The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Black Friday in July 2019

Black Friday in July is when the end-of-summer sees an explosion of deals and bargain from all the top retailers; but, you need to the right time to grab the best discounts possible. So, here's a shopping guide for Black Friday in July to help you shop savvy and save. 

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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Black Friday in July 2019

We learned of what to expect from Black Friday in July 2019, now let’s see what deals to grab and what to wait out for more fantastic bargains. 

With Amazon Prime Day being such a mega event for the Amazon team and the perfect way to get the consumers to make large purchases; other retailers need to find a way to grab their customers’ attention.

Thus, the advent of Black Friday in July that is the explosion of massive deals around the last four weeks of summer; you’ll see a cluster of discounts and sales around the 4th of July, during the middle of the month and even the end all the way to August when fall arrives and school starts. 

While they compete with each other, you get to take advantage and buy all that you’ve been wanting without breaking the bank. 

But, with so many varieties at your disposal, it can get a little overwhelming making the right decision. So, to make sure you don’t regret what you buy in this discount frenzy, here’s a shopping guide for Black Friday in July.

Make Your List Before You Shop

Remember Black Friday in July is not just one day of the month; it’s throughout the four weeks at random times in the day so that you can grab what you need without a hefty pay. 

Therefore, stay calm and make your list before you tackle those sales. 

Some deals go off early in the month paired with your 4th of July Sales; others come under the end of summer sale, while some are merely there to compete with Amazon Prime Day. 

But, what you can expect from this cluster of bargains is that you’ll find the lowest rates possible for all kinds of items, mainly the tech and clothing department.

What to Buy Early

The benefit of this competition between Amazon and the other retailers is that you can expect bigger and better deals to sprout as the days pass. When Amazon’s stock runs out, other brands will jump on the opportunity to grab their consumers with more savings on similar items. 

However, one disadvantage of this bundle of discounts is that people grab the best things at the earliest; meaning that 4K TV you spotted before might run out of stock by the end of the day. 

Therefore, you want to be the first in line to grab those limited, one-time deals, unless you want to wait till Christmas sales go live. 

So, to narrow down your options, check these targets for Black Friday in July sales.

Shop for Summer Clothes

As mentioned in our Shopping Guide for July, July is the month to shop your summer wardrobe. 

Yes, it’s almost the end of summer, so why shop for the warm weather? But, that’s when the retailers are eager to empty their inventory to make room for the fall collection; meaning, you can snag some of the snazziest outfits at half the price and still have enough of summer to enjoy your new wardrobe. 

That is one reason why clothing also makes it to our shopping guide for Black Friday in July. 

On the other hand, if you wait till the end of the month or the last days of the sale to do your shopping, then you might be left with the collection at the bottom of the barrel that no one wants. 

Not just everyday wear, but also your swimwear and other swimming essentials would be available on cutthroat prices. 

Early bird gets to bag the biggest sales; so, be there first to get your chic summer outfits at the best bargain.

Macy’s has a discount of up to 25% plus extra 10-15% off on select items; Target, Walmart, and even Kohl’s take part in this deal mania. 

JC Penney is also a player in the clothing department for everyday wear as well as swimwear and even lingerie. But, don’t forget to check out Forever 21 or Nordstrom Rack for their bargains. 

Upgrade Your Tech

According to Black Friday in July predictions, the tech category will see an abundance of deals popping up from top retailers in the industry. 

4K television sets, gaming consoles, home theater systems, home security, and all kinds of personal tech is guaranteed to be up for grabs at the most pocket-friendly prices. Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and Xbox are all significant players to shop during Black Friday in July 2019. 

Vizio, Google Store, Newegg, and even eBay are not one to skip. 

Dell, for example, has up to 50% off on laptops and computers, whereas Google Store has no name for its sale days, but it runs through July 17 overshadowing Prime Day with their competitive prices; you can find up to $50 off for all kinds of smart home tech, including Google Home Max and Google Home Mini.

Closer to Prime Day, Vizio also launches its deals that will save you up to $400-500 in cash. 

Stick to your Black Friday in July shopping guide, and you’ll be sure to get a new flat-screen TV for your living room without breaking.

Switch Out the Old Furniture

Some of the biggest Black Friday in July deals is also on furniture and other home goods. Besides 4th of July discounts, you’ll also find clearance sales and lower prices around the time of Amazon Prime Day. 

Meaning, if you’ve been waiting to get an upgrade around the house now is the time to cash in on new sofas, recliners, dining tables, bedroom furniture, and more. 

To shop furniture, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s are your go-to stores; but Ashley Furniture is just as exceptional for their Black Friday in July sales with up to 50% off on products, plus a 12-month payment plan with no interest.

Outdoor patio furniture is also best to buy during this blow-up of deals and discounts and free shipping Coupon code

Shop Modern Jewelry

Jewelry sales also skyrocket in July! 

