leatherette, this wallet comes at a size of 4' x 2 ¾', with a money clip to keep their cash locked in place as well as securely hold their cards. Moreover, there are two color options, and you get to personalize your choice with the up to 3 initials of your Father`s name.

Personalized BBQ Tool Set

#3 5-in-1 Personalized BBQ Tool Set


Another one to join the list of cool gifts for fathers that are affordable on a budget is this personalized BBQ tool set. It`s a 5-in-1 set that gives you basting brush, fork, slotted spatula, corkscrew, and bottle opener made of aluminum and wood with dimensions 10 ½' x1 ¾'. Personalize the kit with your dad`s initials to make it even more special.

Dad`s Jokes Rating Bucket Hat

#4 Dad`s Jokes Rating Bucket Hat


If your Father loves adventure, then this bucket hat is one of the best gifts for dads under $50. In khaki, navy, black, red or white, it is ideal for fishing trips or other outdoor activities. Made from cotton and spandex, it is a comfortable fit for all fathers, breathable, and protection against the harsh sun. Plus, it`s a tribute to Dad`s Jokes, so what`s not to like?

This is What an Awesome Dad Looks Like T-shirt

#5 This is What an Awesome Dad Looks Like T-shirt


An awesome gift for awesome fathers around the world, this t-shirt says it all about how you love for your Father. The soft, cotton tee comes in grey, green, blue, and white, featuring a crew neckline and hem-sleeves and bottom that make it comfortable, casual apparel for your dad.

Personalized Rustic Father`s Day Frames

#6 Personalized Rustic Father`s Day Frames


Even the most hardcore fathers melt at the sight of their family; thus, this Father`s Day, a personalized picture frame is one of the best gift ideas for dads. This rustic frame is barn-wood, brown with a personal message written out in a cream hue. It measures up to 8' x10' and holds a picture of size 4' x6'.

NaviForce 9024 Men`s Sports Metal Wrist Watch

#7 NaviForce 9024 Men`s Sports Metal Wrist Watch


For the style-savvy fathers, this wrist watch should be on your list of Father`s Day gift ideas. It is furnished with features that make it the best bang for your buck, including water-resistance, alarm output, day, date, and time display, as well as hourly chime function. This sports watch is a fashion-statement, suitable for everyday wear.

Personalized Cufflinks

#8 Personalized Cufflinks


Cufflinks are practical gifts for fathers that have a sophisticated taste in fashion. This Father`s Day, give your dad with a sense of style, personalized cufflinks they can wear on any formal occasions. The Gunmetal color offers a chic look for finesse and the secure claps ensure the cufflinks stay in place all day. Add up to 3 initials to make it personal.

Personalized Men`s Travel Kit

#9 Personalized Men`s Travel Kit


This travel kit is one of the best practical dad gifts for you to consider for the fathers that are always on the go. This men`s travel kit is spacious and compact enough to fit anywhere. It features a zipped pocket, two mesh pockets on the side, and a hook to hang it up in your bathroom. You can choose your color and customize with your Father`s initials or a line of up to 10 characters.

7-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

#10 7-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit


Fathers like a good time in the outdoors, so if your dad is one of them, this survival kit is an affordable gift to get this Father`s Day. Packed in an iron box; this kit contains a survival whistle, multi-functional tool card, compass, fretsaw, pliers, and even paper clips. For hiking, hunting, and backpacking, the small size makes it convenient to carry in your backpack or stuff it in your glove box.

Outdoor Picnic Gas Stove Burner

#11 Outdoor Picnic Gas Stove Burner


When you are outdoors and want to cook, this gas stove burner will come in handy – a cheap gift for budget-friendly Father`s day shopping. It is a stainless steel, alcohol stove that uses Isobutane Gas mixture for fuel, ideal for when your Father wants to go camping.

Heavy Canvas Classic Messenger Bag

#12 Heavy Canvas Classic Messenger Bag


Dads who commute to work by walking or public transport are going to love this handy, all-purpose messenger bag. It is spacious, large enough for gym shoes or laptop, with a protective cotton canvas and soft, pliable lining. Available in dark grey color, this bag is the best Father`s day gift idea under $50 for professional and casual use.

Father`s Day Decade Gift Box - Fun Father`s Day

#13 Father`s Day Decade Gift Box - Fun Father`s Day


Catered specifically to fit each decade; this box contains 40-70 pieces of candy from the time he was young. Plus, you`ll find a hand-written gift card carrying your message for your dad; and, if you add a 'Remember When' booklet for an additional $6.39, then you can join in as he goes through the time capsule remembering his life that special year. It is a perfect gift to have if you`re looking for gifts for Dad under $50.

