Predictions for Black Friday in July 2019

After the 4th of July sales, there is an explosion of fantastic discounts and deals popping up around the retail stores that are known as Black Friday in July. So, want to know what to expect from this year’s deal mania? Check out these predictions for Black Friday in July 2019.

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Predictions for Black Friday in July 2019

Yes, you read correctly!

There is such a thing as Black Friday in July, a time when you’ll find all your favorite retailers busting out the best deals and sales on their entire stock.

Right around the time, Amazon holds its Prime Day, other competitors’ put up competing discounts to retain their sale rate, which means it is Christmas in July for the consumers.

So bring out your wallet and watch out for these crazy steals during mid-July and snag high-end products at half their price. 

Are you curious to know what to expect from this year’s deal mania? Then here are your predictions for Black Friday in July 2019. 

When is Black Friday in July?

When is Black Friday in July, you ask?

Well, there’s no specific date, but we do know that this explosion of deals and bargains revolves around the time of Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is expected to be around the 15th and 16th of July 2019, which means that around those dates you got to be vigilant. Stay active on social media to hear the announcements, follow blogs to keep updated on the latest sales and the best deals; and, don’t miss out your chance to grab your desired products at the most cutthroat prices.

Deals Available 

Between Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday in July, you can be sure to find the best deals on all your favorite products during mid-July. Shop for furniture, tech, and 4K TV, home goods, etc. and have fun revamping your home without breaking the bank.


Prime Day is infamous for its crazy discounts on all the Amazon products in the market; that includes Amazon Echo, Alexa, Echo Dot, etc. There are deals on almost everything from food to 4K Television sets. 

But, knowing it’ll be hard to compete over everything with Amazon retailers target the tech and home items; instead of the everyday necessities. 

Amazon is the consumer-favorite mostly for its fast-shipping, thus putting up massive deals on electronics gives other brands an edge.

Therefore, for Black Friday in July 2019, you’ll see brands give away PCs, laptops, tablets, and gaming items at half the price. 


Amazon also gives out exclusive deals on its in-house clothing brands during Prime Day. In 2018, they started their try-before-you-buy service for Prime Members; therefore, you can expect fantastic, jaw-dropping deals on their clothing brands.

But, don’t make your purchase until you see the Black Friday in July Sales. 

Where Amazon Prime Day is specific to the in-house brands part of the Prime Wardrobe, other retailers go all out with their bargains on the different clothing brands in the industry. 

Plus, mid-July is the time that retailers want to empty their summer stock to make room for the fall collection; meaning, while they compete with each other, you’ll find some of the best deals up to 50% off on all the cute dresses, shirts & tees, you’ve been eyeing.

Free or Fast Shipping

According to a 2018 survey, the reason for consumers to opt for Amazon sales is primarily because of their free and fast shipping. 

The best way to annihilate the competition is to give a better service that the customers are going to enjoy; thus, the predictions for Black Friday in July are that you are going to find tons of fast and Free Shipping Promo Code popping up at your favorite stores. 

You’ll either get free shipping or fast standard delivery; there are even chances of stores lowering their minimum order purchase to unlock free shipping. 

Subtle Deals from Competitive Retailers

While deals on clothing, tech, or free & fast shipping promos are all apparent and conspicuous, there are specific names in the B2C sector that are more subtle with their offerings. 

The mid of July is like the Major League of Sales and Discounts for all the top players in the retail industry. Some names try ignoring Prime Day, while others opt to dish out better deals on the same day. 

As part of your Black Friday in July 2019 predictions, expect to see retailers fire off-price matching deals launched at the same time as Prime Day bargains. You will also find other top-tier brands lower their rates for the same items on Amazon, giving you the chance to buy what you need without a Prime Membership or when Amazon runs out of its stock. 

Brands to Watch out

Now that you know what kind of bargains to expect, here is a list of brands that you should watch out for to snag the biggest Black Friday in July deals. 


In-store or online, you’ll find the best deals on clothing, furniture, electronic items like television, game consoles, outdoor essentials, and automotive maintenance accessories, even children’s toys. Walmart is one of the top contenders against Amazon, so you'll see massive drops in its prices making each item the best bang for your buck.

