Shopping Guide For July 2019: What To Buy (And Not Buy)

July marks the end of summer vacations and the month that has tons of sales going on every week; with, 4th of July sales, Black Friday in July, Amazon Prime Day, even the Labor Day weekend you’ve got your hands full. But, even with all these sales, you’re going to need to sort what to buy when; so, here’s a July Shopping Guide to make your summer shopping a breeze.

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Shopping Guide For July 2019: What To Buy (And Not Buy)

Hear me! Hear me! 

It’s finally July, meaning it’s almost the end of summer and the time of the year where you’ll find tons of retailers putting up sales and discounts to get rid of their summer stock. So, do you know what to buy in July?

4th of July sales, Black Friday in July, Amazon Prime Day, and of course, back-to-school sales are all spread throughout these four weeks.


That doesn’t mean you can splurge on all the things you’ve been eyeing. You need to prioritize; even with these fantastic deals, you got to say no to a few of the items on your July shopping list.

Thus, to help you decide the things to buy and not buy; here’s your July shopping guide:

What to Buy in July

July is a festive month mainly because of the monumental date July 4th, but more than that it is also the time when you can snag some the best deals throughout the month. Mostly because of the many days like Amazon Prime Day, Independence Day, and Black Friday in July, and lastly back-to-school sales, you can buy many of the things you couldn’t for your June shopping. So, let’s see what to buy in July:


Our June Shopping Guide had slapped a big “NO” on clothing items; but, that changes for July. Though there isn’t a particular sale for summer outfits, with Black Friday in July, you can find clothing items at a pocket-friendly rate. 

Plenty of brands also offer a fantastic bargain with their Clearance Sales including T.J. Maxx, Tillys, Hanes, and Boden with 10-60% off on its clearance stock.

And, let’s not forget the all-around favorite store for the younger generation, Forever 21 that puts up a summer clearance of up to 80% off on men’s items.

Besides regular, everyday wear that you can get from clearance sales, stores like Rosegal and Khols offer the best 4th of July deals on patriotic wear as well; and, if you want something fancy, then avail OppoSuits Independence Day offers

Home Improvement Items

There big, jaw-dropping Fourth of July sales going up in the early days of the month; so, if you’ve wanted an upgrade around the house, now is the time to do it. 

Add home improvement items to your July shopping guide and shop for paints, sheets, and bedding; there are even deals on tools after the hype on Father’s Day blows over as retailers try to get rid of the previous stock. 

Aunt Fannies has up to 81% off on cleaning solutions, and the Bud Grower gives you indoor gardening kits at 56% off, to bring a little green into your home. 

If you want to revamp the color theme, then shop for paints at Barron Designs that have touch up paint kits starting from $7.19.


When you are wondering what to buy in July, home furniture should be at the top of your list.

There is a sale on home essentials at most of the top-tier retailers; with most of them wanting to make room in the warehouse for the new shipments, they are eager to clear out everything as soon as possible. That means you get a brand new home and office décor without breaking the bank.

YLiving gives you up to 55-58% off sale collections while at Banak Importa, you’ll find discounts going up to 65% off. 

Not only are there clearance sales scaling up; but, you’ll also see 4th of July deals on furniture. 

Sofamania, Aosom, Modshop, and many others show their patriotism by lowering their rates on their collection of sofas, outdoor furniture, and more.

Outdoor Camping Gear 

With July, summer vacation is at an end, meaning kids are going to be back in school by August; thus, you’ll be sure to find tons of camping gear and outdoor survival essentials on sale this month. 

Best 4th of July deals also include outdoor gear and equipment, canteens, backpacks, tents, etc.

Camping World offers up to 50% off on their clearance collection as well as 20% off on bags and packs; whereas Outdoor Master has deals starting at $9.99.

At Outdoor Tech, you’ll find 50% off on sale items while even has deals on outdoor apparel.

BBQ Grills

If you plan on having a barbecue anytime this summer then it’d be smart to add grills to your July 4 shopping list; with Independence Day sales going on, it is the best time to get your barbecue grills at pocket-friendly rates.

