Summer Fashion Trends You Should Try In 2019

If you have a love for fashion and enjoy following new fads, then you need to know what changes the new season will bring. Take a look at the list of summer fashion trends that are a must-try in 2019.

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Summer Fashion Trends You Should Try In 2019

It’s summer, again! 

Every diva would know what the changing of season entails for the fashion industry – a surge of new designs, colors, and prints to hit the runway. 

Designers around the world pull out their drawing boards to give you a new range of inspiring, sometimes modern, sometimes vintage, out-of-the-box styles that will have you looking fabulous for the season.

So, for those wanting a peek into what are the latest trends for 2019, take a look at the list below:


Clothing Trends To Follow

The new season brings in a wave of ideas and inspirations for the designers to think deep and create fashions that change the modern society. Whether it is colors or prints, jackets or tops, dresses or swimwear, there is something new for every piece of apparel for every member of society.

Below are some of the best summer 2019 fashion trends to come light on the runways for everyday clothing and swimwear. 



Let`s start the list with a little throw back into the ’60s; the Tie Dye look makes a return in 2019. If you like a little art in your wardrobe, then this is sure to be the perfect look for you. 

Dresses, t-shirts, and trousers come to light on the runway in various tones and patterns of brilliant colors. 

The fashion forecast 2019 for Summer/Spring says you’ll see the splendor of kaleidoscopes with layers of tie-dye, in case of Dior or an explosion of floral with Prada, for example. 

Animal Prints

Animal Prints

Those who love to be wild, this summer is your time to shine for animal prints return to the runway this year.

Leopard prints make a comeback with bold new colors, various patterns, and designs in the fashion trends 2019.

You’ll find the gorgeous look available in pants, coats, dresses, suits, and more. Try a combination of an all-over leopard print with matching separates or just dose of the animal inside with leopard printed shoes or bags. 

Color it Beige

Color it Beige

Toning it down from the wild animal prints and brilliant tie-dye, beige hits the runway of summer fashion in 2019.

If you want to mellow it out with style, then this color is the one to choose. 

Not just your usual trench coats, but this year you’ll see various shades and hues on pants, dresses, jumpsuits, and more. 

Turning beige head-to-toe is the goal for the spring/summer fashions trends of 2019. From Burberry to Max Mara, even Balmain showcases the huge ways you can add neutral to sexy.



Lace has always been a crowd favorite, and this year is no different. Summer/spring 2019 will bring in a new wave of the couture that will change the industry. 

If you liked it as part of the Cruise Collection, then you are going to love the various styles that come to life with lace as its main feature. 

Christopher Kane, Erdem, Victoria Beckham are some of the big names said to slice and dice the material for the summer fashion trend. 

You’ll find various works adorned with cutouts, designs, and patterns of lace including dresses, tops, and more.  

Biker Shorts can be Cute

Biker Shorts

A blast from the past - like the tie-dye revolution, bike shorts make an appearance in the spring/summer 2019 fashion forecast.

Chanel first thought up the trend in 1991, but now 2019 will see an increase in the casual cycling shorts as either part of work suits, or a casual look with chic tops. 

Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, and MSGM all agree that bike shorts are the look of the season. You’ll find a variety in color tones, material, and even floral patterns on the runway.  



Utilitarian work outfits are the hype this summer. Combining ease with style boiler suits make their entrance in the 2019 fashion trends. 

Designers dish out the best of contemporary styles and bring to the runway various collections of fashionable as well as functional jumpsuits. 

Denim suits and combat trousers make a return for the summer/spring vogue.

You can choose your pick with the numerous options at your disposal; an explosion of colors at Hermes or neutral tones of white and creams everywhere else.

Get Crafty This Summer


In 2019, crochet, patchwork, knitted and appliqué grace the runways of the summer fashion. 

If you fancy handcrafts, then this staple is the one for you. 

Bringing the quality of artisan goods to the world of fashion, designers present various patterns and colors in aesthetic combinations. 

Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Sonia Rykiel, and many more top brands bring you contrasting shades that work together with eye-catching designs to give you craft work on dresses, jumpsuits, pants, and more.

Bold is Beautiful


Not just patterns and designs, but colors are also a part of the summer fashion trends in 2019.

Neon takes to the limelight this summer with brilliant, bold tones. Not just neon though; you’ll find a kaleidoscope of every color under the sun on the catwalk in 2019. 

Sunshine shades of red, orange, wine and other tones come together in a masterpiece as displayed by Valentino. Versace dabbles with sun-burnt orange, whereas Balenciaga’s work showcases a deep red on an evening dress.

Christian Siriano, Henry Holland, Naeem Khan are other top names that will play with colors this summer.



Tighter than ever before, pleats return to the runway for the summer fashions 2019. 

For those with slimmer frames, the couture accentuates your curves; while for those, who are curvaceous, you might find it stretchy and accommodating. 

