Translation Services: Where to Find Competent and Affordable Translators

Google Translate might be helpful for some things. But it is a losing strategy to translate anything for your business (especially if your customers will read it). Read more...

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Translation Services: Where to Find Competent and Affordable Translators

Google Translate might be helpful for some things. But it is a losing strategy to translate anything for your business (especially if your customers will read it). Instead, it’s much safer to hire a professional writing and translation services. Luckily, there’s no shortage of those now. You can find a translation agency for any project, budget, and deadline. Here are a few industry leaders to get your research started.

#1 Skillhub

Skillhub’s main specialties are resume and LinkedIn profile writing, but that’s not the only services the company provides. You can also get a quality translation, editing, and content creation. One of the best things about Skillhub is that it works with thousands of contractors from the global talent pool. So you’re guaranteed to find someone with the right skill set and experience for your project. The overwhelming majority of reviews are very positive.

#2 Upwork

There’s hardly anyone left in the world who isn’t familiar with Upwork. As you probably know, it’s not a translation company per se—you can find an expert for basically any job there. But translation is one of the most popular services that Upwork freelancers provide. Thanks to the huge number of experts that the platform unites, you’ll have no problem finding one, regardless of how rare the languages you’re interested in are.

Also, Upwork’s talent pool is enormous, and some of the best experts live and work in developing countries. This is an awesome opportunity for customers to get top-notch translation services for an affordable price way below average on the American market.

#3 Translated

Unlike the previous two agencies on this list, Translated is all about translation. Such a narrow focus allows the company to excel at what they do and cater to customers’ smallest needs. In addition, the number of languages Translated works with is truly impressive—you can get professional translation in almost 200 languages.

And if you want to know the service’s credentials, check the companies Translated has completed work for. Among others, they include Google and WHO. If the quality of translation satisfies WHO, it’s got to be good enough for your business, too, right?

#4 RWS

RWS tops the lists of the best translation services regularly, and such a reputation is well-deserved. RWS’s team of translators is relatively small (at least compared to the services that hire thousands of contractors), but this allows the company to ensure that every person working for it is a true expert. So quality will never be an issue if you choose RWS.

The only downside of RWS is that it knows its worth and is on the pricier side. But the agency’s accomplishments justify the high prices. RWS is the translation service that most successful international organizations use. Statistically, if a company is on the Forbes list, it probably works with RWS.

#5 GoTranscript

As the name suggests, translation isn’t GoTranscript’s main specialty. Or, more accurately, it wasn’t in the past. When the company first entered the market, it specialized almost exclusively in transcribing and went by the name SpeechToText. Of course, transcribing is still what GoTranscript does the most, but translation services are also up there.

Based on the customer reviews, you can expect the highest quality, consistency, and clarity from GoTranscript. If you research the best translation companies, you’ll see that it’s one of the global leaders almost every year. GoTranscipt’s target market is mostly big companies, but you can still order a smaller translation project.

#6 TransPerfect

TransPerfect is a translation company with three decades of experience and an impressive list of accolades. One of its main benefits is that it has brick-and-mortar offices across the globe. So TransPerfect’s customers can choose to order remote services or visit one of the company’s physical locations. So it’s convenient if you only have a physical copy of the text you need to have translated and don’t want to digitize it.

#7 Keywords Studios

Finally, Keyword Studios may be one of the lesser-known translation agencies on the list, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. Keep in mind, though, that it has a narrow specialization. The company mostly provides localization, especially in the gaming industry. So if you need help translating a book, you’ll have more luck finding an expert elsewhere. But Keyword Studios’ teams have no competition in translating in-game text.

Which translation service to choose?

As you can see, there are quite a few valuable translation services that deserve your time and money. Which of them to choose depends on the type of project you have and your priorities. Read reviews on monster resume review. Want high-quality yet affordable translation help? Go with Skillhub. Would you like the price to be as low as possible? Upwork is your best bet. Are you interested in working with the industry leader? RWS then. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to translation agencies.