15 Personalized House Warming Gifts For New Homeowners

When it comes to housewarming gifts, there are a lot of fancy options available in the market. But choosing a personalized gift with practical usage may be challenging. From pictures frames to throw blanket, below are some options suitable for gifting new homeowners

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15 Personalized House Warming Gifts For New Homeowners

If you have changed the house, whether you've moved to small apartments near Cincinnati or in any metropolitan city, a sprawling farmhouse, or even a tiny condo, it may be a very hectic and challenging for you to bring a homey vibe to that new space. But those thoughtful housewarming gifts from friends and family might have helped you a lot.

Similarly, people you know who have recently moved to a new place need them as well. The housewarming gifts for new homeowners is a fantastic way to greet and make them feel comfortable in their new home. Similarly, it is also a good gesture to make them realize that how much you care for them.

Moving into a new home is exciting. Something is so pleasing about making the new space your own. Also, people who love decoration get an excuse to decorate. That's why housewarming gifts act more than courtesy or a gesture. Useful house warming gifts ease homeowner's transition and make them feel relaxed a bit.

Although many attractive and fancy stuff available for housewarming gifts in the market. But it is tricky to find the gift that's considerable and aesthetically pleasing. Also, these gifts should be practical so that homeowners can enjoy using them.

I am here to give you unique house warming gift ideas, so fear not. Go through the following fifteen personalized house warming gifts for new homeowners that are too good to resist.

1. Personalized photo frames

keepsake personalized picture frames

If you are confused about selecting housewarming gifts, send your family or friends the customized or personalized picture frames. 

No home is complete without personalized picture frames. The best moment of life a carefully saved in beautiful frames. And as a gift to the new homeowner, prefer giving frames. To make these frames even more special, consider using AI photo edits from Picsart to transform ordinary photos into stunning works of art. This will add a unique touch to your gift.

Although they may cost you a lot, opt Keepsake frames if you want cheap picture frames. Keepsake is a store that makes impressive and high-quality frames. The convenience factor is that you can make it through their app at discounts if you use keepsake frames coupon.

They will make a perfect gift if your friends or loved ones are moving. They are perfect for your sentimental expressions—also the incredible decorative piece for the home. 

2. A wooden engraved cutting board

wood engraved cutting board

Every home contains a cutting board that is frequently used in the kitchen. But these cutting boards also act as decoration hangings, and they look amazing.

Our list of housewarming gifts 2020 has included wooden engraved cutting board. It is also a creative and awesome idea to give to any homeowner. These wooden cutting boards not only can be used as decoration but as a nameplate of the house as well. 

Look nowhere but Wayfair. They offer many personalized and customized wooden cutting boards that complement any taste. You can select from various designs, materials, and styles. Later on, you can get them personalized with a monogram, name, anniversary date, birth date, or even a face sketch.

3. Fancy scented candles

scented candles

A homey, cozy feeling is essential for any new homeowner. The environment, the ambiance, and the smell of home are all they need. So, gifting them with fancy candles, i.e., incense candles or scented ones, is the best option.

There is nothing as evoking as these candles are. The feelings of warmth, coziness, and home come along with a lovely pair of candles. It is a little splurge that goes a long way. So when it comes to candles, look for a scent that is something rich yet subtle. These candles should be in pretty packaging. 

To pair them up, go for a personalized lighter or match stick box. It will add some more value to your awesome gift.

4. Fresh baked goods
fresh baked goods

Visiting your friends or family who just moved to a new house recently with baked goods is a pretty good idea. The freshly baked goods can quickly become budget housewarming gifts as any situation can be better with them.

Whether you bake them at home or head to a nearby new home local bakery, pack the bakery items nicely. You can add them to other housewarming gifts as well. Just make sure that these baked items are fresh and scrumptious. There is no exception to any specific recipe or thing. Select randomly the cookies, pastries, croissants, different breads, etc. When there are butter and sugar involved, it’s hard for you to go wrong.

5. An indoor succulent garden set

indoor succulent garden set

Back in the ’90s, it was a trend to gift new homeowners a plant or plant pot. Now It’s so yesterday to bring a plant to a housewarming party. Now a day, the tradition has been transformed into gifting a pot of succulents. 

Go for the one available on 1800 flowers. 

It is because they look adorable, they are easy to handle and place, and also they provide a fresh air dose to any room. There are a lot of ideas to arrange these miniatures of desert plants. Here are some ideas. 

You can gift them in small single table planters.

For an extravagant look of the gift, you can go for elaborate arrangements in a succulent garden. 

Also, you can choose a succulent wreath adorned with mini plants for an elegant and unique presentation.

6. Mason Jar set for indoor herb and kitchen garden

mason jar set for kitchen garden

Greenery plays a vital role in making the home look great. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, nothing adds more feel and refreshing colors other than a small indoor kitchen garden.

So if the homeowner is fond of gardening, then the Mason jar set for indoor herb garden will be the best among all housewarming gifts. It is suitable for them if they moved into a smaller space. Whatever they want, they can grow in these self-watering mason jars.

A bountiful garden grows into the mason jars that can fit perfectly on windowsills mostly. The person has to put the plant seeds like basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, etc. add water, and wait.

7. A welcome door mat

welcome door mat

A home’s door seems cute when an adorable doormat is placed down there. A new home should have a new welcome mat. If you don’t have time, go for a simple doormat with elegant design. 