In various styles, designs, and patterns, the summer fashion trend will bring a selection of pleated dresses, short and long, evening and casual, in an array of colors. 

Givenchy brings to light a balance of ruche detailing and accordion pleating in a dress that has won the heart of many, but Calvin Klein followed a different direction by cinching the waist.

Tailor Your Style


Not just evening or casual wear, but this summer 2019 will see new trends in work wear for the females. 

The summer/spring fashion 2019, you can spot a burst of color on the runway in suits, giving you a choice of beautiful shades of blues, greens, yellows, and even purples. 

Subtle and statement, bold, bright hues or pastels are your options for tailor suiting; shades of mimosa from Escada or citrus colors from Balenciaga, Roksanda, Boss, etc.


Swimwear Trends to Follow

How can there be summer without a trip to the beach or an island vacation, if you have the means? 

Like everyday apparel, swimwear also has a spot in the summer fashion trends of 2019. So, take a peek at the following list and find which swimsuit is going to make you the queen of the beach.

Yellow Mellow

Yellow Mellow

Summer is the season for bright colors and contrasting tones; 2019 swimwear color trends tell that better than any other. 

In summer 2019, like the rainbow of colors in clothing trends, yellow is the color to look out for when choosing your swimsuit. 

The various tones and hues of the color of summer are available in bikinis and one-piece in an assortment of styles, each one a contemporary take on vintage designs.

Knotted Details

Knotted Swimwear

Pairing functionality with fashion, knotted swimsuits bring in a little versatility to summer fashion 2019.

Shoulders or bikini bottoms, you can tie your knots and customize each piece to fit your size and shape, meaning no more limited options. 

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Return to Retro

Retro Swimwear

2019 is the year that mixes the past with the future to result in a fashion of the ages. 

The summer swimwear vogue brings to the runway a look from the ’70s; you’ll see the brilliance of modern designs intermixed with retro textures and peasant silhouettes, as well as sporty tank/bikinis. 

There are various styles and designs of the retro look for those wanting a piece of the past in the future.

Try Embroidery

Embroidery Swimwear

Embroidery has been the fashion favorite for all women around the world. It adds an ethnic appeal to any garment even swimwear.

The swimsuit fashion 2019 all showcase the best elements of embroidery; solid colors, leopard prints, and floral with contrasting handiwork make each aspect of the suits eye-catching.

One-piece or bikinis, embroidered swimwear dominates the runways in various styles, patterns, and colors so take your pick for some fun in the sun.

High-cut Legs

High-Cut Swimwear

Swimsuits are meant to be sexy; if you want to go wild this summer, high-cut bikini bottoms are the way to go. 

The trend has been around for a while, yet still shows no sign of ever being archaic. The high-cut design exposes as much leg as possible making it seem you have long legs; plus, it is flattering for every body shape. 

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Stripes or Polka Dots

Stripes or Polka Dots Swimwear

Stripes are the evergreen trend of the fashion industry; even summer 2019 brings to light a collection of gorgeous swimsuits bearing the pattern. 

In various orientations, stripes were the star of the show for Heidi Klum and Luli Fama; though the latter also showcased polka dots and paisley on her designs. 

With various colors and styles of striped or polka dotted bikinis and one-piece to hit the markets, spring 2019 swimwear trend is sure to be the most colorful of all.

Bring Metallic Shine to the Beach

Metallic Swimwear

Every girl loves a little shine and the swimwear vogue this season brings more than enough glamour on the runway. 

In summer/spring 2019 swimsuits with a metallic shine dominate the swimwear fashions. You’ll find various styles and colors on the beach in bikinis or one-pieces. 

Each design highlights your best attributes and the metallic textures offers a thrilling change from the standard.


Belted Swimwear

The swimsuit fashion forecast for spring/summer 2019 predicts bikinis and one-piece adorned with chic belts around the waist to hit the catwalk.

Inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, the belts add style to the simple ensemble and accentuate and elevate your best features. 

There are various hues in the market, both soft and bold, with beautiful prints and embroidery. So, if the belted swimwear is your style, Iyasson has some fantastic options available on discounts with Iyasson Promo Codes.

Sporty Rash Guards

Sporty Rash Guards Swimwear

Another change from the usual swimwear trends is the appearance of sporty rash-guard options.

For those who spend more time swimming than tanning, you can find tons of various styles, colors, and patterns on differently textured swimsuits in summer 2019. 

There is the one-piece sporty look with Californian, palm trees as its pattern of choice from Gottex Sport or add a zipper in the front like Sports Illustrated with their design; Lybethras combined floral with swimwear to give you a style that is both dressy and sporty.

Long-sleeves hit the Runway

Long-Sleeves  Swimwear

An exciting feature of the swimsuit spring fashion is the long-sleeves that came to life during Miami swim week 2019.

