A Definitive Guide To Holiday Shopping 2020- Predictions, Tips, & Early Deals

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people are uncertain about their holiday shopping 2020 plans. So read below a guide about predictions, tips, and early deals for holiday season shopping 2020 and plan your shopping accordingly.

Category: Shopping     Written By: Muhammad Umair Malik

A Definitive Guide To Holiday Shopping 2020- Predictions, Tips, & Early Deals

We have seen many years in our lives before, and 2020 is undoubtedly the worst them all. So far, it has been unpredictable, stressful, and full of surprises. The series of events like wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and the way we live. 

Especially significant events this year like holidays, are not celebrated that way. Ultimately holiday shopping 2020 may get compromised a lot this year. As this platform is related to shopping, we will discuss shopping events here specifically. 

This year, Prime Day delayed from July to October, sudden shutdown of retail stores and restaurants, restriction on crowds in shopping malls, hurdles in maintaining a supply of goods for delivery online, etc. are major issues that occur due to the pandemic.

Now the year is entering into the phase of the holiday shopping season. There is a lot of event coming ahead like Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year eve, etc. Also, the shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are eager to hit us.

However, it is a fact that 2020 isn’t clearly your average year. But we still believe firmly that these last months of the year will boost the most significant sales of 2020. The major sales events like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and after-holiday sales are waiting to explode. 

So we are presenting the definitive holiday shopping 2020 guide here. Read till the end to know the holiday shopping tips, our predictions about sales, and early deals to catch that will continue to exist.

Holiday Shopping Predictions 2020

This whole year has been unpredictable. And that is the reasons people are still uncertain about their events and holiday plans yet. But based on trends this year so far, here are some of our predictions and forecasts for the holiday shopping season:

DIY gifts, classic gifts, basic electronics, gift cards, and home essentials will be a good go for people

This year has been tough for people financially and emotionally. And it seems that it will continue to be. There will be no concerts, no movie releases, and holiday festivals and events in 2020. 

Hence people will go for more-traditional gifts, like DIY, gift cards, and physical presents. The forgotten trend of gift cards will return, along with the practical gift options.

It is because people do not want to shop on absurd and want to opt for mindful stuff that others want and need.

For instance, electronics will get a boost in purchase on the holiday season. Also, people will look for educational toys and stuff to engage and entertain kids at home. Besides that, flowers and cards and household fixtures will get more priority.

Less crowds in malls and more online shopping

less crowd in malls and more online shopping

Before lockdown, online shopping was also at its peak. It isn’t really a new trend, but it is likely to get on a peak this year due to shops being closed, and people stay indoors. 

So retailers will try flash sales for doorbuster and online queues to mimic in-store experience online. Online holiday shopping in COVID can score you so much savings online in the form of promo codes, cash back, discount gift cards, and free shipping. Also, you can go through it by making a single click on your mobile.

The trend to buy online and pickup in-store programs will flourish

buy online and pic in-store programs

The programs like buy online and pick in store will thrive as more and more retailers will try to facilitate their customers in the pandemic. These services will boom in holiday shopping 2020 with offers and exclusive deals for shoppers.

Not only will it be easy for those who want urgent delivery of items, retailers will also take a sigh of relief due to the increased demand for shipping and delivery.

Retailers will offer immense discounts and extend their sales duration

The holiday season that kicks off from October till the end of December is full of sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, post-holiday sales, etc. And they are merging to provide lucrative savings to consumers. And this year, these events will get pool a further. 

Various stores will continue to launch different deals, flash sales, and discounts throughout October, November, and December. People will be likely to get Black Friday levels of discounts for remain months.

Boost in 'Buy Now and Pay Later' services

buy now pay later services

There were a lot of “buy now and pay later” services like Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, and QuadPay that people were ignoring before lockdown. But now, with budgets and wallets tight, it is expected that more people will use them. The stores will also offer holiday layaway so that consumers become more confident when doing holiday shopping 2020.

Earlier launch of holiday deals

early holiday deals and sales events

Since the prime day has been delayed and is set to be live in October, this month has become a launchpad for sales season this year. Not only Amazon but Target has also announced holiday shopping early sales during the same month. It is expected that Prime Day will create a stir, and other stores will also try to offer their best holiday sales and deals earlier. 

You will not be able to shop from your favorite stores on Thanksgiving

major retailers closed on this thanksgiving

In previous years, stores likely to kick off the Black Friday sale event before Thanksgiving to let people shop for the holiday. But it is announced this year that all major store will keep their doors shut in the USA on Thanksgiving Day. 

Walmart was in charge in terms of this announcement. And various other stores like Target, the Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting, Kohl’s, etc. follow suit.

Useful Tips For Holiday Shopping 

Most retailers who have their online presence are advising consumers to stay at home and shop online. All the sales events like Black Friday will take the internet world by storm this season. 

So we will suggest that just stay safe at home and avoid the crowds by taking advantage of online shopping and home deliveries. It is your social responsibility not to crowd the local store. And due to the online shopping facility, we hope not to see any large crowds in stores.