Point to note: Shop grills and outdoor décor only during the time of the sale; whether it’s 4th of July, Black Friday in July or even the Labor Day weekend; outside of these events the prices are bound to go up as they are the most searched for item in the summer. Although, at Camping World there is 12% off for picnic supplies & grill collections. 

Free Slurpees

Cool off the summer heat with a big glass of free Slurpees!

On July 11th, 7-11store is known to give out freebies; it’s until supplies last so be the first to grab a 12-oz Slurpee to ward off the blazing heat.

French fry Deals

July 13th is the day to get deals on French fries; so, we had to add them to our July Shopping Guide.

Who doesn’t love those fried potato sticks? They are the perfect summer delight with burgers and drinks, and of course, hot dogs. 

With many restaurants offering huge bundle deals in July, you can have your fill without emptying your wallet. 

Amazon Products

Prime Day falls smack-dab in the mid of July; it’s early Christmas for the Prime Members to grab their wallet and shop for all the products they’d been holding out on.

Best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day are its featured goods like Echo devices, Alexa, Kindle, and many more such innovations. Not just individual items, but you’ll also find deals on bundles of tech that they are eager to giveaway.

From electronics to tech gadgets, you’ll find all kind of merchandise available at jaw-popping low rates, making them suitable for some savvy July shopping.

If you want to upgrade your television sets or get a new home security system installed, then be on alert for Prime Day 2019.


Stores want to keep their sales from dropping too low during the summer, so they offer tons of deals to maintain a steady flow. 

July is the middle of the year with no holidays coming up for Jewelry shopping; Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are long gone, and Christmas is still further out, meaning you can add a bit of bling to your list of what to buy in July without fear of overspending.

Maps Jewelry is one store that gives you up to 29% off whereas at you’ll find a bargain of up to 95% off. If you want more options, then consider Klenota or David Von for their discounts and deals of the season.

Book Tickets

Summer Vacation is almost at an end, so spend your last days of freedom, before school, colleges, and workload piles on, traveling or watching movies and Broadway shows.

In July, there are tons of sales on tickets for entertainment and travel agents. Whether you want a last hurrah before you have to hit the books or want to catch the latest Hollywood flick, this is the month to do it all without worrying about your bank balance. 

SelectATicket offers you 4th of July deals that offer $50 off on a purchase of over $500; while, Fandango has a BOGO offer, a $5 reward, and many other bargain deals that will save your extra buck.

Contrarily, if you plan on going somewhere for your vacation, then BipBop has the perfect discounts for your travels; while, HolidayCars give you your mode of transport at a pocket-friendly rate at any destination you choose.

National Hot Dog Day 

When you’re watching a game in the stadium or just going to the park to enjoy the summer sun and the cool breeze, a hot dog is a perfect snack to munch on; thus, don’t miss out on the National Hot Dog Day. 

The date changes yearly so you need to keep up with social media to know what day it falls on in 2019; although, rumors state it’s going to be July 17th this year.

On this particular day, many convenience stores put up discounts and deals; Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, and QuickTrip are a few that offer free hot dogs through their mobile apps. 

Wienerschnitzel, Sonic, and Philly Pretzel Factory also celebrate by giving out various deals on hot dogs, pretzel dogs, and even corn dogs.

Ice Cream Day 

An ice-cold treat to beat the heat is just what the doctor ordered; with National Ice cream Day on July 21st, 2019, ice cream makes this list for our Shopping Guide for July.

After last years’ exclusive deals on everyone’s favorite treat, you can expect more to pop up as the day draws nearer. Bruster’s had a $3 off coupon whereas at Dairy Queen you could expect a free small Blizzard; Dippin’ Dots handed out mini cups for a limited time window while Top Halo gave away Golden edition pints to a few select customers.


Last month to dive in the ocean and enjoy the summer breeze before its back to school for the little ones, the end of July is the time to shop for your swimwear. 