While short sleeves give you a sporty look and sleeveless offers a playful, confident vibe, the long-sleeve swimwear brings a classy change to the traditional designs. 

There are trillions of different options in 2019 swimsuits including deep v-neck, off-shoulders or completely covered. You’ll find each collection sporting combinations of contrasting colors, sheer, patterns, sparkles or floral prints.


footwear trends to follow

Now that you have your hot trendy fashion in clothing, how about we move on to the shoes? 

Unless you plan on being barefoot, you need the perfect pair of footwear to go with your summer/spring 2019 collection. So, take a look at what made the list for this year’s trending fashion.

Square Toes

Square Toes

Vogue latest shows tell tales of the renaissance of a variety of past European fashion trends in the summer/spring 2019.

The square-toed shoes make their appearance on the runway this year in an array of styles and color options. You’ve got the satin pumps and flats at Erdem or the high-heeled boots at Cavalli, among many others.

2019 is the year where past meets present, combining the best of traditional and contemporary to styles to give you a masterpiece.

Sea-foam Green 

Sea-foam Green

Colors are the principal attraction this year, and the footwear fashion trends are no exception. 

Sea-foam green is the color of the season in the shoe category; all the big names including Caroline Herrera, Tibi, Vivien Hu, among others, couldn’t help but agree. 

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The spring 2019 runways showcased the warm tones on various shoe options like pull-on pumps, loafer heels, and even sneakers.

Braids are chic

Braids are chic

Summer/spring 2019 fashion says braids are not just for your hair. 

This season, the couture was all over the catwalk among footwear for Tory Burch, Prabal Gurung, and Ulla Johnson. You’ll find an abundance of chic, braided oxfords, slides, sandals, etc.

In numerous colors and pattern options, braided footwear offers the perfect way to greet the spring/summer months.

Animal Prints

Animal Prints

Animal prints, as mentioned before, offer a wild, daring look to all. Summer 2019 shoe fashion also brings to the runway a selection of cougar prints.

Christian Siriano, Calvin Luo, Zang Toi, namely, were helpless to the rise of gorgeous leopard or zebra patterns, even snake prints on TEVA, that adorned the various styles of footwear.

Sling-backs, slip-on, heels, and more; all kinds of shoes grace the market with combinations of colors and eye-popping animal prints.

Wear the Name

Wear the Name

Another trend that summer 2019 has taken for a spin is the logomania couture. 

In the months of summer/spring, the fashion trends in shoes bring you the various creations bearing the name of their creator across straps, trims, and more.

Christian Dior, Versace, Prada, Off-White, and others want to make sure the world knows who created those masterpieces; heels, sandals, ankle-strap pumps, and all kinds of footwear come adorned with the name of their maker.

Orange is the New Black

Orange Shoes

Joining the color dominion, in spring fashion 2019, is the variety of orange hues. 

Like the warm, sunshine shades of trending clothing fashion, orange graces the runway in all its glory, for many of the top designers, Fendi, Versace to name a few.

Strappy heels, pumps, and other footwear are available in bold and soft tones of the color; and, Journeys is one online store where you can find fantastic discounts on the staple with Journeys Coupon.

Embroidery on Your Feet

Shoes with Embroidery

Not just swimwear, but summer 2019 fashion trends bring embroidery on your feet with the new collections of footwear.

Big names like Anna Sui, Michael Kors, and Custo Barcelona brought to the runway various colorful patterns on different shoe options that added a classy look to the couture. 

Wedges, pumps, boots, and mules are some of the choices decorated with beautiful, artisan designs that will fill the stores in spring.

Choose Your Heels


It’s not just colors and patterns that encompass the footwear fashion in 2019 summer/spring months. But, you’ll also see the appearance of a new style of heels.

Christian Siriano, Sies Marjan, and Concept Korea are some of the names that come to mind for the trending fashion. The new collection of sandals, plastic pumps, heels, sling-backs come with an architectural heel that goes narrow-to-wide from top-to-bottom. 

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Feather Details

Feather Shoes

A refined addition for the 2019 fashion trends; the New Year brings in a wave of feather detailing on footwear this spring. 

Prabal Gurung, Christian Cowan, Pamella Roland were happy to use an array of colorful feathers on their designs. 

You can find all types of shoes including boots, pumps, heels, sling-backs, flats, and even loafers decorated with a variety of hues of quills.

Go Blue 

Blue Shoes

Another color to make the list of summer fashion trends 2019 is the brilliant cobalt blue. 

For Marc Jacobs, John Elliott, Romeo Hunte the color was a must-have on the catwalk; the bright shades dominated the vogue.

According to the summer/spring 2019 trend forecast, you’ll find rain boots, sandals, heels, and even flip-flops in the gorgeous, shiny tint.