So if you are eager to celebrate the holiday season with full enthusiasm and want to prepare for it from now, we are giving some useful tips below to help you find the best deals:

Start finding and observing deals right now

start looking for deals right now

It is predicted that Prime Day will likely to kick start the holiday shopping season in early October. Many competitors are also for sure planning to swoop in earlier. So we will advise you not to wait for the last minute and just start browsing the online retailers right now. It is the best time to shop for deals and discounted goods now.

Plus, we can’t say this enough, it will be an inventory issue and delivery concerns that every store will face this holiday season due to and increased demand in the pandemic. So shopping early will save your money and time and will make you stressfree.

Hunt for deals by category

As soon as lockdown happens, it has been observed that the people heightened shopping activities around home decor, crafts, loungewear, self-care, cookware and appliances, puzzles, board games, and video games. 

So, retailers are focusing on providing deals on them. Just start tracking these popular items prices by category to fetch the best deals. Several coupon websites like pennysaviour also organize the deals and discounts for these items. You can shop from them for TVs, phones, games, smartwatches, home furniture, patio furniture, etc.

Do your research well before you order

research well before shopping

As soon as October starts, you will not find any sales shortage and deals on lots of items. But before you buy anything on deal and sale, research it really well. Keep in mind all deals are not equal. Sometimes a retailer will try to trap you down for sale, which is actually not worthy. So do compare prices and shop around.

Follow the guides right here. We’ll keep on updating and posting real savings, beast deals, and buying guides on the hottest products

Shop from retailers who offer exclusive deals for loyalty members and app Users

loyalty member rewards and programstarget circle offers

Some retailers are there who offer excellent deals and sales to the exclusive loyalty members. Also, they offer the best discounts on ordering from the mobile app. You will also be benefitted in terms of earlier access to sales and deals.

For instance, Amazon Prime members get exclusive discounts. The Home Depot mobile app users will have access exclusively to November deals before they go live. Target offers the Target Circle program that gives incentives to members with an early insight into upcoming sales along with Target coupons and discount codes

Where to Find Early Deals For Holiday Shopping 2020?

If you do not have an idea from where you can get early deals, we’ve got you covered. The following are some stores and retailers from where you can fetch perfect early deals.

Amazon Prime Day 

Amazon prime day sales

Luckily this year, Amazon delayed its Prime Day from July to take place in October. It will kick start at the start of the month, and you can expect huge deals and sales on all Amazon products like toys, TVs, electronic appliances, smart home products, etc. the most anticipated sales of the year, Prime Day, may bring some new products launch as well.



Macy is a well-known retailer and announced its Black Friday sales after Halloween immediately. The retailer’s announcement is exciting because they have had offered end-of-summer sales and fall clearance deals earlier this year. Expect amazing deals and discounts on clothes, home goods, shoes, and furnishing items.


target early deals

Target is a giant retailer with hundreds of thousands of walk-in and online consumers on daily bases. To cut off the in-store traffic, the retailer announced to kickstart Target holiday shopping deals 2020 in October online. Target is famous for offering deals and discounts on fantastic kitchenware, electronics, home goods, and toys. So it will be exciting to witness what they are offering for 2020. You can check the previous year’s Target Black Friday deals to get prepped.

The Home Depot

deals from home depot

The Home Depot is a home improvement chain who unveil their plans for the 2020 holiday season of shopping. They announced to stretch the Black Friday sales for nearly two months i.e., from November to run through December. So rather than a single day, you will likely to fetch the Home Depot discounts for almost two months. The brand also focus on DIY, free shipping, etc. on over a million items. Isn’t it amazing?


walmart deals

Besides their announcement of remaining closed on Thanksgiving, Walmart yet hasn’t announced any holiday deals or Black Friday sales. But keeping in mind their history, Walmart may compete with Target, Amazon in full swing and will definitely offer various Walmart deals and discounts for its customers.

What Consumers Opine About Holiday Shopping?

The pandemic may have a more profound impact on people’s pockets, and their wallets are may be tighter this season, people still want to spend for the 2020 holiday shopping. According to a survey of popular consumer website:

Consumers are planning to spend the amount the same or more this holiday.

People have an eye on earlier shopping this year to avoid any inventory shortcomings and issues.

People will, although now go to malls, but they are willing to go for online shopping this holiday season.

Almost 100 % of people and shoppers agree to shop a deal or discount and accept that it will influence their holiday shopping 2020.

On Thanksgiving events, people are not willing to take advantage of sales in-store.

Savings events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be likely to get overwhelmed by people.

People are concerned about their online purchases as they want their items delivered on-time, try on or check an item before purchase and avoid inventory issues.

The Ultimate Takeaway

So it is evident that people are willing to shop online for their events. And holiday sales like Amazon prime day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are important for shoppers. The impact of COVID-19 on holiday shopping will likely be more as the sales events will look quite different this year. 

We hope you have gone through our guide and will take advantage of our predictions, tips, and early deals. Happy holiday season till then.