99% sure I`m the funniest dad alive

#14 99% sure I`m the funniest dad alive


All dads think they`re funny, then why not, grab a tee that agrees? This tri-blend baseball t-shirt is a perfect gift idea for fathers who love making terrible dad jokes. Featuring three-quarter sleeves with contrasting colors, and a crew neck, it is the perfect mix of polyester, cotton, and rayon.

I heart dad Desktop photo plaques

#15 I heart dad Desktop photo plaques


If you have a creative heart, then consider DIY gifts for your dad, like this, I Heart Dad desktop photo plaque that you can customize to your heart`s content. For his desk at the office or home, give your Father a personalized photo plaque with hardboard backing and water-resistant high gloss coating. You have various sizes to choose from as well as options in style and design.

30 Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Toppers

#16 30 Custom Icing Edible Image Cake Toppers

$20.00 each

Celebrate this Father`s Day with a custom cake topper. You can choose an image of your choice or design from scratch, these cake toppers are 100% edible and created with edible, digital printing using food colors. Thin, real sugar icing makes them a delicious and the personalization makes them all the sweeter.

Planked Wood Print 6.75x10.5

#17 Planked Wood Print 6.75x10.5


There`s no gift better than that one has an emotional connection to your family; that is why here is another picture frame to add to the list of gift ideas for Father`s Day. This one offers a unique feature of 3 pine wood planks to make the frame, held together with a wooden ledge at the back. The rustic, pallet style wood makes it perfect for preserving your beach photos, wedding day, or any memory you cherish.

Police Icon Cologne

#18 Police Icon Cologne


A traditional, practical Father`s Day gift is cologne, so if you are one of those people, then Police Icon is one you should consider. With the essence of Pink pepper, strawberry and cardamom mixed with lavender, rosemary, and vanilla, it is a sublime blend of sweet and spicy available in a dark blue bottle, shaped like a falcon.

Anthropos Men`s Skincare 1 Month Membership

#19 Anthropos Men`s Skincare 1 Month Membership


Even men need to care for their hygiene and skin; thus, give your Father an Anthropos Subscription as a Father`s Day Gift. The monthly crate offers face scrub, daily cleanser, shave cream, after shave, and daily moisturizer all under $50, making it an affordable gift for low budgets.

Spiffy Socks 1-month Subscription

#20 Spiffy Socks 1-month Subscription


We all have dealt with the loss of one of our socks in a pair, especially dads. Therefore, here is a socks subscription as a practical gift idea for fathers. In each crate, they offer a pair of lightweight, bamboo, cotton sock in vibrant colors that are soft and comfortable on your feet. Each month you get a new pair to replace the ones with pale colors, weird smells or holes in the toes.

ScentBox Subscription

#21 ScentBox Subscription


If you can`t decide on one fragrance, then give your Father the gift of ScentBox Subscription. Each month, they`ll get to try new scent in their mail from their designer selections, and you don`t have to spend a penny over budget.

AudiobooksNow Subscription

#22 AudiobooksNow Subscription


For the fathers who have a love for books but don`t have the time to read, get him the subscription from AudiobooksNow. They have a vast library filled with all the best of literary creations; from fiction to sci-fi, thrillers, and biographies, anything your Father loves to read, he can find its audio version. For under $50, this is one of the best practical Father`s day gift ideas that you can try.

Android Smartwatch

#23 Android Smartwatch


It`s the era of technology, so give your dad one of the latest innovations of the century, an Android Smartwatch. At $19.99, it is an affordable gift choice with all the features that are characteristic of a smartwatch. It is compatible with all android smartphones, can make calls, and send texts, with multiple language selections, space for SIM card and many more features.

Keyport Pivot

#24 Keyport Pivot


Keyport is the answer to the problem associated with having too many keys, losing them. It is part key holder, Swiss Army knife, and part lost & found all meshed into one compact space, making it the best gift for fathers. You can customize the multi-tool kit to hold 2-9 keys or tools like USB flash drive, multipurpose tool, Keyport ID, etc.

Personalized Travel Tech Case

#25 Personalized Travel Tech Case


Another item for fathers going on a lot of business trips is this travel tech case. It offers a safe way to travel with electronics that can otherwise get lost in the large suitcases. In vegan leather, it comes equipped with one open pouch, three elastic bands, and one zippered pocket to store chargers, earphones, USB flash drives, etc. in one space. Plus, you can personalize this trinket with your Father`s initials or monogram marking it as his.

Final Word

That concludes our guide to Father`s Day Gift Ideas; did you find something that stood out to you, made you laugh? What are you planning for your Father this year? Share your thoughts in the comments and have fun shopping.

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