Accessories Trends To Folow

You’ve got your shoes and your apparel; now it’s time to move on to accessories

Accessories are the best part of any outfit, and you can’t finish the list of summer fashion trends without mentioning the 2019 accessories vogue.

So, take a look the latest in stores and accessorize your ensemble.

Pearly Jewels

Pearly Jewels

Diamonds are thought of as a girl`s best friend, but this year its pearls that take the spotlight.

The first in summer 2019 accessories trends is the appearance of pearls in every jewelry piece. For a complete, elegant, classy look, you can do on an assortment of pearl earrings, layered necklaces, barrettes, and bracelets.

The best thing is that they are not limited to the perfect circular shape; pearls of every form are trending this summer/spring. And, Adornmonde offers discounts on their jewelry with Adornmonde Coupon so that you can shop on a budget.

Double Bags

Double Bags

We’ve all been there, having to carry two bags because one just doesn’t cut it. Well, now that’s part of fashion craze in summer/spring 2019.

Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and Loewe all agree that double bags are the look for the season; For Chanel, similar bags on each hip is the way to go, while Fendi thought why not match a shoulder bag with a tote?

Maison Margiela, Stella McCartney, Givenchy all had their ideas for the trend; meaning, you have a variety of options to explore.

Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats

If swimwear, clothing, and footwear can bring back the past then why not accessories as well; Bucket Hats return to the catwalk for summer fashion 2019. 

Something to protect you from the heat of the summer sun while adding style to your wardrobe; the hats couture is ideal for everyone. 

Various designs come to light including prints, checks or solid colors for a contrasting, show-stopping look.

Miniature Bags

Miniature Bags

While double bags take center stage in 2019 summer accessories trend; an opposite vogue is the collection of small bags.

In various color options, patterns, and textures, you’ll find shrunken versions of your favorite handbag as the popular street fashion this spring. 

The bags are just enough for your phones and credit cards, so unless you need to carry your whole vanity, this trend is a must-try.



Among the accessories category, 2019 will see new trends of sunglasses on the rise.

From mega-sized lenses to angular frames, a vast variety of style hit the streets as part of the summer fashion craze. Gucci, Loewe, Miu Miu, Stella, Tod, and Tom Ford are some of the big brands that helped start the trend for big lenses.

Among the frames available, you have a choice between triangles, rectangles, diamonds, hexagon, and more. Straight rims and sharp corners define the style, giving a sophisticated look to all those who wear it.

Printed Scarves 

Printed Scarves

2019 is all for change and reinvention, part of that is to add ornaments to your handbags. The summer/spring fashion forecast brings to light printed scarves for your bags. 

Forget your necks; the trending vogue is for fashion-forward women to tie their favorite silk wraps around the straps of their handbags. And, voila – an instant boost in style! 

You’ll see tons of gorgeous prints, bold colors, and patterns on scarves and wraps in the market. So, for those who want to follow the trend, TJC has many options available at cutthroat prices with TJC Discount Codes.

Feathers are Classy

Feather Accessories

Implementing the feather look to accessories the 2019 summer fashion strengthens the need for feathers in your wardrobe.

From handbags, earrings, and headwear, everything is decorated with feathers of various species. Birds, ostrich, and even peacock take center stage this season.

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Cover Your Head

Head Covers

2019 is all about covering your head; with various types of hats trending the season, other head ornaments also take to the runway.

Exaggerated headbands appear in the latest vogue shows; designer like Prada, Dior, Simone Rocha, and others, had their fun with the trend. You’ll see studs, ribbons, satins, and leather among the few selections and even veiled headwear makes an appearance on the runway.

Belted Bags

Belted Bags

Swimwear trend is not the only one adopting the belt-style this year.

Summer/spring 2019 trends will bring forth a selection of belted bags, aka the contemporary version of the traditional fanny packs – talk about a serious makeover!

This reinvention of the classic fanny packs adds a more elegant and refined look to the wearer. 

Every designer gives their adaptation of what to expect from the couture; Burberry brings a chain-link style to the catwalk, while Givenchy has pure white leather with knotted straps to stake its claim. Chloe went with a different approach and gave the bags a hand-held design rather than the belts.

Wicker Baskets as Bags


Fashion is versatile and ever-changing; it’s all about reinvention and exploring new ideas, and basket bags are the testament to that statement. 

Another addition to the new varieties of bags in summer fashion 2019 is the use of wicker baskets as your everyday handbag. Available in neutral tones, various sizes, and designs, they make the ideal partner to any ensemble.

Final Thoughts

The summer fashion trends of 2019 are sure to be game-changing for the industry. 

There is so much going on this season – from clothing to swimwear, accessories, and shoes everything gets a new look, a new take on the vintage styles or an entirely new idea to suit the modern times.  

Everyone can find their style of choice; so take your pick and be a part of the in-crowd with the latest collections.

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