Prices lower in many stores and with up to 50% off and there are tons of clearance sales to find fantastic bargain deals. 

Beach Bunny and Beachsissi offer 50-80% off on swimsuits; while Andie Swim has 25% off site-wide and Zoggs has 25% discounts on sale items.

Rates fall as summer passes but don’t wait too long to get your shopping started.

Season Produce

Fresh produce goes bad quickly if you leave out for too long, especially with the summer sun at its peak. Thus, retailers are eager to give out all fresh vegetables and fruits they can before the next shipment comes.

Some even have Independence Day sales, like the Fruit Company that has 15% off on select fruit gifts; on the other hand, Fresh Direct has a 22% discount on wines and spirits on sale as well as 40% off frozen and seafood items.

You can even find bargains on entire fruit boxes of up to 10% off at the Rotten Fruit Box.

Best Stores & Coupons for July 2019

Hargroves Cycles: 70% off on clearance collection with this deal.

The Rotten Fruit Box: Single Fruit Snacks available at $5.70

CycleStore: Avail this deal to get 51% off on Bike Sale Collection.

Outdoor Tech: Get up to 25% off on all orders using coupon code REVI25

Sport Check: Need new gadgets? Find up to 70% off on all electronics with this deal.

GolfPoser: Play golf with proper attire; avail this deal and find 42% off on Sale collection.

Kate Skate: Have an adventure every day with new gear for outdoor play; avail this deal to find 58% on sale collection

Barron Designs: Renovate your home this summer on a budget with 15% off on all orders using the code, Save15Feb.

Fetch: Find delicious pet treats at up to 15% off on clearance items.

Perfumania: Find new scents and avail up to 80% off on summer clearance items with this deal. 

Fragrance Direct: Protect your skin under the summer sun and save your cash with up to 80% off skin care items.

What Not to Buy in July

Now that you know what stores and coupons to use for your July shopping, here are some things you need to avoid adding to the list. 

Apple Products

With Back-to-school sales going up, you’re going to find great deals and discounts on Apple products and MacBooks; but, the most fantastic bargains don’t pop up until the beginning of August. So, new gadgets for school or colleges are what not to buy in July.

Moreover, if you’re looking to get an upgrade on your iPhones or iPad, then wait until September as that is when the company launches new products; and, the prices drop for the older models.

School Supplies

Your school supplies are what you don’t buy in July. Back-to-school sales start popping up within the month; but, the money-savvy deals you want are in the second half of the back-to-school season; that is during early to mid-August.

Personal Tech

Unless it’s during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday in July, then hold off on your electronics. It’s during mid-summer that prices for tech would go lower and much more affordable at the start of August. 

Plus, it is in August when some states have tax-free weekends; meaning, you can shop without paying sales taxes. But, some states have their tax-free weekend at the end of July, so make sure you know the correct dates for you.

Outdoor Gear (lawn mowers)

Summer is the time when the workload is less and kids are free to help out, so the adults tend to turn their focus to improving their home. 

For the Fourth of July and the rest of the summer, barbecue cookouts are the way to spend time with friends and family. Thus, the prices for big outdoor gear like lawn mowers tend to go sky-high. 

You might get a good deal during the Fourth of July sales, but not all retailers are going to pass up the opportunity to rake in some profits when the sale rate is through the roof. 

So, shop smart and don’t add sizeable outdoor gear to your July shopping.


It’s the summer; people are going to be out and about enjoying the heat and the sun; many head-out to the beach, others plan a trip to the carnivals, amusement parks, and so on. Thus sunglasses are not going to be on sale in July.

If you want to save on July shopping, then you need to wait until August for the end-of-season sales or go online for budget-friendly last year’s models. 

Final Word

That brings our list of what to buy and not buy in July to an end!

With many sales and events in the month, there are plenty of wallet-friendly deals that you can find for almost all items on the list; but, be aware of the dates, if you shop for something outside the sales, you are bound to find higher prices than usual. 

So, shop smart and save more with your July Shopping Guide. 

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