Best Buy

Best Buy puts up discounts on electronic tech like mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and more. They have doorbuster deals and grant early access to their members. Meaning, if you're early and a member you get to pass through the door and grab your items before anyone else can.


eBay tackles Prime Day sales by the horn and comes up with equally riveting discounts that will knock your socks off. They call it eBay “Crash” Sale as it tries to crash and stop Amazon Prime Day. 

Moreover, hidden within the Crash Sale, you’ll find tons of other secret deals being launched as part of their July sales. 


In its history, Dell has announced massive discounts and sales starting from early July leading up to Prime Day, sometimes even past that.

Their strategy is to give out exclusive limited-time offers on a variety of in-demand products at a particular time. Meaning, if you don’t keep your eyes peeled, you might miss out on grabbing original Dell gadgets at half the price.


Target Black Friday in July deals for 2019 are still awaiting announcement; but, what we do know is that you can expect fantastic discounts on home items as well as apparel. There have been BOGO offers in the past of up to 50% off as well as extra 10% off with promo codes for the month. 


Newegg will also be competing in the Black Friday in July sale and coming to you with the exclusive jaw-dropping discounts on laptops, PC, gaming accessories, etc.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft store predictions for Black Friday in July 2019 includes exclusive offers on Microsoft office software subscriptions, 4K HD movies, laptops, free shipping promos, and much more. 


Macy’s is one of the stores that will offer you free shipping promos as well as a bargain on clothing. Last year, in 2018, they supplied free shipping without a minimum order purchase; so, for their Black Friday in July predictions, expect something similar for 2019 as well.

Plus, you can expect to find 20-50% off on their clothing stock.


With Kohl's, you can expect to get 20-50% off on clothing items, furniture, bedding, home essentials, and more. You can even find a fantastic bargain on electronic appliances. 

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack also has tons of deals running through July; from early July to way past mid and after Amazon Prime Day sales you can expect discounts on their clothing variety for men and women as part of their Black Friday in July sales.

JC Penney

From last year sales, you can expect thousands of Black Friday in July deals as well as extra discounts with JCP credit cards. Find bargains on clothing, swimwear, shoes, accessories, home essentials, jewelry, and more. 


For Black Friday in July sales, you’ll find tons of doorbuster deals on high-end, premium quality, genuine tech pieces. You can snag limited stock collections, best-sellers, and the entire cool Lenovo tech you’ve been dying to get. 


Doorbuster deals, promo codes, and even cashback rewards were part of Sears’ Black Friday in July deals last year. While they have yet to announce their 2019 sales, you can expect there to be tons of high-quality items, including electronics, furniture, home goods, and clothing.

Forever 21

The all-time favorite of all style-savvy individuals, Forever 21 predictions for Black Friday in July 2019 include tons of bargains and deals on their summer collection. For men and women, you can expect to find low priced items as well as up to 80% off on select products.


Bloomingdales too was part of the explosion of sales last year during Black Friday in July; you can expect up to 40% discounts on their men’s wear, as well as low priced items in home essentials, women’s collections, footwear, and even diamonds are on discounts. 

Lord and Taylor

For men, women, on plus-sizes, and kids’, you’ll find deals for Black Friday in July. Last year, Lord and Taylor gave up to 40% off on clothing as well as 75% off on their clearance stock. So, stay tuned to their announcements for this years’ deal mania. 

Other Brands

Some of the other equally competitive brands also offer exclusive Black Friday in July Sales. Be sure to keep one eye on these underdogs that will get you the best bargain for a variety of items:

  • TinyDeal
  • The Black Bow
  • TSC Toys
  • Gander Outdoors
  • DTLR
  • SurfShark
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Twinings
  • LifeProof
  • Petco


Well there you have it, your predictions for Black Friday in July. 

There were tons of great deals to score last year, let’s hope there are more competitive sales to bag in 2019 or at least the same as 2018. 

So, stay up-to-date on social media and tune into your favorite lifestyle bloggers to know when the deals are up to grab your items before they run out. 

Happy Bargain Hunting!

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