Thus, when you create your shopping guide for Black Friday in July, make sure to add jewelry to the list and grab bracelets, earrings or necklaces for the next fancy event you attend. 

Zales and the Black Bow are two of the names that you can count on for Black Friday in July sales. With up to 25% to 50% off and free shipping, they are the best way to save cash on fine jewelry.

Even Macy’s has a clearance sale with 50-70% off on their jewelry selection from EFFY and other renowned designers. 

Doorbuster Deals

Some brands offer one-time deals throughout July; and, these are referred to as “Doorbusters.” These discounts are at random times in the day or specific days and run for a limited time with limited stock. 

That goes to say, if you plan on sleeping the day away, then you might miss out on a chance of a lifetime to grab the latest and greatest at the most reasonable prices.

Shop these Doorbusters from Dell available within the first two weeks of July as part of their Black Friday in July Sale:

Inspiron 17 3000 Laptop: At 22% off you get 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, UHD Graphics, 17.3-inch FHD display, 8GB memory, and a 2TB hard drive, among many other exceptional features. 

Inspiron 11 3000 Laptop: This one comes to you at 43% off with 7th Generation AMD A6 Processor, integrated graphics, 11.6-inch HD display, 32GB flash storage as well as 4 GB memory.

Inspiron 24 3000 All-in-one Desktop: Shop for desktops at 25% off; this little gizmo offers 8th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, UHD Graphics, 1TB hard drive, and 8GB memory.

Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop: It is equipped with 9th Gen Intel Core i7 K-series processor, 25.6-inch FHD display, a 256GB Solid State Drive plus 1TB hybrid drive, not to mention its 16 GB memory. It’s a steal at 29% off giving you a chance to save $710 in cash.

Ultimate Ears Blast Bluetooth Speakers: There’s nothing like enjoying the waves or having fun in your backyard with music blasting through the speakers. Add this Bluetooth speaker from Dell to your Black Friday in July shopping list and experience immersive 360-degree sound at 61% off.

Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3418DW: A gift from heaven for the gamers; this 27” monitor gives a borderless InfinityEdge display at 47% off making it the best bang for your buck.

These are some of the best offers for Black Friday in July 2019; but, they barely scratch the surface of the bundle of deals you can find. So, keep your eyes peeled and stay sharp.

eBay will announce its doorbusters on July 15 right as Amazon holds its Prime Day.

Coupons to Grab

TinyDeal – Find up to 80% off on all items part of their Crazy Sale with this deal.

TSC Toys – Use this deal and get 12% off in their Black Friday in July Sale.

Gander Outdoors – They join the deal mania with up to 60% off on their collection. Use this deal to get your discount.

DTLR – Find 60% off on select footwear styles via this deal.

SurfShark – Need a bargain on VPN? Use code, blackdeal, and get 83% in this 2019 Black Friday in July sale.

Roku – Avail 50% off on Roku Ultra with this deal. 

Xbox – This deal gets you the ultimate Game pass starting from $1.

Twinings – Enjoy 60% off on select items in their Black Friday in July sales.

LifeProof – You get 30% off sitewide and prepare for an adventure you will never forget.

Petco – Give your pet yummy treats with 80% off on pet supplies.

Price Matching Deals

Since Black Friday in July is all about competing with Amazon for the most sales and purchase, some retailers toss out price matching deals for similar products at Amazon. 

Walmart is one such competitor as is eBay, and even Best Buy. 

The thing with price matching is that brands other than Amazon offer the best price guarantee, like eBay; so, if you happen to find an item at a rate lower than what they have, then eBay gives you a coupon for further discounts. 

However, read the fine print before you following their price-match guarantee as some retailers exclude Amazon Prime offers. 

What to Wait Out

I said before that you need to be sharp and early to grab the best discounts, but you’ll find the biggest Black Friday in July deals at the last moments. 

Thus, keep your shopping guide for Black Friday in July open to updates for new sale announcements at the end of the month or as Amazon Prime Day runs out of stock.

Put a Hold on Summer Outdoor Supplies

Why should you wait on outdoor gear? Simply because as the summer month comes to an end, retailers would want to give away their outdoor summer gear at any price practically. 

There are massive deals that go live near the end of the month for all kinds of outdoor gear, including camping items, large lawn equipment like lawnmowers, and every other seasonal décor for your backyard.

School is Still Out

All kinds of back-to-school items lower in rates at the end of the month and near the beginning of August. So, don’t let the Black Friday in July sales frenzy drive your instincts. Wait out the month, let go of those deals that seem to call out for you and find the best bargains later in the game. 


Thus, here ends your Shopping Guide for Black Friday in July 2019. Now that you know what to grab and what to wait out have fun finding the best items at the best prices that suit your budget. 

Happy July Shopping!

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