But the best is to go for a custom made personalized doormat. You can print their pet’s picture on it. Or you can print any fun saying. This is a useful gift as they will need it right now or later and likely to plan for buying themselves.

They will be happier to receive it as a gift because it will be useful for them. 

8. A personalized housewarming gifts basket
housewarming gift basket

Don’t be frugal while selecting a gift for house warming. You can go for a bunch of gifts through a personalized gift basket from Amazon. It is available in discounts through coupons and easily accessible.

If you think that what first things a new homeowner needs, its kitchen stuff basically. Most people think they are boring, but in actuality, they are not. The basket we are recommending is perfect for carrying along when there is a housewarming party.

The gift basket is thoughtfully arranged and includes a kitchen item’s collection of high-quality. It has:

8” bamboo cutting board

Two thick-cloth terry dish towels

Engraved spatula and matching mini

Scented soy candles of 4 oz. from DW Home.

A measuring spoon set of stainless-steel in three sizes, i.e., pinch, smidgen, and dash.

9. A personalized door hanger

personalized door hanger

There are very limited options that you can personalize. And one of them is the metal wall art decorating hanger. You can buy it from any online website like etsy.com at discounted rates using Etsy coupon and promo codes.

The one we are talking about is made with 14 gauge steel made in America. It is rustproof due to its grind pattern and translucent powder coat.

The door hanger is handmade, and you can make changes as per your needs.

10. A cast iron pan

Giving kitchen utensils is something that is the most practical gift for new homeowners. And among kitchen utensils, the most useful is cast iron pan. If the homeowner is foodies, and the Field Company’s cast iron skillet is best to gift them. If you request them, they will engrave a personalized monogram at the pan's bottom as well.

The skillet is very durable and functional in every cooking situation. The homeowner can also take it with him in the outdoors and camping.

Moreover, the pan is available on discounts as well through Field Company discount code. If you are looking for kitchen items for housewarming gifts, look no further but this skillet. It has high quality and elite looks.

11. A personalized pet bed set

pet bed set

If a new homeowner has a pet dog or pet cat, then the canine deserves your attention too. That is the reason we include a personalized pet bed in our list for housewarming gifts. 

The pet beds from Riley home are best when it comes to quality and design. They are available in two options. That is denim and polka dots. You can get them personalized by adding a monogram or pet’s name.

Not only is it affordable but also adorable. The homeowner will love to have these gifts as his pet will happier.

12. Personalized smart home devices

smart home devices

Modern and practical housewarming gifts are now technical in nature. As we all are converting our lifestyle and living to home automation, one should gift a personalized smart home device to new homeowners to enjoy the perks of smart living. 

You can blind buy from Target. They have incredible smart home devices with brands like google on board. The homeowner will not face any issue, and you can also get discounts through Target active promo codes.

Opt for the device that has the best safety and security features. We recommend you make your purchase from an authentic and reliable store. Also, look for prolong warranties so that your gift has a worth you want.

13. Customized storage cabinet

customizable storage cabinet from Aosom

If you want to gift something that will make the home warm and tidy, the customized storage cabinet will be the best choice then. It is although a heavy furniture gift, but it is worthy enough to splurge for. 

You can buy it from Aosom.com. Their HomCom sideboard storage cabinet is stylish chic that is ideal for gifting to new homeowners. This storage cabinet is all-in-one and compatible with any décor.

Although it has three cabinets for practical purposes, however, you can get it customized as well. The cabinet comes adjustable shelves, large drawers and has ample storage space.

14. A luxury hamper with Beverage and Cigar

luxury hamper with Beverage and Cigar

Drinks like whiskey, champagne, or wine have always been considered a great housewarming gift idea. However, if you want your present to look cooler and non-ordinary, you can create a luxury hamper with whiskey or cognac paired with a set of quality Cuban cigars. They'll make an impression on anyone. In case you don't know how to pair them, here are some tips. The key is to match the body of the cigar and the drink not to overpower the notes of any of them. For example, medium-bodied to full types like Camacho cigars will go well with a Canadian or Irish whiskey. Red and strong wines are perfect with bold cigars such as Cohiba Genious Maduro. As for white wines, they're paired with lighter-bodied cigars such as H. Upmann Magnum 54. The choice is vast and various and you can always find a pairing type.

15. Personalized throw blankets and pillows

customized throw blankets and pillows

Bedding is the closest to the person because it provides comfort. That is why we will recommend you to give personalized blankets and throw pillows as housewarming gifts.

The homeowners will love them more when they snuggle up with throw blankets and pillows with their names embroidered on it. If you don’t know where to get it, go for a lavish collection of throw blankets and pillows on thingsremembered.com. There are many designs, styles, and variety available to choose from. Get them personalized and make a perfect gift.

16. Personalized wooden tea coasters

personalized tea coaster set

A set of personalized wooden tea coasters is the last on the list of housewarming gifts. You can get them customized from ellisigifts.com. They offer a good quality wooden tea coaster set along with a coaster insert in mahogany color. This set is already popular to gift at weddings, anniversaries, but you can give them on house warming parties as well. 

You just have to give them the photo you want to get printed on them, and they will deliver you a beautiful set of tea coasters at your home.

Wrapping it up

Feelings and sentiments cannot be seen. But one can make them physically appear in the form of gifts. Gifts act as sentimental expressions, and when it comes to housewarming gifts, they are practical too. Whether your family or friends like decorating the new home or serious art lovers, the options mentioned above are suitable for everyone here. Go for them and please the new homeowners.

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